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To whet” means “to sharpen

  • “The unsharpened man is dull and lethargic, in-Effective as a leader and ill-Prepared for the obstacles he will face in his life”
  • “The HIM acts as a Stone (Mentor) to the (younger) man’s Blade (Mentee), providing a hard surface against which he becomes sharper and whetting his appetite for greater responsibility.”
  • “A vertical relationship which takes skill and effort. He is about sharpening (younger) men while he himself is being sharpened. It works best between men who are not at the same point of their journey. The Stone must be the harder of the two, at least for a season.
  • It must be done with Deliberation; Proximity (to meet physically and consistently at a set time); Purposeful, Periodicity (frequently enough to be effective but not so frequent as to smother each other).

Shield Lock:

  • Horizontal relationships
  •  A Team, a combination of two or more people who are proximate, have a purpose or meet periodically.
  •  I would add:This can be formal or just a HIM or two with whom you run, work out with, or just tend to hang around and know they are there for you. This can be intentional. We run with the purpose of encouraging each other spiritually or talking about things in our lives.
  •  To support, to listen, to be there for.


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