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5 at Coconut Horse (QSource – “Sua Sponte”)

3 ran, 2 Rucked

Socratics and Spurs

We also discussed:

  • How F3-Gastonia can and might drive an increased level of Sua Sponte across more PAX
  • How F3-Gastonia might increase the # of PAX who receive and internalize the QSource message and leadership development, to further F3’s mission:
    • Mission:  ” to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.”




Christmastown 5k
Blood drive, Nov 10
Extinction Run
40-day Challenge

Prayer requests
Roscoe’s father-in-law health
Stroganoff’s friend recovery


Stroganoff took us out


Thank for the opportunity to lead, and for the high level of engagement in the QSource discussion.

—Bubba Sparxxx

6-Packs in the Making at Tequila Sunrise

It was about the right time for an Ab-focused workout, so the 10 of us did just that.


  • Alarm Clocks w/ Jump
  • Yoga Cobra Ab Stretch
  • Yoga Hamstring/Glute Stretch
  • Burpees


  • Circle up on the basketball court for the following AMRAP routine:
    • 20 LBCs
    • 20 Freddie Mercs
    • 20 High Crunches
    • 10 Reverse Crunches
    • 10 Pulse-Ups
    • 10 Infinity Circles /  Flutter Kicks / Windshield Wipers
    • 10 Side Elbow-Plank Rotations  /  Nolan Ryans
    • 10 Side Bridges on Elbows
    • 10 Body Saw (Elbow-Plank position)
    • Mosey one Lap on the track, stopping for exercises, IC:   10 Merkins at 100m mark, 10 Burpees @ 200m mark, 20 Squats @ 300m mark
  • Repeat the above set
  • We made it three times through this routine (due to time, we skipped the last track run, but still did the Merkins, Burpees, and Squats) and then it was:
  • Time!



  • Pledge


  • Announcements
    • Extinction Run – Nov 6
    • Christmastown 5k
    • Red Cross Blood Drive for F3, Family, and Friends at South Point United Methodist Church,   November 10th
    • Two VQ’s coming up a the at Yank in October –  Rebar and Gator
    • 2ndF event at Primal


  • Prayer Requests
    • Bourbon Chasers
    • Elbows  (from the asphalt-grinding that was inflicted upon them this morning)
    • Nation for unity
    • PAX on IR
    • PAX looking for jobs  (YHC included!)
    • Nutria’s family – traveling (and prayers for Nutria himself, who will be handling 5 of his kids on his own.)


  • Name-O-Rama
  • Prayer



Thanks for the opportunity to lead !

—-Bubba Sparxxx


It Takes Two, It Takes Two

I am lovin this weather. Fall is the time to get your ars outta bed and make it happen. Welcome back Stroganoff, first Q @Gashouse in a while.
We split and everyone goes his way, but me and Castle Rock. Well, it only takes two, lets do this.

Warm ups with Squats, Imperial Walkers, Arm Circles and Overhead press, playin some ole’ 80’s Hip Hop, lol. You gotta switch it up once in a while.

Set 1 50/10 sec: BURPEES, Incline pushups, Triceps dips, Bear crawl over steps, Lung walk next set R&R

Next: Pick up bricks and mosey towards trail, Overhead press while walking to bridge. Now Bear crawl with bricks in hand up hill. Leave bricks and head to benches. 40 Step ups and 20 crunches. Pick up bricks and arm curl to bridge, then Overhead press to top of hill. Now butterfly bricks til we get back to our circle. 

Set 3 50/10 sec: Reverse crunches, Flutter kicks, Baby makers, Box cutters, American hammers, Peter Parkers R&R.


This Workout Brought to you by Summer’s Eve

It’s been a while since YHC Q’d a bootcamp…..8 months approximately.  Lots of different reasons.  Mostly due to injuries and SV.

Anyway, let’s get on with it.

I was awake so I headed on to the Schiele to see who was there around 6:15 am…..no one.  I got some rucking in before the main workout.

Good crowd showed today compared to recent weeks and months….more for the Bootcamp than PainLab which is really a change.

Short warm up of SSH’s and Imperial Walkers before 7 of us Bootcampers took off toward Grier Middle School.

The Thang

Grier main parking lot for some lunge walk – merkins.  Lunge across parking lot – 10 merkins and back to start; rinse-repeat 5 times.

Mumblechatter was most excellent already at this point and continued throughout the workout.

Moseyed to the steps behind First Presbyterian for some partner work – Dora Amrap or something close.

Partner 1 runs/moseys to top of steps to perform 5 squats and returns while Partner 2 performs an amrap exercise.

3 sets of each – LBC’s – Merkins – Flutter Kicks

Mosey the long way back toward the track at Grier but slight detour to run the chalk track that Roscoe had made for the youth a few days ago.  It was terrific.

Finally arrived at Grier’s track for a quick Run/Mosey – Nur lap followed by a round of Wolfpack Grinder (No way could I have an 8 month Kotter Q without the Wolfpack Grinder)

10 Squats IC – run half lap – 20 merkins (or however many I could do) – 10 Low Slow squats IC – Run half lap  – 30 Flutter Kicks (that’s one round)

Another round completed before finishing the track work with a 90 second plank.

Sometime during the Wolfpack Grinder we were reminded why we love LInus so much with his “Random” mumblechatter.  We love you brother!!

Back to the Schiele for some Mary that included Big Boy Sit Ups, Windshield Wipers, Freddy Mercury’s and Dying Cockroaches before the bells rang.

Announcements:  Extinction Run on Nov 6th; Blood drive on Nov 10th

Several prayers and finished with the COT prayer and pledge.

The Moleskin

It’s feels like along 8 months since my last bootcamp Q and it has been.  However, I have received a lot of support from the Gastonia PAX over this time as I have worked my way back.  There is no way I would have been motivated to get back to exercising without the pull of the 1st F and 2nd F.

I am grateful.

Until the next one.




P.S:  Thanks to Bedpan for the help in naming this backblast

10/14/21 Touchdown Beatdown at The Goat

The weather was perfect this morning for a fall football beatdown.  Twelve HIM jumped out of the rack and made their way to The Goat for a little pigskin fun.  Chatter was quiet this morning so at 5:30 the disclaimer was announced and we were off.

Warm up

15 Side Straddle Hops  (IC)

15 Toy Soldiers (IC)

15 Morrocan Night Clubs (IC)

15 Mountain Climbers (IC)

Mosey around the block to the upper lot for a birds eye view of our football field marked off down the back alley behind Mayworth’s.

A brief explanation of the field, yardage markers and exercises and the team was ready to take the field.  It might have been dark out there this morning but I think this crew could give the Panthers a run for their money!

Huddle up and BREAK!

Bear Crawl from the end zone to the 10 yard marker.  10 CDDs

Run to 20 yard marker for 20 Squats

Run to the 30 yard marker for 30 Merkins

Run to the 40 yard marker for 40 Lunges

Run to the 50 yard line for 50 LBC

Run to the 40 yard marker for 40 Lunges

Run to the 30 yard marker for 30 Merkins

Run to 20 yard marker for 20 Squats

Run to the 10 yard marker for 10 CDDS and bear crawl into the end zone.

Rinse and repeat for 30 minutes.

No quit in this team.  Everyone pushed on through the fourth quarter.

With five minutes to spare we moseyed back to the start for a rapid fire Mary presented by the Pax.



Extinction Run 11/6 – Sign up in preblast or hit up BOS.

Blood Drive 11/10 – sign up link in slack or hit up Bubba Sparxxx.



PAX and family members traveling. Bourbon Chasers for safe run and travel. The Country. PAX job hunting, our Ms & 2.0s.

YHC closed out the morning in prayer.

Great teamwork today!  It was a pleasure to lead!

They’re NOT Wall Taps if You Don’t Pick Up Your Feet Haze!

Running behind on this BB so here’s what I remember…

Five PAX showed up for some werk…  Standard disclaimer, no FNGs.

The warm up:  IC / 20 SSH / 1 Burpee / 15 Gravel Pickers / 1 Burpee / 10 Imperial Walkers / 1 Burpee / 5 Bonnie Blair’s / 1 Burpee

Move to fence:

OYO 10 leg sweeps both directions

The Thang:

Mosey to middle big


soccer field:

11s Dips / Merkins cross field

Mosey to K9 Hill:

3x Nickel = LBCs (bottom) / calf raises

Mosey to Turd Shack:

IC 3x / Dirty Hook Ups / American Hammers / Wall Taps (I was reminded quickly that you have to pick up your feet for it to be a wall tap!) / Bear Crawl around shack

Back to Flag:

1 Round of Mary

Pledge / COT:  Watch for final needs for service project, Extinction run 11/6, Christmas party 12/11, Christmas Town 5K

Prayers: Bourbon Chasers/10 Year/Half Marathon travelers, Huck’s Mom, Unspoken

Def Leppard prayed us out

As always, it was a pleasure and honor to lead.  Thanks for the opportunity. Excuse me, while I kiss the sky!  PH

10-6-21 TRB

Ten PAX showed up at the Ricky Bobby to sweep up gravel in the back parking lot of New Hope Elementary School on Oct 6th.   One PAX would run to the area to clean and take 5 strokes with the push broome.  The next PAX in line would lead the group in an exercise of their choice until the first PAX returned.  It took longer than expected but we got the job done.  Thanks to all who helped.

Pleadge – Thanks for reminding me Tesla.



Ooh that smell

Great morning and strong work from the pax.

Warm UP, Mosey around did some merkins. then we moseyed to the main stage and seen a very large skunk! Tail up and ready to spray!

I yelled Omaha! we went in another direction.
We worked triceps on the ground then on to the tennis courts.

We worked glutes, shoulders, chest, legs.

Show to know!

Extension run is coming up.

Prayer request: each other, several men who have loved ones in the hospital or battling a sickenss.

The Bed Pan is Full!

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