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Day: March 21, 2019

Made it Before the Rain

Pulled into Midoriyama to find Swimmer getting ready and Slaw running some EC. Not long after I got there Tater Hole and his 2.0 Tater Tot showed with Sister Act close behind.  Looks like the P200 guys are taking a well deserved break before not sleeping and running around the clock. Good luck guys!


SSH,Don Q’s, and Gravel Pickers


Mosey to the small soccer field. Line up on the goal line. Start with 10 Burpees at the first line then back to start.

Line 1, 10 Burpee’s

Midfield  , 20 Big Boy Situps

Line 3, 30 Squats

Line 4, 40 LBC’s

You can’t go to the next exercise without returning to start and starting over.  The Pax pushed hard and completed this in no time.

Next we head to the dog park hill for some triple nickel. CDD’s at the bottom and more Big Boys at the top.

With time left, we line up on the sideline of the big soccer field for some Doraish exercises. Partner up, while P1 runs across and back P2 does 100 merkins, switch up and P2 also does 100 merkins. Then 200 LBC’s and 300 Squats. Both partners are going to complete the total number of exercises each. No cumulative reps.  With time running short YHC had to call it with everyone of the Pax trying hard to get done with the squats.  Return to start and while YHC picks up the 6 the Pax did 10 burpees. Time. Pledge

Announcements: Convergence at Folsom  March 30 @ 07:00. Mt. Mitchell   hike.

Prayer Requests: P200 guys, Pockets family, Baily Family, Tater Tots friend, I hope I didn’t forget anything, forgive me if I did.

BOM: YHC took us out

Everyone pushed hard today and they are better for it! Thanks for letting me lead today. It was an honor and privilege.



The Pub Duet

2 showed for a nice mosey at The Pub this morning.  With the P200 starting tomorrow, a smaller than  normal crowd was expected.  With YHC not able to participate in the P200 because of dance obligations, I jumped at the chance to take the Q.  Having to Q was a fireproof way of me not falling for the fartsack trap, and getting my butt out here.  With time quickly approaching and being there solo, I was already talking myself into a shorter slower run.  Diva shows up right before time, so I quickly had to get my mind right.   Diva had just completed a Marathon this past Sunday, so he held back, and ran with me this morning.  We got in 5 miles, with the route to Snoballs and back.  Thanks for the push brother.

Annoucements:  Convergence 3/30 at 7:00, 2nd F that same night, 3rd F event 4/12, Community Foundation Run 4/13, Mt. Mitchell hike 5/5

Prayer Requests:  P200 PAX, each other



Appreciate the opportunity to Q.

Sister Act

Whoopee and the ghost Q

  1. Arrived at Diablo Sammich and wondered where the menu was or my server . Two minutes to go and here comes my maitre d dressed to the nines , but telling me today’s menu is buffet and I might be dining alone . Wait! Headlights! WattsUp!
    Whoopee gives directions on what he’d have done if he stayed so we follow his lead and head over to the Hairy Peeter and do 4 corners with squats of 5-10-15-20 and back down …. mosey back to wall at South Bank passing only one couple also enjoying a night stroll from the Pub ) and we do three rounds of dips incline merkins and 10 each leg step ups ( only once on these …. ouch)

matrices back at start with 20 to go so 20 more squats and time!

usual announcements

prayers for Watts Up 2.0

only my second posting here and no Whoopee either time …. I’ll get him sometime that wascally wabbit ! But as he was called in to more important things ( work) it’s all good and understandable . In between the P200 and work schedules …. numbers sure are down …in fact Whoopee said he won’t be able to Q next week and was gonna post it and I saved him the trouble and grabbed since he knew his go to man Voodoo wouldn’t be present either. That way I can officially Q the Sammich and check that off my other list ( yes , someday I dream of being a big boy and Q ing all AOs …. but that s for another time !)

Mandelbrot Set – The Story of Big Pappy

10 PAX showed up this morning to get some work in at Folsom. For my first Q, I struggled with coming up with something that would push all of us. I noticed sometimes at Folsom and as I visited other AO’s that Q’s would use music in the exercises.  It dawned on me that it would be better to push to a time over a quantity for my first Q. Hence “Mandelbrot Set – The Story of Big Pappy” was born.

Warm up – Some toy soldiers, daisy pickers, and  Moroccan Nightclubs

The Thang:

Act I  Pappy’s Childhood Years – Run to 4th tennis court and do  20 x XCrunches  then run back and do 20 x LBC’s .  Repeat until Act I is over.

    • Hunger Strike  – Temple of the Dog – I was poor.
    • Sabotage – Beastie Boys – Reason I was poor.
    • Peaches – Presidents of the United States – I moved from the north to the south.

Act II Pappy’s Young Adult Years – Run to 4th tennis court and do 10 merkins then run back and do 10 shoulder touches. Repeat until Act II is over.

    • Mandelbrot Set – Jonathan Coulton – Found that I had a god given gift of understanding advanced mathematics
    • Drunken Sailor – Blaggards – I liked to drink
    • The Gates – Da Vinci’s Notebook – Found that I could code and loved to write code
    • The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room – Flight of the Conchords – Met my M.

Act III Pappy’s Adult Years – Run to 3rd tennis court and do 3 burbees then run back and do 30 monkey humpers. Repeat until Act III is over.

    • RE: Brains – Jonathan Coulton – What it feels like working in a cube everyday.
    • The Backpack Song – Nerf Herder – People with multiple kids would understand.

Credits  – Run to 4th tennis court and do 20 squats then run back and do 20 hillbillies. Repeat until the credits is over.

    • God’s Gonna cut you down – Johnny Cash – For F3 Nothing.
    • Dust in the Wind – Kansas – Your my boy F3 Blue
    • Better Man – Pearl Jam – For F3 Pearl Jam

I overheard a PAX saying he was not sure if he was going to throw up from the music or the workout. Mission Accomplished.

Thanks to all that came out. It was a pleasure to lead a group of fine men that have lead me over the past several months to better health and a better lifestyle.


Convergence on the 30th at Folsom


The P200 guys, Family of Medicine Woman, and the needed unspoken prayers


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