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The STORM – March 2, 2021

We had 14 HIM at The STORM this morning on a chilly, but a perfect morning for a workout.

We started with a long mosey around the school.

Warm Up
10 Hillbilly Walkers IC
10 Imperial Squat Walkers IC
10 Merkins IC
15 Mountain Climbers IC

ROUTINE 1 – Sprints and More

We split into three groups for more space.

From one end to the other we did side shuffle plus two burpees and sprint back
Then we did karaoke, high knees, skip, and nur. Each of these exercises was followed by two burpees.

ROUTINE 2 – Wheel of Merkins

Each PAX grabbed a piece of curb and performed 5 incline merkins. Staying in the plank position, rotate 90 degrees clockwise until your body is parallel to the curb with your right hand on the curb and left hand off it. Repeat 5 merkins Rotate 90 degrees more and perform the same number of decline merkins. Rotate 90 degrees more. Repeat with left hand on the curb and right hand off it.

ROUTINE 3 – Escalator

We knocked out an escalator of 5 Burpees, 10 Squats, 15 Mountain Climbers and 20 Plank Jacks then back down, but this time using 20 Plank Jacks, 15 SSH, 10 Seal Jacks and 5 Smurf Jacks.

We had about 90 seconds so we did OYO lbc’s, flutter kicks, etc.

Strides of March CSAUP – March 6, 2021

Rooster – March 13, 2021

P200 – March 19-20

Mortimer 100 Relay – March 19-20


Dirt is going in for a job interview.

Breaker Breaker asked for prayers for a relative.


Sean Corcoran (RADAR)

Tuesday Morning Dog Pound

Very nice cool and dry Tuesday morning.  A very nice group of HIM’s gathered at WA Bess Elementary in hopes to better their bodies and minds.

5:30 and time to get after it.

Stretch it out a bit

60 SSH’s

60 LBC’s

20 Kettle Bell squat lifts

Mosey to cones and back

50 SSH’s

50 LBC’s

20 kettle bell upright rows


mosey to cones and back

40 SSH’s

40 LBC’s

20 goblet squats

20 kettle bell tricep extensions

20 CDD’s

mosey to cones and back

30 SSH’s

30 LBC’s

20 kettle bell swings

20 dips


mosey to cones and back

10 SSH’s

10 LBC’s


yoga mosey to cones and back

Calf raises to burnout

It was as always a wonderful way to start the day.  Excellent comradery and conversation.  All the guys pushed had and had an excellent attitude.

Thanks guys.  It was absolutely an honor.

Clavin is on for next week.  Says to bring a couple of bricks or lighter dumbbells’.




OK Guys; Show Me Your Monkey Humps!!!!

As I roll up my normal 20min. early, I notice that the Belmont streets are already being claimed by some PAX getting in some EC.  Little do they know that I have learned from all the canoes and have a douche of a workout planned for us.  As everyone is rolling in and PAX  finishing their EC; We gather by the Kiosk and chat and fist bump to start the workout. A car rolls by and a lady hollered out the window “Hey guys, Show me your Monkey Humps” So we obliged!!  Come to find out that she is from Cherubs and has been educated on Monkey Humpers. (I’m pretty sure that she has already pinched Orangeman on the backside!) It was pretty awesome. With time ready and everyone bursting to get started; Lets begin!

Warm up

5 Burpees OYO

I forgot what was after but it was short and sweet! Lets Mosey.

Moseying started and it came a concern that Freight and Boudin were  MIA. Phone call was made and no answer, we sent Bos on a mission. It was established later that they are on a ruck mission.

Mosey to the stop light at the corner of Myrtle and Main. We will start there with an exercise and then mosey to the next corner at Myrtle and Central perform another exercise, then go to Central and Woodrow for another stop and then on to the corner of Woodrow and Main and then stop at the RR tracks for another exercise and head back to the start. Rinse and repeat. This is a 1 mile loop

Corner 1


Corner 2


Corner 3


Corner 4

Toy Soldiers

Round 1 is 10 reps All reps are IC. So its 5 IC first and then 10 and then 15 for the last round.

Round 2 is 20 reps

Round 3 is 30 reps.

RR tracks we completed 5 Burpees on round 1, 5 Eight count Body Builders round 2,  Round 3 was SSH 40 IC.

First round we came across a train and I heard someone say that another PAX had a rule of 5 burpees for trains. Although I kept going and instructed the PAX to not stop; All  stopped and did Burpees while 2 of us kept moving and waited at the next corner. The plan was for Burpees at the train tracks on the other end. 🤷‍♀️ So I only gave them 5 at the tracks instead of the planned 10.

On the second and third rounds I needed help counting a few times. So I asked Pizzaman and Tooltime to help. Thanks guys.

On the third lap we detoured to the pullup bars for a Triple Nickle.

Pull ups and Imperial Walkers.

Some PAX did a Lunge in between. Some slow moseyed. We were pretty beat by then.


Mosey up to the next stop.

Mosey over to the front of the school. for another detour. I asked a few PAX for an exercise so we can run the figure 8 course.  We performed 6 exercises around the front loop. We completed 1 loop and then got back to our last lap. Do each exercise 10 times single count.

Peter Parkers, Burpees, WW1, Hillbillies, 8 count body builders and Shoulder Taps

With 3 more stops ahead and time catching up lets move. After the tracks we met the ruckers and gave them 5 more Burpees to finish out the morning.


Good job everyone. Way to push!!!


Strids of March and several marathons and other events. Check twitter and slack.


Prayer Request:

Please pray for me and my attitude.

There are many spoken and unspoken request. Please keep each other in your prayers. Remember God is in control!!

Praise report:

Each morning as we wake lets thank God for his goodness. Lets learn by Christ’s  examples.


Thank you brothers for your support. Till next time!!


Tequila Sunrise – 2/26/21

Quick Disclaimer – No FNGs


  • SSH
  • DON Qs
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Moroccan Nightclubs

The Thang

Mosey to the American Legion Post for a round of core; 3 rounds of the below exercises, 20-15-10 reps

  • American Hammers
  • LBCs
  • Flutter Kicks

Mosey to top of Davis Park ballfield for some Zombie Walks, for every five Zombie Walk, through in a burpee. statrted at home plate and finished in right field. Now mosey to the Belmont Middle for a round of arms and shoulder work. Everyone find some space on the benches. 3 rounds of the below exercises, 20-15-10 reps.

  • Derkins
  • Dips
  • Bear Crawls across section of front lawn

Now time to make our way back to Tequila Sunrise, so we mosey our way back. To add in some more arm work, we stop every so often for 20 merkins,  OYO. We made five stops for a total of 100 merkins, nice! Still had some time when we made in back, so we did 3 rounds of Rocky Balboa’s, 20-15-10 reps. Now we’re finished!

The Pledge


Announcements – Strides for March, PT in March

Prayer Requests – Sister Act’s daughter, Witchita’s co-worker suddenly passed away, prayer for the family, Dirt, Breaker’s Uncle, Big Pappy’s adopted kid and upcoming surgery

YHC took us out in prayer


Breaker Breaker

Just a Morning Mosey

This is The Pub, F3 Gastonia’s Premiere running AO, so we ran. Some ran 5, some ran 4ish, and some ran 3ish.

The Pledge


Announcements – Strides for March, still need some runners, PT in March,  F2 Lunch at Jackson’s,

Prayer request – Sister Acts daughter, Dirt, HS football starting up, pray for safety, Broke’s mother, WattsUp, Termite’s grandson traveling,

YHC took us out in Prayer

“I’m right here, Dirt” – The Sandlot 3/1/21

When Flintstone rolls up to Pelicans on Neal Hawkins Road, he usually parks around back where it is very dark.  Today was no different.  Flintstone ran EC with Watts Up, EZ Rider and I so I knew he was back there changing his shoes and shirt before the boot camp work out.  There was a light reflecting off his car and from my position in the front parking, without my glasses it looked like he was still back there.  I knew it was getting close to 5:30 so I hollered out “Come on Flintstone, It’s time.”  I heard a voice from behind me say, “I’m right here, Dirt.”  The PAX who were present had a good laugh at that.  I found out long ago the we need to be able to laugh at ourselves and this was another opportunity for me to do so.  Unfortunately, I find myself in this position all too often.  I hope you can laugh at yourself as well.

No FNG’s so the usual disclaimer.  Don’t hurt yourself, make it harder if you want or easier if you want.


Warm Up:

Seal Jacks IC x 20

Hill Billy Walkers IC x 10

Plank Jack IC x 20


Mosey to the entrance of the park and do 8 Count Body Builders x 5

Mosey to the far end of the parking lot stopping at each light to do 5 Diamond Merkins. This was getting tough by the time we got to the end of the entrance road.


Suicide Ladder

A shuttle run with an exercise set after each return to the starting line. After each full shuttle run the exercise count goes up by five reps.

1st Round

Flutter Kicks (count 1 leg) x 5, 10, 15 (90 total reps)

Merkins x 5, 10, 15 (90 total reps)

Tiger Squats x 5, 10, 15 (90 total reps) These kind of turned into regular squats after a while.


2nd Round

American Hammers 10, 20, 30 (180 total reps)

Almost time so we will do Monkey Humpers (120 total) as we Mosey Back to the flag.


Good work this morning gentlemen.



Strides of March is this Saturday March 6th.  See Short Sale’s Pre Blast to sign up.

The Mortimer and P200 are coming up quickly.

The PT test will be at Gas House on 3/27.


Prayer Requests:

Watts Up has a job interview on Thursday.

EZ Rider’s family

Joey Denton a friend of Stinky Bird was in a serious car wreck

The Burpee!!

28 men showed and put in the work at Folsom this morning!!  1 FNG was present, so a very short disclaimer was given.  Go time!!


Warm Up:

10 SSH (ic)

5 Burpees

10 Gravel Pickers (ic)

5 Burpees

10 Hillbillies (ic)

The Thang:

First called exercise is called Pandemic.  Exercise done in a pyramid going from 1 to 10 to 1.

1 Burpee, 2 Mountain Climber, 3 LBCs

2 Burpees, 4 Mountain Climbers, 6 LBCs

3 Burpees, 6 Mountain Climbers, 9 LBCs

Continue until we finished with 10 Burpees, 20 Mountain Climbers, 30LBCs.


Short mosey to the tennis courts, line up on the line facing the tennis courts.  Do some escalator work.  Start with 10 Burpees, mosey to first light pole for 10 Burpees, 20 Big Boys.  Mosey to next light pole for 10 Burpees, 20 Big Boys, 30 American Hammers. Mosey to end of courts for 10 Burpees, 20 Big Boys, 30 AH, 40 Flutter Kicks.  Time to turn around and go back down.  On line do 40 FK, 30 AH, 20 Big Boys, 10 Burpees.  Mosey to pole for 30 AH, 20 Big Boys, 10 Burpees.  Mosey to next pole for 20 AH, 10 Burpees.  Finish up at end line with 10 Burpees.


Next exercise called is the backend of the Pandemic routine going from 9 to 1.

9 Burpees, 18 Mountain Climbers, 27 LBCs

8 Burpees, 16 Mountain Climbers, 24 LBCs

Continue until we finished with 1 Burpee, 2 Mountain Climbers, 3 LBCs.

At this point we are at 190 Burpees for the workout.  10 more Burpees are called to bring the total to 200 Burpees,  with time still left.  I know how everyone loves Burpees, so I hope that was enough.


With some time left, pax are lined back up on the line.  11s are called here, using the length of two courts.  Start with 10 Mike Tysons, run 2 court lengths for 1 Imperial Walker Squat.  Back to line for 9 Mike Tysons, other end 2 IW Squats.  Continue until we end with 1 Mike Tysons and 10 IW Squats. Time low we headed back to COT.  Her Slaw lead 22 Merkins for the Vets!! Time!



Prayer Request



Honor to lead you men today.  The Saturday crowds at Folsom have been impressive.  I wanted to bring a tough one, so I hope you guys enjoyed it. Thank Round Up for the 200 Burpee challenge!! Appreciate the push!!  Welcome FNG Toe Pick to F3.  SYITG


Sister Act








Don’t Run “Rangry” unless you are Freed to Lead

It wasn’t really that gloomy this morning at The Coconut Horse.

I had not posted a good run in almost 3 1/2 weeks so it felt good just to be out there.  I decided to show a few minutes early as I knew my pace would not be what it had been a month ago.  Ruckers were coming in and Whoopee and DDC accompanied me on the run early.

We shared some great mumblechatter and a mile or two in, Whoopee mentioned that you shouldn’t run with me when I’m angry.  I’m not exactly sure what he was talking about but we determined we would from this moment forward refer to this state as “Rangry”,  short for Running Angry.  Sometimes this can cause an uptick in pace.

However, the best part was just getting some work in along with some great fellowship.  Thank you gentlemen.

We had a great group this morning and a great COT.  This was followed up with a large group staying for Q Source where we started a new book discussion on Freed to Lead, the original F3 book.

Until the next one.  Aye!


Where’s Blart?

We ran.  I was supposed to run with Blart but he was gone before I got there.  Gavel didn’t know when we needed to be back and ended up doing accidental EC.  Q fail.

We then had coffee and talked about the King.

Announcements: CSAUP – Ides of March

Prayer Requests:  Pappy’s family, SA’s family, family of Wichita’s coworker, and PAX on IR



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