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Day: March 6, 2019

4 corners.

15 showed on a warm winter afternoon.

Warm up


Don Quixote’s  And a few more that I forgot. mosey to the small soccer field.

Dora. With 4 corners. 10 rounds. OYO. 

SSH 100 

Squat 200 

 LBC 300

Pretzel Crunch first, then switch to Overhead clap 400. 

On laps 3 and 9 give 5 Burpees at the start.

Several fast guys getting done we all stopped and got 5 Burpees in together. Head to the parking lot.

Route 66 called out by several of the PAX.

We had Squats, Merkins, Calf Raises and maybe a couple others. Mosey back to the start to finish up.

Announcements And prayer request.


I told the men, that I wanted to brag on them for a minute. It is always fun at every workout. You men are always there, making someone smile, listening to each other before you speak.  Thank you all for caring, for listening, and most of all for your prayers.   Keep up the good work. Keep pushing each other. Keep holding each other accountable.

Thank you for another great workout!!!

Bulldog Blast..


As I have said before, and as some of y’all experienced last Saturday at the Gashouse, Montross and Whoopie delivered the epitome of what a F3 workout is.  When I began to put together my game plan for Bulldog I took some pages from their playbook and added a few other terrible things in order to challenge myself and hopefully my fellow F3 brothers. So it went something like this:




Princpals of F3- Whoopie Style (lots of burpees) #crowdpleaser

The Beatdown:

5 cones approximately 10-15 yards apart

Bearcrawl between for round 1, Lunge walk for round 2 rinse and repeat as needed for a total of 6 I think. We did both exercises at each cone. There was a fair amount of mumble chatter, but everyone pushed hard.

1) Mike Tysons 15/ LBCs 25 OYO

2) Kettlebell swings 25/ 25 curls

3) Reverse American hammers 25 OYO / 25 Rosalitas 

4) 4×4 10 OYO/ SSH 25 IC 

5) 20 Reverse lunges/ 20 Squats

Thanks to all you guys for coming out and helping me get better.  Till next time SYITG

Announcements – Mt Mitchell Ruck and Convergence.

Pryaer Requests: Voodoo’s co workers daughter and Tornado victims and families. Yhc took us out.



Midoriyama Math?

13 in the  Beautiful afternoon at Midoriyama.  Being that I have a short memory, I am so thankful to have been reminded that I had the Q.  I have a work out that I had done at another AO.  I thought that it would work well for this evening. With a few adjustments, adding in some Burpee‘s for my man Slaw,  I knew that this would suck, so I decided this was the wenkie for us! Time nearing as I pull up. I see plenty of Pax getting their EC on.  With that we began.



1 mile mosey.  5 Burpees at every 1/4 mile mark also we had a train close by, so an extra 5 were added. 


SSH x 10

Toy Soldiers x 10

Goof balls x 10

Hill Billies x 10 

Imperial walkers x 10 

Squats x 10 



Merkins  x 10

Nolan Ryan x 10 each arm. 

Mnt Climbers x 10 

CDD x 10 

Hand release Merkins x 10 

Peter Parker x 10 

Parker Peter x 10 



Crunchy Frog x 10 

WW1 x 10 

V up- Roll up x 10 

Pretzel Crunch x 10 

American Hammers x 10 

LBC x 10 

Dying Cockroaches x 10 

Flutter Kicks x 10 


Mosey to the ball field hill

Triple nickel up hill. 

SSH & Squats – legs

Merkins & CDD – arms 

WW1 &  Crunchy Frog – core.


5 minutes left. Mosey back to the start for some Mary.



Nomades saturday. Meet at dunkin doughnuts on new hope or Roses in Belmont. Let Freight  know.

Community foundation run sign up.


Prayer request.

Each other.  Many request, spoken and unspoken. Remember we are each other’s brother in Christ. Reach out if you need help or just want to vent.


I shared  with the men  about traveling through life. There are HOV lanes in our cities today to encourage each other to travel together to stay out of the clutter of the highway.  To get to your destinations quicker and safer. The Lord wants The same thing for us. He wants us to travel together in life, encouraging one another, praying with one another, helping one another, and most of all loving one another.  Remember to keep Christ centered in your life, and if you need help; we your brothers are here for you.


Thank you you guys for another afternoon delight. It’s always fun listening to the mumblechatter.

Downtown 3/1/19

The weather was great this Friday so we took advantage of the opportunity to get better.
Warm up
Ssh,cherry pickers,merkins,hillbilly, crab reach.
Mosey to the wall on 321 to do some walls sits and raise the roof.
Then went across the street for some fun the coupons laying around.biceps, triceps, shoulders, then we lined up Hipaa had the heaviest so we used his to pass back and forth while doing another round of walls sits. Mumble chatter was going great by now from it’s wet to what will these cars think of us. YHC reminded them it does not matter what does is that we are doing work. Speaking of work let’s mosey.took a stop at the corner of franklin and 321 to do some rocky balboas and calf raises 50 each x3. Then down the street to do some dips and Derkins. Kinda like dippn dots without the sweet little frozen balls. Again weather was nice did not here any complaints about frozen balls. We then teamed up for sprints and squats one runs other squats up the street then fellowship down then lunge back up. My legs felt wonderful so much that Clavin had to show me what a real lunge looked like vs my version of a bad sobriety test. Then back up to the rotary for Mary and talk about the power of prayer!

Remember: prayer can be powerful and effective. We are blessed to pray as a group of men together many times a week, the C.O.T. In my mind is like a antenna going directly to God.

Be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act like Men, be strong.
1Corinthians 16:13

The Bed Pan is full 😎

We Already Have A Peffercorn

Just when we start getting used to the warmer morning weather, nature hits us with a surprise mid 20 degrees. That’s cool cause I know real HIM will post no matter what. Time to clock in.

There were 6 runners and 2 for a ruck. Miles were logged and our FNG seems like he’s gonna fit in with the “Runners.”

All return to start at 6:15.

Pledge, wait, no shovel flag, but no worries, Sparky just happened to have a Flag patch on his boggin. He hangs it on a vehicle and we get it done.

Naming the FNG wasn’t too hard. After learning he grew up playing baseball, played college ball at Limestone and he’s on the Parks And Rec art in Dallas. Smalls was the first thought, but we already have a Smalls. Then Wendy Peffercorn was announced. That had to be it. So, YHC being the Q confirms it. Well, little did I know, but later on was told, that F3 Gastonia already has a Peffercorn. A rename will take place his next post. #QFail

YHC took us out in prayer

Guess What Day It Is……

Hump Day!!!!!

1 Showed for the EC but 13 showed for the main event. It was 5 degree’s warmer than expected so I think that is some good news.

The Thang:


Roxanne was played. Merkin for every Roxanne, Plank Jack for every Red Light. The entire song is hard to complete and is a good way to measure your progress.

Mosey to Gaston’s Hill

SSH while we wait on the Pax.

Every mailbox on the right 10 Merkins. I believe that is 16 mailboxes.  160 Merkins. (After Roxanne, that was pretty tuff)

LBC’s while we wait on the Pax.

Every mailbox on the left going down the hill. 10 Gorilla Humpers. Whoopee taunted me on the way down.

Mosey around to the parking lot wall at Food loin.

Wall sits, hands in the air for a cadence count march. Whoopee added vocals to the count like we were in the military. The last line was “Gastone is a stud that we love”

Run to the top of the hill and back to the wall.

Shoulder taps to 10.

Top of the hill and back.

Shoulder taps to 15.

Top of the hill and back.

50 of each. Sumo Squats, Monkey Humpers, Squats

3 laps up hill backwards. Whoopee and Defib sprinted backwards up the hill on the last set. It was close but I think Whoopee won.

Mosey behind building to the back of the old Harris Teeter.

Everyone on the railings to make a tunnel. Guy at the top bear crawls to the bottom and gets back up on the rails. Rinse and repeat twice.

Mosey over the wall out the street and get back to the start just in time.

The Moleskin:

If anybody has not noticed Timeframe has entered a different realm and is kicking butt and looking good. He looks to be the next beast forming in the Gastonia Pax. Good work Timeframe keep up the good work and push that Jester into a corner.

Next, Wattsup continues to impress with his push and desire for the betterment of himself. We all notice and you help push us all when you do it the way you do.

This morning was chilly but we are close to an end of the cold and hopefully a break in the rain at least some. Turtleman has some weird 30 degree rule that he will not show, SV.

March 30 Convergence at Folsom, should be fun.

Lattini Run 8K March 30th.

Community Run 5k April 13th. Sign up you can do it, even if you don’t think you can.

May 5th, The Summit. Hike from base camp to the top of Mt. Mitchell and back down.  5.5 miles up and then back. 7:30am start time.


Gastone Out!




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