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Day: May 26, 2022

Who didn’t prepare?

Some folks believe that if you do a certain type of workout then you didn’t prepare. I disagree. This is what happened…

A dozen HIM decided to get better this morning and after a short disclaimer, we warmed up with a mosey to the front of the school. To our surprise, some crazy students blew up a bunch of balloons and filled up a soccer goal with them in front of the school doors. Hilarious!

The Thang – Four Corners Deck of Death

Yep, when YHC pulled the deck out, some smarty pants suggested that there wasn’t any preparation for todays workout. Hardly! The first card was pulled and we did whatever it said to do (+10 reps if it was a number card) but left behind about 1/4 of the deck. Next, we sprinted down the sidewalk to the next corner and YHC pulled another card. Same thing, do the exercise, leave 1/4 of the deck behind. Sprint to the next corner, pull a card, do the exercise and leave 1/4 of the deck behind. Sprint to the last corner and do what the card says. Sprint to the start and swap the next card puller. Do a rotation of that PAX pulling cards all the way back to the start. Switch pullers, do it again. And again. And again. And again.

Time was running short so we headed back home to the start. We started a round of Bring Sally Up until time ran out and that was that. Thanks for the opportunity to lead men!

Announcements: Memorial Day Murph, PT Test June 18th

Prayer Requests: Turtleman, Huck, Tesla, Kids finishing school exams



Rolled into Crossroads and found a lone PAX getting ready to launch.  Balljoint rolled in next gettin a little EC in, then another, then another and pretty soon we topped out at five.  Off we went and back again at 7:15 but one PAX shy.  Seems Bed Pan decided his allergy driven snot would make for some good running fuel but his stomach did not concur! 🙁  We wrapped it up with the COT and then inside for QSource on LDP.

Annoucements:  F3 Dad’s needs Qs contact Mayor if interested / Memorial Day Murph

Prayers:  Mayor’s same two (? sorry Mayor) / Turtleman / All the PAX having babies / James Goudelock / Freight’s Dad / Purple Haze Sister-in-law oral cancer

We ran



We came, we saw, we ran to Pelicans and back.


Prayer Request


I took us out in Prayer

Thank you for the opportunity to lead.  I need this Q.  I haven’t posted since Saturday, so this should get me back on track.  SYITG

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