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John Wayne (rain) kind of morning

It was a John Wayne (or Rain) kind of morning… but the rain didn’t stop F3 from shining!

Warmup at Pelicans – Side straddle Hops

Moseyed to the bank across the street to find dryer ground. Mtn Climbers, Hillbillies, and Merkins.

Moseyed down Riverwood stopping at a few lights for Bobby Hurleys, arriving at Robinwood Elementary.

11’s Merkins at one end of the sidewalk and flutter kicks at the other.

20 Moroccan Nightclubs

20 Step ups, then lunges down sidewalk and 10 dying cockroaches.

Mosey, back to Pelicans, where we found a familiar face stopping in to say hello, Maybelline!

  • Christmas Party this Saturday

Folsom 11/29/22

Only my 2nd Q so far, got some things to work on but definitely enjoyed it. Thanks to everyone who came out. Played with some blocks, did some partner work, and still got in over 2 miles.

prayer requests from this morning:

Wichita and his family, Purple Haze asked for prayers for his mother, and the Deal family.

Please keep those in mind throughout the week and continue to help each other grow stronger, not only physically but mentally as well.

Stormy Monday, Tuesday’s just as bad….

I got to the Storm early for some step ups and a run with Breaker before the beatdown I had planned/stolen from a previous day…

finished the run a little earlier than Breaker so I could recover some before the thang.




10 SSH IC, RoL LoR stretch, 10 Gravel Pickers IC, Right leg up(quad stretch) 

Mosey around the parking lot, stopping for 5 Merkins at each speed bump.

Circled back up for a few sets of the below, I didn’t follow the weinke at all so it gets a little hazy here. 

The beatdown included a pretty even mix of oblique/core, legs, upper body, some of the below made the cut today, but I can’t entirely remember what I skipped: 

1) Hand release Merkins, WW1’s, Lunges (Count right leg), Hillbillies (Count right leg)

2 ) Burpees, Oblique crunches( 10 each side), Squats, Derkins

3 )  Diamond Merkins, LBC’s, Mike Tyson’s, Imperial walkers (Count right leg)

4)    CDD’s, Dips, Mtn Climbers,  Bobby Hurley’s

wall sits, hip slappers, wall sits, hip slappers, wall sits, hip slappers. Dirty Hookups,

Seuss showed us how the AUS folks climb mtns,

Sargento had to leave for an appt.  Termite was around, but didn’t jump in on any reps today.

Finished it up with various workouts called out by the PAX.





The Power of 3 – Shady Edition

New Q November – I guess that means I’m new at least for 2022, new for those that don’t know the SLIM SHADY like YOU!

Let’s do this…Sets were done in 3s tied to the overall theme of Power of 3

Warm up
Moroccan nightclubs
Burpees 3
Plank Jacks
Burpees 2
Side straddle hops
Burpees 1

Mosey around building 4 corners
Upper body
Shoulder taps
Nolan Ryan
3 burpees

Mosey around to field
Dying cockroach

Legs mosey to the wall
Wall sits
Jump squats
Calf raises
Jump Lunges

Mosey back to beginning
Stretch right leg to right hand etc
Burpees 3
Plank right hand up switch
Burpees 2
Bow toes
Burpees 1


Ended with a mental health moment tied to the workout being in 3s. I spoke about how people these days are trying to do too much and it’s driving many bonkers. A lot of mental experts have found that simplifying your focus to 3 goals, 3 things at a time allows a person to not get overwhelmed. I connected this back to the TRINITY being 3 – father, son, holy spirit (ghost for real country folk)…Be aware of the 3 as you go about your day!!!

What is a W.O.C.?

Pleasantly warm late November morning.

Batflippers left about 15 after to get a couple extra miles in.
Hacksaw was out early for his run too.
Thanks to Chubbs for running with the old fat guy for a few miles this morning.

We had a FNG. After much deliberation, by refusing to name a favorite Disney princess, we learned that he would be going to Ft. Rucker to become a Warrant Officer Candidate (W.O.C. pronounced wock) to learn to fly helicopters for the army.


To all whom shall see these presents, greeting: Know ye that reposing special trust and confidence in the ability of: LOGAN SCHRONCE, I do hereby bestow the F3 name, OTTO-Pilot. (From Airplane).

In case you’re wondering, what is a WOC? Something thrown at a wabbit.

Read Nehemiah 10:28-39 about the vow of the people to obey the Law of God as laid down by Moses.

Don’t let your children intermarry with the pagans. Keep the Sabbath holy. Give your tithes and offerings to not neglect the Temple of our God.

Prayer requests:
Wichita’s new baby
Pillager’s baby on the way
Sister Act’s 2.0
Others not mentioned

F3 Christmas Party

YHC took us out.
Thanks for allowing me to lead.

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