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Day: May 10, 2022

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A new week meant some new exercises. 

Warm Up: SSH, small and large arms circles, gravel pickers, SSH Burpees

Mosey around the lot a couple of times

Round 1, 3 sets of the following  20 Plank Jacks, Jackass Merkins, Monkey  Humpers, American Hammers, 10 Broad Jump Burpees

Round 2: Suicide Ladder up to 10 reps: Groiners, Squats, Big Boys

Lap around the lot

Cool down: 50 LBC, 40 Flutters, 30 VUps

Times up

Announcements: Young Life Golf Tournament on May 23, some teams need plays, ask Buckshot

F3 Dads needs Qs this summer

Prayer: Blueprints friend lost his wife, Radiohead is celebrating 14 years of marriage, Buckshot and Pillagers wives are pregnant so prayers for healthy babies

Wednesday 5-4 at Prison Break

We had a full house on this glorious Wednesday morning. YHC walked while everyone else ran. My foot still isn’t quite up to the task yet but getting better each week. Thanks to Bedpan for shutting it down and walking the last half-mile with me. Wichita wasn’t quite as naked as usual. Shoutout to the new guy Eastside on his 2nd post in 2 days.

Announcements: Murphy on Memorial Day @ Martha Rivers, other Monday AOs will also be open.

Prayer Requests: Striper’s brother, Big Pappy, Huck, EZ Rider’s family, Sparky’s boss’s wife, Broke, Def Leppard, Oompa Loompa, Roe v Wade

Tuesday Morning Dawg Pound

The 3 amigos met this morning at the Bulldog for and excellent start to the day.

Nearly a perfect weather situation,  A little on the chilly side which we would come to appreciate in about 15 mins.


Warmup with some lite stretching.

Pretty simple routine.

6 exercises in descending order then take a lap around take parking lot.  Start with 20 reps, 19, 18, you get the picture.

Upright rows with kettle bell

Goblet squats with kettle bell


Mountain Climbers


Windshield wipers

Take a lap



It was great to come out, excellent weather, even better comradery, and an overall great start to the day.

Need to see some of the regulars come back.  Attendance is falling off.

All 3 of us pushed and got stronger.



Tuesday Morning Special

Healing the soul, lifting spirits, making the day better by adding a Tuesday morning special to your routine is calling out to you! Details below

10-imperial walkers
Moroccan night clubs
10-dying cockroaches


10mekins hold
10mnt climbers hold
10plank Jack’s hold
10 merkins

Zombie walk and back
10,10 Calf raises
10 squats

10shoulder press
10bent rows

10Big boys
10crunchy frogs
10 heals to heaven
10Big boys


Announcements: You’re all neat.
COT: turtle man, people in turmoil, end of school year, tubes M

The Forgotten Q

It was about 6pm yesterday when I realized i had the Q, luckily something told me to ask Balljoint otherwise I would have had to wing it.  15 HIM gathered on a chilly Folsom Tuesday to get ready for the day.  We had a FNG EH’d by our friendly neighborhood fart sacker Montross so we hit him with the 5 core principles and a disclaimer and got to work.


10 gravel pickers in cadence

20 SSH in cadence

5 burpees

A complaint was filed about my warmup so I added some Moroccan night clubs for good measure.

Mosey to lower shelter

20 step ups

20 Dips

20 Corky Romano’s (hold 6” under bench, knees to chest and extend legs over bench= 1 rep)

5 burpees

Rinse and repeat for a second round

Starting at bottom parking lot partner up, catch me if you can to Flag pole at AG center

Partner one NURS while the other does 10 Merkins and runs to catch them and switches out.

Pledge of allegiance

In upper lot do a round of Dirty 11’s, CDD’s and Big Boys

Indian run back to lower parking lot, person at end of line does 2 Burpees before taking the lead.

5 Burpees

Circle for a round of Iron Hulk

Stay in the circle for Mary AB work



CSAUP 21st at storm

Murph Memorial Day


Prayer requests

Stripers Brother

Wichitas family

Purple haze sister in law


Turtle man

All the IR

Montross mother

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