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  • When: 03/28/2019
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  • QIC: Huckleberry
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  • PAX: Gumby, Ratchet, Delilah, Volt, Medicine Woman, Lion King

7 at Folsom this morning.

Warmup: SSH, Toy Soldiers and Moroccan Nightclubs


Mosey to the tennis courts.

AMRAP exercises for two minutes with a break and/or and lap in between.

Back at the start for some mary.


Announcements: Convergence this Saturday, Mt. Mitchell hike on 05/05, Community Foundation run on April 13th, Keep Pounding 5k on June 1st (get with Ratchet.  He has a team signed up in honor of his son, Action Jackson).


Prayer requests: each other, Big Pappy and his family.

BOM: YHC took us out in prayer.

Men – this was not my best offering, and I apologize.  It looked ok on paper, but in actuality, this workout sucked.  Not the good kind of suck, just two levels below JV sucking.

Philippians 4:13