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Day: May 31, 2022

I finally found the right music!

Being that I’ve tried several times to make others happy with my music. I finally found a playlist to please. Classic Rock!!

Let’s get it on!!

Warm up x 15
Right over left, left over right stretch
Grass Pickers
Nolan Ryan’s 7 each side
Low, slow squat
Moroccan Night Clubs

Gets blocks and stand in the horseshoe pit area.
Murder Bunny, Rifle Carry, or do whatever the hell you what to, just carry the block to other side.
Draw from Deck of Death. Complete exercise and Murder Bunny back and draw again. Continue until time is up or all cards have been drawn.

Return blocks to hidden spot. Back to the start.

Circle of Pain

4 HIM’s braved the summer humidity and the gaudy Vegas-like electronic billboard outside WA Bess Elementary for a post-holiday beatdown. Coming in hot at 0529, I clumsily but quickly carried the necessary equipment from car to center of the AO as the clock struck 0530. After a brief disclaimer to a group of solid veterans, warmup commenced: Side-straddle hops, Imperial walkers, and Toy soldiers (10xIC each). On to The Thang: 30 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest to move around the circle of 6 stations. Each sequence was 3 rounds of all 6 exercises. In a hurry to get going, I started Pandora on the most recent station I’ve listened to: 60s rock.

Set 1:
Rows (L)
Rows (R)
Goblet squats
Mountain Climbers
Reverse Crunches

The 60s rock was dragging like a bad hangover this morning, unfortunately, so we shifted gears to Imagine Dragons after Set 1.

Set 2:
Bulgarian squats (L)
Bulgarian squats (R)
Merkin pull-throughs
Kettlebell clean and jerk
Flutter kicks
American Hammers

Set 3:
Big Boy Situps
Freddy Mercurys
Kettlebell Swings

Time ran out after the 2nd round of Set 3.   Solid work

Sign up for shirts (Tequila Sunrise) and hats (Gashouse) online – order deadline is coming up soon!
F3 Dads June 18 at Folsom
2nd F lunch June 15 at Twisted Goat in Cramerton

Praise for Hermie getting back out in the Gloom
Families of victims in Texas
Turtleman, Huck, PAX on IR

Privileged to lead this morning,
 – Nutria


Low count, me and tube decided to stay together and combine Painlab and bootcamp. we split the leadership up.

Warm up x 15
Right over left, left over right stretch
Grass Pickers
Nolan Ryan’s 7 each side
Low, slow squat
Moroccan Night Clubs

Mosey up to the track for the “Thang”.
Block work. Count right leg only when needed. Starting at the goal line.
Murder Bunny to the ten yard line and complete 10 Mountain Climbers.
Rifle Carry your block to the 20 yard line and complete 20 Merkins
Murder Bunny to the 30 yard line and complete 30 Peter Parker’s
Rifle Carry to the 40 yard line and complete 40 SSH
Murder Bunny to the 50 yard line and complete 50 LBC
After the 50 continue back down the ladder ending at the goal line on the other side.
Rinse and repeat!! Change exercises to
10 Merkins
20 Squats
30 Parker Peter’s
40 LBC
50 Flutter Kicks


Tube then took over for some PAIN STATIONS.


Jump Rope





Shadow Boxing



Thank you men for the workout!

Basic Assumption

It’s the day after Memorial Day. Ask any veteran who is considered the physically unfit wimps of the armed forces. Yep. You guessed it. The chair force. You can add the waste of space force to the list too.

Since YHC has become fat, lazy, old, decrepit, and recovering from a torn quadriceps for the uninformed, my return to glory Q was going to be just a wee bit easy.

Pledge. No disclaimer.
Warm up.
10 SSH IC (you know that my cadence count was missing from your life)
25 Flutters IC

Air Force physical fitness test

2 minutes 37 minimum requirement
Air force style hand release pushups. Kind of like superman s.

2 minutes 40 minimum requirement
Air force cross crunches. Count right leg only.

Plank. High or low. Wasn’t specific on directions. Pick your poison.
2 minutes minimum

High aerobic shuttle run
Pick a point 20 yards apart.
Sprint to point to point every 6 seconds. 37 back and forth minimum. Usual Midoriyama level count down and time keeping.

Believe it or not we all easily passed the minimum requirements with about thirty seconds to spare.

Wall sit while YHC retrieves a football and a frisbee from vehicle.

Fling frisbee. Run to it. Do a Burpee. Someone else fling it. Run to it. Burpee. Ri se and repeat. I think everyone had a turn. We wound up in middle of a softball field.
Count off as 1s and 2s. Started off as frisbee rules frisbee. After many poor throws and drops, the football was grabbed and the fun factor and scoring increased exponentially. As usual, the gallantly undermanned Def Leppard team was victorious.

Five minutes of Mary. 25 LBCS IC. 22 for the vets. 25 LBCS IC. Jailbreak to flag. One Burpee when you get there.

What’s mentioned in the COT, stays in the COT.

Prayer for: Mayor’s M, Big Pappy, Turtleman, Broke, Freights dad, Whoopie, Hazes family member, expecting dads and Ms, Huck, others spoken and unspoken. I know I forgot some. Sorry. Recorder cut off.

YHC out.
Was a great day to Q.
Great people to post with.

Sound the ALARMS

7 in all at the Storm with an FNG, again EH’d by our Nantan.



Warm Up: 10x IC: SSH, Toy Soldiers, Gravel Pickers


Mosey to the front of the school for first set of ALARMS:

 50 Merkins,  100 Squats, 150 Flutters, 200 Rocky Balboas, 250 Monkey Crunches

After some indecision about the running route, YHC as odd man out..with help from Sargento, was placed in a group with FNG. Glad to see another young guy join us.

Mission statement and Five core principles reviewed.


Dips/Shoulder Taps 30/10, 25/15, 20/20, 15/25, 10/30

This is a favorite of mine..and of Olsen’s. Sargento was lamenting that we needed a lap or so in between, by YHC likes to carry on.

Mosey to side of school for second set of ALARMS:

50 CDD’s, 100 Monkey Humpers, 150 LBCs, 200 Russian Twist, 250 Mountain Climbers

FNG comments on being out of shape..mostly with the running. Stick with it, that will change quickly.

Back to start for a little Mary.



PT Test

F3 Dads

3rd Wednesday Lunch at Twisted Goat in Cramerton

Speed Racer Guest Q at Tequila Sunrise this Friday, June 3


Watts Up family traveling



Freight’s Dad


FNG named: he is a golfer

Radar took us out in prayer

Thanks for the fun, support, camaraderie!





Mini Ultimate Frisbee

Only 7 showed up for Midoriyama on this Thursday. A Tornado Warning and some dark clouds scared off everyone I guess. I had planned on some Ultimate Frisbee if we had enough but with only 7 I figured we didnt have enough. After some deliberation we decided to go ahead and play anyway. Termite wasnt feeling it so he did some intervals and hill runs. The rest of us played a 3v3 game on a shortened field. We also played with a disc golf mid distance disc which we quickly learned was a lot different to throw than our normal disc. We didnt keep score but i do know Leppard lost. Short field was still tough with only 3v3 and I think we were all wore out by the end of the game. Finished up with about 10 mins of stretching and a mosey to the flag.



The Ricky Bobby


2 Burpees
Side Straddle Hops, 10 IC, 4 Burpees
Imperial Walkers, 10 IC, 6 Burpees
Moroccan Nightclubs, 10 IC, 8 Burpees
Don Quixotes, 10 IC, 10 Burpees

Let’s Do It

mosey to the parking lot behind the school for a set of 11’s

American hammers and Lunges


mosey to the track

start at the benches, 10 Derkins
run quarter way around the track, 10 squats
run another quarter way around, 10 merkins
run third quarter way around, 10 LBCs
run back to the benches

repeat above with 15 reps of each, 20 reps each, 15 reps each, 10 reps each


mosey back to the parking lot behind the school for some four corners

the four corners of the parking lot were marked with the following exercises

shoulder taps, Freddie Mercurys, Bobby Hurleys, big boy sit ups

start at one corner with 5 reps of marked exercise, run to next corner – 10 reps, next corner – 15 reps, next – 20… then run diagonally and start again doing 5-10-15-20…  keep doing this for four rounds, at then end you have done 50 reps of each exercise.


mosey to the front of the school as we only had a minute or so left… got there in time to catch the Pledge.


May 30th :  Murph at Marth Rivers

Prayer Requests

those affected by school shooting in Texas

YHC took us out in prayer.

Member Only 5/29/22

Three runners, one ruck, good morning to be out.

Discussion Q source topic Impact

Announcements: 6/18 PT test and F3 Dads

Prayer requests: end of school, Turtleman, Big Pappy family, Huckleberry

YHC prayed us out

Always an honor


Fighting Yank 5/28/22

Beautiful morning to get in some hard work.  Boudin scowl says bootcamp the light option for the day.  0700 so let’s get on it.  We start with the mission of F3.  Warmup of SSH, IW, Gravel pickers and some stretches.  Bunker goes with Boudin.

Bootcamp takes a lap around the block, stop at the turd shack.  Suicides up the hill to central ave at each utility pole.  Hand release merkins at each pole, increase reps by one at each pole.  Each time return to base for three burpees. Took a while to finish.

Mosey across street to retaining wall at First Baptist.    Step ups each leg, dips, and big boys.  10, 15, 20, 15 ,10.  Head back to Yank

Three burpees and base.

Meet back up with Bunker. Pledge.

Discussed quickly the need to act.  As community leaders we hold the responsibility to help those who are in need and those who can’t help themselves.  Little to no male leadership in communities and homes manifest in so many detrimental ways.  It is easy to look at how big the problems are and become overwhelmed.  Enough of us try, then change can happen.

Announcements:  PT test and F3 dads 6/18, tubing on Green River

Prayer requests: Breaker Breaker  travel, kids out of school, Dingy friend in Hospice,  Turtleman, Huckleberry, Tesla family

YHC took us out

Always an honor


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