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Day: May 22, 2022

Downtown – 5/20/22


The Pledge


SSH x 10 – 1 Burpee

SSH x 10 – 2 Burpee

SSH x 10 – 3 Burpee

SSH x 10 – 4 Burpee

SSH x 10 – 5 Burpee

Let’s mosey to the sweat box (parking deck)

At lower level, 5 burpees, 10 merkins, 15 squats…bear crawl up the ramp and mosey across parking lot, repeat the three exercises, and then bear crawl up ramp to next level. Once at the top, finish the three exercises at end of parking lot.

Wall sits w/marches

Next is time for 11s

10 Big Boys

run to other end of deck for Mike Tysons

Once completed, wall sits w/marches and then o/h presses.

Time to mosey back down parking deck. Going down, reverse bear crawl down ramp and then 5 flying squirrels, 10 CCDs, 15 monkey humpers, rinse and repeat at bottom of each ramp as we descend down the parking deck.

Mosey back to pavilion to finish out with some core, flutter kicks, American hammers, and LBCs



Prayer Request

YHC closed with prayer

Breaker Breaker

Labyrinth – 5/18/2022


The Pledge

The warm-up

SSH X 10 I/C – 1 burpee

SSH X 10 I/C – 2 burpee

SSH X 10 I/C – 3 burpee

SSH X 10 I/C – 4 burpee

SSH X 10 I/C – 5 burpee


Mosey down to the center of baseball fields.

Time for some 11s

Lungester (reverse lunge both legs and then a squat) – starting out with 10 reps

run to end of side walk

Merkins – starting out with 1

You know the drill, back and forth until 1 lungester and 10 merkins

Wall sits and O/H presses

Flutter kicks

American Hammers


Mosey back to shovel flag



Prayer Requests

YHC closed out with prayer


Breaker Breaker

CSAUP Lite at the Storm

(photo caption above) Tribute to JOBU

For the men that showed up at the Storm for fitness and fellowship, they got what was promised.  If they are participating in the daily Bible study put on by Breaker Breaker, they got all three.

I am thankful for all who showed up, but there are a few all stars.

Whoopee for showing up at 0600 to help set up shop and plant two flags!  Pilgrim’s Promise for the F3 Tent.  Tiger for the Dunkin coffee!  Short Sale for the F3Gastonia Tent.  Doodles, who kept security on the set up during the first leg.  Jobu for showing up to open the bathrooms and for just showing up!  I think Bos brought the Corn hole board and Whoopee brought the football.  Breaker brought some refreshments as well.  F3 Gastonia Leadership were also well represented!

YHC started writing down the names of the PAX as they appeared.  At 0645, we started the Nameorama to capture everyone and give instructions.  Doodles was on IR but he showed up anyway.  The teams paired up on their own with one ruck team comprised of Orangeman, Pilgrim’s Progress, and Tesla.  Short Sale drew the short stick and ended up with YHC.  Whoopee and Boudin made a formidable team.  JJ and Sargento paired up.  Breaker Breaker and Tiger and Bos and Bubba Sparxx rounded out the teams.

Teams were handed maps and instructions for each leg.  The first part of the CSAUP is exercises at each “station” and running in between each.  100 reps of each exercise but only one PAX can perform them at a time.  The other PAX rests and then they switch.  Each of the three legs is approximately 3 miles.

LEG ONE:  At 0701, the teams left home base and ran together to the front of Stuart Cramer.   Station One was the front of the school for 100 step ups.  Everyone was together at this point.  Station Two was the loading dock for 100 squats.  Station three was the lower parking lot traffic circle for 100 merkins.  Station four was at the Lakewood traffic circle for 100 SSH.  Then down Armstrong Drive for station five for 100 yard bear crawl in the Goat Island Parking lot.  Then run across the GOAT to the Cramerton War Memorial for station six and 100 Burpees.  At this point there was some separation and Whoopee and Boudin were smoking burpees like nobodies business.  After that,  run back across Goat Island to the front of the school again for 100 dips.  Finally, station 8 was back at the start line for 100 babymakers.  There was some controversy about what constitutes a babymaker.  Some preferred to call them Pickle Pounders, but each PAX had a different interpretation.  I believe Pilgrim was performing more of a StarGazer before being corrected.

After the first leg was done, Gavel drove in after his YANK Q and caught the Ruck team doing Babymakers and asked what the heck was going on!


The teams came in and one PAX from the team went to run Rocky Branch trail.  Fun fact:  This was Boudin’s first ever trail run!   YHC has no idea who was leading at this point, but it was either Boudin/Whoopee or JJ/Sargento.

Other PAX returned to the start and half of the PAX stayed for fellowship, football,  cornhole.  or just recovery.

YHC decided to Ruck leg two with the Ruck team so Short Sale just took a break before starting Leg three.  YHC texted Jobu who is a kotter but also teacher of the year at Stuart Cramer who had promised to open the restrooms for us.  He showed up after most PAX had completed the Rocky Branch and was able to reconnect with old PAX and meet new ones.  I believe I heard he is training for a marathon or that could have just been the heat playing tricks on my mind.

LEG THREE consisted of running around the Storm and back to the Goat Island Greenway Thread trail and back.

When Short Sale returned from leg three YHC took off and rant that leg as well, along with BOS,  Bubba Sparxx, and Breaker Breaker.  It is alleged that Sargento and JJ won first place, but YHC wasn’t there to see it.  I suppose it could have been Boudin and Whoopee as well.  Who knows and who cares?  Everyone got better and had a good time.

We were done and cleaned up by 1015 so it didn’t take “all day” like some M’s believed!  Although this was a CSAUP lite because it didn’t have the distance associated with some CSAUP’s, it would be a good starting point for another “out and back” relay with more mileage.  Lots of options to consider!  Let me know if you want to lead or contribute to the next CSAUP.  It is never too soon to put another one on the books.




What the Chuck?

It’s a big day for Turtleman, and we all got out and got after it on a perfect Monday morning with some of the toughest HIMs F3 Gastonia has to offer.  A strong solid group of 8.  Here’s what I remember…

Doesn’t matter how early or late I wake up and leave the house, I’m always pushing close to 0530 to start.  Game on.

The Thang:

  • 10 x SSH (IC)
  • 10 x Imperial Walkers (IC)
  • 10 x Toy Soldiers (IC)
  • 10 x Dying Cockroaches (IC)
  • 10 x Scissor Kicks (IC)
  • 10 x Mike Tysons (IC)
  • 10 x Nolan Ryans L (IC)
  • 10 x Nolan Ryans R (IC)

With the Nolan Ryans today, we went slow and tried to get a lot of extension on both ends, just trying to control things and get a good twist.

Mosey around Snoballs and out a few entrances, trying to get the group spun around and not knowing where we were heading, ultimately ending up right back about where we started, off Neal Hawkins, headed down the street towards Riverwood.

  • Route 66(ish)
    • Run to the light pole on the right
      • 1 Burpee (OYO)
    • Run to the next light pole
      • 2 Burpees (OYO)
    • Repeato to 5 Burpees

… which took us to the doctor’s office

  • 10 x Dips (IC)
  • 10 x Bulgarian Split Squats L (IC)
  • 10 x Bulgarian Split Squats R (IC)

Partner up

  • Partner Triple Nickel
    • Run to the end of the lot
    • 5 x Booyah Merkins
    • Run back
    • 5 x Booyah Merkins
    • Repeato x 5

This gave everyone a chance to work out their jaws, as we all just talked the whole time with our partners.  50 Merkins, running and partner work.  Sounds like F3 to me.

  • 10 x Nolan Ryans L (IC)
  • 10 x Nolan Ryans R (IC)

That did it for the doctor’s office.  We were on our way out, when Stinky Bird called out

  • 10 x Uphill Big Boys (Stinky Bird’s count)

and everyone agreed, so we knocked those out.  YHC said “Uphill, right?” and everyone grumbled that “Yeah, Turtleman would probably have us do them uphill”, so thanks Turtleman.

Back to the light poles, which were now on our left.  It seemed there was some unfinished business to do.

  • Route 66 (continued)
    • Run to the light pole on the left
      • 6 x Burpees (OYO)
    • Repeato to 11 Burpees

So that sucked coming back up the hill, and the PAX were confused how we only did 5 on the way down, and somehow did 6 on the way back.  Magic math.  To the wall in front of the bank for another round of

  • 15 x Dips (IC)
  • 15 x Bulgarian Split Squats L (IC)
  • 15 x Bulgarian Split Squats R (IC)

Short Mosey to the bank’s drive thru for some Dora

  • Dora 123
    • 100 x Chuck Norris Merkins
    • 200 x Monkey Humpers
    • 300 x Penguins

The Chuck Norris Merkins were awful.  YHC hadn’t done more than sets of 20 or so before, so figured it’d be fine.  It tore up our knuckles pretty good, even with gloves.  We kept at it, with some Omaha-ing going on I’m sure.  The 300 Penguins weren’t as bad as YHC expected.  Not sure if they’ve just gotten easier or if the form just deteriorated with the high rep count.  Either way, we all got it all done, and right on time too.  Had time to mosey across the street for the finish right at 0615.


  • Mia Stokes Foundation Fundraiser @ Handel’s – 5/22
  • Memorial Day Murph @ The Sandlot – 0700

Prayer Requests:

  • Turtleman
  • PAX Traveling

Great start to the week pushing it with these guys.  Had a blast.  Lookin forward to the next one.

Yabba Dabba Doo

The Aftermath

5 of us posted for some morning-after work, with a lot of fingers pointed at the 1st F Q for the hateful pains he had caused.  4 runners and Whoopee doing Whoopee things in the parking lot.  Paces were slow today.  Imagine that.  Kudos to those who followed up yesterdays mileage and heat/humidity influenced nastiness with more of the same today (YHC excluded).

We swapped a JJ for a Short Sale and had a good conversation introducing Q2: Live Right.  “Right” is nothing more than being in the stable, upright position and not being a leech draining those around you.  Once we’re Right, and don’t have to worry about Getting Right, our brains are free to explore other things, like what the Sky Q called us to do, and how to help others.  Once we’re right, it seems that our goals continue to get loftier and farther reaching so that we’re both capable of doing more than we’d imagined as a Sad Clown, and wanting to reach those higher heights.  We put in Guardrails to keep us from careening off the cliff, and realize that there’s this drive to help others Get Right too.  The pursuit of all of this makes us more likely to Stay Right too.  It’s not that any of it ever gets easier, you… well, you know the rest.

Happy to lead this group of HIMs that have been most influential in this former Sad Clown Getting Right and trying to Live Right.

Yabba Dabba Doo

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