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Day: May 19, 2022

Pub 5/19/22

YHC stepped in at last minute to relieve Radar who had to work early – route was Gaston Day to Armstrong to New Hope around Lee and Perry and back down Gaston Day

Starting to feel a little warm in the mornings but otherwise a great day to run.


CSAUP Saturday at Storm 6:30

Memorial day murph at 7am

Rice and Beans sign-up

Handel ice cream this Sunday – Mia Stokes fundraiser





Expectant Fathers: Pilager, Buckeye, Wichita, Buckshot, Wirenut’s daughter

Kids finishing school


Q has lost his mind

It was a warm May afternoon for a Defib beatdown at Midoriryama and YHC was feeling spry.

Warm-up SSH, 5 burpees, Imperial Walkers, 5 burpees and some monkeyhumpers for the 6 coming in hot.


Grab a block a mosey to parking lot for some block Dora work.  Not having put a lot of forethought into the exercises I blurted out what came to mind – 100 overhead press (that sounds about right) 200 kettle bell swings (eh) and 300 ..  300.. what can I think up … 300 squat thrusters.  Immediately the pax were elated and showed their thanks with lots of mumblechatter (at least that’s what I remember.  So if the exercises were going to be easy (right), then lets spice up the running part.  Carry your block the length of the parking lot and do a blockee then return – except with each trip increase by one additional blockee.  At this point I got the sense that not all of the mumblechatter was praise for being such a benevolent Q.  Who knew squat thrusters were so time consuming.  After many rounds of calling for an Omaha I relented – ok change from blockees to curls.  But continue with thrusters.  Many a pax thought I had lost my mind – that it was impossible to complete 300 squat thrusters but after just 25 min the exercises were completed by all.  So having 15 min or so lets take blocks on a road trip across the street for triple nickel with block up the embankment but with Moroccan night clubs at both top and bottom – This took us the the end.  Thankfully


The moral of the story is that you can do more than you think you can if you just get out of your head.



T-shirts should be out soon

CSAUP Saturday at Storm 6:30

Memorial day murph 7am at Martha’s





Freight’s dad

Purple Haze – wife’s sister

Until next time Defib out


Murder Bunny Triangle of Death

With the help of Balljoint we now have permanent blocks at Folsom for anyone to use. So it would be rude for us not to break them in the first morning we have them.  11 HIM gathered for some Thursday Folsom Fun.


20 SSH

10 gravel pickers

10 Moroccan night clubs

Mosey to Animal control fence (AKA Folsom brick yard) grab a block and rifle carry to the tennis courts.

Head into tennis court

Route 66 using the sidelines of the tennis courts, overhead presses carrying the block overhead between lines, 5 merkin penalty if you set the block down

Elevated 4 corners with your block, rifle carry between corners, walking on short sides, slow trot on long sides  

First corner 10 Lunges (5 each leg)

Second corner 10 Lunges, 20 curls

Third 10 lunges, 20 curls, 30 tricep extensions

Fourth 10 lunges, 20 curls, 30 extensions and 40 windshield wipers

Mosey to soccer field with block

Murder Bunny Triangle of death

Triangle of cones roughly 40 yards apart, do one blocky Then Murder bunny with block to second cone, do two blockies. murder bunny to third cone, do three blockys, and so on. We did two laps ending with 7 blockys at final cone.

Rifle carry blocks back to the Brick yard

Mosey to start for the pledge

Mosey to lower picnics shelter

20 Corky Ramano’s

20 LBC’s in cadence

30 Big boys

25 Freddie Mercury’s in cadence

Mosey back to start


CSAUP Saturday

Murph on Memorial Day

Torch Run tomorrow 7am Ranlo

Possible mens retreat in the fall

Prayer requests

Stripers brother

Turtle man


Big Pappy and family

Sister act and family

Sarlacc’s daughter

All the guys in the lineman rodeo

All the F3 babies

Bedpans friend Cody

Our country

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