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Never got a name

We had four for five miles of EC.  Stroganoff expressed shock that Maybelline was on time for the EC.

We returned to the Gashouse as the PAX were assembling for the Painlab or Gashouse beatdown and Dolph was there with his 2.0 Dijon.  Great to see the legend himself looking as jacked as ever.

YHC warmed up the group and then we split.  The Bootcampers pledged at the flag and then moseyed up to the business park for some work.  We did some Broga at the bottom of the hill and then hit a jailbreak to the top of the hill.  Let’s just say, Dolph hasn’t lost a step, Wojo is a bolt of lightning, but Dijon looked like Usain Bolt.  #Humbled

We moseyed back during recovery for some partner 100 merkins as fast as possible and then went up again.  We did some bearcrawls and then one minute of tic tac toe.  We used the parking line to imagine a hashtag and jumped in a pattern for one minute.  The coordination required to do this must be too much if you are over 25 I guess.  It was a debacle.

We then moseyed to the back of the library for some Dora.  YHC was getting crushed by the site Q because we were making it up on the fly this morning.  50 burpees, 100 merkins, and 150 squats with one squat jump at the top.
Then lunge walk up the side of the library.  Wojo came back to life on this one.

We then did a relay plank sprint across the traffic island near the book return, followed up by a three minute wall sit that went over real well.

We moseyed to the pharmacy for MARY while PAX ran around the building.  We were going to mosey back to the start but Dolph called Jailbreak at the parking lot and so the PAX returned a couple minutes early.  We held a plank and started COT while we waited for the church bells to ring, signaling the end.

It was a good old school beatdown with good mumblechatter.  In spite of the heckling for not having a weinke, hopefully the delivered beatdown was acceptable for all who chose to come out.

Announcements:  Pushing Rocks starts this Thurday.  The halfpipe is open.

Prayer requests:  WOJO’s dad, Dolph’s relatives and coworkers grandmothers passing.   Turtleman and family.  Huckleberry,  Anchorman

The part about being humbled during a workout is a great lesson.  Some guys are in better shape or better in certain things.  That’s life.   Just don’t quit trying.

Always a pleasure to lead.




Sometimes workouts fly by, other times like this day, it seems like time stands still. We kept moving, and there was plenty of mumble chatter. Could have been that extra 15 minutes compared to a weekday workout… regardless, it went something like this.

0700 hit so it was time to go. Quick disclaimer

The Pledge

SSH IC x 15
Merkins IC x 15
LBCs IC x 15
Imperial Walkers IC x 15

Bootcampers took off while the Pain Labbers stayed with Linus.

Mosey to the circle in front of 1st Pres for what I called a variant of Triple Nickel which confused everyone because it wasn’t the traditional Triple Nickel.

5 exercises, 5 count of each, then a lap, 5 times (see that’s sort of a Triple Nickel).
We did BLIMPs so the PAX said it was BLIMPs not Triple Nickel (YHC was the Q so it could be both)
Imperial Walkers
Peter Parkers

Mosey to the top of the steps. The news had just come out that Sports Illustrated would be no more. My childhood and teenage years consisted of reading SI cover to cover each week when it came in the mailbox. So in memorial, we’d run some partner cover to covers.
Under the Cover at The Pad, Partner 1 would AMRAP an exercise. Partner 2 would mosey to the cover at the lower entrance and back. Then, Partner 1 would run and Partner 2 would exercise
First round consisted of Merkins, Reverse Crunches, and Squats
Second round was PAX choice and consisted of Mtn Climbers, Somethings, and (I believe) Flutter Kicks

Mosey to the bottom of the parking lot near the ballfield. Four Core-ner time…
Corner 1 – 10 Crunchy Frogs
Corner 2 – 10 Crunchy Frogs, 20 Freddy Mercuries
Corner 3 – 10 Crunchy Frogs, 20 Freddy Mercuries, 30 LBCs
Corner 4 – 10 Crunchy Frogs, 20 Freddy Mercuries, 30 LBCs, 40 Flutter Kicks

De-escalate and unstack
Corner 3 – 10 Crunchy Frogs, 20 Freddy Mercuries, 30 LBCs
Corner 2 – 10 Crunchy Frogs, 20 Freddy Mercuries
Corner 1 – 10 Crunchy Frogs

Mosey to the small parking lot next to the church for “Real Triple Nickels”
Round 1 – 5 Dips on 1 side, mosey to other side for 5 Derkins, repeat 5 times
Round 2 – 5 Calf Raises on 1 side, mosey to the other side for 5 Hip Slappers

With time still remaining, mosey to the Shiele for Wall Sits.
Air Presses IC x 10
March in Place IC x 10

Mosey to the flag in time for Stroganoff to call Flutter Kicks. Finally, the bell.

It was the last day to sign up for Pushin’ Rocks Challenge

Prayer Requests

COT was short because the princesses were cold.

Prayer to take us out.

Until next time…

VQ @ Pain Lab

It was a cold morning at the final Gashouse / Pain Lab for 2023, so cold in fact there was ice on the ground… ok it had apparently been dumped from a cooler the night before but you get the drift!  Flintstone had the Q for the bootcampers & warmed us up a little.  We broke w/ 7 PAX for PL.

The Thang:  Zombie walked w/ coupons down to the amphitheater.  We completed the warm up with a round of 60 Second Circle (High Knees – 1 Burpee, SSHs – 2 Burpees, Moroccan Nightclubs – 3 Burpees, Imperial Walkers – 4 Burpees, & 30 seconds each of the “patented” RoL & LoR.   Next up was box jumps up the amphitheater rows (5) followed by 5 curls.  In honor of 2023 we completed 4 rounds w/ a final 3.  Next was Flip Flops w/ 1 partner counting up to 23 LBCs & the other counting down from 23 Squats.  Instead of Merry Christmas it was on to Happy New Year w/ Step-ups & Derkins.  Note to self… I think Tube forgot to yell Happy New Year as even Whoopie thought we completed enough to qualify for the Chad 1000!  With just 2 more PAX & ~ 15 minutes left YHC Omaha’d so we could move up to the top of the parking lot to play w/ some Spartan workout props.  We rotated through tire flips, sledgehammers (not the PAX although he was here), farmer carries, OH claps w/ bricks, gravel bucket carries, & squat presses or curls.  Back to the flag for about a minute of Mary.  TIME!  It was honor to lead you men.

COT:  Beer mile today @ 10:30 / New Year’s Day convergence @ Martha Rivers Park @ 07:00 (EC ruck & run @ 06:00)

Prayer Concerns:  Turtle Man, Mason & Cherry families (Maybeline’s friends), Purple Haze’s M, Jeff Guilabo (spelling ?) heart procedure did not go well & he’s struggling to stay alive, Curtis Rozelle family he was unpacking boxes in his new home in Stokes County & went to bed Tuesday night w/ some chest pain & did not wake Wednesday, Sledge’s family recent loss of mother.

Another Cliche Christmas Workout at Gashouse – But At Least it Included Gifts

Another 12 Days of Christmas Workout

I have asked to Q the last Saturday at Gashouse for the past 6 – 7 years.  At the end of each workout, I give out a book (or two) that has made an impact on me.  More on that later.

Decent crowd for Gashouse and Painlab.  Welcome back Kotter Stagecoach to the Painlab.

Quick disclaimer and pledge before the warm up.

Quick warm up with 12 SSH’s and 12 Imperial Walkers.

Bootcampers headed over to the back parking lot of First Presbyterian Church for a repeat 12 Days of Christmas from the 2016 version.

The 12 days were brought to us today by Defib, JJ, Roscoe, Short Sale, myself, Clark Griswold, Ralphie Parker, Rudolph, and others.

Here are how the days went:

  1. Lap around the lower and upper parking lot
  2. 10 Bobby Hurleys
  3. 10 Merkins
  4. 20 LBC’s
  5. 5 Burpees
  6. 30 Flutter Kicks
  7. 20 Squats
  8. 20 CDD’s
  9. 20 Hillbillies
  10. 20 Mountain Climbers
  11. 20 SSH’s
  12. 50 Morrocan Nightclubs

If you are not familiar with this workout, it is simply a stacked workout starting with the First Day and adding each subsequent exercise just like the classic Christmas song goes.  Needless to say, the last sets can become difficult for this old guy.

We still had a few moments so we added a few called exercises from the PAX:

American Hammers – Hand Release Merkins – some plank work from Roscoe

Mosey back to the Schiele just as the bells rang from First Pres.


New Year’s Day convergence at Martha Rivers-7:00 am-EC running and rucking options at 0600.  Beer Mile next Saturday.  AO’s closed for Christmas Day

Prayers:  Sledge – Turtleman – Family Members of several PAX – Others this time of year who have recently lost loved ones.

I brought two books to give out this year due to one of them being a book we had studied at Coconut Horse so I wanted that crowd to have another option.  The Wisdom of the Bullfrog by Admiral William McRaven and As We Think, So We Become by Mark Matteson were the two primary books I included today.  I still have a few copies of each in the back of my vehicle so if anyone would like a copy, please remind me next time you see me.

Always an honor to lead a workout.  F3 Gastonia is winding down another successful year of making an impact.  Continue to EH others and tell the story of F3.

Merry Christmas men!

Until the next one.  Aye!



YHC put together a weinke with a pre-Christmas theme to mirror all the hustle and bustle activities common this time of year. Little did the Q know but some of the PAX hit some EC prior to the workout. They not only warmed up their legs but apparantly the mumble chatter was warm and ready to go when the clock struck 0700.

SSH IC x 15
Merkins IC… this is where the Tez Walker hate began. Something was mentioned about quitting at some point so YHC let the PAX continue doing Merkins until the Q was the only one still going.
LBCs IC x 12
Imperial Walkers IC x 12

Turned Pain Lab over to Hunk a Junk and bootcamp went on a mosey.

Just like so many college and high school kids in the past week, in the Grier parking lot, we took EXAMS.
Partner 1 ran while Partner 2 performed an exercise. Then, switch until both partners performed all 5 exercises.
E – E2K (show to know or look it up in the lexicon)
X – X-Factor
A – American Hammers
M – Monkey Humpers
S – Squats

Left out of the parking lot towards New Hope. Stop at the office park. Got some Christmas shopping to do, but first we have to stop by the ATM for some cash. Same concept, one Partner runs while the other does an exercise. A – Alternating Shoulder Taps
T – Tempo Merkins
M – Merkins

The mumble chatter continued… and continued… and continued…

With cash in hand, it was time to visit Ollie’s. Shopping list included a set of Four Core-ners.
Corner 1 – 10 Crunchy Frogs,
Corner 2 – 10 Crunchy Frogs, 20 Peter Parkers
Corner 3 – 10 Crunchy Frogs, 20 Peter Parkers, 30 LBCs
Corner 4 – 10 Crunchy Frogs, 20 Peter Parkers, 30 LBCs 40 Flutter Kicks

With time left, the PAX got to choose things on their list.
Mosey half-way down the lane where Sargento picked something
Mosey to the end of the lane where Whoopee picked SSH
Mosey half-way back where somebody picked something else
Mosey to the end of the lane where Short Sale picked Jingle Balls or some variation.

Time was running out so time to mosey back. Stop for a burpee at each of the drive entrances.

Stop at the Grier parking lot where the PAX lunged from the road hump to the crosswalk.

Mosey back to start where Stroganoff had us flutter kick til the bell.

This recap does not due justice to the amount of mumble chatter during this workout. Fun was had by all.

2nd F lunch @ Hickory Tavern 12/20
Special Q at Gashouse next Sat (12/23)
Beer mile (12/30) HC to Sargento

Prayer Requests
Sledge’s mom

Prayer to take us out.

Until next time…

2 minutes Q!


Gravel pickers IC

Abe Vigoda IC for Whoopee

Hillbillies IC



Mosey to behind the Presbyterian Church where I parked my truck. Grab a block and gather around for 25 reps of 5 exercises with a run around the lower lot between each set. 5 burpees before and after each run with the reps dropping by 5 each round but the laps increasing by 1 after each set. The exercises were thrusters, curls, tricep extensions,  squats, and alpos. The PAX pushed hard and finished this up with enough time to get through half a set of 11’s starting with 10 diamond merkins an 1 low slow squat. Getting close to time so we loaded the blocks and headed back to the Schiele. With a few minutes left we did a round of PAX called Mary. LBC’s, Hammers, Flutters, Dying Cockroaches and 5 burpees that may or may not have put us a little over time.


Beer Ruck 11:30 today

Lunch 12/20 somewhere at lunchtime, check slack

Beer Mile look for Sargento’s pre blast

Prayer Request:

Clavins Neice and several other PAX running the Kiawah Island half and full



Jackson Hall

Purple Haze mom

my mom

Thanks for coming out and pushing hard today men, and thanks to ShortSale for the opportunity. It was an honor to lead today.

Glossy Lips @ Gashouse

It wasn’t really that gloomy.  The weather was just about perfect.

Good crowd for Painlab and Gashouse Bootcamp, especially considering the F4 event occurring at the same time.

Short disclaimer and warm up of Side-Straddle Hops and Imperial Walkers before the groups split up.

The bootcampers moseyed to the entrance to the museum parking lot for 4 burpees.  We headed toward the track behind Sherwood Elementary that included 3 stops along the way for 3, 2, and 1 burpee respectively.

Time for a super simple, modified Wolfpack Grinder Workout that included some moseying and 3 sets of 3 exercises X 4 times:

Round 1:  Merkins – LBC’s – Squats (Run half of track between sets of all 3 exercises – this would be the repeated rhythm for the workout with other runs across the field and back)

Round 2:  Derkins – Flutter Kicks – Lunges (3 sets with running in between each set)

Round 3:  CDD’s – Freddy Mercury’s – Step Ups

Round 4:  Dips – Dying Cockroaches – Calf Raises

To finish it out we performed 10 reps of the first 10 exercises (no Dying Cockroaches or Calf Raises due to time)

We started working our way back to the Schiele with stops along the way for burpees.

Pledge – Announcements – Prayers – Name-O-Rama

During the COT, Whoopee shared some info about TM (The Man) and The Campos, the original Saturday workout that eventually birthed F3.  One of the originals recently passed away.

Also, Whoopee spurred us during the workout to pick up trash around the AO at Sherwood Elementary.  Well done Whoopee as we did clean it up significantly.

Until the next one.  Aye.


Gashouse 10/28/23

When Short Sale reached out to YHC to grab a Q, YHC knew exactly what he would do. Bring the blocks to Gashouse and administer the same Iron PAX challenge he led at Folsom a couple months ago! It’s a heck of a beatdown, and it truly is you vs. you.

Warmup: The usual stuff


Nutria takes the pain lab boys and the boot campers follow YHC across Garrison to the library parking lot. Grab a coupon out of the bed of the truck and line up side-by-side on one side of the parking lot. The thing to remember is that all the exercises are performed in 25 rep sets. After 25 reps, set the coupon down, mosey to the other side of the parking lot, do 3 Burpees, then return to coupon and resume the reps until all reps for that exercise are completed. Exercises are reps were as follows:

  • 200 Curls
  • 175 Squats
  • 150 Overhead Presses
  • 125 Block Swings
  • 100 Merkins
  • 75 Thrusters
  • 50 Bonnie Blairs
  • 25 Blockees

Mumble chatter was light, then got better after awhile. Some bad dad jokes (Broke has a few if you really have nothing better to do with your life). Some discussion on if (or when) the “b!tch” will be back. See Whoopee’s downtown BB if you need clarification. He wasn’t at Gashouse, either. The valley is deep.

All the PAX pushed hard. Like YHC stated earlier, this one’s a gasser. We put the coupons back and moseyed back to start just as the 8 o’clock church bells rang. Great work, men!


  • 11/4 – 24 hour run at Old School. Start time is 0530. Also, Folsom will be closed and all Dallas boys meet at Old School for The Touchdown Beatdown. Winner takes the belt!
  • 11/18 – F4 Trail Run at Midoriyama
  • 11/23 – Ultimate Frisbee Tournament at Midoriyama Thanksgiving morning
  • 11/25 – Speed for Need at the Christmastown 5K. HC to Broke if you want to push a track commander.
  • 12/2 – Convergence at the Yank the Christmas party at Lewis Farm that evening
  • 12/9 – Beer Ruck. BOS has the lead

Prayer Requests:

  • Jackson Hall
  • Turtleman
  • Gumby’s Mom
  • Kids  we will be pushing at the Christmastown 5k
  • Clavin’s M
  • Quiche headed to Pakistan

Great to see a lot of the Gashouse guys I usually don’t see. I hope the beatdown was worth the price of admission! Until next time –



Forty Day Challenge…Again

F3 Gastonia has been around for 8.5 years.  During this time there have been numerous CSAUP’s, beatdowns, new AO’s, and the occasional random challenge.  The Forty Days of Discipline Challenge has been completed several times and it is coming back by popular demand.

This is a fitness and nutrition challenge, but like anything dealing with discipline, it will be on you to control yourself.  Some key points to consider:

  • Delayed gratification
  • Not eating/drinking certain things, regardless of your appetite
  • Discipline isn’t concerned about your feelings, only your behaviors.

This 40 day initiative begins on October 14th and ends on November 22nd, 2023.  Yes, that is the day before Thanksgiving. (You’re welcome)


  1. Workout a minimum of 5 xs per week from October 14th through November 22nd.

Don’t eat sweets, soft drinks, or junk food.  ONE cheat meal the entire 40 days.  You can earn more.  Don’t drink any alcohol  (with two exceptions*).   Hold yourself accountable by journaling your efforts.

  1. Cherish your M: Take your wife out on at least two dates in the forty days. (no kids)  
  2. Bring at least one FNG to a workout in these 40 days. For every FNG, you get a cheat meal.  #AlwaysbeEH’ing.  If you EH a guy who posts and you aren’t there, that is a 50 burpee penalty #nojoke
  3. Acts of Service: Do something for someone else daily with no expectation of anything in return.  Be grateful you get to do it.  Encourage others.  Lead or participate in a service project.  Make a point to introduce yourself to someone you don’t know.  Journal your efforts (honor system) Extra credit if your 2.0’s watch your example and/or participate. 
  4.  Read a book.


Your fitness is important and you are pushing the rock.  You workout with your brothers.  You are blessed to continually strive to experience all 3 F’s and you know that when you are striving to be your best, you need to share it.  Be the example.  Be the man you know you were made to be. 

Now for the fine print….


You must workout a minimum of 5 times per week (at least 27 workouts in 40 days) using the #F3 250 model.  Any workout that is a minimum of 30 minutes counts.  This could include running, cycling, rucking, any F3 workout or workout you put together at home.  Two a-day workouts count.  Example, you complete an F3 bootcamp in the morning and a minimum 30 minute run in the afternoon=2 workouts.

Diet:      No Mountain Dew.  No other soft drinks, desserts, sweets, potato chips, junk food, etc.  You know what your food vices are so stay away from them.  Fast food is allowed if it is salad or chili and unsweetened tea or water…you get the idea. Orangeman can’t have his Princess Punch or whatever specialty coffee he orders at F&B’s.

Protein shakes within 30 minutes of ending the workout.  Get some protein powder and a shaker bottle and make it a habit.   Drink more water.  You will be working out more and this will help you recover.

You are allowed ONE cheat meal.  Your choice but they must be named and claimed. If you work out more than 5 times per week, you can claim an extra cheat meal.  An example is a couple of slices of pizza but don’t blow it on a whole pizza.  Even though you will be getting the workouts in you can’t out train a bad diet.  Remember you can earn more by bringing in an FNG or going on a date with your M.  If you attend at least two Q-Sources, you get a cheat meal.  If you meet with your stone/blade, you get a cheat meal.  If you do something with your shieldlock, you get one cheat meal.

Alcohol:  No Alcohol.  I will include two exceptions.  Wedding receptions and tailgates.  (A marriage retreat is also acceptable)  It is football season after all. This only includes football tailgates at and before an actual game you attend.  This does not include FUTBOL and does not include your tailgate spread at home when you watch on tv.  Wedding receptions are self-explanatory.  If they want you to dance you probably need a drink.  I know you guys.  It will also prove you can have fun at a second F event and still enjoy it without your pumpkin spice Ale.

You must keep a daily journal of both your workouts and cheat meals. The journal is for your eyes only.  I use the “notes” on my IPhone since I always have it with me.  I have journaled all my workouts on my phone since 2017.  It is helpful to look back and see types of workouts, two a days, and extra credit workouts that make journaling worth it.  You can also see where you failed to work out and why.  It is a good habit.  I also saw where I was injured and what I did to modify workouts until I was healed up.

Journal what you are grateful for and start with your M.  Try not to take her for granted.  If she likes to stay home, stay home and spend time without distractions.  Write her notes…send her flowers…cards…Text emoji’s are nice but they don’t count.  If you are on a date with your wife, you can eat a free cheat meal.  If you don’t have an M, be nice to your dog (or cat).  (If this isn’t in your comfort zone and your M is taken aback in your sudden change in behavior, it will probably be amusing so share it with your bros)


If you missed an opportunity to bless someone by an act or gesture of kindness, try not to miss the opportunity the next time.

Read a book that would do you good.  Make it about something that interests you or inspires you.  You have the time.

Give it away.  Think about that friend that you have mentioned F3 to many times.  You know he needs it so get him out.  And then do it to someone else.  Pick them up.  Post with them.  If they post and you aren’t there, you will do 50 burpees the next time you post. If an FNG shows up for the first time and says he was EH’d by you, you will be called out on all social channels and ridiculed without mercy (and deservedly so)

Be grateful for your family.  Be the example for your kids.  Push the rock and hold yourself accountable.  Give it away.  Realize it isn’t about you.  Serve others.  Be the best you can be.  Maybe we will all be a little better in October and November because we will be intentional about it.    Make positive change in yourself and make it contagious.  Also, when you get lean and ripped before you see your in laws at Thanksgiving, they will be in awe that someone (your age) looks that damn good.

It begins next week so get ready and prepare!



Stupid is as Stupid Does

The humidity is still hanging on and it might impact what I had in mind for the bootcamp.

Quality crowd for both the bootcamp and painlab this morning.

The best part for me were two Kotters.  My nephew Prius came out for the beatdown along with Happy Feet (F3 Dads name – that will change today).

Disclaimer.  Pledge.

Short Warm-Up with 12 IC side-straddle hops and 12 IC Imperial Walkers.

The Thang

Mosey to the entrance to the museum parking lot (what will we do?):

2 burpees – let’s rehash The Forrest Gump (which we have not done in several years).

Start the mosey west on Garrison Blvd – quick stop at the first street for 2 burpees.

Mosey to the parking lot at East Garrison Baptist Church for some OYO work:

15 Merkins – 20 Squats – 25 LBC’s – 2 burpees

Mosey to the Taxco Mexican parking lot

Repeat OYO reps:  15 Merkins – 20 Squats – 25 LBC’s – 2 burpees

Mosey to the memorial in the center of Lineberger Park for some Dora 1-2-3:

Partner up  for cumulative 100 CDD’s – 200 Squats – 300 Flutter Kicks

While partner 1 performs the exercise reps, partner 2 runs up toward the pool to the top of the steps and back.   Everyone enjoyed this one.

10 count followed by a mosey to the top of the steps again for 2 more burpees before moseying further up to the picnic shelter inside the train track for more in-cadence reps:

12 Dips – 12 Step Ups – 12 Dips – 12 Step Ups – 10 Dips – 10 Step Ups

10 count before moseying back to the memorial in the center of the park.

15 OYO derkins – 10 OYO derkins – 2 burpees

Start the mosey back toward the Schiele:

1st stop at the corner convenience store – 2 burpees

2nd stop at Taxco Mexican Restaurant – 15 Merkins – 20 Squats – 25 LBC’s

3rd stop back at East Garrison Baptist Church – 15 Merkins – 25 LBC’s and finished with the Forrest Gump tradition of 20 Monkey Humpers along the edge of Garrison Blvd….always a traffic pleaser.

Mosey back to the Schiele.  Time for one set of 20 reps of dying cockroaches.



Belmont ruck on 10/21

2nd F lunch coming up at Pita Wheel Gastonia

Prayer Requests:

Turtleman – Jackson Hall – Norwood

Good work men.  We covered just over 3 miles during the bootcamp.

Good to see some Kotters out at the Gashouse this morning.   A big welcome to Enos (Roscoe’s son and previously known as Happy Feet from his F3 Dads days).

Honored to lead.  Until the next one.  Aye!


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