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Day: March 29, 2019

Keepin’ It Real

We kept it real. We kept it simple. We kept it real simple. We ran.

But first, we said The Pledge.

Then we ran to Snoball’s and back.

Sister Act outpaced YHC so bad that by the time I got back, he’d already jumped into the phone booth and changed into his customary COT polo. Somebody has to bring some class to this joint.

Convergence at Folsom 3/30
2nd F at Old Dallas Brewery
3rd F 4/12
Community Foundation Run 4/13
Sparky’s M’s school’s 5k 5/5 (Friday evening)

Prayer Requests
Defib’s son
Gastone’s father

Close in Prayer

Until next time…

Return of Hamburger Hill

13 men showed at the premier evening AO Midoriyama.  I encourage all pax to venture over to Midoriyama if you’ve never been.  It has lots of different terrain options, and today we would visit some of the more challenging ones.  The forecast looked great, so I had no choice but to deliver a knockout punch of a workout.


10 Burpees OYO, anything else is pointless

The Thang:

Oompa was having some knee issues and took off with his pack for a Ruck.  Good work Oompa. The rest of us took off on a mosey from the flag to the back left of Midoriyama, down the paved hill path that leads to the fishing pier.  This is a good smooth steep hill, with plenty of beatdown options.  We stopped at the middle of the hill.  Here we partnered up , and would do a partner triple nickelish type workout.   Start with 10 Booyah Merkins in the middle.  Then each partner runs opposite directions, one to top of hill and one to the bottom at pier.  Each will then do 5 Burpees, and return to middle.  This completes one set.  Continue this for 5 sets, with the partners alternating which direction you run after each set.  This hill combined with the called exercises is pretty brutal.  Good work on this men. After the completion of this, time to mosey to our next destination.

Mosey down the gravel road, which leads to the dam at the backside of the pond. Here is where you find Hamburger Hill.  This hill on the backside of the dam  is very steep.  It’s been awhile since we’ve used it, and we might as well conquer both hills in one workout today.  Keep your same partner and next excercise is Dora 123 on the hill.  Three excercises called were 50 Jump Lunges, 75 Imperial Walker Squats, 100 Bobby Hurley.  While P1 does excercise, P2 runs to bottom of hill and back up.  Then P2 does excercise, and P1 runs to bottom of hill and back up.  Continue this until the reps are reached for the 3 excercises.  This was awful.  This one looked good on paper, but was absolutely brutal on the legs.  I did make the call, that once the first two pax finished we would recover and move on.

Trying to recover from Hamburger Hill, we made a short fellowship mosey over to the two short concrete walls on top of dam.  Here I called 4 different excercises.  10 Dips (IC), 10 Derkin N Diayes, 10 Donkey Kicks, 10 Diamond Merkins.  We did two sets of the 4 excercises.

Next we mosey back up gravel road stopping once we reached the parking lot.  Still trying to recover a little, we did some quick ab work.  We did 25 LBCs (IC), 25 Flutter Kicks (IC),  25 American Hammers (IC),  25 Big Boys oyo.  We did one set of this but with no rest in between exercises.

Next start our mosey back towards the flag.  However we stopped at 4 Iight poles along the way for 5 Burpees at each one for a total of 20 Burpees in our home stretch mosey.  Finish back up at the flag where Oompa called 22 Merkinsfor the Vets.  Time!!

Announcements: Convergence 3/30 Folsom 7:00, 2nd F ODB on 3/30, 3rd F Event 4/12, Community Foundation Run 4/13, Mt. Mitchell Hike 5/5

Prayer Request


Honor to lead today men.  We couldn’t have asked for a better day at Midoriyama.  Today I wanted to provide the pax with something to really push themselves.  Something that is hard, and makes us all push to be better.  Great job by all today.  You men are awesome, and II can’ wait for the next opportunity to bring it.

Sister Act

27 of 52

9 at Downtown this morning for some card work.


Warm up:

SSHx15, Mtn Climber x 15, Merkin x 10, Flutter Kicks x 15, and 5 burpees

Mosey, the long way, to the parking deck and up to the second floor to reveal a crisp new F3 workout deck.  Each Pax pulls a card and the group completes the exercise listed

Round 1: 20 Alternating squats, 20 smurf jack, 100 calf raise, 20 shoulder taps, 17 LIL Baby Crunch, sprint 300 M, 18 Lunge, 90 sec High Plank, 20 Freddie Mercury

Run to top of parking deck (up ramps) and back down the stairs to 2nd level

Round 2: 15 Lunge, 20 merkins, 20 American Hammer, 18 Merkin, 17 Derkin, 19 Ranger Merkin, 100 Flutter Kick, 20 Incline Merkin, 12 WWII situp,

Run the stairs twice

Round 3: 20 Monkey Humper, 20 squat, 16 Jumping Lunge, 13 High slow flutter kick, 14 heels to Heaven, 20 Dips, 20 Diamond Merkin, Lunge walk 100M,19 low slow squat

Hear a train 5 burpees

Mosey the long way back to the start but about half way i hear a train (may have been the same one who knows) 5 more burpees.  Arrive at start at 6:15

Announcements: Convergence tomorrow at Folsom-7 am , Community Foundation Run – April 13, Mt. Mitchell – May 5

Prayer request: Bedpan, Big Pappy & Family, Gastone’s father, and my son Peyton

Guys please realize the Impact you have on the men around you at each AO.  You never know what the guy next to you is going through and the help he receives from the men around him during a workout-speaking from experience over the last 6 months with the trails i have faced with in my family.  Thanks for all the prayers that have been sent up for me and my family, especially my son Peyton!

Thanks for allowing me to lead this morning!  See you ALL tomorrow at Folsom

Until next time,

Easy Rider


A GD Good Time

Started with a bunch of SSH to warmup and then a few burpees because it is a GD workout after all…

Then we played ultimate frisbee for about 40 minutes, which to me is probably the ultimate sprint workout. Quite a few people (including YHC) got beat up pretty bad, some people kept playing, others didn’t… jk, always modify as necessary.

Announcements: Convergence 3/30, 2nd F that evening all in Dallas, SFN downtown 5K 4/13, Mt. Mitchell climb 5/5.

Prayer Requests: People battling addictions.

Always a pleasure. Until next time,

Gold Digger

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