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Butt Hurt

I wanted to “announce my presence with authority…” quick what movie line is that? Slaw is on the IR but I’m sure he’d know it was none other than Ebby Calvin “Nuke” LaLoosh in Bull Durham. Nearly six weeks ago, I had surgery to repair the torn meniscus in my right knee. Honestly I thought I’d have been back a lot sooner. Clavin had a similar procedure performed by the same doctor and was running by the end of the week. I guess all that superhero gear he wears is for good reason, maybe he’s secretly roaming the Halls of Justice instead of the post office. Or maybe I’m a slow healer, whatever the case, other than some morning stiffness (ahh – don’t go there…) in my knee and some swelling, I’m moving much better in my slow but steady progress. Wojo asked for September Q’s a few weeks back and I submitted my name – part of a goal to get there. To get ready, I continued my solitary diet of youtube videos in my garage. I wasn’t quite sure how much running my knee was going to take, so I kept that light but I did develop a menu for a steady dose of some of my favorite activities employed over my IR period.

Arrive early at Midoriyama to set up the venue and get some stretching done along with conversation with the guys – because that is really why I was there. When Freight shared some candor that he was here for the 5:30 workout, I knew the pleasantries were done and it was time to clock in. The circle formed and I climbed upon the bike, hoping I could recall how to ride it. Oh, lets get the Pledge first; check. Now, oh announcements, no too early. Disclaimer – ‘you vs. you, Gold Digger vs. Gold Digger, Sister Act vs. Sister Act, Seuss vs. Seuss, and the rest of us fall in line…”


  • MNCs – IC for 11
  • Toy Soldier – IC for 10
  • SSH – Sort of a count as Freight was on point early to call out some things not right. We may have completed 10 or so.

The Burpee Bonanza – 1 minute on the clock, 10 burpees; after that minute, 9 burpees but 55 seconds to complete and on down reduce count by 1 burpee and 5 seconds until the final set – 1 minute AMRAP – this pissed off the crowed to my joy and set the tone for the rest of the workout. Mosey to the small soccer fields on the right.

The four corners of the field had signs. Despite the written instructions, this is Midoriyama so further explanation and instructions were required.

  • Corners 1 & 3: 15 Merkins, 15 Shoulder Taps (count 1 side or count both and double it), 15 Merkins (count your stomach)
  • Corners 2 & 4: 15 Mtn. Climbers (count one knee), 15 Am Hammers (count right side 7 times and left side 8 times), 15 Mtn. Climbers (count the other knee one time)

I learned Gold Digger doesn’t listen to instructions, he is so used to giving them. Point noted. I think after halfway through he recognized the green signs I posted. As of the others, it was organized chaos with Freight sure to question the count each time. We went 2x through.

Everyone on their 6 in front of the bleachers.

Set 1

  • Single leg glute bridge – left x 15 (count right butt cheek)
  • Dips x 15 (count each toe on right foot 2x and left foot 1x)
  • Single leg glute bridge – right x 15 (count left butt cheek)
  • The group on the second set of bleachers failed to hear the 2x through part. Def Leppard’s plantar faciitis must have spurred up and affected his glutes – unique form to say the least but you vs. you, anyway – take a lap around the field

Set 2

  • Forearm merkins x 15 (this was a crowd pleaser – if you want to hear complaining, call these out – it was relentless whining like milk and cookies not being served at Pre-K snack time); start in a elbow plank, contract your triceps and raise to a full arm extended plank and return = 1; count your neck 1 each rep
  • Raised plank leg lifts x 15 right, x 15 left – this is where the title came from – sort of…I can’t really explain this one as much as I’d have to show you…I said this to my M once and got smacked…but that is the only way sometimes. Anyway – this exercise works both glute muscles. Broke inquired “is that your butt muscle?” Yes – this is your butt muscle…or as Forest Gump called it “the buttocks.” I’ve learned in my IR time that men don’t develop their glutes as well and that leads to injuries or soreness in lower extremities. So consider adding some glute work to your home routines and get you stronger to handle the chaos of F3.
  • Freight’s mumble chatter was rampant at this point, so much that I added an unintended 3rd round of this and then we took a lap.

Set 3

  • Side elbow plank, opposite hand on ear and crunch that elbow to the ground to work obliques x 15 R/L
  • Stay in elbow plant, fire hydrant left for 15 then right for 15
  • two rounds

Mosey back to base for a bunch of Mary. All exercises were a 10 count – who knows how close anyone came to actually following it. I called it, demo and then went to work.

  • Corkscrew + Hand Release Merkin (Vanilla Ice dominated this break dancing move)
  • Alternating Leg Drop from 90 degrees + crunch
  • Heels to Heaven
  • Double “Sandy” V Crunch (2 right, 2 left = 1)
  • V-Sit Flutter Kick – they hated this one
  • Genie Crunch – not even sure anyone did these
  • Turtle Crunch – more complaining

COT: Prayers lifted for Double Stuff’s friend Corey that his condition took a different turn – help the doctors find a treatment and solution; Sister Act’s 2.0 – I took us out, sort of . I haven’t prayed aloud in a while so sort of rambled.

Moleskin: I’m sore today. I knew my knee would be but attacking the glutes brought about additional soreness in that area – I’m sure those attending could feel similar. Anyone having attended Midoriyama knows the mumble chatter is quite chattery to say the least. In my garage, it’s just me and a video and those instructors are always so nice and encouraging (and better looking). Like the algorithms that create the click bait headlines we see daily on social media, Butt Hurt could have multiple meanings.  It could have meant my feelings were hurt (“people have feelings?” as Fright may say). Admittedly I forgot about the MC coming at me like Verlander fastballs. In reflecting, the chaos we seek to overcome in our workouts can come from the Pax as much as the Q or the elements. You have to be prepared for that when stepping into the arena and I quickly realized I needed to embrace the opportunity and give it right back. On the ride home I felt good having accomplished my goal to lead the workout. More importantly it was good to feel the love of the brothers around me. But today, my butt hurts, literally.  Thanks for the chance to lead.

Honor to The Ricky Bobby!

54 degrees and a great morning for my VQ at TRB! As YHC got ready to begin the disclaimer and pledge,  up out of the gloom walked none other than the Bionic-man himself: Cinderella. I already knew it was going to be a good morning to have a great morning.

I gave the disclaimer (I Q from where I want to, Sargento) we did the pledge, we got to work.

25x SSH IC

25x Goofballs IC (honor to the goofball himself, TRB site Q)

5 Burpees OYO.


I couldn’t remember if we had ever run a Dora here before, but I’m a big fan of those so we did the thang.

100 Hand release Merkins

200 IBC (sizzle to honor Buckeye)

300 Sumo Squats (honor to my Japanese heritage)

Run around the bus lot and grassy area in front of the school.


The men crushed it, with only a little complaining about the Sumos, and we headed off to the side of the school for the next bit of greatness.


Triple Nickels from the last light post, back to the crosswalk.

Light post: Crunchy Frogs

Crosswalk: Mike Tysons

After planking for the 6, we lined up along the curb for the next bit of greatness.


The PAX went down the line calling an exercise that the rest of the group would do, while he ran down to the playground and back. While Roscoe started us off with a groan worthy set of 8 count body builders, the rest was a good challenge for all. In some order we did:

  • 8 count body builders
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Diamond Merkins
  • Rosalitas
  • Calf Raises (honor to Dirt!)
  • Monkey Humpers (honor to Tesla!)
  • Dying Cockroaches
  • Freddy Mercury’s
  • Hillbilly Walkers
  • Rocky Balboas
  • Big Boys
  • One other exercise that YHC can’t remember, cause that’s a lot…so if I missed yours leave a comment.


Then we mosey’d back to the flag, and finished with a little stretching.


Announcements: JJ5k (26th), Mt. Mitchell Hike (27th), IPC Week 4 at Gashouse this week, Young Life Golf Classic on Monday Oct. 5 (info to be posted on Slack)

Prayer Requests: Orangeman’s daughter, Cinderella’s recovery, Sargento’s M having full knee replacement, Sargento’s test on Monday, our police and first responders.


Thanks for the opportunity to lead this morning, and keep pushing the rock with you all. It’s an honor to get to do what we do, with a group of HIMs that constantly push me to be not just in better shape physically, but a better husband, father, friend, leader, servant, and steward.


Our honor defend, we will fight to the end… Buckshot.

IronPax Challenge Week 4 @ Prison Break

11 (plus 3 proctors and 1 random runner stopped in) completed the final week of IPC.

The prescribed wow (workout of the week) was:

  • 10 Burpee Block Jump Overs (BBJO)
  • Murder Bunny 25yds
  • 25 Thrusters
  • Return to the goal line with your block
  • 10 Burpee Block Jump Overs (BBJO)
  • Murder Bunny 50yds
  • 50 Alternating block merkins
  • Return to the goal line with your block
  • 10 Burpee Block Jump Overs (BBJO)
  • Murder Bunny 75yds
  • 75 Curl Presses
  • Return to the goal line with your block
  • 10 Burpee Block Jump Overs (BBJO)
  • Murder Bunny 100yds
  • 100 Block Windshield Wipers
  • Return to the goal line with your block
  • 10 Burpee Block Jump Overs (BBJO)

If you need details on the moves or a video demonstration, go here.

F3 Greenwood did not lower the bar with this week’s challenge (nor this year’s).

Good work by all.


Note to all and self: MURDER BUNNIES SUCK…


That is all.

The Storm 9/22/20

A not so dirty dozen got out of the fart sack for a crisp Tuesday morning workout at The STORM.  It went like this:



Warm Up

Goof Balls IC x 20

Buckeye Merkins (Plank)

Peter Parkers IC x 20

YHC introduced Eskimo Merkins for a future Q

More Buckeye Merkins

Copperhead Squats IC x 20

Mosey to the ball fields

Calf Raises on the bleachers IC x 20 (5 sets)

Rack’em and Stack’em (Thanks for the idea S.A.)

5 Burpees

10 Merkins

15 Monkey Humpers

20 Mountain Climbers (count one side)

25 Flutter Kicks  (count one side)

30 Squats

40 LBC’s – Yes, I skipped 35 and went straight to 40.  Thanks for noticing Watts Up and Oblivious

Mosey to the flag

Finish the last minute with burpees OYO


Our Redeemer

“But David answered Rechab and Baanah his brother, the sons of Rimmon the Beerothite, “As the Lord lives, who has redeemed my life out of every adversity,”
‭‭2 Samuel‬ ‭4:9‬ ‭ESV‬‬

The Lord lives and is sovereign over all of life and for the believer we can look back and see how the Lord has redeemed us and brought us threw life’s trials and rest assured that He will be with us till the end!


Prayer requests: SA’s daughter and family, Big Pappy’s M, mom, and family, Stogie’s dad and family, that Purple Haze will find work,  our community and leaders.

announcements: JJ 5k this Saturday, Mt Mitchell hike this Sunday


The Legendary Folsom 5-Oner

Few workouts capture the history and legacy of Folsom quite like this one. This takes me back to a simpler time..a time when I was one of the newer guys and it was practically guaranteed you’d see Roadie and Huck at Folsom on a Tuesday. You just had to be there to comprehend the greatness of the Folsom 5-Oner. Show to know, I suppose!

Though the exercises and format of this 5-Oner are completely different than the last one Q’d by Allen Tate, it shares the same ‘spur of the moment’ spirit. Also, it has the same name so there’s that. 10 men were at Folsom today for this Epic, Monumental, and Life Changing event!

Warmup: SSH 10 IC, Toy Soldiers 10 IC, stretching.

Thang: Let’s mosey. Not a lot of running today so we’ll make a quick dash to the park entrance – sub 8 minute pace (yeah, I can do that for a short run LOL). LBCs in cadence while we wait for the 6. Pledge our allegiance to America (greatest country in the world!) and mosey back to the parking lot.

I layout the 5-Oner and turn on my 90s rock playlist to set the mood! Spotify Playlist Link

Do 5 exercises for 1 minutes each – AMRAP. 15 seconds rest between each exercises, a 1 minutes rest after each cycle. Repeat 5 times.

  • Mountain Climbers
  • Merkins
  • Plank
  • Da Rhondas aka Monkey Humpers
  • Squats

We finished at exactly 6:15 so the timing workout out perfectly!

A few observations:
– Several of us realized we need more Merkin work at the CSAUP. We took care of that today.
– The new light in the parking lot is amazing. It helps to know people!
– The Def Leppard Merkin position is a good way to catch a quick rest mid-set.
– Da Rhondas get difficult about 45 seconds in. We’re not ready to quit our day jobs.
– Westide is a planking muthasucka.
– Volt’s dog is smart.
– Kingpin may start a fight among Mechanical Contractors.
– Plinko is Folsom’s favorite Price is Right game.
– It is called a Mountain Climber, not a Mountain Walker.

I took us out with a quick note from Sunday’s Sermon (I’m still EHing the pastor, BTW). We have all heard the phrase “Don’t worry, God won’t give you more than you can handle”. I have always heard that and was just like ‘yeah, of course’. Many people use 1 Corinthians 10:13 to back that up. However, that verse really says he won’t give you more TEMPTATION than you can handle. Quite different! If you look in 2 Corinthians 1:3-11, you’ll see it says he will give you more than you can handle but he will also be there to help you through it. As men, we all feel that need to carry the burdens of our work and families. It is our job and our responsibility, but let’s not forget that we are just men and we also need to lay those burdens at the feet of God and have faith he will help guide us through it!

Announcements: JJ5k Saturday (probably some type of workout there before the race, keep an eye on Slack and GroupMe, Mt Mitchell Hike Sunday. Many prayer requests today: Owensby family in Bessemer City, Sister Act and family, Montross’s aunt (cancer), guys on IR, those traveling for work (Wirenut and Wichita’s brother are helping restore power along the coast), Westside’s mother-in-law and his wife’s grandma, Wirenut’s mom. We have some things to be thankful as well: Restoring Hope re-opens this weekend, Newton and his family have recovered from COVID, and MW’s son had the greatest news of all…asking Jesus to be his Lord and Savior.

Thanks for putting in the work with me today’s fellas! Another great morning in the friendly confines of Folsom!

  • Montross aka T-Ron aka Site Q Emeritus PMFF

Gashouse Week 3 IPC

Week 3 of Gashouse Iron Pax Challenge, no coupons, no matter.  The bootcamp aspect wiped a lot of us out.  Time’s posted started in the mid 30’s.  All Pax worked extra hard.  What I have truly loved about Gashouse commitment to the IPC for the month of September is the Bootcamp and Painlab connection we’ve experienced with all of us working as one.  The running aspect needed to be modified for some, and other Painlab regulars worked on a great mosey.  All, and I mean all of us improved today.  Mumblechatter was great.  This gives me great ideas moving forward on combining a workout (maybe once a month) with Painlab, I’ll get with Tube on that.

Great credit to Linus for confusing COT location, hoping all is accounted for in this blast.  Truly enjoyed Saturday experience.


Mosey however you like to Grier field.  Slight warm up.

SSH, Merkin and Squats:  Why not?  Plenty more coming

IPC Week 3

400 M lap

100 Merkins

400 M lap

90 Squats

400 M Lap

80 Merkins

400 M lap

70 Squats……………….

I think you get the idea, we certainly did.  Last round of 10 squats complete 800 M (two laps) and record your time.  Total laps should account for 3 miles.


CSAUP this weekend, hope you made it

Mt. Mitchell Hike:  This coming weekend, see Gastone for any details


Dry Rub and wife

Clavin and family

Les Nesman and family

Hermie and brother (doing much better)

Singlet (F3 visit from Chapel Hill) and friend

Run, Ruck and Coupon CSAUP

It was a day like no other…. ravenous wolf hounds raged against the edge of the course, toxic waste was being converted into weapons of mass destruction on the hillside, spy planes flew closely overhead and there was a constant fear that the small people dressed in funny clothes would soon attack us with their aluminum war clubs. However, on this day, 37 of the bravest PAX F3 Gastonia has to offer decided to cast aside their fears and stand together to complete a Completely Sane and Utterly Purposeful workout.

Team strategies were finalized and after some brief instructions the teams began their pursuit of glory shortly after 0530. Heavily laden packs were transported over the river and through the woods, sprints were run up and over massive slopes and boulders were cast about as if they were mere pebbles. In the end, the team with the shortest PAX stood the tallest. Congratulations to Gold Digger, Stroganoff and Sledgeomatic on a job well done.

The reason for doing the CSAUP the way it was done was to provide an event where any PAX could participate without having to dedicate specific training time to a certain discipline. Another purpose was to give some insight to how the relay events work and provide opportunity for fellowship with one another. When we added in the breakfast and 3rd F talk, all 3 F’s were covered in one event. Tclaps to Wichita and Tiger for the excellent job they did with those items.

We talk a lot about picking up the six and leaving no man behind or where we found him and that philosophy was definitely on display today. The extra work, encouragement and all out efforts are all a huge part of making F3 what it is. Each team pushed themselves and many PAX set personal records and achieved goals. Pizza Man even went into Beast Mode and did the entire event!

It was an honor to be a part of this event and I appreciate the support and efforts of everyone who participated. Thank you all!!!

For those who missed it, each PAX did a minimum of the following work (multiple PAX did additional work):

  • 2 mile ruck with min. 20#
  • 2 mile run
  • 25 Blockees, 50 OH Press, 75 Curls, 100 Chest Press, 75 Stagger Merkins, 50 Swings, 25 Blockees (all with 35# cinder block)

I’m Broke

There will always be a Fighting Yank

So YHC got the word Friday that he would not be hunting birds on Saturday morning down in Anson County, NC which having heard that The Yank was going to be closed due to the CSAUP up at Folsom Saturday. So as I rolled into Primal Brewing for a happy hour beer YHC announced to the crowd that he would take the lead at the AO the next morning. And with that actually joined Slack and put it out there.  It had to be done. YHC was two things at that point. Available and committed. So on with the mission. Went like this:


SSH X 20

Cotton pickers X 20

IW X 20

Grapevine stretches

Mtn Climbers X 20

LBC X 20

Mosey off for an old Tesla Fighting Yank standby, the four corners of Belmont, NC!

1 st corner:

Fence squats

Mike Tysons

American hammers

Repeat 10X, 15X, 20X

2nd corner


Big boy situps

Jump Squats

Repeat 10X, 15X, 20X

3rd Corner

Hand release merkins

Freddie Mercury

regular squats

Repeat 10X, 15X, 20X

4th corner


step ups


Repeat 10X, 15X, 20X

Mosey over to the field of dreams for some grinders across the field.

Three man team:

P1 – Do the called move

P2 – Run to the other side where P3 is.

P3 – Do the called move.

Everyone gets two times on opposite sides of the field with this.



diamond merkins

tiger squats

Finish off with two runs of the Half Pipe!

Top: Plank jacks X 5

Bottom pad: HR merkins X 5

Top on the street : 5 monkey humpers

Finish up with some Mary on the pad.


YHC and two pax attended this session. So they had a place to go. As I said in the top there will always be a Fighting Yank unless we have convergence and a “scheduled” outage so to speak. I will to the best of my ability make sure that happens in real time if necessary.  That is my commitment to the pax who do show for the Yank and have made it the best attended Saturday AO in the region.  And we did have a little buttermilk for breakfast! BTW, Cherubs is now open so we have a much better 2nd F/ Coffeteria AO too. So we are back in biz there as well!






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