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Day: March 19, 2019

Hooligans Out Here Rock Blockin’!

As part of my ongoing effort to Q all of F3 Gastonia, I picked up one of the open Q slots at Midori-ya-mama. While I have posted there several times and know most of those guys well, I felt a little nervous as I didn’t want to go overboard running with the P200 coming up, but I wanted to make sure I left the guys with a solid workout. The Trail O Tears workout went so well at Painlab and Folsom that I figured why not just rinse and repeat. Swimmer confirmed there was a secret stash of blocks hidden in the woods so I decided no reason to bug Sparky and get his.

I pull into Poston Park just in time for a quick lap around the park in my truck for recon. I got in a little stretching and exchanged some pleasantries. 5:30 hits, let’s clock in and get to it!


SSH 20 IC – a little chatter about how I started these so I picked up the pace and got a few extras in to reel in the natives. With Freight, Sister Act, Oompa, and Pizza Man among others in the group, there will be no shortage of advice and smart ass-ery today!

Mountain Climbers 15 IC

Toy Soldiers 10 IC – if you come to my Q, I always do these to stretch my legs one last time!

Morrocan Night Clubs while we wait for a few late arrivers.

Let’s Mosey across the street.


First up on the Trail O Tears is always Route 66 – lunge walk to every other line, do Mike Tysons. 1 at the first stop, 2 at the 2nd…increasing to 11.

Next up is always Route 66 with a bear crawl. Crawl to every other line and do Bobby Hurleys. 1 at the first stop. 2 at the 2nd l, increasing to 11. I notice Sister Act leading a fellowship mosey in the 6. WTF! He says he and he and his group were doing their Route 66 the other direction. There are doubters of his statements! Hey, you vs you playa!

Lets mosey to the soccer field in the right corner for some core work!

Circuit 1
LBCs 15 IC
Rosalitas 15 IC
Big Boys 15 single count

Rinse and repeat

Circuit 2
Flutter Kicks 15 IC
Crossover LBCs 15 IC right leg, 15 IC left leg
X-Crunches 10 single count

Quick time check amd I need to move on so I skipped round 2.

This is where my weinke went off the rails. We walknover to the woods and the blocks have been smashed! NOOOOOOO! We have some fools out here Rock Blocking!!!! That is the physical upperbody beat down that makes the workout complete, IMO. I was a little frustrated but it is what is, the Q has to adapt amd I now have 15 minutes to fill! Lets Mosey!

I am scanning the terrain debating 11s and triple nickels and settle on using one of the rear soccer fields for Dora 1, 2, 3. Partner up, 100 Merkins, 200 Flutter Kicks (thanks Slaw for the assist), and 300 LBCs. Turns out, in hindsight, this probanly worked out well for me personally. Running on that field is is very soft which is good for my tired legs and hips. I missed running Sunday so gettig a little extra running and high paced cardio was a good thing loading up to the P200. We were approaching the end of our time as we wrapped up so we mosey back to the flag.

Sister Act led 22 for the vets. My watch said 6:15 but evidently it os 2 minutes fast sp we got in a few burpees OYO. Time!

Announcements: P200, Folsom and other AOs open this Saturday, Crossroads will be closed Sunday due to the P200. Convergence 3/30 at Folsom, 3rd F event 4/12 (come to this!!!) Bible Study at Allen Tate’s house next Thursday. I think that was all of then. We had many prayer requests: a friend of Wojo facong a lot of difficulties, Allen Tate’s mom, Rockabilly’s back injury, those battling addiction, Oompa’s mom, Pockets’ family. YHC took us out in prayer. Pledge to the flag and nameorama to wrap it up.

Moleskin: I have a ton of respect for the guys that post at Midoriayama. It was an honor to be out there leading today. Guys like Slaw and Def had encouraged me all as much as anyone along my F3 journey! Guys like Freight and Pizza Man set the tone and have motivated me and I see then as the chiseled vets (well, at least Pizza Man is chiseled LOL). Sister Act gives everyone a hard time but he always has my back. He constantly picks up Qs at Folsom when he isn’t doing dance dad stuff and he has had a big hand in making Folsom a consistent beatdown on Saturdays. I have seen him go from near the front to always out front! Blart is always a steady-Eddie. He is faster than I am and I have always seen him as a guy I can chase after and he will make me better…and I did during the CSAUP Relay! Oompa has run with me when I was recovering from injury, given me a hard time when he finds the opportunity, and is one of my favorite guys in the gloom (my M really likes him too). I have posted with Swimmer many times and while he can bootcamp, he is known for his legendary bike rising and fertility. Always enjoy seeing him! Tyson is a normally quiet guy whonalwaysnseem to have a nice word to say..I always think of when he ran about 9 miles one day at Folsom to pick up the 6 for Tool Time..that day proved for me (amd several others) that I could run for distance. O have gotten to know Dr Seuss a bit more recently and look forward to spending tome woth him on the P200. We always joke to SA that Dr Seuss is a REAL HIM. Well, we aren’t lying. Those are the guys I know best, but I always hear good things about Virus, Wojo, and now Termite. Of course, Gumby and Tater Hole! Can’t forget my fellow weekday Folsom brothers who are killing it with 2-a-days right now. Gumby always impresses in workout, but also as a man! I habe know Tater Hole for about 3 months now and let’s just say he fits right in at Folsom. I can see his workouts will be the ones you really look forward too! I am glad you guys made it out there. Thanks to all of you guys!

K9 Veterans Day

Some Ran, Some Rucked, Some Walked. We did it all in honor of National K9 Veterans Day. Thank you for your service puppers!



Prayers requests

Thank you Folsom PAX for allowing me to lead. I have yet another AO I can check off of places I’ve Q’d. Only one more remains!




That’s Jacked Up

No, I’m not referring to the leg either. Wanted to get these HIMs that come out to Bulldog Jacked Up for Spring/Summer. No soccer arms ’round here.



Jacked Up (F3 Exicon Name)

SSH x 50 IC
Seal Jacks x 40 IC
Plank Jacks x 30 IC – I “Jacked up” the cadence call on this, not once but twice. In the end we still did 30 IC.
Crossover Jacks x 20 IC
Lil Gumby’s In The Woods (AKA Smurf Jacks) x 10 IC

The Thang:

Bears & Bells

Get into Bear Crawl position with your Kettlebell on the pavement between your feet. Reach between your legs and pull the bell across the pavement passed your head. Now, bear crawl forward until the bell is between your feet again, and keep repeating across the length of the parking lot which was 65 Yards.


Kettlebell one arm overhead. Walk 30 yards and switch arms.


7’s – Renegade row (1 each arm is 1) at one end, Farmer Carry 30 yards, Curls at the other end, Farmer Carry back


Kettlebell Swings x 20
Little Gumby’s in the woods x15
Kettlebell Curls x 20
Diamond Merkins x15
Kettlebell Rows x 20
Mountain Climbers x15
American Hammers x 20 (count Right side only)
Plank Jacks x15
Tricep Extensions x 20
Burpees 5
Goblet Squats x 20
Monkey Humpers x15
Single Arm Bench Press x 20 (10 each arm)
Crab Cakes x15
Single Arm Shoulder Press  x 20 (10 each arm)
MNC x15
Dead Lift x 20
Chilly Jack’s x15
Upright Rows x 20 or 10 each arm
Plank jacks x15




Mentioned the F3 Mental Battle on 3/27. Briefly touched on depression, anxiety and other mental health things. Encouraged PAX to listen to C-SPANS roundtable/podcast on the topic. As we only have two workouts on Wednesdays, we will expand the Mental Battle to Tuesday and Thursday next week to cover more AO’s. End your workout at 0605 to allow extra time in COT to talk about topic.


SFN-CFN April 13th

Convergence March 30th

Mt. Mitchell Climb May 5th

Bible Study at Allen Tate’s house next Thursday 3/28 – Kingdom Man is the topic

Prayer requests:

Honey Do’s family, VooDoo’s family, Watt’s Up family & Mayor

YHC took us out.


Mayor, glad you came out this morning. I always enjoy having you at a workout as you seem to bring laughter to the PAX. I know you are battling some health issues right now but continue to push through and push the rock. Thanks to Pedal for volunteering to lead Bulldog next week. Thanks to Watt’s Up for stepping up and taking PainLab Q when most are going to be gone for P200.

PainLab Site Q Open Position

Leadership is a skill that a person must learn and master during their lifetime rather than an attribute of their character with which they are born. As a skill, it is like learning to play the piano. If it were an attribute, it would be like having blue eyes or a square jaw.

Because it is a skill, a person must commit to learning to lead in the same way that they would learn to play the piano. The degree to which they will ultimately master it will depend both upon their natural ability and their willingness to practice. Because we are all born with some leadership ability, even a man with very little natural skill can still be an effective leader if he is willing to practice hard. But a man who will not practice at all will never master the skill even if he is born with the heart of a lion. The decision to become an effective leader is volitional. No one else can make it for you.”

            – F3 Q Source


F3 is more than a workout. It’s also about growing a man and teaching leadership. It has been almost one year since I took over PainLab as Site Q from Rudolph. I have been and always will be passionate about this AO. It offers so much too many PAX that cannot do a Bootcamp due to injury or other physical limitations. By no means is this an easy workout AO. We push the boundaries of what can be accomplished with low to no joint impact, while still being able to raise the heart rate to that of a Bootcamp or Running AO.

I am looking to pass the torch to another HIM in the region that has this same PASSION.

I am looking for someone that is ready to take the next step to becoming a LEADER.

I am looking for YOU.

Are you willing to step up and be a leader??

When: Torch will be officially passed over to a true HIM on May 18th, 2019.

PainLab is located at GasHouse on Saturdays 0700-0800. Although we are a separate AO, we will always warmup, end with Mary & COT with Bootcampers. If there is a convergence, you will be responsible for having a PainLab option. This ensures we are inclusive to all PAX at such a large gathering of HIMs.

Job Requirements

  1. The F3 Ambassadors, if you will. Every man’s first impression of F3 will likely be guided by the work of these men. This is where the rubber really meets the road.
  2. He makes sure that the core principles are kept intact, which is impossible to do if HE ISN’T THERE. So, the inferred commandment is, BE THERE. Every time. Period.
  3. He plants the flag for the AO, makes folks feel welcome, makes sure the disclaimer is correctly spoken, picks up the 6, etc.
  4. He manages safety for the site (don’t post if there is a bunch of lightning, that sort of thing).
  5. He manages the Q schedule. Practices Voluntoldism…
  6. He sells the AO, the Qs, and the Mission of F3.
  7. He harasses Qs to write BBs, etc.
  8. Has social media skills


  1. Drive
  2. Ambition


If you are interested, please contact me:

Twitterbox: @JeffWeidman

Cell: 704-964-1994





First and Last VQ

Good group of 6 showed this morning in a crisp 40 degrees. Lots of people hurting and resting from injury or for the P200 so I was surprised we had that many. 


10 Side strattle hops

10 daisy pickers

10 imperial walkers



Mosey over to the tennis courts for a few rounds of 4 corners. 

Round 1: 7 – jump lunges at each of the 4 corners

Round 2: 14 merkins 

Round 3: 21 LBCs

Round 4: 28 squats

Round 5: 21 shoulder taps

Round 6: 14 flutter kicks

Round 7: 7 burpees

Next exercise:

Run between the 1st and 3rd court on your own and knock out:

70 SSHs 

140 mountain climbers


Circle up for some CORE

10 Big boy reach for the sky sit ups (reach straight back, reach for the sky, reach for your toes)

Freddie Mercury’s

American hammers

Straight Leg lifts

More big boys



2 more laps around the tennis courts and head back to the YANK


Prayer requests; 

Lion King’s family

P200 personnel and training

Lots of guys nursing injuries



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