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2022 PT Test #1 at the Gashouse

With much fanfare and jubilation a pride of daring men decided to challenge themselves to the premier PT test at the Gashouse this week.

At 0657, Eighteen PAX were assembled with tense trepidation, likely feeling the urge to urinate on themselves due to the increase nervous system activity.  Sargento, the Nantan, and planner of this particular PT test arrived just in time to get everything in order with the “supplies” for the PT Test.  But wait, he was empty handed!  We had to scramble for pens and paper so we could construct an impromptu spreadsheet with which to document the accurate times of the PAX on this challenge.

Fortunately, Purple Haze had his 2.0’s Star Wars holographic Darth Vader notebook and Whoopee and Bubba Sparxx supplied the pens.  We were in business.  YHC moseyed to the center of the ring to start the workout with the warm up, but first, Sargento was going to cover “Preparedness” from the Q-Source.  Just kidding.  With no FNG’s, the warmup was mosey to the track at Grier Middle School.  During this mosey the decision was made that all future Nantan’s need an Executive Assistant/XO to take care of the little details that make all the leadership difference.

The workout was described to the PAX as follows:

Run a lap

100 Merkins, 100 Squats, 100 LBC’s, and 100 SSH’s.

Run a lap

75 Merkins, 75 Squats, 75 LBC’s, and 75 SSH’s

Run a lap

50 Merkins, 50 Squats, 50 LBC’s, and 50 SSH’s

Run a lap

25 Merkins, 25 Squats, 25 LBC’s, and 25 SSH’s

Run four laps to finish.

Fortunately we have the spreadsheet from Short Sale for the first three PT Tests from 7-19-20, 11-14-20, and 4-24-21.  The fast times seem to be in November when it is cool.  Let’s see who can push themselves on this particular day.

OOMPA LOOMPA, Whoopee, and YHC all timed the PAX and did a few exercises but mainly talked, listened to music, encouraged the PAX and told them to make a hole for the lady that was walking the track during our test.  She was good natured about it until she saw some shirts some off and then she seemed really excited about it.  No, not really.

Defib was first out of the gate after the lap and first round of exercices. This is to be expected since Father Time, when asked the question, “do you know Defib?”, answered, “Who the heck is that?”

Some of the PAX were struggling with the merkins.  100 out of the gate is a lot when you may not have been posting to boot camps or doing them OYO.  You can’t fake muscle endurance, you either have it or you don’t, so some PAX were almost immediately humbled, lying there like sad sacks of bat scat.

Proctoring ain’t easy.   There was a lack of “form police candor” on this day that one has come to expect form the likes of Sister Act.  To be honest, YHC didn’t pay much attention except happening to catch a glimpse of Uncle Ted’s pushup form that looked like Headbanger’s Ball holding a plank.  Not a lot of break in those elbows but the neck was getting wrung out like a rubber chicken in a mosh pit.

In any event, I think the timers/proctors all had a great time watching and shooting the breeze while the PAX were pushing the rock.  When it was all said and done, a few voluntary DQ’d themselves.  Defib was leading until the final two laps where it looked like he may Ralph on the track. Turns out he had a little congestion that was making it difficult to push air through.

Brutus had a kick at the end of the test that looked like a WOJO sprint.

Doodles and Scribbles were there (F3 Dads was last week) and it was good to see.  Freight was steady and disciplined on form from what I could tell.  Pockets was doing good form and of course Volt never cheats a rep.  Hermie did a great job pushing the rock until the end.  There were a few new guys hitting the test today like Maybelline and Captain Steubing.  Tiger was his usual rock pushing self and Broke ensured that the exercises would be done in order since he designed the original PT Test.

When it was all said and done, Tesla is our champion today with a time of 34:07.  Congratulations to Uncle Ted!

We moseyed back to the Schiele for COT with a quick word about being an “eminently qualified” human.  “How can you best strive to become an Eminently Qualified Human? How will you hold yourself to the highest possible standard in life? How do you become a better father, mother, husband, wife, son, daughter, public servant, role model, and leader? The answer:  Unmitigated Daily Discipline in all things.”


After the workout, some PAX beautified the city streets on our F3 Adopt a Highway stretch on Garrison near Lineberger Park.  .  If you are curious, the F3 Gastonia sign is on the east bound side of Garrison just by the parking area at Garrison and Fern Forest Drive.  The sign itself is underwhelming so you may have to slow way down to see it.  That was a lot of fun so next time we need more PAX to help.  Many hands make light work.

Lots of prayer requests from the PAX on this morning…

Purple Haze M and SIL

Tesla M

Brokes M

Defib’s buddy who has terminal cancer

Les Nessman

PRAISE!  Sargento’s latest biopsy is clear and their church plant has a home for six months at DSBG!


Keep challenging yourself.  A PT test is a good exercise to see how you perform on a given day.  For runners, they will struggle with the stamina it takes to do reps of upper body.  For weightlifter types, the running may be the Achilles heal.  It takes a balance and consistent effort at a variety of exercises to get truly fit to lower your time in test such as this.  The Nantan has proclaimed that we will do two more PT Tests this year and Whoopee proclaimed that once he is fully healed from the effects of Luigi he will do the PT test at the Coconut Horse every Sunday.

Thanks to our timekeepers Oompa and Whoopee for doing a great job documenting the times. The Weasel Shaker has updated the spreadsheet.



Backin up Blart… Crossroads 6/5/22

It was an early launch for the DBC and not remembering that Blart told me he wasn’t feeling up to par the night before and might not make it, I forgot to circle back at 06:30 to release the HIMs.  But upon returning I realized the mistake and picked up the six.  It was duly noted that Slaw was not present and there was some speculation as to whether it was a wild night at the latest pinky raising, wine swirling,  and bouquet sniffing vineyard stop or simply the fact that SA had gone to the beach and Slaw was concerned there wouldn’t be any bat flippers available for him to run with???  Fun was had by all!  It was then inside for a discussion on “Get Right”.


Announcements – F3 Dad’s coming up Father’s Day weekend (18th) / PT Test on 6-25-22 at Gashouse 

Prayer Requests – Turtleman, Huckleberry, Kids, Gumby’s Mom, Purple Haze S-i-L, Traveling PAX 

What Does the Blox Say?

YHC saw on Weds morning that EZ Rider needed a substitute Q this weekend at Gashouse (EZ if you’re reading this, hope you are feeling better). It was one of those situations where YHC knew he needed to respond right away and take it, but he didn’t. The next morning, Whoopee put out a similar request for a substitute Q. YHC knew he was due for a Q at the Gashouse prior to seeing EZ’s message and this was a sign that he needed to take it so he jumped on it that time.

SSH IC x 15
Merkins IC x 15
LBCs IC x 15
Imperial Walkers x 15

The Pledge

Boot campers moseyed while the Pain Labbers stayed with Tube.

Mosey to the parking lot near the ball field at First Pres.

YHC asked Linus to pick a number between 1 and 5. He picked 3.

Lunge Walk the length of the parking lot while stopping at every other line for 3 Squats

At the other end, Bear Crawl back on the next row over while stopping at every other line for 3 Merkins.
Prior to the trip back, YHC then let the PAX know that he hated Bear Crawls just so they’d know he disliked this as much as them.

Mosey to the steps for a round of 22’s (think 11’s but increasing/decreasing by 2).

YHC had picked out Big Boys at the top of the steps and let Watts Up choose the exercise for the bottom of the steps. He chose Flutter Kicks.
YHC let Linus decide which exercise to start with 20. While he was thinking, Watts Up and Defib chimed in that 20 Big Boys were preferable for the start.

Once this was done, mosey to the bottom of the hill near the Boy Scout hut. At this point, Linus pointed out what he thought was a fox. In the right light, at the right angle, it did appear to be some sort of animal, but with a further gaze, it was found to just be a couple blocks of wood stacked on each other. “What does the Blox say?”

Partner up for a round of Dora 1-2-3.

100 Merkins
200 Squats
300 LBCs

Throughout the workout, there seemed to be strong mumble chatter amongst the PAX. Linus and I had the exercises at the same time during Dora so we were able to solve the Name/Image/Likeness (NIL) problem in college sports. “I’m partial to women” was said at one point during the exercises. On its own, this could be taken in many different ways, and it made me chuckle. However put in context, this makes more sense given Linus has two daughters and he was concerned how women’s sports would be impacted with this new money/power dynamic in sports and also how female safety on campus would be impacted if athletes felt even more empowered by the new ways to enrich themselves.

Mosey back to the Schiele

Enough time for a couple rounds of Mary led by Defib, Linus, and Short Sale

Murph on Memorial Day, 7am at The Sandlot
New AO – The Down-Lo in Ranlo

Prayer Requests
Watts Up’s M and 2.0 traveling to Missouri
Tube’s M with kidney stone
Bondo’s co-worker’s baby

Prayer to take us out

Until next time…

Quick post script on my thoughts going into this Q. Over the last couple of months, I’ve heard John F. Kennedy’s “To the Moon” speech referenced multiple times on various occasions. One of the points in that speech is that we are going to the moon “not because it is easy, but because it is hard.” I think of F3 and its principles every time I hear that quote. We get up early for boot camps, go on long moseys, and take part in CSAUPs not because they are easy but because they will challenge us in some way. We choose to be leaders in our homes, our churches, and our communities not because it is easy but because it is needed and is best taken on by men with courage and strong moral conviction. I appreciate every man in this region for their encouragement and example as leaders when leadership is needed now more than ever.

Who Pushes Who?

It was a clear chilly morning for the long awaited return of the Community Foundation Run and YHC’s debut Speed for Need event.  I arrived early to lock down a few parking spots to give us plenty of room to set up.  I unlocked the trailer and lowered the tailgate like on one of those NASCAR promo videos in slow motion with the sunrise and a little ACDC in the background!!!  Out came the tent and chairs, and a few connections later, BOOM we were ready to roll.  By this time a few HIMs showed to help out, some went to the field, some stayed around the tent, and some I never got to see, but I heard they were there!

As we neared “go time” we were short two track commanders… a few phone calls later and it was discovered that one family was having trouble getting past Gastonia’s finest and into the parking lot and the other was going to be a no-show.  No problem, one crew headed to the S/F line with one commander and the other grabbed a chair and raced to the top of the parking lot.  A few quick clicks and track commander number two was ready to go.  Uh oh, in comes TC 3 that was totally unexpected an not one of the original.  I’ve never been more proud of the HIMs that jumped into action to secure a third chair (we’d already closed it up in the trailer by now).  Here click, there click, everywhere click click.  A few pic clicks and we scurried to the line.  Although the runners were off, it didn’t take us long to start racking up the kill shots as we worked our way through the crowd of walkers and finally to the back of the running pack.  We were having a blast but nowhere near as much fun as our TC.  The crowds were awesome and cheered him on at every turn.  We swapped around to share in the load and the fun!  Before we knew it we were back at the ballpark, crossing the finish line, and joining with the other crews!  Some final shots… all smiles of course and we were done.  What a day!  Count your blessings gents cause we’ve sure got’em.  I think all would agree on who pushed who!!!

Move over Rover… and let Jimi take over!  PH

F3 250 at the Gashouse

The morning gloom was awesome and during EC Whoopee and I spotted an owl on the greenway so I took a pic.  If I were an owl, the Greenway would be where I would hunt too.  Lots of birds, rabbits, crayfish, salamanders, and other vermin would round out the diet with the trees giving you the high ground.

Anyway Bondo had the Q at the Pain Lab and let us borrow a 20# cool sandbag type coupon to go along with Whoopee’s GoRuck sandbag.  After a brief warmup, the Gashouse PAX moseyed to the flag with coupons in tow and stopped for the pledge before heading to the track and the picnic tables.  The picnic tables disappeared so we were left with one bench to start sandbag step ups.  The idea was for one PAX to be working at a time while the others waited their turn.  We did 250 reps total so each PAX would do two rounds of 25.  YHC could sense that Nutria and Whoopee were disappointed with that pace so we started doing two at a time. Mosey around the track for dips on the bleachers, then mosey around the track for 250 burpees, first by five each and then by two, and then by one to finish them.  Then we moseyed to the church for SSH at the bottom of the steps.  Les Nessman walked over from the Boy Scout hut side.  They were getting ready for pine needle delivery.  It was at this point that Short Sale started talking about Primus posters at Ray Nathan’s.  There is a wall of framed Primus posters that one of the owners collects.  The goal is now to get Primus to do a concert at Ray Nathan’s.  Does anyone know Les Claypool to make this happen?

Anyway we moseyed to the top of the stairs for 250 merkins.  Linus was doing an inverted Def Leppard Merkin and got called out.  We moseyed to the basketball court for sandbag slams and lunges and we listed to Primus “Jerry was a racecar driver” on the speaker.  Whoopee isn’t into that kind of music so I switched to “Amarillo by Morning” from George Straight before we moseyed back to the start.  We did a few sandbags tosses and then the PAX from the PainLab joined for five burpees for the train we heard earlier.  We closed out with COT and named Whoopee’s hernia Luigi.

Good times as always at the Gashouse.

Prayer Requets:  Bondo’s M,  Turtleman, Huckleberry,  Luigi


Always a pleasure to lead










10 men showed at Gashouse for the bootcamp portion of the AO on Saturday. As usual EC was done. The Nantan even put in 10!


We did some stuff then we headed over to the library parking lot.

The Thang:

Borrowed from a workout I saw Carpex do(so if you complained then you must be saying you’re a wussy compared to those guys). The word wussy spelled slightly different may or may not have been used several times during this workout because sometimes a man just needs to be told. Not to beat him down but to lift him up. Look at it as a motivator.

Broad jump 2 parking spaces and do the following exercises.


10-Bonnie Blairs


Do this 2 more sets then bear crawl back to the start(6 parking spaces)

That’s 1 round. Do 5 rounds. We made it through about 4 and we were 30 minutes in so I switched it up to do some Wordle.

If you haven’t played wordle it a word game where you try to figure out what the 5 letter word is for the day. Your first guess is just that, a guess. It then tells you if any of the letters are in the correct spot or if they are in the word just in the wrong spot. Easy enough but surprisingly difficult sometimes. The group had an advantage as they could all help each other. I’m not sure who came up with this as a workout. I saw someone in the nation put it out a week or so ago. So for each letter that was correct and in the correct spot we would do 10 reps of an exercise. For each one that was correct and in the wrong spot we would do 20 reps. For each one that was wrong we would do 30 reps. The first word was ALIVE and they guessed it on the fourth try. Well Uptown Girl pulled this one out. Everyone else was stumped. We ran low on time and only made it through 2 guesses on the second word. It was kind of funny because we were approaching Easter Sunday and the first word being alive lead everyone to think it was a theme. So they kept guessing words that went in that direction. It was STEAL 🙂 Anyway it went pretty good. It’s a little much to keep up with for my taste but still not as difficult as a Short Sale Q.


Pledge-per the Nantan’s command

Announcement-Baseball tickets, I’ll be honest I don’t remember

Prayer Request-My memory( I seem to be forgetting a lot lately)


Speed for Need Info (The Community Foundation Run 2022)


Not sure who all has agreed to help w/ the SFN event Saturday but the last word was we have two Track Commanders.  I am picking up the SFN trailer later today & am planning to arrive at the FUSE parking lot around 7am.  I plan to set up in the lower corner of the main parking lot (see photo) and have the caretakers park beside me for ease of access.  We will make our way to the S/F line before 9am in hopes that they will let us start a few minutes early.  Please reply to this post if you still plan to help push so I’ll have a headcount.  Give me a shout if you have any questions (980-448-8140).  Thanks & we’ll see you Saturday!

SFN Assembly Area (Community Foundation Run 2022)

Blocks and Yoga

A shin injury combined with the amount of PAX running relays this weekend led YHC to reach out to Tube earlier this week to propose a combined Bootcamp / Pain Lab workout. He was all in and after a discussion later in the week a plan was formulated. Nine experienced PAX and a FNG were present as the clock struck 0700 and we got to work.


Full disclaimer



Grab a coupon


We did a modified version of an Iron Pax workout that kept the heart rate up and provided a full body workout.

Do exercises in sets of 25.. After 25 reps jog 25 yards, perform 3 flying squirrels and jog back to continue exercise.
200 curls

175 LBC’s

150 OH press

125 American Hammers

100 Goblet squats

75 tricep extensions

50 lunges each leg

25 HR Merkins

We had to modify the last few exercises due to time and I turned it over to Tube.

Tube finished us off with some DDPY. I’ve seen the acronym, but never knew what it was. After doing it, I wish I still didn’t know. It’s yoga and it ain’t easy.


Convergence 4/2 at The Yank

Community Foundation Run 4/9

Honey Hunters 4/24

Cleanup 4/16


Prayer Request

Prayer channel list


Gumby’s mom


PAX doing relays


YHC took us out

Welcome Tyler Patterson, now known as Orange Peel and EH’ed by Bondo. Great to see Clavin and thanks to him for talking through the 5 Core Principles with the FNG. Strong work by the PAX this morning and I appreciate Tube letting me combine the workouts and Whoopee for putting me on the Q schedule.

I’m Broke

3-19-21 Gashouse



Warm Up:

Seal Jacks IC x 25

Hill Billy Walkers IC x 15

Eskimo Merkins up to 5

LBC’s IC x 20

5 PAX stayed for Painlab and 3 PAX joined me for Boot Camp.

The Under Card:

Mosey to the school for 11’s

American Hammers at one end, Bear Crawl the width of the parking lot and Dying Cock Roaches at the other end.

The Main Event

Mosey to the parking lot entrance on Burtonwood Dr.

Individual Dora.  100 CDD’s, 200 Squats and 300 Freddie Mercury’s.  I previously marked 10 telephone poles along Burtonwood.

Mosey along Burtonwood stopping at each telephone to do 10 CDD’s.  Mosey around the Pearson Properties building then back to the start.

Rinse and repeat 20 Squats at each pole.

Rinse and repeat 30 Freddie Mercury’s at each pole.

Mosey back to the school for 15 Burpees.

Mosey to the flag.

Good fellowship and mumble chatter today gentlemen.  Lots of chatter about the men’s basketball tournament.  I think everyone is pulling for Gonzaga to win the big one!

Thanks guys.


Churc Hill

4 PAX posted to Gashouse on Saturday. All the regulars were out running from one dam to another. Maybelline was one of the bootcampers and I don’t believe we had ever met so it was nice to get to know him.


We followed Tube’s lead on that

The Thang:

Lets mosey up to the front of Grier for route 66 WWI’s with a crabwalk from line to line.

Mosey over to Parkwood’s The Porch on Dixon for some seal jacks, LBC’s and Mtn climbers.

Mosey down to the track at Sherwood elementary and partner up. P1 does hangs from the bar while P2 runs across the field and back. Switch and do 3 rounds. We kept the same format for 6″ hold and planks.

We left Sherwood and headed down Dixon to “Churc” hill stoping at every pole on the left and right to do 1 burpee and every driveway on the left to do 5 jump squats.

We took a right on Churchill and followed it back to Garrison stopping at every pole for 5 hand release merkins and every driveway on the left for 1 set of jump lunges.

Back over to the corner of the Shielle we did several rounds of 1 minute wall sits and 30 wall taps. I think we threw in some Mike Tysons as well. This being the spot the Mike Tyson was introduced to F3 Gastonia by Carrier.

We finished up in the parking lot with some howling monkeys, ring of fire, and iron hulks. All being much easier when you only have 4 pax!


Tube lead the way to close us out.


All in all a good morning out. We did some work and had some good conversation along the way.

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