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Day: May 1, 2022

Chest day at Painlab

The group looked a little light at first, but we had a few late ones slow roll it in. Wojo did the warm up, then we split. 

We met up at the Indian circle and did a few more warm ups. I don’t want anyone hurting themselves cause I’m an idiot. 

Set 1: 45 seconds of work /15 seconds of rest.

Plank shoulder taps, side step pushup w/ kettle, one handed kettle pushup, rotate, diamond pushup on kettle, chest press, chest press incline/hip ups, chest press, chest press incline. hip up. R&R

Set 2: 45 seconds of work /15 seconds of rest.

Single arm chest fly, switch arm, single arm chest fly, switch arm, pullover/triceps ext, pullover, pullover/triceps ext., pullover, chest press/triceps ext. R&R 

Set 3: 45 seconds of work /15 seconds of rest.

Crunches, baby makers, heels to Heaven, flutters, rev. crunches, American hammers, big boys. R&R

Good work men! 

Tequila Sunrise 4/29/22

Q Fail.  I’m late.  As I run up from EC, I see the group take off towards the track.  I get their attention and we circle up on the playground.



Seal Jacks IC x 20

Hill Billy Walkers IC x 20

Eskimo Merkins IC up to 8

Mosey towards the tennis courts and stop along the curb.  Assume plank position, shuffle left, stop and do 3 Incline Merkins.  Shuffle right, rinse and repeat.  Shuffle left, rinse and repeat.

Mosey to the American Legion where we did 22 Merkins, Big Boy Sit Ups and Monkey Humprer.

Mosey towards the old middle school stopping at the ball field to do 25 Squats IC.  Mosey to Oak street where we did 20 Peter Parkers IC.  Mosey to the old middle school.

Here we did a Figure 8 pattern on the front sidewalks.

Round 1:  30 Flutter Kicks and one end and 30 LBC’ at the other.  Two Burpees each time you pass the center.  Rinse and Repeat.

Round 2:  20 Tiger Squats at one end and 50 Calf Raises at the other.  Two Burpees each time you pass the center.  Rinse and Repeat.

Head back to the flag stopping to do the Peter Parkers and Squats.  Stop at the American Legion for 22 Merkins.

Head back to the flag just in time to do 5 Burpees for a train.

Thanks for following me today gentlemen.


Mayor was First!

It was a beautiful Saturday morning at Folsom with a strong showing of HIMs. On this morning, we had an 80’s themed work out highlighting a few events in a decade that was lead by the our 40th President Ronald Reagan.  We that knowledge we kept it simple. The reps will always by 40.

To start, we honored two great boxers. We staying in the lower lot and did Mike Tyson on one side of the parking lot and Rocky Balboas on the other side. Westside looked at YHC in disgust and shame. There was no proper warm up and the struggle was real.

We continued back and forth with the 40 Rocky Balboas and 40 Mike Tyson listen to:

  • Eye of the Tiger – Survivor
  • No Easy Way Out – Robert Tepper
  • Pushin’ – Frank Stallone
  • Gonna Fly Now – Bill Conti

The next song was the Airwolf theme song and that was our queue to take a quick mosey to the amphitheater. There we honored the fall of the Berlin wall by doing Australian mountain climbers and wall sits. As we work through the reps back forth, a PAX would take a cinder block and throw it up the hill and then down. YHC expected for the cinder block to break as a visual to the Berlin wall falling, but not by the method of which it happened. Mayor threw the block like he was in Highland games shattering as it landed. Beetle Baily sure has an arm, he was throwing the shambles of stone all over the place.

The playlist continued on with:

  • Looking For Freedom – David Hassellhoff
  • 99 Red Balloons – Nena

Once the Sweet Child of Mine from Guns and Roses came on, we wrapped at the amphitheater and headed down to the lower parking . Here we did dips and steps ups to honor Live Aid. A concert that generated revenue for famine in Ethiopia.

The playlist continue with:

  • Money For Nothing (Live at Live Aid, Wembley Stadium) – Dire Straits

The Ghostbusters theme song played next and it was our queue make our way over to the lower lot.  Mayor was 1st. Please congratulate him. There were tears of joy at the accomplishment that was achieved in this act.

At the bottom of the  parking lot we did LBC’s at every other parking spot. Tator Hole really shined. This man can do LBC’s quickly and  a lot of them.

The playlist continues on with:

  • Little Red Corvette – Prince
  • We Built This City – Starship

Our last stop was the upper shelter.  This is were we spoke of the wild diets of 80’s. The cabbage diet, the grapefruit diet, and the liquid protein diet.  Wichita gave us his thoughts and we listened.

We wrapped up the playlist with Eat It by Weird Al Yankovic and took the short mosey to start.

We did the the pledged and completed the COT.

Prayer Request

  • Huck
  • Wichita
  • Relay Runners
  • Injured PAX

Ephesians 5:14  – for anything that becomes visible is light. Therefore it says, “Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.”

Big Pappy


Labyrinth – 4/20/22


The Pledge

The Warmup

The Thang;

We moseyed for a few minutes, stop, drop and complete 5 burpees, 10 merkins, 15 squats.
Mosey some more down to lower parking lot of Martha Rivers park, stop, drop, and complete 10 LBCs, 10 flutter kicks, and 10 American Hammers. Continue mosey with stops every so often alternating between group of above exercises.
Finally made it to Gastone’s Hill. At bottom, 5 burpees, half way up, 10 Merkins, at top, 15 squats. Mosey to street on right down to cul-da-sac for a round of core exercises in cadence count.

Start mosey back towards Snoballs, sprinkling in some more burpees, merkins, and squats along the way.



Prayer Request

YHC closed in prayer.


Over and out,

Breaker Breaker

Wojo-esque Gashouse VQ

Wojo couldn’t Q this morning… and I haven’t Q’d in a little bit. I had been thinking I need to Q more Saturdays (since I show up early and leave early during the week and catch too much crap when I try Qing during the week).  The other thing is, I am lazy and don’t always want to Q. So, I swallowed hard… waited 10 minutes for someone to say they’d pick it up… and when they didn’t I said I would take it. Having been through a Wojo Q a time or two before I thought, “I can probably, actually, run something similar to his type of Q and it be a good workout”.  I was only sorta correct with this assumption.

Collective Pain Lab/Gashouse Warmup:
20 Side Straddle Hops – in cadence
15 Gravel pickers – in cadence
10 mnt man poopers – in cadence
15 Imperial Walkers – in cadence

Gashouse “Slowseyed” (slow mosey) to the track…

The Thang – Dynamic Stretches 50yd in field (side line to side line)…
Karaoke (switch sides on the  the middle)
High Knees
Goose Steps

Repeat in reverse order!

Countdowns from 10 to 1 a little rest between – Thanks for the Pax counting these to keep the pace higher than my own.
Stogiefied Mike Tysons (horizontal squat – Mike Tyson with no merkin)
Mountain Climbers

1 mile (4 laps) of In and Out:
Speed Walk the straight aways and then run/sprint through the curves (blue line to blue line).

Pair up! – Tortoise and the Hare:
Zombie walk (two lung walks and a squat) and 5 Flying Squirrels.

We made it halfway around the track before we needed to start heading back to the COT. So we “slowseyed” the rest of the way around the track back to the gate. Once there we picked back up with the Tortoise and the Hare up to the top of the sidewalk.

We then “slowseyed” back to the COT for some Mary until it was time:
– Flutters
– Oblique Crunches
– LBCs
– Stogified Gaspumps/box cutter

So, I asked Wojo for a partial wienke, or a link to an old backblast. I took about 75-80% of what he had and then added my things (or swapped out an exercise here or there). I then barely made it through the workout without merloing. If I tried actually running the last lap on the track (and not jog it) I am pretty sure whatever was left of the glass of water I had before the workout would have come up. I am not much of a runner (and told the Pax this), but had my mind set we were going to follow this workout (and that I could do it). The Pax were very gracious to working out with me, allowing me to lead, but also making this me vs. me. This pushed me as well as allowed me to not strive to keep up with a pace that would cause me to fail. I think we all did out best and it was a good workout overall for everyone.

Announcements: None

Prayer Requests: 
– Relays
– Turtleman
– Guys on IR
– All the Fartsackers that didn’t attend
– Bondo’s “Aunt” Cathy with brain cancer

YHC took us out in Prayer. Thanks for the opportunity to lead.

~ Stogie


Downtown 4/29/2022

10 men Downtown putting in the work.


SSH, Gravel Pickers, Hillbillies

The Thang:

Mosey to the post office, using the driveway beside it for a lil Triple Nickel action.  5 Big Boys at top, run to far end for 5 Burpees at the bottom, back to start.    Complete this for 5 rounds.

Mosey to the main street starting at corner of Pita Wheel. Lots of light poles uptown, so do my favorite routine of Route 66.  Start with 1 Hand Release Merkin at first light pole on the left. 2 at the next light pole on the left.  Continue until you finish with 11 Hand Release Merkins.

Mosey around the block to McQuiters wall for the next exercise called, Lindsey’s.

10 Dips/30 Derkins

15 Dips/ 25 Derkins

20 Dips/ 20 Derkins

25 Dips/ 15 Derkins

30 Dips/ 10 Derkins

Mosey back towards the flag. Stopping at a wall for 2 rounds of 10 Hip Slappers (ic) and 15 Dirty Hookups.

Time running low, head back to COT. Finish up with 10 Burpees, Time!!



Prayer Request


Nice work today men. Good push from everyone.






Crossroads 1-May-22

We started out with the serious animals out early for their runs.  Tonka who is new(ish) to the ranks is already out there running with Roundup and Dr. Seuss.  The rest did various runs.  Bedpan accompanied me on my forefoot run since I am trying to work on my form.

Announcements:  Convergence (May), DBC starting after May 31, QSource kicking back off at Crossroads.


Prayers: Miranda Adams (loss of son), Tank (Loss of father), Roundup, Big Pappy, Gump and the baby/family of those affected


Praise: My grandfather coming home from rehab facility on May 22 so he wont die in the home, Bedpan going back to church and out with family for first time since Covid.


Pledge and COT

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