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Day: March 16, 2019

The Tyson Challenge

It’s been a rough month personally, with health just sucking.  I wanted Painlab two weeks ago to screw with Whoopee, who I knew I’d  have to step the game up to compete with on Q level, but Montross had it.  I got gassed during that workout, Montross brought it.  I got gassed bad.  Worst ever.  So another 2 weeks of recoup and now let’s start the road back to my standard.  Still too skinny….

I also enjoyed screwing with Shortsale on Slack as he and Whoopee are a lot alike in terms of diligence of Q’ing.  Fun fact: if you piss Shortsale off he responds quickly with a “to hell with it, I’ll kill you” style.  I love it.  I called for Boxing workout earlier in the week as Boxing is the best mix of cardio and muscle building.  While travelling this week I remember reading about the Mike Tyson workout….check this out:  5 mile run, 2000 crunches, 500 push-ups, 500 dips, 500 shrugs, 500 neck bridges…..BEFORE HE STARTED HIS WORKOUTS OF THE DAY.  Let’s rock:

Boxing quick lesson: jab, straight, hook and uppercut.  Flapping your arm is not a punch.  Conviction, and off-hand defense.  Boxing is the sport of kings, I mean, scramble a man’s brains and now you’re talking.

Warm-up:  SSH, Squats, MNC, IW, Merkins, LBC.

Follow the leader: using the steps, follow me:  level 1 is bear crawl, level 2 is lunge, level 3 is crab walk, level 4 is karyoka one way, level 5 is karyoka another way.  Plank for 6.  Warm-up is over.

Tyson Challenge:  easy stuff.  I set a timer for 15 minutes.  15 minutes of PLAY-TIME (shout out to Macho Man Randy Savage).  First level is 20 Squats.  To move to level 2 you owe me 5 burpees.  Level 2 is 20 Merkins.  To move to level 3 you owe me 4 burpees.  Level 3 is 20 Dips.  To move to Level 4 you owe me 3 burpees.  Level 4 is 20 LBC’s.  To move to level 5 you owe me 2 burpees.  Level 5 is neck bridges.  To move to level 5 you owe me 1 burpee.

Repeat.  I put a piece of chalk out and you mark a tally when you complete that circuit.  No rest, just grind.  We had 7 guys, and 21 tally marks, so we caught a lot of guys half-way through the last set.  Hats off to Defib who led the pack after running 8 miles EC.  Tough.

Tyson Circuit:  I played around a bit here, but 1 minute per station, and we had:

Decline Diamond Merkin (yes, this is a thing.  I love it).

Kettlebell Swings (thanks HIPAA)

Wall Squats

Heavy Bag work (I taped a mattress to a pole and let folks tee off.  I miss my heavy bag).



Rope unders (stretched a rope between some chairs, move under each side while throwing an uppercut each side….remember Rocky 4?)

Muscle Work:  Curls to overhead presses and/or tri-cep extension.  3 sets, roughly 10-15 reps of each per set.  Wax-On (FNG) has got some game, watch-out.

Shadow-Box:  same old routine, I call it and you do it.  2- 3 rounds.  Calling this out while doing it is just dreadful, and it’s just what the doctor ordered to get my arse back in good shape.

Mary:  VooDoo carried the torch, along with Watts-Up, and others.  The rest of the Bootcampers join, freaking HIPAA pulls out an exercise I’d like to make love to, TIME.

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  P200 driver needed, I think Broke took it later today.  Monk is leaving us this Summer!  What a bummer.  Not sure I can think of a more foundational lodestone to F3 Gastonia than Monk.  This is like one of our lungs leaving.  Very sad to learn, but so happy for him.   Convergence in 2 weeks at Folsom, Painlab will be there.  Also, Linus and I have been speaking….Gashouse Bootcamp needs number.  It is the premier recruiting event for F3 Gastonia.  First F3 ever we had 35 guys.  It’s a hard thing to figure out, because FNG’s will want to hide sometimes amongst the crew, and also be inspired by the number.  GET THE ATTENDANCE UP.

FNG- Welcome Wax-On.  Great work sir.  VooDoo – get him on the Twitter.

Prayers and Cares:  Honey-do (sp?) was on my mind a lot as he suffered a lot of losses, but still got out there and grinded out Painlab.  Hats off to you sir.  Takes a real HIM to get out here and do this, I hope you found some clarity and fun mixing it up.  Damn tough.  We had other health concerns, I apologize for not recording in more detail.   Just say a prayer to God for the prayers that took place at 8:10 at the Schiele Museum in Gastonia today, and I think God knows what we all are aksing 😉

MOLESKIN – ah, not much here, I love watching Shortsale get mad because he gets physical.  What a great dude, and if you haven’t read his half-marathon backblast do so.  I hope he’s in consideration for Nantan someday.  Roscoe, Stroganoff, Quiche, Defib and VooDoo did EC.  That is so tough, some of them did 8 freaking miles.  Just tremendous, and all of them are as strong of leaders as they are committed to physical excellence.

Painlab is just the best though.  Music, great guys, pumping iron, reminds me of old football locker-rooms and boxing gyms.  Watching HIPAA take lead and be as commensurate with his physical improvement is just the tops. Always an honor to Q, be real y’all.




Road Kill

3 of Gastonia’s finest assembled for another helping of Diablo Sammich. We were in a hurry, so we started with the pledge then took off like…..well we got out of there on time and started to ruck. All had packs and the fellowship was epic. Every 3 minutes we did an exercise ranging from squats, Merkins, low slow squats, upright rows, flutter kicks, overhead presses, and a new exercise we made up on the fly called ROAD KILL. This is a GasHouse original as far as I can tell. Basically it is similar to a burpee but slower. The exercise starts in the standing position with ruck on, pax drop to the ground like a dead animal (choose your own position, preferably on the side and not in the middle of the road), then get back up. We went up Gastone’s hill, out to Union, back up Gastone’s hill again, then back to start for a quick round of exercises to finish up on time.

I have heard some chatter about more ruckers planning to come out after P200-looking forward to that. We’ve got a good solid group coming out here and would love to see it grow. It’s a great leg burn that can involve upper body as much or as little as the Q wants. I will have some 6-8 foot telephone poles out there for fun sometime soon.


Four Corners

As the clock approached 7am we had a Gold Digger and a Tiger sighting as they ran by us…  Breaker Breaker was out running too, but he stayed with us to join the workout.


Side Straddle Hops, 20 IC
Don Quixotes, 15 IC
Cotton Pickers, 15 IC
Planking and stretching

The Thang

mosey to the parking lot behind Sammy’s

the four corners of the parking lot were marked with the following exercises

merkins, American hammers, Bobby Hurleys, big boy sit ups

Pax were divided into two groups and went to opposite corners, do 5 reps of marked exercise, run to next corner – 10 reps, next corner – 15 reps, next – 20… then run diagonally and start again doing 5-10-15-20…  keep doing this for four rounds, at then end you have done 50 reps of each exercise.  Second round, new exercises

shoulder taps, Freddie Mercurys, squats, LBCs


mosey to the bottom of the Hawthorne Hill for some Dora

while one partner does exercise the other runs up the hill to third lamp post, does five reps of current exercise and returns

100 mountain  climbers, 200 LBCs, 300 squats


mosey up to the Corner of Knowledge for 11s

Dips (1-10), Derkins (10-1)

Omaha as time was getting close, mosey back to the Yank

had two minutes left so did monkey humpers and squats

last minute disclaimer… DOH!

Pledge of Allegiance


March 30th :  Convergence, Folsom
April 13 :  Speed for Need – Community Foundation Run
May 5th :  Hike up Mt. Mitchell

Prayer Requests

Breaker Breaker :  praise – mother had successful surgery on little finger, continued recovery
Tesla : son driving back to Mississippi on Sunday
Anchorman :  read a Thank You note from his mother-in-law


Ended with COT

Corn Hole at The Goat

It was a great morning at The Goat… just a slight chill in the air… 5:30am hits and it is time to start!

Disclaimer given…


Side Straddle Hops, 20 IC
Imperial Walkers, 15 IC
Moroccan Nightclubs, 20 IC
Cotton Pickers, 15 IC

Pledge of Allegiance

The Thang

mosey to the bridge taking the long way around
crab walk across the bridge

fellowship mosey over to the park
point out the small picnic shelter – will be used for abyss merkins
go to the cornhole area
two pax run the path around the park, do five abyss merkins at the picnic shelter, while pax run the rest alternate between

inclined sit ups on cornhole platforms*
shoulder taps

*bit of a Q fail as doing inclined sit ups on the cornhole platforms was a bit of a challenge if you didn’t hook your feet in the opening at the back


after all the pax had made a lap, let’s mosey to the far parking lot
bear walk across the bridge

dirty 11’s –  courtesy of Roadie

American Hammers 1-10 (four count sets)
Merkins 10-1
the “dirty” part… do a burpee at midpoint of run


mosey back to the flag taking the long way back up the hill and around the back of the buildings


March 30th :  Convergence, Folsom
May 5th :  Hike up Mt. Mitchell

Prayer Requests

Breaker Breaker :  mother having surgery on little finger
Top Hat :  reminder to pray for and reach out to those we haven’t seen in a while
Get a Grip :  co-worker who took son to ER for asthma issues


Ended with COT

Ratchet VQ w/huck co Q

V day for me and man what a turn out! 27 rock pushers showed  up, which is greatly appreciated!

Started with disclaimer and a lil stretchy warm up!

10 Don Qs.   10 daisy pickers  10 toy soldiers  all in cadence

Up to the tennis courts, partner up!

partner 1 on the line for merkins x20 and squats x20

partner 2 mosey to far end court #6 for 10 crunches bear crawl to next court for 20 American hammers bear crawl next court 30 big boy sit ups bear crawl next  40 flutter kick beat crawl next court 50 lbcs bear crawl last court 60 imperial walkers. Then partner 1 takes off to court six and follow same sets back

Next back on the line partner 1 ssh

partner 2 mosey to far court for 10 burpees mosey back to partner 1 and he goes to far court for 10 burpees. We keep that up every other court till everyone is back to the line. And I must say it got a lot quieter during that set!

Then circle up tight as we can for 27 men and we mtn climb to the song ghostbusters with a merkin every time they say “I ain’t afraid of no ghost” and a burpee everytime they say “ghostbusters”

Hand off to huck and we circle up for wave merkins

Then a lil overloaded version of frisbee rules football which I’m pretty sure nobody knew who’s team they were on!

Back to the flag for 10 minutes of Mary

Pledge followed by announcements and prayer requests

named a fng and finish with cot

P200 Training

I reached out to Linus a few weeks ago to secure the Q for this weekend. It was the Saturday following my half marathon and ahead of the P200. I’ve missed being with the guys for Saturday bootcamps as that was my long training run for the past 8 weeks so here was an opportunity. As the Q, I could control the workout – well, attempt to control is more like it. I was transparent on my pre-tweet via twitter and slack, even offering the white flag of “no burpees.” Well that seemed to get in the crawl of a few who should remain nameless. Maybe they were irked over the historic ACC Tournament Semi-Final game and their team’s performance – hard to say. But the bear was poked and I revised my weinke a bit. With a few minutes before 7 am, the circle began to form and Sister Act surprisingly was not present. Hmm, the one that questioned my workout failed to show. One can only assume he’s currently in a high school auditorium in a small city suffering through15 hours of dance competition with loud women screaming “you go Britini…” (and that is with an “i” on the end – just to be different). Let’s get back to the men actually brave enough to post and accept the challenge. We had an FNG among us – welcome to Jonathan Baines – forever known among F3 as “Wax On.” I gave a high level disclaimer, we recited the Pledge and got into the warm-up.

The script changed a bit with Sister Act but I still felt a bit punchy so…

  • 5 Burpees OYO
  • Squat Merkins – the groans indicated this was enjoyable, especially when I said to hold for a count on the down part
  • Side to Side Lunge – HIPAA jumps in with some drivel about cadence, so I went to a silent count – amazing most still followed

With the chatter beginning and Whoopee needing to leave for AAU basketball – I followed his often lead to be tired of my own warm-up. See you guys – we’re going to run – 7 men followed me out of the parking lot, up Garrison to Grier Track. Other than Gold Digger, I’d say most of us that run probably could use some stretching before getting started to really get loose. I’m not talking about the running nerds that go on a 2 mile warm-up jog, but enough to get loose. Most of us begin with the static stretching – the basic right over left, left over right, pull your leg back on both sides for your hamstring, maybe push against the wall and then take off. Static stretching is worth considering if you haven’t tried it. On the track we began

Walking Toy Soldiers, wide leg swings, walking lunges, high knee pulls, side leg swings, ground sweeps, high knees, butt kickers, karaoke right, then left, and we finished the lap with a 200 m NUR. Lap 2 was a light jog; Laps 3 & 4 were 30 second intervals – begin with speed (400m pace) then recover for 30 seconds with a light jog or walk (you vs. you – modify as needed). With the trip up, we were at 1.5 miles at this point. Fellowship mosey to the Grier Gym.

Next up was a little more than a 2 mile run. Because we had various paces I needed to challenge the faster guys so with that – anyone that gets ahead of the pack by a decent margin (~50 yards or more) must turn around and run to the back of the line – a reverse Indian Run. This kept us together for most of the run with good conversation and fellowship. With 22 minutes to go, I had one other thing planned and shortened it a bit. We arrived at Marilyn Ave, a short incline of 0.07. The GPS indicated the elevation was 15 or so feet but it looked more. We did the Triple Nickel with 5 merkins at the top and 5 lbc’s at the bottom. We then covered the final mile back to base.

COT – Rudolph covered announcements and prayer requests – see his BB for that info. I will highlight the upcoming Convergence at Folsom 3/30 at 0700. Dark Helmet will make a guest appearance. Rudolph challenged to bring an FNG or a Kotter to that workout.

Moleskin – I’ve been working on this one for a while and wanted to try it. Many times these ideas appear to be good but difficult to execute. This actually turned out close to what I’d hoped to achieve. I’d set a goal for 4 miles on the run and ended up at 5 which is a testament to the PAX that followed along and their willingness to accept the challenge. Quiche did his standard amount of complaining – not enough upper body work – meaning he has to do extra credit at home today. Surprisingly he didn’t have an emergency and stayed the entire workout. Monk was steady and strong. Moses has been training not only for the P200 but a Half Marathon he’s running in Charlotte on 3/30 – he’s ready to beast both. Time Frame had new HOKA’s on – I believe he’s caught the fever. Linus pushed his rock once again – all that EC running is paying off. Fresh off an 8 mile EC run Stroganoff and Roscoe accepted the challenge though they noted a few ibuprohen and Epsom salt bath to get ahead of the soreness. For the rest of the P200’er’s and other PAX – you missed on the fun. Hopefully another time soon.

Short Sale


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