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Day: May 12, 2022

Lil Mountain Side

Warm up
Mo ROckin Night Clubs, Imperial Walkers, 5Burpees, SSH
Mosey to a hill
triple nickel big boys and Merkins.

11’s Mike tyson’s American Hammers

Line Up 10 mountain climbers at each light post back to the beginning.

Stupid circles
10 HR merkins, lap 20 squats 2 laps, 30 ssh 3 laps, 40 raise the roof 4 laps.
Rack em and stack em.

time with about 1 lap left.

Prayer request:
spoken and unspoken
Announcements csaup, 2nd f lunch,

the Bed Pan is Full

Some Suggestions Are Better Than Others

YHC arrived a few early to do a little recon to make sure all was remembered.  Been a while since YHC had darkened TRB, much lead Q’d.

PAX coming rolling, including a FNG!  He was EH’d by Orangeman, who was also EH’d to attend this AM.  Bonus!

8 was the total, with another showing part the way through,

A semi complete disclaimer was given.

We did a warmup.  It involved some exercises and some burpees.  YHC doesn’t recall what is was (probably really need to start to write these down).

After the warmup, we covered the 5 principles of F3 before we took off heading for New Hope Presbyterian.

Dodging two cars Stowe and waiting for one on New Hope, stopping at the front of the church.

YHC called 55’s  (like 11’s but the total is 55 and counts are by 5 (5/50, 10/45, …. 50/5))

SSH on one of the horseshoe, LBCs on the other.  Every time you go past the stairs of the church, do 1 Squat.

This took a good bit of time.

Taking a page from Dirt, we went up and down the 3 stairs multiple time @ 10 calf raises per step.

After this the group did a recovery meander over to the parking lot.

Given we had 9, separate into groups of 3.

Dora 1(00) Merkins , 2(00) Squats, 3(00) LBCs

Partner 1 Runs

Partner 2 Planks

Partner 3 Exercises


This continued until time was getting short, so LBCs were revised to 200.

Another recovery meander to the front of the church before upgrading to a mosey to get back to the flag.

We had a few mins let, so a little PAX-let Mary until time.  (And a couple burpees)


FNG was named…. Welcome Klinger (who has already posted again at the Goat this AM and says he will be at TS tomorrow)

Announcements were covered.  Prayer requests noted out loud and in our hearts.

YHC took us out.

The Pledge of Allegiance was caught at the end (Thanks Cinderella).


Good to see everyone in the gloom

Until next time….


Watts Up Powering Down.

Put a Title Here

Bondo reached out on Thursday asking if there was going to be much running.  YHC said there would be some, but lots of partner work.


Boy was YHC wrong…

Here is what can be recalled…

0530, YHC started a timer and announced when the timer goes off (every 2 mins), 2 burpees unless the PAX are moseying (either as a group or as part of the partner work).  Either this was difficult for some or they really enjoyed burpees.

A brief disclaimer and then off we went to the parking lot of Foursquare Church adjacent to Eagle Rd.

Here we did some warmup.  YHC doesn’t recall what is was, but the timer went off, so it included 2 burpees.

Mosey again around the church to the other parking lot adjacent to Park Dr.


Partner Up.

1 does exercises, the other runs around the edge of the parking lot.

The piece of paper with the exercises as since grown legs.


The counts were

50, 100, 200, 250.  What happened to 150 you ask, well it was step-ups and there wasn’t spot for this, so it was skipped.

When we got 250, the intent was to continue with additional exercises to proceed backward (200, 150, 100, 50), but the lightning was a little intense.  YHC gathered the flock to head back to the flag.

Although the storm never materialized, the partner work continued, including the 150 skipped step-ups.  When time was running short, the teams were modified to be groups of three.

And that was time.

I think The Pledge of Allegiance was done, maybe.

Announcements were made.

Prayer Requests made know verbally and in our hearts.


Breaker took us out.


Sorry for the delay in the BB and the memory of the facts.


Honor to be out with you men and given the opportunity to lead.


Watts Up Powering Down.


Blocks!!!! At Folsom

Trucks started rolling in right at time to get started, good group at Folsom “the best AO in all the land” this morning! We did have a proper warmup


Toy soldiers ic

gravel pickers ic

Time to get started!
Route66 / Thrusters

20 to 1 – shoulder press, curls, triceps, squats we finished this and had some time to spare so… triple nickel, Blockies at the bottom of the hill and burpee’s at the top!

All the men pushed the rock this morning and got it done!!

Prayer request- Thompson family, Big Pappy, Roundup, construction accident, family, each other, Huckleberry, Montross mom

Announcements- CSAUP next Saturday, Memorial Day murph

Thanks for letting me lead!

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