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Day: May 21, 2022


We had just a few minutes of warmups, then got right to work. We started with 30 sandbag slams then plank walked to the next station then 20 jump squats then duck walk to the next station  there we did 10 wighted burpee’s with a row then bear crawl to the next station and there we got our blocks for more fun with 35 presses then murdered bunny’s to the next station there we had 40 curls then lung walked with the block to the last station where we did 40 tricep extensions then mosey back to the start and do it again. Run it as many times as you can for the time

Keep It Simple Stupid

With the CSAUP claiming a few of our regulars and the Q I decided to keep it simple. Stopped at the gas station to acquire a deck of cards since I couldn’t find the deck at our house then wait to see if anyone shows up. 3 others rolled in at we went to work.

Do what you can and do them the best you can. Every rep in good form. We don’t mind waiting for the six.

Warmup under the shelter in the park.
15 Gravel pickers IC
15 toy soldiers IC
15 plank jacks IC

Move to shelter with tables at the track.

Thang: let the cards decide our fate after a shuffle. After the first few cards Nutria decided to shuffle again by dropping the cards, great job.

❤️-SSH. Ace = 2 laps around track.
♠️-merkins any way you want. Ace = 1 minute plank
♦️-LBCs/any ab exercise. Ace = 100 flutters
♣️-dips. Ace = 100 step ups

Add 10 to each card except aces.
Jack, Queen and King of each suit =25 each

Finished just in time and went to the flag to finish.


Lunch next month?

Turtleman, write cards and send them.
Summer travel starting


YHC took us out in prayer.

Small but strong group this morning. Pleasure to lead next to these men.

The Gavel out!

Lil Humid and Lil 11’s

Great turnout this morning 15 pax total, and 3 shovel flags. We were ready for a beatdown.

Warm up the norm with a mix of burpees.
Mosey to the ampitheatre
Lil 11s Australian Shoulder taps on one side bear crawl across the stage and dips on the other side.
Lil 11s because they were close in proximity but felt far away cause we bear crawled.

Mosey and we did some other thangs.

Fun was had by all.

Prayer request
T-Rons Mom, Tonkas family, Space Jam’s father in law, stripers brother, SA’s family, big pappys family, Turtleman,
Sarlaccs daughter, and a few I know Im missing but I also know we prayed for them in C.O.T.

The Bed Pan is Full

Service and Grit!

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