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Christmastown 5K 2022

The Gashouse PAX came out in full force to push and support our Track Commanders through the lighted streets of McAdenville. There were over 30 PAX plus numerous M’s and 2.0’s who helped make an impact in the lives of the Track Commanders and their families. It was a total team effort and I can’t thank everyone who came out enough for all that they did. You guys are awesome!

We gathered up around 5:30pm for some basic info, a prayer from Sparky and then loaded the chairs and headed to the start. We got a 5 minute head start on the field and the PAX rolled down Main St. and started to form up in groups behind each chair. The streets were lined with bystanders cheering which added to the excitement of the Track Commanders and also seemed to push our PAX to the next level. After a few “small” hills and a wrong turn by some (not their fault) all the chairs crossed the finish line and completed another successful Speed for Need event

Track Commanders

Royston Acheson – 8yr old from Belmont. F3 Otis is his Dad

Everett Pawlowsk – 6yr old from Gastonia. Wojo is his neighbor.

Enzo Jimenez – 8yr old from Belmont. Goes to school with Royston.

CJ Errickson – 13yr old from Denver. Sparky’s M is his Principal.

Neemiah Papalii – he came down sick before the race, but we’ll definitely push him again in the future.

The Track Commanders are why we push and you guys are the one’s who get it done. Excellent work!

I’m Broke

2 men worked out and YHC showed for COT and facilitated QSource. Todays topic was Equipping your Team toward their mission.

Here are some thoughts from the QSource:

Often a team will come together without a strong leader. Once a team hits a tough season that team will likely become dysfunctional unless someone steps up.

A good leader will help a team member know their role whether it his to be out front or somewhere in the pack. Sometimes when putting a team together it is necessary to “Black Tahoe” a member that isn’t able to handle their role.

keep pushing men!

Trail of tears

I have not led a workout in a good while and had to be persuaded to lead this one but here we go.

Warmup ssh in cadence, gravel pickers and rocking night clubs.

We were to do a Indian run around to the playground but it quickly took a wrong turn.

Anyway 11’s with pullups and big boys at amphitheater with a burpee in the middle.

Then a slow mosie to parking lot for another round of 11’s of Mike Tyson’s and squats.

Back at flag for a 2 minute Mary and 22 for the vets.

There is a lot of guys who are intimidated by the pull-up bar but it should be a exercise that you should work on, don’t get me wrong it is awesome if you can run 3, 5, or 11 miles at a blistering pace but don’t neglect other areas that need attention.

Prayer requests Huckleberry, Witchita wife and baby



Gashouse BLOCKS

It’s been a minute since I’ve been to the Gashouse on a Saturday morning, Whoopee reached out a couple weeks ago and asked if I’d Q? I text him yesterday and asked how many blocks should I bring, he thought 15 would be more than enough, that’s what I brought, we had 16 men show! We made it work!

Warmup- SSH ic, Gravel Pickers ic

Then we head over to the truck, everyone grabs a block! Roundup and myself got there a little early to find a hill, and we found a good one for this exercise! Starting at the trail head doing the 1st exercise, run down the trail to the bottom near the bridge and do the 2nd exercise! Easy enough?

1st set of exercises 10 Blockees at the top of the Hill, 10 Burpees at the bottom, 4 sets!

2nd set of exercises, 15 Thrusters at the top, 15 squats at the bottom, 4 sets!

3rd set, 20 alternating block merkins at the top, 20 regular merkins at the bottom, 4 sets!

4th set, 25 American Hammers at the top, 25 LBCs at the bottom, 4 sets!

Everybody killed it! And pushed hard! After we finished this, we all circled up to close it out!

Announcements- Chad 1000 at Gashouse next Saturday, Christmas party also next Saturday

Prayer request- Huck, each other, family members

Thanks for the invite to Q, it was good to see everyone and an honor to lead!

Fighting Yank 11/26/22

Seven HIM made their way to the Yank to burn off some of their Thanksgiving leftovers.  After a quick warm up in the Bunker Gavel and Main Frame headed out for a ruck/ walk tour of Belmont.  The remaining five took their own tour.  It went a little like this.

Belmont Ladder

From the Bunker run to Main and Airline – One Burpee.  Run to Nellies – One Burpee + 5 CDD.  Run to String Bean – One Burpee + 5 CDD + 10 Lunges.  Run to Woodrow – One Burpee, + 5 CDD + 10 Lunges + 25 Merkins.  Run to Glenway – One Burpee + 5 CDD + 10 Lunges + 25 Merkins + 50 Mountain Climbers.  Run to Chronicle/Police Station – One Burpee + 5 CDD + 10 Lunges + 25 Merkins + 50 Mountain Climbers + 75 Squats. Run to Chronicle Mill – One Burpee + 5 CDD + 10 Lunges + 25 Merkins + 50 Mountain Climbers + 75 Squats + 100 LBCs

At the Mill we made our way down the ramp to the empty garage.  After a quick look see we ran out back and back up to the top where we attempted a round of I go You go.  No partners so we deescalated 10 Merkins on one side of the parking lot and 10 American Hammers on the other.

Mosey back to the front for a taste of Reverse Spiderman Merkins up the stairs.  Our spidey skills were tested after the earlier merkins, burpees and CDDs.  We will revisit that another time.

Mosey back to the bunker for a quick game of tic tac toe.  This one will come back too.  Show to Know!

Quick mosey back to The Yank to meet up with Gavel and Main Frame and finish up the last 3 minutes with Mary.



Speed For Need tonight.

Christmas Party Dec 3rd.  RSVP and Vote

Shirt orders are live.  Both Downtown and Goat orders have not reached minimums to go to print.

Prayers for all those traveling!

Listening at Folsom

Folsom 11/26/2022
SSH, Cotton Pickers, Low Slow Squats, Right over Left, Left over Right,
On your six Right foot over left knee and reach hands through and around left knee and stretch it out, repeat for opposite side,
Squat stretches both sides, MNC’s.

Mosey up the hill stopping for 3 burpees at each light pole.

Pledge at the flag, except the flag was missing from the Citizens Center. There was a flag at Walmart in the distance.
1 minute 6”, 1 minute elbow Plank.

Mosey down to smooth parking lot to find blocks.
30 Curls.
30 on your six Chest Press.
30 Overhead Press.
30 Tricep Extensions.
30 2 hand rows.
30 Shrugs.
Run a parking Lot Lap. REPEAT the exercises and then Farmer carry the block a lap.

Mosey back to tennis court.

AB Circle
LBC’s x 20, WW2’s x 15, American Hammers x 15, Penguins x 15, Reverse Crunch x 15, Pretzel Crunch right and left, Flutter Kicks x 15, 1 minute 6”, 1 minute elbow Plank.

4 corners
10 perfect form Merkins, next corner.
10 PF Merkins, next corner.
10 PF Merkins mosey back after 3 corners for time.

Return to Parking Lot and line up for Route 66 with CDD’s and Bear Crawl to next space.

Announcements: Christmas Town 5K tonight, 12/3 Party, need an HC and vote on awards. T-Shirts order extended.

Prayers: Turtleman, Huck, Wichita Baby and wife, Pillager family, Deal family.

Throughout the workout I read some quotes and verses about being a better listener mainly speaking to myself. Several guys also had some good words about listening. I think probably everyone could try to be a better listener especially to our family members.

Westside declared we were light on the legs today. There was a lot less running than I usually do due to a calf muscle but a good full body workout. Thanks to the guys for coming out.

Listening To Others
1. “It takes a great man to be a good listener.”― Calvin Coolidge
2. “Listen with your eyes as well as your ears.”― Graham Speechley
3. “One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say.” – Bryant H. McGill
4. Whoever restrains his words has knowledge, and he who has a cool spirit is a man of understanding. – Proverbs 17:27
5. When words are many, transgression is not lacking, but whoever restrains his lips is prudent. – Proverbs 10:19
6. “A time to tear apart and a time to sew together; A time to be silent and a time to speak.” – Ecclesiastes‬ ‭3‬:‭7‬
7. “Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you would have rather talked.” – Mark Twain
8. “There’s a lot of difference between listening and hearing.”― G. K. Chesterton

The Lab 11/23

Warm Up

Seal Jacks

Leg Stretches


RUN with 1 Burp at every light pole till Union Rd

11s at steps behind Robinson School

Merkins and Squats

Food Lion Parking Lot- Wall Sits and Dirty Hook Ups

Step Ups and Dips

Gashouse 11/19

Warm Up

Seal Jacks

Leg Stretches



Monkey Humping Burpees

Each curve 2 Burp, 10 MHs : 4 Burp, 15 MHs : 6 Burp, 20 MHs : 8 Burps 25 MHs  X 2

1st Pres Church Steps 11s BUNNY HOP STEPS UP

WW1s and Shoulder Taps

Dora- Church Parking Lot-

Announcements:  Site Q Changeover coming soon at Gashouse- Frisbee Tournament, F3Christmas Party, @nd F Lunch, and Christmastown 5k

Prayers: Nutria’s Family, Littlejohn Family, Byrum Family, Travel for Thanksgiving

Turkey Shredder

16 HIM’s for a day after sloth-fest, co-Q with Linus and Maybelline.


Warm Up:

SSH – 20 not so much IC, Freight and Mayor made sure I knew

Squats – 10 IC

LBC’s – 10 IC

Merkins – 10 IC

Maybelline ran us to the FUSE.

Maybelline:  11’s – Side length of FUSE parking lot, I think we did Rocky Balboa’s and Flutters.  I could be wrong about that, but we did a round of 11’s with something on each side.

Linus:  Middle of parking lot, partner up.  10 Big Boys and Partner 1 mosey length of lot to the end and best you can sprint back.  Partner 2 goes opposite distance performing same.  ‘Reckon I could have been a bit more clear in my directions but we got through it.  Round 2 was with Homer/Marge, 10 IC.  Run and return.

Maybelline:  Triple Nickel turned out to be a few pennies.  I honestly forgot what we did but we unmercifully received instructions to bear crawl the distance to each side.  Maybelline’s a burner, anti-slow digestion of turkey for some reason.  I’m not sure we received enough rain to clean the lot.  Will need a street cleaner over there.

Mosey back.  Some Mary at the stop lights (and so I could catch my breath)

Back to home base.



McAdenville 5K tomorrow night, arrive early (5:00/5:15).  Roads are supposed to close at 5:00.  May need some additional runners as the Ultimate Frisbee tournament claimed some.

Ray Nathans at high noon today, F3 lunch

Waffle House breakfast this morning (please do not go now!)

12/3:  Christmas Party, register and vote




Wichita’s baby

Pillager’s family

Honored to Q:  Maybelline/Linus

Encouragement and Endurance through the scriptures give us hope

We ran the hill in the dark

5 burpees at the top 5 burpees at the bottom

We ran that for 30 minutes or so then ran toward the flag stopped at each light pole for 10 flutters, 10 mountain climbers, 10 squats

Workout over.

I stopped a little early to read scripture the most important part!

“We who are strong have an obligation to bear with the failings of the weak, and not to please ourselves. Let each of us please his neighbor for his good, to build him up. For Christ did not please himself, but as it is written, “The reproaches of those who reproached you fell on me.” For whatever was written in former days was written for our instruction, that through endurance and through the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope. May the God of endurance and encouragement grant you to live in such harmony with one another, in accord with Christ Jesus, that together you may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.”
‭‭Romans‬ ‭15‬:‭1‬-‭7‬ ‭ESV‬‬

If we claim to follow Christ then we have job to do when it comes to living day to day for the lord and shining His light. We can’t do the work outside of Christ. Through His word it brings us Encouragement and Endurance. We have to allow the Holy Spirit to manifest Jesus in and through us. We need to build each other up in the word of God and not the worldly comments we make at these workouts and in our group text. That’s not the spiritual encouragement we need to have for true in endurance for our walk with Christ. We are to bring God glory with one voice in accord with Jesus! Are we bringing God glory in the things we say, the things we do in the F3 group? It’s more than working out and it is fellowship but as a believer in Jesus ask yourself if what your doing and what you’re saying is bringing glory to God?

We can’t just be acceptable and comfortable to the world and its ways  if we are believers then we will look different. F3 should look different from the world and in my opinion we are slowly conforming to the world around us and it’s closing in fast! Stand firm and faithful in the word of God and  be different.

Wake up everyday wanting to give the encouragement and endurance of the scriptures to someone and bring glory to God!

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