Two weeks ago I Q’d a ruck inspired workout that Voodoo hated to have missed …. lucky HIM I had already created the framework for today’s beat down during that event … funny how the mind works . The following week Voodoo was present at Neverland as I asked our site Q if next week was open …. yes … I’ll take it …. Voodoo ? …. your wish is my command … come next week … limited running if at all.
There were 2 tweets billing this event as working a muscle we men rarely use and that the M will be so pleased we were present today. Some questioned what this could mean …. seems many were inspired or just plain ole damn curious as I began …. a little differently ….
We pledged and as I raised my arms to my side explained that today’s workout would be up to you as to the level of intensity ( beginning MNC in moderate pace ) telling all present to speed up intensity or slow ….. to ….. a ……. Gastone ……………… level ………………….. ..during the warm up there were no cadence counts …. in fact there was only one in the final 6 minutes if the overall workout.  Today would be visual …. following Q s actions and there will be a cerebral ( dat deres special talk fer brain power ) element added in for new challenges. This was the new muscle rarely used as I’m sure all of us at some point have heard the M say “ What were you thinking?” “ Use your head ….( at this time Time Frame correctly guessed that yes I meant the head above not the one 2 feet lower !

We also performed IW and heel raises ending with LBCs

Lets mosey …. around Snoballs at which I waited to hear grumbling from Voodoo at the lack of coupons and pacing …. but wait… we came back to my truck as I open the tailgate exposing a treasure trove of coupons calling all present … heard some marvel at the number of them bug I was unsure how many might show and besides while unloading last time I sent one into early retirement as it fell on s kettlebell when unloading . And if any were wondering … yes there are smaller alternatives in case any 2.0s may have been present. Later today when unloading in fact my 2.0 CapN Crunch asked what we did with these and I explained and demoed a blockee which he too wanted to attempt but I forbid his using a full size opting instead for a half size …. he was impressed at the exertion required!

now we are ready and head over to the back side of building at driveway entrance where I explain that some of the pax are now exposed to rough waters that they must get out of quickly  part of today’s exercises will be determined by the pax who must solve a puzzle ….. growing up I always loved working puzzles word finds riddles and other such and in the 90s was given a game called MindTrap of which I tested the pax several times such as to begin “ a truck 15 feet 2 inches drives trough town tries to go through an underpass with 15 feet clearance signs and gets stuck … how do you release the truck w/o damaging the bridge ?” JK2 with the swift  and correct response of take air out of the tires !

Now our next challenge is the river ( street in actuality ) that we must cross making sure our coupons remain dry …. there were a few ticks of the clock and someone called hold over head ….” yes! Cusack! “ I cry…I also disclaim for those present to stay alert to any traffic once over we shoulder our burdens and meander to former Doctors office where we lay coupons down 10 squats now … Blockees !! 5 only then box jumps and reshoulder  burden over to sign telling us some nonsense about private property blah blah blah

Halt ! We must determine safest exercise to cross this mine field we are now in front of ( I do realize how ridiculous this sounded but felt it would add to the mumble chatter and was i right) many looked puzzled and I explained let’s lunge walk as many asked what mines were in the ground how many how big the explosions or destructive …. somewhere in here asked another Mind Trap question “ a plane departs New York City carrying 523 passengers and 10 crew bound for Alaska . However, along the way the plane crashes across the border in Canada. Where do you bury the survivors? “ answer came quickly you don’t bury survivors!

Gastone led us in flutters 51! My age ! Island never stopped at least until he saw he was being left behind as we went to the wall and attempted to cross other side at lowest point …. caution must be taken as there is a second drop many of us found !! Sargento easily walked over the wall coupon shouldered acting like it was an anthill and Turtleman…… OMG …. we puzzled whether he went to drain the turtle or just search for turtles in the woods ! While we waited on him we now did 10 triceps presses and meander to the dock where i start to deliver new challenge but JK2 …. swift as a fox ( if there’s ever a mental challenge he’s on my team!) figures out solution before the query as we are to build a staircase because the challenge is for us to climb up to top of deck w/o using hands to pull up crab walk down ramp rinse repeat collect a block and meander to parking lot for new challenge …..

“All pax and coupons must make it to the other side of parking lot but half carry the load while the other half moves quicker than the others “ it took a minute for the pax to puzzle out that we were to partner up and one would farmer carry two blocks ( tweet last week saying this was little used rucking exercise needed to be implemented ) and p2 would run to other side hand off and continue … we then went back to original side where I asked our final Mind Trap question that none guessed “ I saw an arctic fox chasing a snowshoe rabbit in the snow. How was this possible?”

Many of these questions are worded to mislead you either with irrelevant info like the last question with the number of passengers and this one uses your thinking of white on white on white or even thinking I said it was snowing …. but the simple answer was that it was daytime! Final challenge time we are facing a raging river not too deep that we must cross …. in truth an island about 6 of 7 feet and we are to use blocks to build an unusual bridge ( should’ve taken picture ) but the pax worked this one out even collecting blocks on way out with the exception of Turtleman who felt he was half Turtle anyway and tossed his block waaaayyy over another direction … also noticed Hipaa brave the waters for a special rescue of block !!! Well done ! Shoulder and meander to the bank for dips burpees box jumps and s few squats for about 3 rounds …. shoulder again and return to truck and called for someone to call final exercise while we finished loading …. Turtleman with the save of another random number flutters … Gastone kept calling numbers all over the board …. so who knows

announcements of p200 this weekend

convergence Folsom March 30

Community Foundation run / speed for need and Gastone grabs the final chair !! Well done sir!

may 5 Mt Mitchell 51/2 up and 5  1/2 down


Gentlemen … I had a blast creating this in my mind and recreating it for all of you…. I hope that it was enjoyed as well

And let  me leave you with one more puzzle “ my vacation home has all four sides facing south . How is that possible? “

was it the most intense workout? Hell no! It was created as the cousin of the one from 2 weeks ago …. kind of like the brains vs brauns…. so who won? Why the pax for sure ! Will my next boot camp Q be similar r? Hell no again! I’m constantly trying new challenges and new ways to keep it lively and real . Point in case this was my first time posting more than a week … 8 days straight( no…. you won’t see my tomorrow , sorry wearing down ) but I have new challenges for rest of month for self …. I am always amazed and strongly influenced and even encouraged by so many of you HIMs like Hipaa who , when I plan on a 7 day posting he Qs 7 days straight !!! Another HIM from this morning I want you guys to encourage us Gumby ,   This HIM has posted some 18 times in 16 days and wants to continue longer this month but admitted to me that he feels the batteries are wearing down ….. you see him you URGE him ON!!

one final note …. big time q fail on the HW …. yes there was to be homework but not in the traditional sense , will I post it here …. NO! It will be more impactful in person rather than being read  … all will understand … in fact it’s similar to what i spoke to Island Watts Up and Bed Pan on Friday

As the saying goes …. always leave them wanting more……