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Bricks? But I’m a Republican!

Strong group of 11, including a “hobo” from another region, posted to the Gashouse this morning for some brick work, something that resembled Dora, and something that resembled a relay.

Pulled into the parking lot courtesy of Fred’s two feet to find a number of PAX in their cars waiting for the show to start.  Whoopee, Stroganoff and Dirt were at the track, finishing up some EC.  Whoopee jumped the fence, 7:00 rolled around, and it was time to get started.

The Thang:

  • 10 x SSH (IC)
  • 10 x Imperial Walkers (IC)
  • 10 x Calf Raises (IC)
  • 10 x Peter Parkers (IC)

and today wouldn’t have been complete without:

  • 10 x Mike Tysons (IC)

The PAX Pledged Allegiance, broke off of Pain Lab, and moseyed to the front of the schoolhouse  for a quick 10-10-3x across the parking lot (think Triple Nickel without the nickels)

  • Apollo Ohno to the curb
  • 10 x Smurf Jacks
  • Bear Crawl back to the sidewalk
  • 10 x Dying Cockroaches

The Smurf Jacks got less and less smurfy as we went along, but we finished up, and Froggered across the boulevard to FPC where the Footmobile was waiting.

Inside the Footmobile was a set of 40 neatly stacked pavers, not to be thrown in protest or used for a patio.  Some tried to refuse the coupons (“But I’m a Republican!”), but we all took some time to get acquainted with the bricks with 5 brickees OYO before heading to the stairs for the next round.

We partnered up for some Dora with one partner running the stairs, and hammering out 5 berkins (brick merkins) at the top while the other partner makes a dent in the exercise count.  Exercises this round were:

  • 200 x Bent Over Rows
  • 200 x 6 Inches Skullcrushers
  • 200 x Standing Shoulder Taps (count 1 side)

The Rows weren’t bad, but that’s about it.  It just got worse from there.

Quick round of 20 American Hammers (IC) before the next round of Dora.

This time, instead of running the stairs and doing berkins, one partner ran downhill to the drop-off area while doing overhead presses.  Once at the drop-off area, the partner did 5 Nutcrackers (each leg), which are just lunges with the added movement of bringing the bricks together between your legs.  In the meantime, the other partner worked through the exercise count for these exercises:

  • 200(ish) x Plank Flys (count both sides)
  • 200 x Michael Phelps (count 1 side)
  • 200 x Prayer Squats

At this point, we collectively selectively lost the ability to count.  The Plank Flys left us disoriented to the point that we were guessing.  One group’s “count” worked for all of us, and we kept on.  The last two sets were better, but the overhead presses got old real quick.

YHC couldn’t wait to get back to the Footmobile to neatly return the coupons.  No windows or businesses were harmed during the course of this workout (that YHC is aware of anyways).

We resisted the urge to clowncar back to the start, and headed back to the track at the schoolhouse to get in some running.  At this point YHC was full of ideas, but lacking in instruction, but we were all a little punchy at this point, so I said some words and we did some stuff, but here’s how it should have read:

4 Man Grinder Relay:

  • Station 1 – Alternating 5 LBCs & 5 Flutter Kicks AMRAP
  • Station 2 – Alternating 5 Seal Jacks & 1 Burpee AMRAP
  • 1 Man running from Station 1 to Station 2
  • 1 Man at Station 2
  • 1 Man running from Station 2 to Station 1
  • 1 Man at Station 1
  • All done in a relay until a certain number of laps are reached or the Q calls time

It’s really not much easier to describe on paper, but the PAX got the idea and ran with it.  With 11 PAX, we sure could have used 1 more to make 3 even 4 man teams.  Luckily there was a walker, who became an honorary member of our 3 man team.  As we’re working on the track, our honorary member became curious about what we were doing, so EZ Rider gave him a good EH.  After about 2 full laps around the track it was time to wrap it up and head back to the shovel flag for some Mary and the COT.


  • Whoopee – 10 x LBCs (IC)
  • EZ Rider – 10 x Michael Phelps (IC)
  • Watts Up – 10 x American Hammers (IC)
  • Stroganoff – 10 x Flutter Kicks (IC)

No bells, but time was called.  The reliability of the Presbyterians was called into question.  Pain Lab joined back in and we went over announcements.  A car pulled in, and out from it came our honorary member, Gary.  EZ Rider was expecting it, telling the PAX that he was interested in Pain Lab.  We found out that Gary was interested in coming out, but wasn’t looking to run.  The PAX made sure that Gary knew that at Pain Lab, they just sit around and sing “Kumbaya”.  He sounded pretty ok with that, and hung around as we wrapped up the COT.


  • Qs needed for December at Gashouse.  Contact Linus.

Prayer Requests:

  • Sargento’s List
  • Stroganoff and EZ Rider’s coworker lost a grandson to a hunting accident
  • Whoopee’s dad is having cataract surgery
  • All those affected by Covid and the lockdowns
  • Gary’s family
  • Watts Up has a third job interview coming up


Oboe was a great addition to the group.  Visiting from the Raleigh area, he posted to Downtown on Friday and Gashouse on Saturday.  Between no one pronouncing his name correctly (“Oboe”, not “Hobo”) and the constant ribbing about nurring into a car, he added a lot to the workout.  And when he wasn’t running backwards, he was really fast.  If you’re ever posting up in the Raleigh area, hopefully you’ll run into him, but if he’s running backwards, look out.

As we all wrap up the November Challenge, don’t stop.  Accelerate.  There’s always work to be done, and strength in the pack.

Hopefully we’ll see Gary next week.

Yabba Dabba Doo

Post Turkey Day 12 miler


As the Q of the November Challenge, you have already had the opportunity to run ten miles, complete a Murph workout, and eat right.  One of the last things you need to do is complete either a 12 mile ruck or a 15 mile run/ruck.  This is the pre-blast for the 12 mile ruck.

Meet at the Warlick YMCA on Robinwood Road at 0400 hours on Friday morning, the day after you have utilized the “free” Thanksgiving cheat meal.  Bring your 30# ruck and your walking shoes.  We will be done before 0730 so you can be home to accomplish great things like putting up your Christmas decorations or eating leftover turkey meat because you are now on THE PATH and don’t eat things like Pumpkin Pie or chocolate chip casserole.  All I ask is that someone brings a shovel flag.

See you then.



Rinse and Repeat, copyright/trademark violations?

With Gashouse being covered for so many weekends (thank you Pax) and trying to get back into the mix myself it had been a hot while since I had the Gashouse Q.  Many thanks to the entire bootcamp Pax patiently waiting on me to catch up to call each next round.  At the start we:


Warm Up:

SSH – 20 ic

Squats – 10 ic

Merkin – 10 ic

Rudolph with Painlab, Bootcamp up to FPC.  We stopped at the front of the church to get a head count (so I could recover) and headed over to The Pad.

Exercise starts, nothing I can say was an original creation of my own Weinke.  This entire workout was brought to you by Roscoe, Dirt and Tesla.

Perfect Forms:

Trying to bring form back into play after Pax were trying for time the week before we learned from Roscoe’s original Q.

Perfect Merkins:  20 oyo, mosey down hill and back

Perfect Squats:  20 oyo, mosey down hill and back

Perfect Big Boys:  25 oyo, mosey down hill and back

At top of hill once more we did 10, 15, and 20 each of (Perfect) Merkins, Squats and Big Boy’s.

Down hill to the picnic tables.

Perfect Dips:

20 (I think), oyo.  Recover for a hot minute or two:  15 more then mosey.

Moving up to the bottom of the church we took a page from Tesla’s book.

10 Hand Release Merkins (oyo).  Pax mosey to side of church.

10 Hand Release, 15 American Hammers (ic).

Mosey to top of church.

10 Hand Release, 15 A/H, 20 Scissor Lunge

Mosey to side of church.

10 Hand Release, 15 A/H, 20 Scissor Lunge, 25 Big Boys

For time we skipped the last round and just knocked out 30 SSH (oyo)

With about 15 minutes remaining we took a page from Dirt’s book.  Super 11’s or something like that, we moved in a large circle around the parking lot.  Starting point, 1 burpee, Ending point was 90 lbc’s.  Continuing around circle increase by one burpee and decrease by 10 lbc’s.  Took this to the end, mosey back to Schiele.  Linus has a morning meeting, much obliged to Rudolph who finished with some Mary and COT.

Mumblechatter was great.  Blart made it to the Gashouse.  Flintstone has become a regular (and has Q next weekend).  EZ made a special appearance and brought his 2.0 (Pickle Rick)  I am so thankful for college football so Defib, JJ and Short Sale have something to discuss while the six (me) keeps checking in.  Thanks guys for supporting the Gashouse.  Always an honor to lead from behind.


Gashouse PT Test – Round 2

The weather was almost perfect for Round 2 of the PT Test and 27 PAX stepped up and put in some work. In case you missed the PreBlast, here’s what the test consists of:


400m run

100 each – Merkins, LBC’s, Squats, SSH

400m run

75 each – Merkins, LBC’s, Squats, SSH

400m run

50 each – Merkins, LBC’s, Squats, SSH

400m run

25 each – Merkins, LBC’s, Squats, SSH

1600m run

*All reps of each exercise must be completed prior to moving to next exercise and all exercises are to be done in the order listed.


Since the first test was done in July, YHC was anticipating some improvement due to the more favorable conditions and the training that the PAX have been doing over the last 5 months. As always, the men of F3 Gastonia did not disappoint. Some of the big gains were: Tiger -6:19, Sargento -5:37,  Volt and Watts Up from 1 lap remaining to finish the first test to a time just over 36 minutes this time. When we did the test in July, Gavel had just started in F3 and ended up with the final 1600m run remaining when time was called. This time he finished the entire test with a time of 43:30 and all the PAX joined in for his final lap. That’s F3.

Here are the results from both tests:

 PT TEST 7-19-2020  PT TEST 11-14-2020
Breaker Breaker 38:10
Broke 32:54 30:33
Buckshot 41:45
Clavin 41:43
Def Leppard 39:03
Doodles 37:12 34:16
Double Stuff 36:45 33:40
Dr. Seuss 31:04
Dry Rub
Freight 33:18
Gavel 4 laps remaining 43:30
Hermie 3 laps remaining
Ice T 36:38
JJ 33:18
Les Nessman 3 laps remaining
Linus 1 lap remaining 43:25
Nutria 35:22
Oblivious 35:34 31:06
Orangeman 35:05 31:00
Pizza Man 29:14
Purple Haze 35:44 32:40
Roscoe 35:32 35:14
Sargento 37:45 32:08
Shortsale 33:45
Sister Act 31:12 31:30
Slaw 38:53
Sledge o matic 3 laps remaining
Spiderman 38:29
Stroganoff 35:32
Tesla 36:38 33:28
Tiger 39:19 33:00
Timeframe 39:58
Top Hat 2 laps remaining
Volt 1 lap remaining 36:39
Watts Up 1 lap remaining 36:11
Wet Nutz 41:30
Wichita 38:09
Yo Adrian 35:30



Thanksgiving Day – 0530 Folsom, 0700 Goat, 0830 Pub Turkey Trot 5k, M’s & 2.0’s welcome, asking for a $5 donation for Christmas Party

December 10th – Blood drive at Park Street Methodist in Belmont, sign up on Red Cross website and search for F3

December 12th – Christmas Party, be on the lookout for more details


Prayer Request

Sargento’s 40 day challenge prayer list

Roscoe 2.1 upcoming surgery

Tiger’s aunt in hospital

Termite upcoming surgery


Def Leppard took us out.

I’m Broke

The Six Foundational Movement Patterns

The Squat, the Hinge, The Lunge, The Push, The Pull, and the Carry.

We ran to the Church and did some abs while keeping the PAX together.

Then we did squats, run uphill, pistol squats, run downhill, and repeat x 5.

Hinge with Straight leg deadlifts

Mosey to Sherwood track for lunges but wait, there is some sidewalk chalk and a hop scotch thing set up with math equations.  Hop Scotch to the jungle gym.

Push ups and pull ups


No carry’s due to Covid so we moseyed to Grier for some football drills.

The Center hikes to the QB while the receivers run deep routes for sprints and the QB throws it as far as possible.  This was a learning opportunity as we learned our ages and lack of preparation in running, AND CATCHING the ball was very difficult.

However, when it was time to play two hand “injury free” touch football the hands got more sure and we enjoyed the remaining time playing a game.

We moseyed back the long way and circled up for our second Pledge with the PainLab PAX.

Prayer requests:  Sparky’s Dad, Hippa’s M’s side of the family, Tube with a job interview Monday, Kevin, Catamount, My Father in Law,

Thanks for Watts Up for the EC invitation.  Two for a four mile EC ruck and three for a Union Road Diner spectacular breakfast.

PT Test next Saturday at the Gashouse, November Challenge ongoing, Christmas Party December 12th.



Come On Everyone, The Walls Came Tumbling Down

YHC and others were surprised at the modest turnout considering the nearly perfect conditions.   That being said 9 HIM’s did overcome the “over sleeping” epidemic plaguing our region has been experiencing.  The one that YHC though Roscoe was going to call me out by name in his November Challenge preblast.  In talking to other PAX members they felt the same.  I regress, but there will be more to come about that.

The smaller than normal turnout and weinke with modest running it was discussed and decided that everyone should participate in the bootcamp today.  YHC felt that it was a treat to have everyone together today.

YHC showed at 6:15 for some EC to find Stroganoff already there.  He says he clocked 4 miles before 7.  Nice work!

7:00 and time to get after it!


20 SSH’s

Mosey across Garrison to the rear of the library for a better warmup.

Partner up:

P1 AMRAP big boys.

P2 up both sets of steps for 5 merkins.


All x 3

Mosey 2 doors up to dentist office for the Walls of Jericho:

7 exercises

7 count each on 3 walls (was going to be all four walls but unbeknownst to YHC there is no pavement in the rear).

Exercises were:

Imperial Walkers


Monkey Humpers

Merkins….Omaha’d these to CDD’s beginning of lap 4

Mountain Climbers


Flutters…Omaha’d these to Heels to Heaven beginning of lap 5

Mosey to Grier track for the last 15 minutes.

Partner up again.

P1 AMRAP merkins until burned out

P2 Lunge walk

P1 moseys to catch P2 then flapjack.

This went for roughly half a lap.

Mosey back to start.



Site shirts are going up for sale.  Please tell your site Q this week.  These are being ordered on 11/2.

Convergence at Martha Rivers park on Halloween morning at 7.  6:15 at Snoballs is the EC run/ruck.

PT test 11/14 Gashouse


Hermey’s M

Sargento’s M

Sister Act’s 2.0

Double Stuf’s friend Cory’s family

Linus’ father in law


Great push by all this am.  Nice comradery.  Excellent way to start the day.

Thank you to Linus for the opportunity.

Thank you to all PAX who showed for the push and inspiration.

Sounds like the AO’s and PAX are getting ready for the November challenge.  Should be great.

And the walls came a’tumbl’n down.




Sharpen Up November Challenge

Most men in life are in the middle of the bell curve  unless we choose to be be better than that.  If you believe you are one of those guys in the middle, then this is especially for you.    I am talking to the guys that post a couple days  a week and call it good.  The guys who are passively involved in one or two F’s.  The one’s who don’t avail themselves to all the items on the F3 Menu.  The ones who won’t do a CSAUP or Q a workout regularly.  The ones who don’t lives their lives intentionally and “oversleep” instead of making a decision to wake up and get after it.  This challenge is to push that bell curve to the right.

I have heard some clamoring among the Gashouse PAX for a challenge along the lines of the 40 day challenge so here it is.

No excuses!

VISION:  In November you are going to challenge yourself to a few required physical tasks as well as maintaining standards to increase your acceleration.

This challenge can be modified based on your fitness level but make sure you make it happen.


1st F Requirements:

100 Miles combined run/ruck miles for the month to include:

-At least one ten-mile run and…

-At least one 12-mile ruck

-Or…one combined run/ruck of 15 miles

One Murph workout

Combined total of at least 25 workouts (30 minutes minimum, CSAUP’s count as 1)

Hydrate and take in protein after each workout.

Dietary Guidelines:

No Soda

No Fast Food

No sweets

No chips

More water

More salads, vegetables, and lean meats

No alcohol* (except at Bottom’s Up, F3 Gastonia’s only standing 2nd F event.  Limit yourself to two drinks (Moderation in all things, including moderation))

Cheat meals must be EARNED!   (with the exception of Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is a cheat day)

Seven workouts in a week earns you a cheat meal.

Going to Q-Source on Sunday morning earns a cheat meal.

If you have never been to a Q-Source session and go to your first one, you get an additional Cheat meal.

Persuasion:  Don’t be weak.  If you aren’t strong, you’re wrong.  That is it.  Make a shared Google Doc with your Shieldlock to track your mileage.  Journal your posts using Notes on your phone or some other method.  Post on Slack to update on your progress #accountability

YHC encourages Site-Q’s to schedule a long run or Ruck or Murph sometime during the month.

If you have questions, feel free to ask.  Otherwise, commit now to the challenge and quit making excuses.  Covid 2020 has been a real challenge  but we can continue to improve.  Prepare for this challenge now so you are ready.    The challenge begins with a ten miler at the Coconut Horse on November 1st, followed by Q-Source.  I am sure my friends in NOGA will make a similar option available.

EXHORTATION:  Quit being soft,



Not Short Sale approved

It was a perfect fall morning for a post at the Gashouse and many a HIM showed to know. There was a rare Quiche sighting so you know something big was going to happen. Well, it did. Keep reading…

Strong health declaration that if anyone has Covid, been in contact with or around those with Covid, please stay home for a couple weeks. This was followed by the customary disclaimer even though there were no FNGs present.


Monkey Humpers (kind of in cadence)

Pledge of Allegiance

Split up the bootcamp and painlab guys with a mosey up to the Grier front parking lot. We counted off somewhere along the way and determined we have 10 although the count off was pretty wack. Oh yeah, YHC brought the music and showed off a new playlist since we got a family subscription to Spotify the day before. It’s great!

Once we got to the smooth pavement of the lot YHC paused the music so Short Sale could hear the instructions. Full disclaimer, YHC forgot his carefully prepared weinke and had to recall what to do.


Merkins on one end and WWI situps on the other. Lunge walk from one end to the other. The exercises weren’t that bad but the lunging was pretty tiresome. Good push. The music was awesome!

Mosey from there to the parking lot at Parkwood that isn’t very smooth at all. Again, I paused the music so Short Sale could hear the instructions and complain.

Four Corner Escalator

  • Corner 1 – 10 V-Ups (Sargento style which Short Sale took issue with. He showed us the “proper” way but we did it my way anyway)
  • Corner 2 – 10 V-Ups and 20 CDDs as chosen by Defib because I forgot the weinke
  • Corner 3 – 10 V-Ups, 20 CDDs and 30 Plank Jacks as chosen by Termite
  • Corner 4 – 10 V-Ups, 20 CDDs, 30 Plank Jacks and 40 Flutterkicks as chosen by Linus
  • Reverso in order back down to the start. The music was still great!

Mosey from here to the stairs in back of First Pres.

Triple Nickel

5 Merkins at the bottom, 5 Squats at the top x5. Music was phenomenal.

Mosey down to the Grier track for YHC’s interpretation of…

Dora 123

Partner up, while partner 1 does AMRAP exercises, partner 2 runs a lap around the track and then swap. Each PAX would do 3 laps, hence the 1, 2, 3. Get it? The exercises were Side Straddle Hops, Squats and Goofballs. Music was still great. There was a penalty to be paid. Roscoe was warned not to change the music but chose to anyway to his hair metal stuff. He did it twice which meant he owed 20 burpees. Short Sale took issue with my music too and split the burpees with Roscoe. That’s so sweet.

Mosey back to the start and arrive just in the nick of time! Aye!

Announcements: Convergence October 31st, PT test November 14th

Prayer requests: Double Stuf’s friend’s family, our country, Goose and young folks, Herme’s M, the election


With the passing of Edward Van Halen I knew that some VH would need to be played at the Gashouse. After a brief disclaimer, the opening exercise was SSH for the length of the song “Eruption”. I had that song on 45 ( for you “hate” PAX, a 45 is a small two sided record that contained one song on each side and had to be played on a record player.  The “A” side was the single, and the “B” side was a lesser known track. The B side was running with the devil as I recall). when I was a kid and took it proudly to my next door neighbor Because I was so proud.  He was At least 5 years older and took me to his playroom and pulled out a couple carts of albums and found the original album and all the songs. I realized I had a ways to go to be that cool. #apprenticeship

After the warmup We said the Pledge and then I put the speaker Up and we moseyed to the Library. We encountered a 10-60 suspicious vehicle and checked it out. It had a used car dealer tag and dents all over it but since it posed no threat we moved on by.
We had seven to start. The first exercise I called was the Colonel Trautman. 20 merkins at the bottom of the parking lot then run up the stairs to the library for 19, back down for 18, and so on to 1. At about 12 Stroganoff texted me and asked where we were. I texted back and shortly thereafter he joined in. It is always a good idea to carry your phone during a workout.

Next we moseyed to FPC.  Two PAX would give an exercise and we would do EMOM of those two exercises  every minute on the minute for 3 minutes and then the next two PAX would call an exercise.  We did burpees, LBC’s, squats, flutters, squats, dying cockroaches, v-up toe touches, and calf raises.

Next we moseyed to the playground for more EMOM’s  this time it was 6 pull-ups and 15 squats for 5 minutes, followed by a dead hang competition.  I underestimated how hard it was to keep my feet off the ground.  We need a high school playground.  Anyway, it came down to JJ and Goose and JJ won with probably over a minute dead hang.  Those two guys should live a long time as I hear grip strength is an indicator of life expectancy.

We then moseyed to the library again for ring around the curb.  It is a lateral bear crawl for one rotation, then we went back the other way.  We followed that with a mosey to the nature trail and some dips IC before heading back to close it out with the Pain Lab and Gashouse combined CoT


Announcements:  OCT 31 Convergeance at Martha’s House.  Costumes welcome

prayer requests: Slaw, SA’s daughter, Double-Stuff’s late friends’ family

It was great to see Goose and Woody And Anchorman back in the Gloom. It was also nice for a pretty normal breakfast at the Union Road diner, and even nicer that Boudin picked up the tab!  Until next time, keep pushing the rock!



Old School at the Gashouse

I had not Q’d at the Gashouse in quite a while and jumped at the chance when Linus called for some Q help in October.

A good crowd gathered for Painlab and the bootcamp.  One FNG showed (more to come on that).

We circled up for the disclaimer, pledge and a quick warm up of:

10 IC Imperial Walkers

10 IC Side Straddle Hops

Time to split up for the bootcamp and Painlab (Les Nesman with the Q there).

8 total took off to the track at Grier Middle School where so many of our region’s early workouts occurred.

The Thang

First up was some partner work with Dora:

Starting on the track straightaway, Partner 1 performs exercise while Partner 2 runs across the field to the straightway on the other side, performs 5 Monkey Humpers and runs back to Partner 1 and switches spots.

The Dora exercises included cumulative 100 Merkins, 200 Squats and 300 LBC’s.

Next on the list was 1/4 Mile four corners around the track as follows:

1st corner – 10 Merkins

2nd corner – 20 Squats

3rd corner – 30 CDD’s

4th corner – 40 FNG’s

We ran it back, literally as we nurred from corner to corner for the 2nd round of the same exercises in reverse.

YHC then mistakenly called a made up round of work that he called 1/4 Mile Merkin Lunges.  With same partners, Partner 1 performed AMRAP merkins while Partner 2 lunged around the track.  When Partner 1 completed a set of merkins, he ran to catch up with Partner 2 to start his set of lunges.  The original plan for this was to go a full lap…….YHC omaha’d this to a half lap and it was plenty.

Finally had to throw in a few Wolfpack Grinder laps as follows:

10 IC Squats – Run Half Lap – 50 Freddy Mercury’s

Rinse Repeat for another half lap

Next round:  10 IC Squats – Run Half Lap – 25 CDD’s

Rinse Repeat for another half lap

Nearing 0800 so we moseyed back to the Schiele for some Mary that included Flutter Kicks and Dying Cockroaches.

During the COT we each shared a praise or prayer.  I appreciate everyone sharing.

The naming of the FNG became a challenge due to his comment somehow related to “Big Gun”.  I actually do not remember the context of the comment but that led to many names suggested including “Pew Pew”.  I fought it valiantly but eventually succumbed to the time and pressure and our newest recruit was tagged with “Pew Pew”.  Welcome.

Good work men.  It was great to get out and Q the Gashouse Bootcamp again.

Until the next one.  Aye!!


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