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Day: March 7, 2019


Diablo Sammich is probably one of my favorite places to visit. I feel like there is such a great opportunity for the 2nd F of F3.   I think this is in part because I am not sucking wind like I do at other workouts and can actually speak.   So after the last meeting at the Sammich, Gastone asked for a Q, and I gladly volunteered.



SSH x 10 IC (with packs…lol)

Let’s roll…

We did a little mosey to Gastone’s hill and did number of squats, merkins and LBCs/ flutter kicks as we NURed to the top.  We then left and did some wall squats at food lion and then again at Harris teeter. These were super fun as our quads were on fire by that point. On the way back we had a few minutes and HIPAA and WattsUp told me what they sometimes do on the short wall on the way back so we did some step ups and some dips.  Made it back to snowballs and did some Mary to finish up.  Great work men.  It was a pleasure leading y’all today.

Annoucements- Mt Mitchell and Convergence

Prayer Requests- WattsUp’s son as he is undergoing some neurological testing.

YHC took us out…







Runner’s High

So the temps were low but the spirits were high as 9 men showed up for what was to be an epic morning run.

JJ placed the American Flag at about 0528 as the remaining PAX assembled beside the numerous Ford trucks in the lot.

At 0529 the Q took over and announced the route.  Gaston Day School Road, left on that road before New Hope (right after the row of Arborvitaes), right on Lee, left on New Hope, Right on Armstrong Park Drive, right on Armstrong Park Road which turns into Gaston Day School Road again.

We started at 0530 with a brisk pace.  YHC had the holeshot at the start but Diva, Gastone, Sister Act, and Monk put an end to that and started the breakaway.

Monk was being chased by YHC and Stroganoff.  At Armstrong Park Drive and New Hope there was someone waking and baking in their car and it took about 100 yards to get the putrid stench out of the air. (Where is Defib’s great smelling laundered clothes when you need them?)  Stroganoff was tired of running slow and passed YHC and Monk.

Clavin was pushing the rock and styling in his custom USPS running vest.

When we got back to start, Sister Act was already changed and ready for work.  When everyone returned we finished up with the Pledge, announcements, and prayer requests and the flock of men gave great praise to the Q for coming up with such an original route to run.

Announcements:  Gashouse Convergeance/4 year Anniversary at Folsom March 30th.
Mount Mitchell Hike in May (Gastone QIC)

Community Foundation Run April 13th

Prayer Requests:  Blades and Stones, each other (the PAX)

Always a pleasure.  Keep getting in that P200 training!


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