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30 Something

today we celebrate the one and only Oompa Loompa.
He is 62 and still a hammer.

I thought about 62 different exercises but let be honest here. We only got 45 minutes.
So we did 30 exercises with two sets of sprints and some werk included.
it was hot brutal and completely fun.

30 seconds of werk and 20 rest.

prayer request each other and a few praise reports.
7/16 convergence

The Bed Pan is Full!

Folsom on the fly!

Warm up


5 Burpees

Mosey to the Hill!

1 Burpee at the top

2 burpees at the bottom

3 at the top

4 at the bottom

we followed this method until we reached 10 at the bottom

while we waited on the six we knocked out

5 burpees

10 squats

20 monkey humpers

20 merkins

moseyed thru the trail bear crawling up the small hill in the woods and at the top grab 1 burpee

moseyed a little further to catch some down hill duck walks then grab another burpee.

mosey on around the pond and as we come to the dip in the trail behind the shelter I came up with a great idea!!! Bear crawl/ merkins so we done so!!! Down one side and up the other. This got the boys feeling right!

mosey on trail to the backside of the baseball field and I seen a nice grassy hill that looked like it needed some attention so we bear crawled to the top. At the top was a nice flat spot so we got us 5 burpees, 10 merkins and some SSH there might have been more but I’m not sure.

mosey on up to the football field for some four corners stacks!

First corner 20 merkins

second corner 20 merkins, 25 SSH

third corner 20 merkins, 25 SSH, 30 imperial walker squats

fourth corner 20 merkins, 25 SSH, 30 imperial walker squats, 50 LBC

we lined up on the sidewalk for 50 more merkins!!!

moseyed back to the flag to end it with 5 more burpees, 20 mountain climbers IC and 20 shoulder taps IC



Convergence 16 at Folsom 7:00
F3 dads 23rd Gashouse
Lunch 20th Bubba 23
Tubing 30TH

Prayer Request
Sarlacc daughter
My grandma Parker having surgery
Turtle man
Strippers brother
Purple haze Sister in law
Pray for each other

Wichita took us out!

It’s my birthday. I can cry if i want to.

Beautiful sunrise at The Pub. Little muggy. We ran or rucked.
Keeping my birthday Q streak rolling.

F3 DADS July 23rd
Convergence July 16th
Green River Tubing July 30th

Haze’s sister in law
Sargento’s noggin
Broke’s M
Defib’s friend
Oompa’s 2.0 needs a

Bulldog – 6/28/22



The Thang

With your desired coupon

  • Curls x12 I/C
  • O/H Presses x12 I/C
  • Squats x12 I/C
  • Bent over Rows x12 I/C
  • Chest Press x12 I/C
  • 12 Merkins- OYO

Rifle Carry big coupon to end of parking lot and back 

Rinse and Repeat four rounds

KB Swings x 15

Step ups x 10 per leg

Rinse and repeat 3X

The Pledge



Prayer Request

YHC closed in prayer

Over and out,


Wichita Has Fallen Off Of The Wagon!!!

At precisely 5:30 a.m., Dr. Seuss asked the group if anyone had seen Wichita. You see, Wichita had confirmed he would run with Dr. Seuss this morning but was nowhere to be found. It was a sad moment to see the pain and hurt in Dr. Seuss’s soul as a man he trusted and believed in let him down. Where was Wichita?
Did he go on a carb binge? Did he dump Seuss to run with another man in Ranger Panties? Has he gotten too good for us now that he’s starting a new job? Was there some QT with the M? Feel free to share your own rumors!!!!!

“You hate to see it”….isn’t that how the saying goes Wichita?

Without Wichita, Seuss ran circles around Oompa and I while Tippmann and Striper logged some miles on their own.

Prayer requests: My son, Striper’s brother, Huck, Gump, and Sarlacc’s family. Dr. Seuss took us out in prayer.

Pub Seuss ran alone

7 HIM showed for a moist Thursday morning run from the Pub to the Armory and back.   Seuss is now in a class all his own and blistered the course with the rest of us just trying to breath through the steam.  Remember men adversity makes you better- keep posting despite the warmer temps and higher humidity.  You will reap the benefits!


Convergence July 16th Folsom

Tubing July 30th

Prayer requests:


Roscoe’s friend recovering from TBI

Sargento biopsy praise!

My  buddy in New Orleans (Michael Schenck) battling stage 4 cancer

Defib out


Saturday around the Track

Disclaimer – we have an FNG



Pain Lab and Boot Camp split up.


Mosey to the middle school track

behind goal post, 15 Merkins and 15 Squats

run around track to other side for 15 Mountain Climbers per leg and 10 reverse lunges per leg.
Rinse and repeat for 10 laps or 2.5 miles and 600 reps.

Finish with some core work and mosey back to shovel flag for COT.


The pledge



Prayer Request

Namaroma and name FNG

YHC closed in prayer


Thanks for allowing me to lead you PAX this morning!

Over and out,



Is your monkey a he?

I rolled up to Folsom with some sore legs this morning which was not ideal since I had a leg destroyer in mind. Ever since Gearwrench let me down a while back I’ve wanted to Q a leg focused workout. He promised one then gave us another shoulder destroyer 🙄which is good but the norm. I always strive to rock the boat . I couldn’t do all I planned but we still did more legs than anything else mission accomplished.Here’s what we did.

warm up:ssh, gravel pickers,mnc,oh press,squats,merkins,mountain climbers,burpees all x10 IC now that’s a proper warm up

mosey to blocks stop at each pole on the way for 10 merkins 10 monkey humpers

blocks:partner squats 10 reps 2 blocks 20reps 1 block then partner turn 3 sets

20 reps each oh press,curls,push up on block,KB Swings 3 sets

mosey to flag continue merkins and monkey humpers at each pole on the way we discovered  Balljoint’s monkey was a he 🤷‍♂️Aight judgement free zone we pledged it up

lot beside flag 11’s jump squats and lunges ran out of time had to Omaha

mosey back to COT at each pole on the way 3 kraken burpees

At cot I shared some scripture from James 3 about envy and selfish ambition there was some talk about bicep and calf envy but I think they got the real meaning we took prayer requests and I prayed us out thanks for the chance to lead men it was a pleasure look forward to the next one

JUNE 16th 2022

I don’t remember exactly what we did but it was brutal! Plus I was honored to have The Def Leppard in attendance!

Thanks for the opportunity to lead!

Wichita on to the Next one…

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