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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

When YHC rolled in, SA and Seuss took off for some EC.  Soon there after Roundup, Hacksaw, Gomer, Ball Joint and Sparky arrived to head into the gloom for their 9 – 15 miles.  There was also a Pizzaman and Sarlaac sighting along the way.  Lots of HIMs getting out early to put in some work.

Speaking of work, 0630 arrives not to much later with a good group gathered.

No FNGs, so an abbreviated disclaimer followed by The Pledge of Allegiance.


SSH, Arm Circles, IW, Planking, Merkins and some stretching.

Whoopee and Sarlaac head into the gloom wearing their purses, while the rest of us head to the flag pole, stopping at each light to do 25 flutters (count 1-leg).

Now we are all warmed-up, let head to the arena for the some work.

Admittedly, this is something ShortSale did at SandLot and it sucked there.  YHC thought the Folsom crew should get their own taste of it.

5 exercises, 25 reps each for 4 rounds. After each circuit is complete, run around the concession stand.

Round 1:

  • Hand Release Merkins
  • Squats
  • Dips
  • Plank Jacks
  • LBCs
  • Run

Round 2:

  • Shoulder Taps (count each movement)
  • Step up Right
  • Dips
  • Step up Left
  • Turtle Crunch
  • Run

Time was getting short, so head back to the flag for a little Mary and then our hour was up.


  • JJ5K
  • ChristmasTown 5k
  • Mt. Hollywood/SandLot combined workout on Labor Day

Prayer Requests/Praises:

  • WestSide’s Dad
  • Girl who tried to attempt suicide 3x
  • Pizzaman’s Grandmother 95th birthday
  • Stogie’s coworker with cancer
  • Big Pappy family
  • Pizzaman’s M getting baptized.


Thanks for letting me venture into NOGA.  Always a pleasure and enjoy the push.

Until next time.

Watts Up Powering Down.

Duck Duck “Splash”!

The day had finally dawned… the final edition of F3 Dad’s 2021!  Ball Joint & myself arrived early at Folsom to find the regular crowd being led by Ozark in what I heard turned out to be a pretty good beatdown.  We gathered 3 buckets (the # is significant later on), a cooler, some cups, & rope & headed across the soccer field to set up the day’s activities.  Ball Joint stopped at the first camping hose bib to fill 1 of the 3 buckets w/ water as I split w/ my cooler to another near the exercise pavilion.  As I filled my cooler I noticed quickly that this water rivaled the lovely turd-brown hue of the South Fork on any given day following a heavy rain so I dumped & repeated… repeated… repeated… ok, so I finally gave up walked backed to Ball Joint & used that connection!  For future reference if you ever decide to camp for Cotton Ginning Days steer clear the parking lot near the exercise pavilion.  We set up at one end of the parking lot w/ cups, rope, & a full bucket of water, the other w/ 2 empty buckets.  This exercise was going to be a version of the classic water haul race from one end to the other to fill your team’s bucket however, with a slight variation, a quick round of jump rope in the middle!  Almost 7am so back to the start w/ my cooler & a few more larger cups for the grand finale:  Duck, Duck, Splash!

Go Time… started w/ a welcome, mission of F3, & 5 core principles for 26 PAX/2.0s.  Moved into a  Westside approved warmup consisting of SSH, Gravelpickers, Merkins, DonQs, & probably something else I’m forgetting.  Next, we did a family “Native American” (did you catch the PCness there)  run up to the little triangle & back to the big triangle.  We did a kid-sized Dora 1,2,3 (30, 60, 90) of Merkins, LBCs, & Air Presses (which btw get very heavy even though it’s just air!) around the big triangle.  We then nured, karaoked, & skip mosied to the tennis courts for a quick round of Red Light / Green Light with Bear Crawls (Merkins if you don’t stop) across one court & then back with Crab Walks (Big Boys if you failed to stop again) back to the line.  I will say, I think Ball Joint was likely a playground force to be reckoned with in his elementary days!  Next was a slow mosey to the exercise pavilion parking lot.  It is then we discover that 3 buckets were now 1!  Yes, leave it to the Dallas local yocals to steal 2 of our buckets!!!  Oh well, we just skipped the “fill the bucket” part & just let the kids & some pretty talented dad’s slosh water all over themselves jumping rope.  Finally, we mosied back to the soccer field & gathered in a big circle round the water cooler for a slight twist to the classic Duck, Duck, Goose (Splash).  Great fun was had by all as they doused a large cup of water on the unsuspecting head of someone gathered in the circle then raced back to their slot.  Back to the parking lot for the pledge & Ball Joint prayed us out.

It was truly a pleasure to co-lead such a fun event!  Til next year…

Excuse me while I kiss the sky!

Folsom/ Canoe

This workout was inspired by Sister Act “canoe” , but due to his back hurting he wasn’t able to make it…? Anyway, I pulled in a little early to see Volt getting in some EC and Ozark waiting and ready,  some other pax weren’t far behind . 530 hits, we circled up and got in a few gravel pickers, to stretch and warmup a little. Then we all grab a block and head to the hill between us and the lower parking lot to put in some work!

11s- Blockees at the top and Burpees at the bottom!

Triple nickel- Thrusters at the top and Big boys at the bottom!
Spackle and Mayor pushed me through both of these, good work!

We take the blocks back to the truck, then circle up with a few minutes remaining and get in a full round of Iron Hulks, Time!

Announcements- f3 dads this Saturday at gashouse!

Snowbird men’s retreat, September 24-26, need to get signed up if interested!

Prayer request- Big Pappy and family, Sister Act family, Medicine Woman’s dad, Whoopies daughter, all pax

Thanks men for letting me Q!

Bearing our burdens

Rumors started the night before that a Kotter and FNG might be making an appearance at the Trucks and Beards AO on Tuesday morning. YHC rolled in early and to my surprise the Kotter was already there…..the one they call “Roadie” had returned to the gloom! It turns out he was the one bringing the FNG who also showed and made it an even 10 for the workout. After a full disclaimer, the pledge and a short warmup we all headed to the back of YHC’s truck to grab bricks that we would carry with us the entire workout. It went like this:


Mosey to the “newer” parking lot by the lake for some ALARM’s. 100 reps of each exercise followed by a lap around the parking lot. All done with bricks.

Arms – Shoulder press

Legs – Squats

Abs – American Hammers

R exercise – Randy’s

M exercise – Merkins


That wasn’t too bad, let’s mosey to the front of the park for some partner work. Dora 1-2-3 with one partner doing the work while the other runs a lap. Again, all work with bricks.

100 – Shoulder taps

200 – Dying cockroaches

300 – Moroccan Nightclubs (these sucked)


Still some time left, so let’s head to the tennis courts for some Merkincides.

5 Burpee’s on the 1st court, then run to the 2nd court for 5 Merkins

Back to the start for 5 Burpee’s each time and increase the Merkins by 5 at each court all the way to the fence.


Time is up so back to the flag.



I had a verse that I had planned to share with the PAX, but changed it up after thinking about what we were doing. The brick’s we used for the workout symbolize the burdens we often carry around with us in life. Some of them are small and seem minor, but the longer we carry them the harder they become to bear. We are called to serve others and in doing so help carry their burdens, but Christ also tells us this in Matthew 11:28-30 – “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”



Next F3 Dads at Gashouse on July 17th

Snowbird Retreat sign ups

Nail clippers and chapstick for service project


Prayer Request


Big Pappy and family

Westside Mother in law

Gumby Mom

Ball Joint Mother in law

Sister Act and family

PAX travels

Whoopee and family


Great to see Roadie back in the gloom and welcome to FNG Sourpuss!


Dr. Seuss took us out.

I’m Broke



OG at Folsom

I came into Folsom on a beautiful, muggy morning and count up the Pax 7 plus me equals 8. I told them we have about 90 minutes of work to do in an hour so let’s go!

Seal Jacks x 10 IC
Cotton Pickers x 10 IC
Squats x 10 IC
MNC x 15 IC
Short mosey to the tennis courts for…
3S2T (Q Source topic about King lists these Speed, Strength, Stamina, Toughness-Mental, Toughness-Physical)
We worked on all of these today.

Rugby Sprints
Exercise until I say Sprint, run 2 courts, 2 courts back and then walk 2 courts. Touch the line or it doesn’t count.
Exercises: Flutters, Squats, Merkins, LBC’s.
Mosey up toward the road and to the flag for the Pledge.
24 lb. Half-Blocks were waiting in the upper parking lot.

STRENGTH – I thought maybe Wichita and Westside might use a block for each arm but they didn’t want to show off!
Curls x 40
Thrusters x 30
On your six Chest Press x 40
About this time, two of my favorite guys (Tool Time and Pizza Man) came by running an easy (for them) 13 miles. They make it look easy but I know it is not! Nice work brothers!
Shrugs x 40
Swings x 40
Curls x 40

STAMINA – Mosey the long way down to the left and around the pond and through the woods and stop at the bottom of the trail hill. I got passed by almost everyone so I had to tell them where we were going.

TOUGHNESS (This could be for Physical or Mental Toughness)
Triple Nickel
5 SSH at bottom, 5 Merkins at top 5 times. Most did the full 5 but I think I only got 4. Seuss and Westside were flying with Gumby and Wichita right behind them!

TOUGHNESS (Physical)
Mosey back to the tennis courts.
5 burpees, fellowship mosey to corner.
5 burpees, 10 squats run to next corner.
5, 10, 15 Flutter Kicks fellowship mosey to next corner.
5, 10, 15, 20 LBC’s. Then back down 20, 15 , 10, 5 moseying to the corners. Back to the start.

Think about who you need to be strong for. We all need the 3S2T for those around us. 1 Corinthians 16:13 NASB “Be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.” (I caught some grief later about using this translation but I like it for this verse). We talked about standing firm in what we believe but not being disagreeable about it to the point of arguing. We also talked about how being consistent is so very important in many aspects of life. There are many examples of this within the Pax of F3 Gastonia! Thanks to the group that posted this morning. Way to push!

F3 Lunch at Bubba’s in Gastonia Thursday, June 24th at noon.
Axe Throwing at Eastridge Mall Saturday, June 26th
Jacked Up Leg 5K at Crossroads on Sunday, June 27th 6:30 am, donations accepted for community service.

Turtleman, Donati family, Love Boat, Pax traveling, Stogie friend Mike Breedlove, Pappy. Sarlacc took us out!


Round Up was on the schedule to Q but had concrete to get ready for early this morning because of the rain. He reached out and ask if I could take it, and I could. So I started thinking what would we could do that would be Round Up worthy.

Heres what I came up with:

Westside had an FNG  so up so we had a small disclaimer and went through the 5 core principles of F3

Warm Up:

Moroccan Night Clubs  IC x15

Toy Soldiers  IC x15

Kraken Burpees x10 OYO

Head toward flag pole stopping a couple of times with Merkins and a Plank holding up for the 6

At flag pole:

Mike Tyson’s x10

Shoulder Tap  x10


Head to concrete steps at horse arena:


Dips  x20

Box Jumps  x20

Derkins  x20

Head to the triangle:

10  V-UPs

Lunge Walk down hill

20  American Hammers

30  LBC’s

NUR back to start

Head to the hill headed to the bottom parking lot:

10  Burpees

run to first light pole

20  Squats

run to second light pole

30  Merkins

Did this for 4 ROUNDS

Prayer Request: WESTSIDE’s daughter (surgery), Sister Act and his family (daughter), Big Pappy and his family (new child in the home), Turtleman and his family, there’s some I have forgotten and I apologize!

Announcements: F3 Gashouse meeting at Limberger Park Sunday at 4PM, Snowbird men’s retreat

Back To Back

I just had the Folsom Q Saturday and noticed an opening in the schedule for Tuesday. I volunteered for the opportunity for back to back Qs. I have been posting regularly at Midoriyama and it has been a minute since I hit Folsom on a weekday. It was a good opportunity to see some of the men I haven’t seen much recently. Sparky must already be doing boat thangs as he was not there. Unfortunately, there was no Huck sighting either! However, 13 solid HIM showed up this morning to put in werk!

I gave the guys a disclaimer and got in a few reps to warmup. Westside, once again, was not there so I won’t go into the details here. I will only say it was a thorough and complete warmup.

Mosey toward the flag at the park entrance.  At each light pole, we do:
10 Merkins
10 American Hammers
10 Peter Parkers
We added a set at the fork in the road for good measure.  The guys got in some Mary as I grabbed the Six.


We take the scenic route back to main parking lot and, again, at each light pole, we do:
10 Merkins
10 American Hammers
10 Peter Parkers
I made a mental note that Spackle was getting it done. My man was cranking out merkins like Wichita does!

Mosey on to the Ampitheater for some in-cadence work!
3 sets each
25 LBCs IC
20 Flutter Kicks IC
15 Shoulder Taps IC
10 Hip Slappers IC
10 Dirty Hookups IC
Time limited me to only 2 sets on Saturday so we had to get in the full deal today. Ball Joint had some concerns on my shoulder taps so I reassured him that I did indeed complete every rep I called. For sure, if I Q it, I’m gonna do it.

Mosey back to the parking lot, burpees while Ball Joint got the Six.  I got 7 burpees in.  I am sure some guys got 8 or 9.

A few minutes left so we did a few rounds of Waterfall Merkins and then a few minutes of Mary. Sarlacc tried to hijack my Q and spent what seemed like 29 minutes doing things with our finters and arms, so I had to assert my Q authority a bit LOL. I wanted to make sure Spackle had a chance to call a few reps too!

Prayer requests: Turtleman, Big Pappy, Hal White knee, SA, Hacksaw, BP’s M’s family, my cousin, Gumby’s mom, Stogies dad, and Sparky’s mom . Reminder to register for Snowbird!!!!! We also have the Freed to Bleed Blood Drive coming up. YHC took us out in a BOM prayer.

We Are All The Six

One of the best things I found when I started F3 was there were always guys coming back to finish reps with me. I was the Six and they were picking me up. That really encouraged and helped me push through and also helped develop the friendships I now cherish.

Sometimes I am the six, sometimes I am not. I have found myself catching a few extra breaths of rest or a little chit-chat rather than picking up the Six like I should and I have seen it from some of you too! In particular, I noticed it recently at a workout and it bothered me. I decided I need to do better and I can do things in my Q to help make sure we all give back the support we were all once given. The Six would not be left behind today. I focused on a workout to keep everyone together and leave no man behind. I figured this was also a chance to teach a few newer guys some tips in Qing.

Also, we had an FNG today. He was late and he then proceeded to sit in the truck for a few minutes. Possibly he was contemplating if he made the right decision to post as we were knocking out a set of Monkey Humpers? Very possible. As Spackle went to get him, he finaly shut the truck off and got out. ‘BOUT DANG TIME!!!! Welcome FNG Bout Time.


It was a thorough and complete warmup. Unfortunately, Westside was not there so I am not going to tell him all the details. He needs to show to know!!!!

Mosey to the bottom of the lower parking lot. One way to keep everyone working together is doing AMRAP. All men can work at their pace and everyone can push themselves. The exercises were:
10 Burpees
20 Merkins
30 Squats
40 Freddie Mercuries
Run to the top of the parking lot and back. Repeat for 15 minutes AMRAP

Quick rest! Next, we “practice” picking up the Six. Sometimes, you just have to remind guys to get the Six.

Lunge Walk to every other parking line, 10 Mountain Climbers (count right-leg)

When you get to the end, go back to the 3rd guy behind you and finish with him. When you finish again, go back to the 3rd guy and continue to do so until everyone finishes together.

Next, Bear Crawl to every other parking line, 10 Big Boys.  Same rules as before. In hindsight, the roughest parking lot in Gaston County was probably not the best place for well over 100 Big Boys and I have a Folsom Tramp Stamp to prove it.

To the Ampitheater for some in-cadence work! Burpees while I pick up the Six!
Counting reps is a challenge when you are not a bat flipper yet find yourself Qing the toughest of HIM. However, it is a great way to keep guys together and it pushes you. Let the Q juice flow! Time was running short so I did 2 sets each rather than my plan of 3.
25 LBCs IC
20 Flutter Kicks IC
15 Shoulder Taps IC
10 Hip Slappers IC
10 Dirty Hookups IC

Return to Parking Lot.  Time.

Prayer requests: Turtleman, SA, Pappy, my cousin. YHC took us out in a BOM.

Moleskin: Put extra focus on picking up the Six today. It is a great way to encourage other men! I am going to lead by example and do better myself. Don’t be too surprised or take it personally if I call you out for not picking up the Six.

The #ooper

I pulled in a few minutes early to see Rabbit ears putting in some EC, had a good crowd this morning! I loaded up 12 blocks yesterday, and that’s what we had.

Warmup- Don Qs, SSH, Hillbillys

Last Saturday Balljoint called a Cooper, and it was good, so I decided to do the same, but change the exercises… so now it’s not a Cooper.
We started at the playground, starting with 10 reps and working our way down to 1, Pull-ups/ Burpees/ Bigboys

From there we grabbed the blue blocks and headed to the tennis courts, mumbling started. We had enough time for a set of 11s Thrusters on one side, rifle carry to fist light pole for some Blockees! Everyone pushed hard today! This took us right to 615!

We circled up for the cot! God has truly been good to me and I am thankful, even in my struggles, he’s good to me! Remember the others around you, maybe the man you stood beside during the COT, pray for him! I shared that I am very blessed to have a few HIMs that text me scripture daily, and I know they are praying for me, I am thankful!!

Prayer request- Howle White, Pappys family, SAs family, Turtle Man, my Mom, each other!

Announcements- Snow Bird men’s retreat!! Ozark has his VQ the 17 at Folsom!
I took us out!

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