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Feeling Humble and Grateful to workout this morning @PainLab

Yesterday, I went to see Turtleman at CMC Main. He received the green light to be moved to the new Rehabilitation Center next door. That was the first time he had taken a breath of fresh air since his admission in early August. He is still in a battle to recover and it’s a long road ahead. Please continue to pray for he and his family 🙏. A specific prayer would be for his appetite to increase. He has to start eating more to get through this PT. He thanked me for being there several times. Afterword’s, I went home and hugged my daughter and told her about my day. I feel guilty that I get to come home and love on my family. Does that sound crazy?  I wish I could trade a week with him so that he could come home, eat 3 meals a day, sleep in his own bed, love on his wife and kids and regain the strength to take on this battle. He just needs a break, but that’s not an option. Sorry, I’m just overwhelmed with emotions from my visit with him.

I set up a ten foot wide circle of four post cards with a specific exercise at each station. We did each exercise in a rotating order 3x’s. Then we moseyed to the nature trail while riffle carrying our coupons. Dropped them at the bottom of the hill and bear crawled up the hill, did 20 squats and moved over to the benches. There we did 20 triceps dips, then 20 incline merkins. Moseyed back to our coupons and  carried them back to base. Flip the cards over and there were 4 new exercises that we rinsed and repeated 3x’s.

With just a few minutes left, we did Mary for 3 minutes.

Good work men!

I’m looking forward to giving up PainLab next week to the new AO. Be there to fins out who!




Pearls on a String

Great weather, light crowd….go figure. 5 1/2 PAX for a basic workout at the premier AO in the region. Gold Digger brought Nugget and Ooompa was there so we had an age gap from oldest to youngest of 112 years.


YHC took the Q last minute, so the workout was simple. Run a little, then stop for 4 basic exercises – 5 perfect form Merkins, 10 Imperial Walker squats, 15 LBC’s and 20 Seal Jacks. Rinse and repeat until time was up. Somewhere around 15 stops for exercises and around 2 miles total.



1/2 marathon ruck in October

Tuna needs one more runner

Raffle tix for Jackson Hall – see Ball Joint


Pray for: Gold Digger and family (great grandmother passed and grandfather had a stroke), Huck, Turtleman, Jackson Hall, Def Leppard, Freight, Blart’s daughter, Oompa’s co worker’s family


YHC took us out.

I’m Broke

Iron Pax Challenge Wk 3 at The Ricky Bobby

When I arrived at 0520, Roscoe already had blocks set up in the side parking lot between the school and track. We agreed that the blocks and exercises should be in one location. To account for the 0.2-mile track, I suggested running an extra lap at the start of the workout.  At 0525, Kool-Aid arrived. Seeing the blocks laid out, he realized that today was not the day to forget gloves and immediately went back “across the street” to get them.  In the meantime, Defib, Tiger and Tesla showed up as time approached 0530.  We explained the rules (pre-lap, then 5 rounds…).  As the clock struck 0530, Roscoe and I decided that his phone will be the official timer for the event and Kool-Aid was screeching back into the parking lot on 2 wheels.  Thinking on his feet like a true leader, Roscoe calls for the pledge to give Kool-Aid time to get to the starting point, then we all start together.  Well done!

Tiger had his heart set on AC/DC to accompany the grueling block work.  Unfortunately, there was a Q-fail and no music.  Instead, we enjoyed the oscillating hum of industrial-strength “AC” harmonized with random grunts and block noises rather than “DC.”

The workout itself sucked just like it appears on paper.  Beast that he is, Defib led the way (35 minutes, Aye!) and then did extra Blockies to help push me through the final round.  Tesla finished strong at exactly one hour.

All in all, it was a great start to the day.  Thanks to the 5 HIM’s who joined me for this voluntary torture!

– Nutria

Core’n More @ Bulldog

Where’s the humidity! Some of you fartsackers have no excuse now. We start with some basic warm-ups. Throw on some AC/DC radio and get to work.

Set 1: 50 seconds of work/ 10 seconds of rest.

LBC’s, flutters, LBC’s, flutters, American hammers, Big Boys, American hammers. Big Boys

Let’s mosey around the lot while rifle carrying your coupon.

Set 2: 50 seconds of work/ 10 seconds of rest.

Rev-LBC’s, Heals to Heaven, Rev-LBC’s, Heals to Heaven, Freddy Mercury, star crunches, Freddy Mercury, star crunches

Let’s mosey around the lot while rifle carrying your coupon.

Set 3: 50 seconds of work/ 10 seconds of rest.

Squat curl press, lawn mowers, Squat curl press, lawn mowers, Merkins, plank jacks, Merkins, plank jacks

Let’s mosey around the lot while rifle carrying your coupon.

With the 5 minutes left, let’s do Mary.


2ndF Pita Wheel lunch tomorrow @ Gastonia location, Iron packs tomorrow @ Ricky Bobby with very little running, Iron packs Thursday @Fulsom

Prayer Requests:

Elana appendix, Charlie, Turtleman, and Jackson Hall  🙏

Good work men! Thank you for letting me lead in the Gloom



Good turnout this am-disclaimer, warmup then head to the short wall for some step ups then on to the thang at the bank-today it was gonna be Walls of Jericho. I went to the Snowbird Wilderness Outfitter BE STRONG men’s retreat this past weekend. I had heard about it before but finally was able to make it work-highly recommend you try to go. Look it up or as Sparky, Freight, Medicine Woman, and probably a few other Folsom regulars who may have gone or heard about it. We learned about Joshua and part of the discussion covered the story about the walls of Jericho so that was our thang today.

7 exercises with 7 reps each then mosey around the bank X 7 rounds. I tried to help teach the “how to count” thing to Fountainhead but he wasn’t having any of it. He came up with his own method and did just fine. At some point he will likely Q a workout and will survive I am sure.

Here are our 7 exercises: Merkins, Squats, Big Boys, Imperial Walkers, Mountain Climbers, LBCs, then…….(drumroll please)…….Jillian Michaels. The JM’s were a definite crowd pleaser. We got thru it, hit some more step ups, then finished with the COT. Along the way Roscoe entertained us with random info on Jillian Michaels and various appropriate and inappropriate jokes. I tried to give some background on what I learned this weekend about Joshua and suggest you read about Joshua when you have some time. Key words to focus on are obey and courage.

**HONORABLE MENTION: Watt’s Up posted with a bum knee, stayed the whole time and did his own thing in the parking lot at Pelican’s. What a great example-don’t let what you CANNOT do interfere what you CAN do.

thanks for the opportunity to lead-Whoopee



Average Joe’s

It was a good morning at Folsom with the avoidance of a skunk we started out with a basic warm up losing up the shoulders. After the warmup it was time for the best middle school game created. Dodgeball.

We had 10 balls of 5 different colors. If you got “out” you had to perform the exercises to get back into the game.

  • Red Ball – 10 Merkins
  • Blue Ball – 50 LBC’s
  • Purple Ball – 50 Calve Raisers
  • Yellow ball – 10 Hand Release Merkins
  • Green Ball – 5 Burpees

Gearwrench was out of the gate with clever throws and insane acrobats. The HIM sacrificed his body out there. The clear MVP.

Stogie had his moment getting Gearwrench with the Burpee ball when he wasn’t looking. Gearwrench looked like Tommy from the Karate Kid when that ball from Stogie hit him.

Rob Garrison (Tommy From The Karate Kid) by Reliving My Youth | Free ...

The wise Oompa Loompa stood close to the net hiding in plain sight and getting people out left and right. We learned the Westside had no clue of the rules of dodgeball. He would slap the ball away with his hand not realizing he was out. He got the hang of it has time went on.

At halftime, we did a round Iron hulks counting up to 10 merkins. There was a nice burn in the shoulders now.

Back to the second half, Pony Boy was getting frustrated as although YHC is fat and slow, YHC does have hands.  The second half was much slower than the first. The quantity of exercises began to set in.  The burpee ball was the devil.

Once time was up, we fellowshipped back to the flag for COT and pledge.

Prayer Request

  • Hall Family
  • Huck
  • Turtleman
  • Norwood
  • Unspoken Request


Big Pappy





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