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Day: May 16, 2022

Ground Breaking

First morning at the newest AO in F3 Gastonia, it was great having all these HIMs ready to do werk.
Roadie and myself spent a few minutes trying to find a decent piece of ground to put the flag in.

Warm Up:
Lets Mosey to first Baptist church.
Short Hill that is very steep.
Side step up 25 merkins
nur up 50 Flutters
Side step the other way 75 lbcs
nur up 100 air press.

Mosey back triple nickel bear crawl across the bridge with squats and CDD’s
11s in the park with dips and pull ups.
Two Hammers were doing it right Wire Nut was on a piece of equipment then I look up and Westside has the chains of a swing lifting himself up like a boss.
finished with dirty hookups and walls sits
with a little Mary.

Prayer request
Montrosses Mom, Tonkas wife and kid, turtle Man, Wichitas family with a new baby coming, Wire Nuts M and his daughter having a baby on the way,

The Bed Pan is Full,

Prison Break 5-11-22

Most ran, some walked. Nice to see Deductible make his 2nd post!

Announcements: CSAUP at The Storm 5/21, Murph on Memorial Day @ Martha Rivers Par

Prayers: Striper’s brother, Big Pappy, Huck, each other, Sister Act, Haze’s sister-in-law, all the new babies on the way in our region, Bedpan’s friend Cody, Blueprint, Gump’s family, Montross’s mom

YHC took us out in prayer.

Lot Lizards and Punch Bugs

Humid Morning but this did not stop the pax from getting after it.
We all ran and afterwards we discussed Group.

A Voluntary combination of two or more People.

Speaking of groups as we were walking in to begin a volkswagon group aka Punch Bugs was getting ready for a ride.
this shows there are many groups in the world.
Group types

Most have three types of people

2nd F coming up this Wednesday at Sammys in Dallas

The Bed Pan is Full
Be a Lizard and Not a Leech.

What a morning

Highlights from the run…..

  • Wichita ran shirtless in ranger panties and was able to flex and pose as he ran through town at a sub 8 pace
  • Sister Act followed Wichita and drool was seen flowing from his mouth
  • Sparky showed early to run 5, but only got in 1 mile due to visiting every bathroom and porta john in Dallas
  • Round  Up followed Sparky’s lead and also hit the porta john
  • Double Stack showed late and didn’t know to be back by 0600 so he pushed the rock until 0615

Highlights from the word…

  • Leadership lessons from King David
    • To be God’s leader requires Patience
    • To be God’s leader requires Humility
    • To be God’s leader requires Courage
    • To be God’s leader requires Faith
    • To be God’s leader requires Grace


CSAUP this Saturday at The Storm

2nd F lunch this Wednesday at Sammy’s in Dallas

Memorial Day Murph at Martha’s at 0700


Prayer Request




Big Pappy and family

Striper’s brother

Custudio family


Wichita, Pilager, Achy Breaky and Buckeye M’s all expecting


Sparky took us out.


Great to be out with the guys to start the week!

I’m Broke

Old School 5/14/22

YHC took the Q after re-scheduling from a few weeks prior.  A few went out for EC run or ruck.  0700 hits, pledge.

Quick review of the mission of F3, then run a warm- up lap.

Workout for the day is 10 stations, 20 reps per station.  Some had a block, some didn’t.  Order of stations was hand release merkins, blockies, crunchy frog, murder bunnies, little baby flutter crunch, curls, jump squat, squat press with block, burpees, flying squirrel.

After the round run four gassers length of field.

Goal was five rounds, that was maybe a little aggressive.  Bat flippers got in three.

Workout was a tough one.  Had a few words at the end of how grateful we are to be able to come out and do what we do.  Short discussion of a tough workout isn’t tough at all.

Turtleman is tough.  Job loss and sick children and numerous other circumstances are tough.

Go out every day and give your very best.

Announcements:  CSAUP 5/21 at the Storm, Memorial Day Murph at Martha Rivers, new Monday, AO starting in Ranlo, GrowRuck training events

Prayer requests: Turtleman and family, Huck, Tesla and family, Tiger M and step-sons,

YHC took us out

Always an honor



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