Warm up: 15 side straddle hops,15 gravel pickers, Moroccan night clubs, 5 burpees

Mosey to top parking lot at ball fields, ran to each speed bump did 7 mike Tyson’s and 3 burpees at speed bump then run back to top and do 20 squats..continue this for 5 speed bumps(whole road). Mosey to flag and do pledge. Went to stairs did 20 incline mercans, 20 dips then jog over to black bar and did 20 flat pull ups. Indian ran from there down to the shelter where a person would call a ab exercise and bear crawl around the center column and while they are crawling the rest of the group does the exercise until the person bear crawling reaches there spot.


Murphy on Monday

Prayer request:


Turtle man

Witchatia uncle and baby


Braidens family

Stripers brother

Sarlaccs daughter

S.A’s daughter

Big pappys M