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Day: May 23, 2022

The Sandlot – 5/23/22



Seal Jacks IC x 20

Hill Billy Walkers IC x 20

Low Slow Squats IC x 15

Mosey to the park entrance for Domino Merkins.

Mosey to the wall by the vacant bank for Dips IC x 10 and Step Ups each leg x 10 OYO.  Rinse and repeat X 15.

Mosey to the Wells Fargo ATM for a few rounds of Circle of Burpees.

Mosey to the wall in front of the discount furniture store.  Wall Sit with Over Head Presses.

Mosey to the Food Lion parking lot for Rugby Sprints.  Each PAX took a turn leading an exercise.  Nice work by Wonder who lead an exercise for his first time.

Mosey back to the furniture store for Wall Sits and Marching.

Mosey to Planet Fitness for 5 Burpees.

Mosey back to the flag and 1 lap around Pelicans.

Great work today Gentlemen!


The Punisher and That B*tch can take a Hit

It’s a nice warm spring morning and as I pull up (super early and very punctual as usual)to the best Saturday AO in the land what do I see but 5 eager PAX staring back at me.

As it would turn out the 2day notice CSAUP didn’t cause me to go at it alone this morning. I already knew a few would show as Freight had informed me the day before his intentions of showing. Also I saw the one and only Mayor has been talking a dump truck load of cold cash crap to Stogie on GroupMe about coming out to Old School for some form policing and exercising tutorials. Also noticed a couple other familiar faces upon arrival one being good ol’ Def Leppard. I think I witnessed him using the old Snuggie as heat compression treatment on his many broken down appendages. I’ll tell you men it’s hell when the mind is willing but the body is hurting and sometimes not willing. Good job Gumby and Leppard for showing up and not making excuses like a lot of others would have.

Well it looks to be that time let’s get at it. No FNG’s Quick Disclaimer and we’re warming up. Mayor kicks off the mumblechatter by dumping on my pull-up form from a workout earlier in the week at the inaugural Down Low AO. Now I didn’t go all Tarzan like Westside did but I can hold my own. Challenge accepted and warmup over.

Let’s mosey down to the ball fields behind Carr School. Once there we hit up some dips on staircase and took a lap around the 2 lower fields. There’s some discussion about names of the fields and the future location of an Olympic Sized Pool in this area who knew Little D would ever need an Olympic Pool. All I know is Old School can have a pool party while the boys at Folsom are hanging out at the splash pad. That means lots of new work out options coming to this side of the county men don’t let me down.

We’re here! The Jungle Gym! The place where in the past the young adolescent elementary school boy would make his first real friendships. Maybe for first time he shows off for or tries to steal a kiss from that pretty girl in class. Whatever the case may be a lot of first time alpha male activities go down at this epic spot on the school yard. Here’s how ours went down.

The Thang

5 Rounds
10-Hand-Release Merkins

Mayor is pushing Stogie pretty hard today but not in his typical, cynical, Mayoral manor. Nope this was a caring & supportive Mayor. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be happy or concerned for the both of them at this point. Either way I’m impressed keep up the good work Stogie and Mayor.

Now we’re good and tired our shoulders, backs, arms, and legs are screaming at us for some relief but the heck with that we’re only getting started. We mosey up to Old Schools Route 66. We’re running this one backwards from 10-1 with mountain climbers at each pole. Head back to the parking lot for you guessed it COT. Not just yet we’ve got plenty of time left for a little WOD I’ve been wanting to do for some time now and as fate would have it I got fresh shipment of 50lb. sandbags and a load of blocks in the back of the truck. Pick your poison block or bag this one’s going to hurt either way.


10 Rounds with Coupon of your Choice

10-Bent-over Rows
25 Meter Carry

0800 and Time

Man this WOD was a Btch and that Btch can take a hit. I hit this thang with all I could and in the end it hit me back twice as hard. Hats off to Freight for being the Bat Flipping Hammer he is as he finished solidly in front of all us. Some of us had to modify due to injuries or prevention there of. Eventually I hit failure on the last few rounds of this one and couldn’t get all my reps completed in a quality fashion. I’d rather modify the workout or even drop reps off the workout than sacrifice the quality of my reps in the workout. In the end The Punisher won this round. I do however think that  even with the physical failures I encountered it’s work like this that will make us all much stronger and better so was it really truly a failure.




Freight’s Dad and Family Gumby’s Family, Wichita’s M and Family, My Daughter and Family, Turtleman, injured PAX, and All CSAUP participants today

Thanks men for the push today. Great job to all.

Visitor Parking only

6 of us this morning, humid and light rain definitely had an impact on us.
But we push through as we always do.

Warm up, goof balls, windmills, ssh,
Mosey to the school.
we used the visitor parking only area since the school has not let out for the summer just yet.
Booyah merkins take a lap pax meet back up and complete the exercise.

Mosey back to the Baptist church. 11s monkey humpers up the hill cdd’s
then take a lap around and back to the beginning.

return to base.
step ups 25 derkins 25, dips 25, upright merkins 25,
about 2 and half miles and some strong werk by all.


The Bed Pan is full.

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