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YHC was going to write this BB sooner, but the M dropped the laptop and destroyed the screen. After waiting a couple of weeks, YHC can now write it. Luckily, the workout was pretty simple (but effective) according to a few of the PAX in attendance.

W/U: Merkins, Grass Pickers, SSH (all X10 IC)

Thang: Mosey to the small soccer field for Blackjack. It’s exactly like 11’s, but on steroids. 20 Merkins on one side, 1 Big Boy at the other. 19/2, 18/3…..all the way down to 1/20. Looking back, this really sucked. The Midoriyama heat multiplies the suck factor by 10.

We then met at one corner of the field for the burpee mile(ish). YHC had planned to do this around one of the large soccer field but time was running short. 12 Burpees, run a lap around the field. Rinse and repeat 4 rounds total.

We had a few extra minutes due to bat flippers being bat flippers, so we Merkins, Squats and Big Boys at every light pole on the left back to the flag.

Time’s up.

Announcements: Snowbird Men’s retreat 9/24-9/26. JJ5K in Stanley. All other announcements a void because they’ve already passed.

Prayer requests: Turtleman, 2.0’s of a few of the PAX, our country, each other.

YHC took us out in prayer.

Until Next Time,


Drinking White Claws in the Valley

10 total at Downtown this morning for a rare morning time Freight Q. My hours were a little different this week so I took advantage. This is what we did.


seal jacks, butt kicker, high knees, flutter kicks

Let’s mosey

The Thang:

We headed down Main st toward the new ball park stopping on the way a few times to do some exercises. We would continue this for most of the workout. We eventually cut across Franklin to 2nd avenue. We took 2nd back up to Broad and Broad back up to Main for a little over two miles and stopping for said exercises several times. The exercises are listed below.

5 lunges each leg

5 WWI’s

5 Squats

5 Merkins

5 Kracken Burpees

Back at the start we finished of with Def Leppard’s choice of Tiger Kings. That’s squats and lunges at a 1:4 ratio like the iron hulk. We did this to about 7 or 8 when time was called.


Announcements-Service project items

Prayer Request-2.0’s, those with sickness, pax traveling


Summertime at The Goat

10 PAX (including YHC) began this Thursday morning with a beatdown at The Goat.  It went like this…

SSH (15xIC), Imperial Walkers (15xIC)

The Thang:

Mosey to Floyd & Blackies for 5-10-15-20 “reverse suicides.” 
At the F&B starting point:  5 jump squats, 10 hand-release merkins, 15 American Hammers (each side), 20 plank jacks.
Run up the hill to 4th telephone pole for:  5 burpees, 10 lunges (each leg), 15 merkins, 20 flutter kicks (each leg).
Rinse/repeat in succession for 3rd, 2nd and 1st poles.

Bear crawl across the bridge to the park for the next routine – 2 laps around the Goat Island playground via Nur and Karaoke most of the way.  Heading back to town, Lunge-walk across the bridge.  

Then, stealing a page from the Bubba Sparxxx playbook, YHC called for a jail-break up the hill from the fire station to intersection at Mayworths, followed by 15 (each) Derkins and Dips.  After a mosey back to the fire station, 15 (each) leg lifts and big-boy situps.  Time ran during the third round of this, so we finished with POA and COT.

Tubing on Green River Aug. 7 (posted on Slack but haven’t seen recent update)
F3 Dads Aug. 21 at Folsom
Labor Day (Sept. 6) combined Sandlot + Mt. Hollywood at 0700 somewhere (TBD) in McAdenville

Turtle Man
Tesla traveling

Thanks for the opportunity to lead!
– Nutria

Party at Orangeman’s

We did stuff. There was a train.


wattsups niece had a baby. Baby Charlie requires heart surgery.

orangemans M is traveling

fruity pebbles buddy Eric having surgery on brain tumor next week


f3 dads august 21 at folsom

rafting trip

2nd f tonight at primal 5 pm 7-30-2021

party at orangemans at 8 pm (m is out of town – leopard is brining white claws)


Leppard’s Drink’in Again

One of the hottest days of the year and 5 brave souls joined me in the Easy Bake Oven known as Midoriyama. I sent out a pre-blast trying to entice some HIMS that enjoy a cold beverage or two. Some luke-warm interest and then a bunch of excuses like “I’ve gotta work,” or “Vacation Bible School,” or “my M’s busy and I have to watch the kids,” or my va-jay-jay is sore and I need to douche it…blah, blah, blah. I guess the saying is true, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” Then Whoopee throws out some noise about COVID on the rise among males under 50. Correct me if I’m wrong, weren’t we working out this time last year without a vaccine in place? I know a few of us got it and dealt with some suffering for a while but we made it through. Staying in peak physical condition is one part of the equation to challenge this flu. Now before any of you go challenging me, I said fitness is one part – not the only part. Obviously you can get the jab or wear a napkin over your face. There are lots of choices. Sorry – I’ll get off the soap box and tell you what happened today.


10 counts in cadence: Toy Soldier, Imperial Walkers, Side to Side Lunge, MNC’s, Hillbillies, Cotton Pickers


Mosey to the shaded part of Poston Park.  YHC was already making the PAX feel better about posting. Apparently on Tuesday Pockets had the troops working out in 90 heat on 150 degree asphalt. We fellowship jogged to the lower parking lot and down the path to the volleyball court near the dock. I don’t think we’ve ever used the volleyball sandpit – now is the time. 11’s: 10 Merkins, mosey through the sand to the other side for 1 Squat. And why not make it dirty? I watched women’s beach volleyball the other night so as you come to the net, 5 vertical jumps. Call them spikes or blocks, whatever you want. Blart at 7-0 tall had an advantage of the low net – I suggested he still needed to jump. Leppard and Broke began reliving the glory days of North Gaston varsity basketball where more fouls than points is a badge of honor. The sand works your quads more than you realize, even at that short of a distance. We finished and Broke provided a 10 count.

We migrated up the hill to the picnic shelter – fully shaded and waiting was a cooler with a mixture of beverages. Since most of the PAX were full of excuses, I’ll share what the Beer Workout is. Similar to ‘deck of death’ but with beers. A mixture of adult beverages were in the cooler. Each PAX took a turn to select a beverage and then came a decision – do I drink it or not? If the PAX drinks the beer, the other 5 take a short lap in the parking lot. The challenge was for the drinker to finish said beverage before the PAX returned or else the drinker also has to perform the exercises. Two men took the challenge – stay tuned. Now, if the PAX declined to drink, well everyone then had to exercise. Each can/bottle had 2 exercises on a label. Perform the first until form breaks or your tired of it. Move to the next exercise either until time expires or you want to flip to the first one again. After each round, run a lap. The time began with 1:39 on the clock – why that time you wonder? Well go back to your grade school field trip when the kids on the bus began singing 99 bottles of beer on the wall…So each round dropped by one second following the song lyrics. You still with me? Lot of explaining here…but the mumble chatter and egging on was fantastic. Here is my best recollection of how it went down.

  1. Blart selected a Bud Light – pretty basic. Despite goading, he chose exercise which was Bobby Hurleys and Decline Peter Parkers for 1:39 – we ran a lap.
  2. Broke grabbed a pint can of Miller Light – our Nantan was thirsty – he popped the cap immediately and the rest of us took off to see if we could beat him. Defib and Blart were close but Broke is a professional beer drinker and was easily finished. We would have done merkins and mtn climbers had he not been parched.
  3. CPAP loves craft beers – I had none to offer so he selected a Natty Ice tall boy. No consideration to drinking that so we had 1:38 of Big Boys and Flutter Kicks. Broke’s stomach hadn’t settled his beer and he thought about puking but the PAX said any merlot splashing meant he had to repeat as Nantan in 2022. Broke held on for dear life. We took a lap.
  4. I was curious of Defib’s palette – what would a cardiologist choose? Why none other than a tall boy IceHouse. I think he thought the can was cool. He declined to drink it so that meant 1:37 of Burpees and Mike Tysons – pure hell right there. Broke contemplated being Nantan in 2022.
  5. Def Leppard strolls up to the cooler claiming he ain’t had 2 beers in a year in he can’t recall how long – maybe because he blacked out? I know there have to be some good Leppard stories of cruis’in Franklin back in the day and pegging stop signs with empty bottles. So Leppard sniffs through the cooler and picks up the one beverage I planted in case Sister Act posted – yep some of you guessed it: a lime White Claw. So DL reads the label closely, not for the exercise but for the calorie count. Apparently he’s watching his figure. The PAX are really encouraging DL to pop the top. Blart crouches down into a starter’s block and with the pop of the top, Blart becomes Usain Bolt. I’ve never seen him accelerate that quickly. Leppard nearly tosses his cookies on the first gulp but realizes Blart is blazing a trail never before seen, then decides to cheat and cuts the median to find Leppard catching the final drop of the can. We missed Monkey Humpers and Overhead Claps on that round. Leppard wonders aloud how Sister Act enjoys the Claw so much, but says it wasn’t too bad and may even stop at the store on the way home to pick up some more.
  6. Huck would appreciate my selection of the only IPA in the cooler: Elysian Space Dust 9% alcohol. I was not about to crack that thing so we did the exercise for 1:36 of High Planks and if you got tired, CDDs. With time left under 5 minutes we cancelled the lap and hustled back to base.

For the PAX’s efforts they were rewarded with choices of water of beer. Leppard said he’d reached his limit so opted for water. Announcements: August 7 tubbing – Tate is schedule to write a pre-blast. This is the final week of the service items (brush, comb, gum, mints) – turn into Freight. Prayer list – Turtleman, Big Pappy, Freight 2.0, SA 2.0. I took us out.

This workout is as much 2nd F as it is 1st F. Tougher challenge once you pound a beer during the workout and have to run or jump around. The mumble chatter is pretty strong too. I have the Q at Old School Saturday morning at 0700. I’ll replace the 2 beers drunk and bring the cooler out for anyone curious. I had several more rounds to go. Plus I have another surprise in my trunk to unveil. #showtoknow. Hopefully Leppard made it home okay, he was a bit wobbly but that could have been the heat.

Thanks for letting me lead,

Short Sale

Crossroads Pool Crashers

I rolled in a little early this morning followed close behind by Gold Digger.  He launched about 5:45 on a solo around D-town.  PAX started to arrive shortly thereafter and it was only when Gumby rounded the corner of his truck sporting a bike helmet that I remembered that I had left mine again.  I returned to the house to pick up said forgotten helmet then met back up w/ Gumby for a great fellowship ride.  At one point during the ride we found ourselves in Tron’s driveway & recalling the fact that he had security cameras we couldn’t resist the opportunity to ride up to the house & around the backyard swimming pool just hoping that since he didn’t escape the fartsack that a little notification from Ring would wake his sorry self up.  Fortunately, we were fast enough that despite the basketball goal obstacle & the tremendous urge to jump in to cool off we escaped prior to any guns being drawn!  We returned to the parking lot to find the running PAX making their final approach.  A quick round of announcements, the pledge, and COT and YHC prayed us out.  It was on inside for a little Shared Competence for Q-Source.


  • Green River tubing (prolly auta call Broke) (8/7)
  • July service project items brushes, mints, gum for Freight
  • Round Up & Company for 50 miler (9/3-4)
  • Snowbird (9/24-26)
  • JJ5K (9/26)
  • Still need drivers for Bourbon Chase (10/16-17)

Prayer Requests:  Mayor traveling up north, Mayor’s 2.0 going to camp, PAX in general

Homemade Stouffers

Recently I volunteered to take the Q at the Pub. I had a great plan to run do my best and see where I landed. Life sometimes gives you the ole finger and you gotta make changes.
I missed a call last night from a friend of mine, he and his wife are very close to my family. Jason is my best friend, since 4th grade we have been causing trouble and even fixed a thing a two together. His wife introduced me to my wife yall know how that goes. I called him back on my way to the Pub, he told me at that time that his Wife’s Mom had passed away Earl his father in law found her in the bed asleep for the last time. Diane was a great women, I let the pax know what direction to go in and set my watch to walk mode picked the phone back up and called Jason. I spoke with Cody spoke about some good times I remembered about Diane in hopes that she would smile for a moment thinking about her Mom. Diane was a tuff son of a Gun from Surry County she didnt take much crap and was a little lady who loved having a house full of people.

Homemade Stouffers!
When I met Diane I was in college at UNCC I didnt have any family that year to visit for Thanksgiving and Diane caught wind of this and refused to let me be alone that year. Codys town had a tradition of meeting up the night before and having a good time before thanksgiving day with family. Before we left out Diane had “prepared ” a wonderful Italian dinner that she “worked” very hard on. Being in college I was just happy to have a hot meal in front of me. I looked up after my first bite All smiles I asked Diane “how did you have time to make this wonderful Lasagna before thanks giving”? She smiled real big and said this is my Homemade Stouffers Ive been working on it all day! By that point I didnt care who Stouffers was, I just thought this Lady was one heck of a Lasagna cook. That is until I seen the Box in the trash. She was a great Woman and I hope God Makes more like her.

During my call I walked a couple of miles and the pax ran down and back.

F3 dads is coming to Folsom soon, Tubing, go run a long way with Buck eye, SandLot and Mt. Hollywood are joining forces in McAdenville LAbor day Monday. workday after Ricky Bobby coming soon.

Prayer request:
The haynes family, termites Nephew,Flinstones Grandma, Queso recovery from a concussion.

The Bed Pan is Full!


11 of us out this morning at PB to get some work in before the heat wave comes through. All of us were pushing the rock this morning and it seems like everyone hit the goals they were shooting for! Awesome job guys!


JJ5k September 26
Driver for bourbon chase October 16-17
Service project items see freight
50 miler September 3rd and 4th
Green river tubing see broke

Prayer Request

Brokers 2.1
Uranus family
Volt family
Turtle man


Broke took us out


Round Up



Starting out with a few warm ups:

Side straddle hop 50x ( crying started quick)

Super man

Warm up run around the track and to the lower parking lot. Then the real crying started with 4 corners starting with 2 exercises at each corner went something like this:

Corner 1: Crunchy frogs and American hammers 10 of each

Corner 2: Star Jacks and Little Gumby in the woods 20 of each

Corner 3: Merkins and Diamond Merkins

Corner 4: Low Scissors and Leg Flutters

Increase by 10 at each corner with 4 rounds.

Total: Crunchy frogs 100, American hammers 100,  Starjacks 140, Little gumby in the woods 140, Merkins 180, Diamond merkins 180,  Low scissors 220, Leg Flutters 220

Yes there was a lot of crying going on and small violin playig but we had fun then ran back did some stretching, good devotion and prayer.

Sorry I forgot all the announcements OLD PEOPLE !


Directionally Challenged

YHC showed up at the Coconut Horse a little before 0700 with evidence of F3 PAX vehicles in the parking lot.  JJ and DDC came running in from the loop around 0715 as scheduled, then Oompa Loompa a short time later.  Next came Rebar running with a Ruck on.  (running with a ruck is not recommended…ask my right Tibia).  We knew Gavel was still out there somewhere and we waited, and waited.  Whoopee showed up for Q Source and at 0728 YHC did the nameorama and announcements and closed in prayer.

Short Sale showed up for Q-Source.  Still no Gavel.  YHC called Gavel but no response.  After grabbing coffee we started week one on “Cowboy Ethics” with YHC on Q.  Someone mentioned that Gavel had returned after JJ had tracked him down.  Apparently he took a left on the Greenway instead of the right and ended up at Lineberger Park.  Whoopee expressed significant empathy for Gavel as he too has experienced a lack of sense of direction.  To his credit, Gavel refused the ride back to the Horse and returned safely under his own power.

Do you have a personal Code?  The Code of the West brings us back to the simpler times where men lived by honoring the Golden rule.  Authenticity, directness, humility, confidence…where a handshake was as good as a contract.  Back to a time where fundamental principles of right and wrong and personal character, not job title or bank account is the true measure of a man.

Short Sale with the Q next week if you want to learn more.  Live each day with Courage…..


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