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Counting Day in the Gashouse

So today is April 3, 2021 or another way to put it is 4-3-21. Thanks to Mayor for being critical, I guess that could be called candor. The idea came to mind that it would be a theme called counting day. Of course a playlist needed to be crafted for the occasion, more from this later.

There were 8 HIMs present for the Gashouse bootcamp. After YHC led the warmup of Goofballs, Don Quixotes and the patented Sargento Right over Left stretch, we said the Pledge of Allegiance. Then the groups split up with the bootcampers heading to the Grier track.

Before leaving the start area, YHC got the trusty JBL Flip speaker for the themed playlist. First up was “Final Countdown” by Europe, followed by such hits as “Three is the Magic Number” by Blind Melon, “25 or 6 to 4” by Chicago, “One” by Metallica and the classic “The Song of the Count” by Count von Count from Sesame Street. Look it up!

The Thang: The Hindenburg BLIMP

On the track at approximately each of the four corners going clockwise, the PAX would perform reps of each exercise as follows:

  • 1st round – 10 Burpees (total of 40)
  • 2nd round- 20 Lunges each leg (total 80)
  • 3rd round – 30 Imperial Walkers each leg (120)
  • 4th round – 40 Freddy Mercury’s (160)
  • 5th round – 50 Plank Jacks (200)

Mosey down to the creek on the nature trail behind the museum. At the bottom of the hill YHC explained the partner routine: Heartbreak 1,2,3. At the bottom of the hill, partner 1 does the exercise while partner 2 runs to the top of the hill and back. The exercises were 100 Werkins, 200 Dying Cockroaches 300 Bobby Hurleys. We made it all the way to 100 Bobby Hurleys before time was up.

Mosey to the start by nurring up the hill then regular mosey the rest of the way. Time’s up, thanks for letting me lead men.

Announcements: Convergence, PT Test, Mayor’s 2.0 trash cleanup, Short Sale’s month challenge

Prayers: Bandit’s youth director’s sister passed, Friend of Roscoe’s mom having kidney transplant, Roscoe’s family successful back surgery, PAX travels, our country, Tube’s brother in law recovery

YHC took us out.



Sweep the Leg – A Dojo Showdown Take 2

It took me a minute to figure out how we were going to get the DOJO SHOWDOWN going, but it happened – it was go time at the GAS HOUSE. At first, I felt like I may have let a big fart or something when got the jog going, as a ton of guys diverted off our path but nah, it was PAIN LAB. So after almost shedding a tear, it was take 2 of DoJo Showdown and the mumble chatter got going quickly after sharing the theme was Cobra Kai and Karate Kid related –  with John Kreese’s “Sweep the Leg” statement coming in the strongest!

Warmup: Moroccan Nightclubs in crane form (15, flapjack legs), Cotton pickers (15), Imperial Storm Kickers (15

Thang: Mosey around the parking lot to the spot for the low down of the dojo showdown

Explain further the theme on Karate Kid, sharing the ages of Johnny Lawrence, Daniel Larusso, Miyagi and John Kreese.  54-58-73-75  … Together, we would do 54 of two exercises, run down the paws of the lot and back to THE ROCK, do 5 burpees, then repeat at 58. We’d do the same thing for the two other exercises list, at 73 and 75 reps


Plank punches
Plank kicks
Squat Punches
Daniel Sons


Wall Sits, 30 seconds, run, 5 burpees
Ballz to the Wallz, neutral, right leg, back to regular, left leg down, each at 30 seconds, run a lap, 5 burpees
Wall Plan, 30 seconds, run lap, 5 burpees
Wall spider
Run and repeat


MERKIN, DERKIN WERKINS 25 reps-15 reps -5 reps
After each set, ran to the rock and back
Then we did it in 25 seconds – 15 sec – 5 sec hold form for each

we finished back where we began the THANG at the DOJO with abs

LBC Karate style with punches
scissor kick leg lifts

Ended with  pledge, announcements, Prayer Requests (Tube BIL and intervention prayers)!

Appreciated the opportunity to Q at the GAS HOUSE, hope to do so again soon!!!

-YHC, Slim Shady

PSA or PSA Screening? – Gashouse 3/20/21

After warming up and we split off from the Pain Lab crew.  I mentioned that I would have a PSA during the workout.  Well, the PAX minds went directly to PSA Screening which is a blood test to screen for prostate cancer.  For some reason this didn’t surprise me.  So to be clear, I told them that I would have a Public Service Anouncement at sometime during the workout.  I’m glad we got that cleared up.



Seal Jacks IC x 25

HillBillies IC x 20

Don Q’s IC x 15

Eskimo Merkins IC up to 6.  What is an Eskimo Merkin?  An Eskimo Merkin is where you touch your nose to the ground.  The first one you just touch the ground once.  The second one is where you touch your nose once, then add a micro merkin and touch a second time.  The third is three micro merkins touching three times.  You get the idea.

Boot camp broke off for a Mosey to the school parking lot by the gym.  Here we did a Triple Nickle.  5 Backward Lunges, Bear Crawl the width of the parking lot and 5 CDD’s at the other side.

Mosey to Burtonwood Dr.  Do 5 Diamond Merkins at each pole until we get to the old PNG building.  There were more poles here than expected but we hammered them out.

Stopped in the parking lot of the white vacante building for an AB Blast.  We circled up and each PAX was instructed to call out 10 reps for an AB excercise one after the other as fast as possible.  We got through three rounds of this.  A lawn maintenance crew showed up as we were finishing and our final exercise was a hip thruster type exercise on our back.  I’m sure the lawn guys hoped we would move on quickly after witnessing this.

Mosey cross country to the side of the Parkdale Mills offices.  This wasn’t the building I was hoping for so we continued on up Cotton Blossom Circle.  I finally spied my final destination;  The Social Security Administration office.  Time for my PSA.  For those of us nearing retirement, here is the Social Security office.  Some knew it was there, others didn’t.  I didn’t know it was there until a few weeks ago when I ran by it during EC.

Here we did Flintstone 11’s with Backward Lunges and Jump Squats at one end of the parking lot and Reverse LBC’s and Flutterkicks at the other end.

We mosied along New Hope road to the corner of Garrison Blvd where we did 15 Monkey Humpers IC.  Much to our disappointment, nobody honked at us.

Mosey back to the start stopping at each corner to do 10 Merkins.

Time.  Thanks for joining us today.  We had 5 for the boot camp portion of the work out and the mumble chatter was good.





So YHC announced as the pax gathered for COP “Breakfast time!” and we started our journey on the way to beatdown on a spectacular spring morning with 22 in attendance. Went like this:


SSH X 20

IW X 20

Cotton Pickers X 20

Grapevine stretches.

Mount climbers X 20

Bootcampers mosey up to the track and field for some six shooter action:

10 burpees – lap

20 Big boys – lap

30 merkins – lap

Move over to the tables for some core work:

Step ups (each leg)


Split squats


Repeat 10X, 15X, 20X

Return to the track to finish up six shooters.

40 squats – lap

50 squats – lap

60 SSH – lap

Nearing the 4th quarter!

Triple nickel on the hill down by the baseball field:

Bottom: HR merkins X 50

Top: plank jacks X 5

Repeat 5X

4th Quarter! bear Bryant said it best. Winning is not imperative,  but getting better in the 4th quarter is! So we decided to kick ass and get better with a new variation on Bear Crawl Slalom!

Assemble on the 1st base line. YHC at home plate. Start the slalom. We went all the way. All the bases.

Until YHC touched home plate. Home run. Parked it! Got. It. DONE!

Move up to the field again for some sprints and drops across the field.

Sprint halfway, drop and get back up. Repeat coming back. Do this 2X.

Mosey back to COT and pledge.


This crew worked hard to today. They toughed a good one out. Proud of these boys! Great group here at the ‘House today,  really underrated and under appreciated. And I’ll take Union Diner any day! Never disappoints.

Great conversation at breakfast and a GREAT crowd! Love to see this keep going. I’ll help make it happen.

Honer and pleasure to lead today. I’ll be back!




Always Low Prices, Always….

It’s just me and Rollback today.  Rollback had to rollback his fitness level to keep down with me, but this was a great opportunity to bond with someone who is an F3 Pax one on one and while it’s the first time that you met.  He and Madoff post together occasionally at Lake Wylie.  Meanwhile all the Gashouse regulars were ankle deep in a Short Sale CSAUP known as Strides of March.  That’s cool, I’ll look for everybody back on 3/13.



I left Bandit to handle the Painlab.  Rollback and I headed out into the vast open aisles without our pricing guns.  Up to Grier parking lot for some Springtime Back to School savings.

The thang……

Partner Booyah run’s.  Pick a partner, easy enough.  Start about the middle of Grier parking lot we each run to the speed bumps at each end, meet back in the middle and partner social distance Booyah Merkins in ascending order.  Little mumblechatter here except I was kind of talking to myself some, mainly in my head.  We did this for a little while, think we climbed up to eight merkins.

Up to Parkwood Church to see what our CSAUP crew was up to.  I had a warm down planned for them but it was majority consent that during their rest, they would rest.  Rollback and I did some additional partner work while keeping great conversation with the CSAUP Pax.  Go ahead and choose your partner.  Once again, no issue.

Partner 1 mosey while partner 2 does 10 merkins and holds plank.  Rinse and repeat with squats (Al Gore), heels to sky (6″ hold) and Crab crunch (or something like that and hold reverse plank).  Rinse and repeated for a few more and moseyed further into the Parkwood lot.

On our own here we moseyed a distance and got a good feel for the route.  Next plan is to mosey out and sprint back.  Rinse and repeat three times.

Bye to the fellas, over to FPC.

You take the High Road and I’ll take the Low Road.  More partner work, think we have this handled by now.  Partner 1 runs long distance and Partner 2 goes the short distance, merkins and then can rest until partner 1 returns.  Rinse and repeat with squats and a few others.

Late stage of the morning by now, think it was getting close to head back to the Schiele.  Made it with a minute to spare, Rollback was concerned he did not see any Painlab Pax, figured he missed out on an early dismissal but they emerged from the back entrance and we were a group once again.  Fitbit says we got in three miles.


Continued prayers for Rob Shell:  recovering from Covid


What you can do

Good crowd this am at GasHouse. Even better was the rain last night with lots of puddles. We started with the disclaimer and pledge then Tube took the PainLabbers and the rest of us headed for some boot camp fun. We got to Grier football field/track and I let Watts Up pick the first dose of pain: Bricks or Baseball? He picked bricks so we started with some Squat the Line on the wall-form a line on the wall, get in BTTW position, center 2 guys drop from BTTW and do 10 squats then back into BTTW position and next 2 drop for 10 squats, then continue until all do squats then recover. Just FYI, Linus did his squats in (sort of) slooooooooow motion. I think we did 2 sets of these (10 squats then 5 squats). We moseyed over to the baseball field hill next to the benches and did some 11’s on the hill: Hip Slappers at the bottom and Squats at the top. The ground was a bit mushy and made those hip slappers a bit more painful. After passing Stroganoff and Roscoe doing their own thing (more on that below) we moseyed over to the steps at FPC for some more 11’s: at the top we did Mountain Climbers and LBCs at the bottom. Next we moseyed over to Sherwood playground for another little bit of pain: partner up, P1-hand from something on the playground and P2-run to the mask and do three 8 count body builders then swaparoo. In case you are wondering, Time Frame’s mother is 72 years old so we did a combined total of 72-ish body builders. We moseyed back to Roscoe and Stroganoff. I hit a few puddles along the way but unfortunately no one joined me. I’ll have to find a way to fix this next time. Bandit, do you still have that big sheet of plastic? It’s getting about that time again…..

Once we got to Strog and Roscoe, we joined them for a little bit of fun. Roscoe was taking orders from Sargent Hulka with some EMOM: 10 Squats and 15 American Hammers. Not sure about the numbers but you get the idea. He’s been recovering a stress fracture and avoiding any running. After a couple rounds of that, we joined Strog with some genuine Wolfpack Grinder stuff:run laps around the track and on one end squats and other end LBCs. Time was running low so we moseyed back home and joined the PainLabbers for a little fun then finished up with COT. Lots of prayer requests for sick friends and family members.

Roscoe brought up a John Wooden quote that was especially timely: “Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.”In other words, if you are on IR for some reason, try to come out and post anyway. You can modify. You can PainLab. You can ruck. You can work your butt off in the end zone doing Squats and American Hammers EMOM for 40+ minutes. You can WolfPack Grinder for 40 + minutes. You can always do SOMETHING so do it. Stay connected with your brothers and do what you can. Reach out to your fellow pax who you have not seen lately and get them out there. Anyone seen HushPuppy? JK2? Dry Rub? Turtle Man? DaVinci? Dr. Feelgood? Voodoo? HIPAA? I’m sure you can think of others. I was out for an extended period of time so in fairness, some of these guys may be posting and I have just missed them because I have been gone. I’ve tried to stay active with a few PAX, but it’s not the same. Reel these guys back in. Call them. Go pick them up before a workout. Whatever, just let them know they have been missed and should come back out.

If they are lagging behind, lag back there with them and keep them company. I know I have been that guy and having someone hang back with me makes that pain a little more bearable.

Thanks for coming out today guys. Every one of you has helped build GasHouse in one way or another.




Extreme Gashousing.

Warmup. 10 x in cadence. 1 Burpee after each exercise.


Crunchy Frogs

Nolan Ryan’s




Toy Soldiers



Mnt Climbers

Mosey up to the school.

Now for triple nickel. Start with 5 reps then sprint to the other side and do 5 of the other reps. Complete 5 rounds and plank for 6. Go as fast as you can. Push yourself. We then moseyed over to the Telco Federal Reserve for the second Triple Nickel. Then Mosey to Bank Of the Ozark for another and then mosey to Parkwood and finish up our triple Nickels down at the Gaston Library. 

Set 1.

SSH and Squats

Set 2.

LBC and Crunchy Frogs

Set 3.

Merkins and CDD

Set 4.

Lunges and Dips

Set 5.

Oblique V ups and Pretzel Crunch

Set 6.

Toy soldiers and Imperial Walkers

Set 7.

Burpee and SSH

Set 8.

Monkey Humpers and Monkey Humpers

Set 9.

Moroccan Nightclubs and Overhead Claps

Set 10.

Goofballs and Hillbillies

Mosey back to the flag for a cool down.


Great work by all. Always fun at the OG spot. Welcome to the 2 FNG’s, Lazybones and Scrappy.

A stylin, profilin, kiss-stealin, wheelin & dealin beatdown, and the NEW Tag Team Champions of the WORLD

5 of F3 Gastonia’s finest, and 1 from the Livermush Capital of the World took a little trip down memory lane and paired up with the PainLab to crown the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express as the undefeated tag-team champions.  Here’s what I remember:

Knowing Latte from F3 Shelby was coming in, YHC worked on Woody to try to get the band back together.  Woody’s been on the IR, but wanted to give it a go, so the stage was set.  Reached out to Tube with an idea, he was game, and with a late-night Weinke ready to roll, 7 o’clock came and it was time to go.

One problem.  No Woody.  Turns out Father Time catches up to all of us, and we just don’t heal like we used to.  To see if he was ready, he did some light work, and it wasn’t going to happen.  If you know Woody, he’s only got one speed, and that’s balls to the wall, so today wasn’t the day.

The Thang:

  • 10 x SSH (IC)
  • 10 x Hillbilly Walkers (IC)
  • 10 x Cotton Pickers (IC)
  • Train (5 Burpees – OYO)

At this point, we heard from the man himself and followed it up with

  • 4 Wooooo! x Ric Flair Burpees

Pledged and split and bootcamp moseyed to Grier.

When YHC was just a young Flintstone, my family started going to Brookleigh Baptist Church off Robinson Rd. in Gastonia.  Latte’s dad was the preacher there and Woody’s family attended very regularly.  It was the kind of church where everyone attended regularly and everybody knew everybody really well.  As we grew older, the 3 of us spent a lot of time together, and as the youngest, YHC was always a passenger in Woody’s Ford Taurus SHO or Latte’s Chevy S10.

So that explanation took forever, but not as long as it took to call the exercise.  In Triple Nickel fashion (but definitely not a Triple Nickel), we did 5 rounds and 5 reps at these stations:

  • BBC (Brookleigh Baptist Church)
    • Bonnie Blairs
    • Big Boys
    • Chuck Norris Merkins
  • SHO (Woody’s Ford Taurus SHO)
    • Sandy Vs
    • Hand-release Merkins
    • One-legged calf raises (each leg)

stopping halfway between stations for

  • S10 (Latte’s Chevy S10)
    • 10 x SSH

Took a couple rounds to find the rhythm of it, but it eventually went down like a nice raw egg.  Work done, on to the next one.

We used to play 21 a lot, not Blackjack, but the basketball version of 21.  Nutria explained it well, calling it “basketball without the rules”.  So we partnered up and each partner went a separate direction to do the exercise at that station, ascending in reps from 1-10.  2 partners x 10 reps = 20, and then you take a free throw to make 21 and win the game.  Stations were

  • Apolo Onos
  • Dying Cockroaches

With time running short, YHC called a number of Omahas, took advantage of rule changes that allowed my teammate a clutch second free throw (nice work Watts Up), packed up my balls and headed back to the shovel flag to meet up with PainLab.

As a teenager, Monday nights were all about wrestling, WCW Monday Nitro and WWF Monday Night RAW were in a battle of their own, and we watched Flair, Hogan, Stone Cold, HBK, the Undertaker, the nWo, DDP, The Rock, Mean Gene, and the whole cast of characters put on a show every Monday night.

Together with the PAX of PainLab, we put on a show of our own, with a little tag-team tournament.  After a trip to the Footmobile for some bricks and a quick split into partners we were ready.

The idea:

  • 2 Teams of 2 PAX squared off in 3 minute matches
  • PAX #1 does reps of called exercise and keeps count while PAX #2 holds a position
  • When PAX #1 can’t do any more, he “tags” in his partner, and the 2 switch
  • Total score for each team for each match is the combined total number of reps of the 2 PAX
  • Team with the highest number of reps wins the match

The Teams:

  • Tube & Dirty White Boy
  • Les Nessman & Flintstone
  • Nutria & El Toro
  • Bandit & Latte
  • Linus, Handcuff & FNG (Ziptie)
  • Dirt, Clavin & Hermie
  • Voodoo & Watts Up

The Exercises:

  • Merkins / Plank
  • Michael Phelps (w/bricks) / 6 inches
  • Overhead Presses (w/bricks) / Hold bricks to the side
  • LBCs / Lateral Planks
  • Standing Shoulder Taps / Bricks overhead

4 rounds of intense staredowns, lots of hollerin, and questionable counting led to a championship match between Voodoo & Watts Up (Rock ‘n’ Roll Express) and Dirt & Hermie (who got the name “Bert & Ernie”).  Rock ‘n’ Roll Express finished the job, remaining undefeated for all 5 rounds and earning the first tag-team title that I’ve ever given out.  I guess we need to have championship belts made and challengers to the title to make it official.

Had a blast with the guys from PainLab, as the tournament was a good time.  I didn’t even catch too much crap for coming in at 8:02 (as I recall, the best Monday night’s ran over too, so it was an authentic experience).


  • Strides of March – March 6th – Sign Up
  • Rooster – March 13th
  • Mortimer Team raising money – Sargento to post info

Prayer Requests:

  • Dirty White Boy w/programming course
  • Latte’s sister-in-law recovering from surgery
  • Firemen & Law enforcement officers
  • Texas and the south
  • Bandit’s friend Rob is doing better
  • T-Square & family
  • Tube’s brother-in-law w/addiction


Part of growing up and getting older is the regular rotation of people into and out of life’s orbit.  Changes in homes and hometowns and jobs and phases of life and kids and their friends and parents generally mean that at any given moment on any given day, the people you spend the most time with and those you trust could be very different than those from, say 5 years ago.  We go our separate ways, lose touch, and find it hard to recreate the same conditions that brought us together in the first place.

It’s an obvious part of why family is important.  Whether your family is your family in a literal sense, or a group of people that have stuck with you through thick and thin, they’ve been there through all the phases and really know you.  They’re genuinely irreplaceable.

Latte and Woody who have been there through it all and still keep coming back for more.  Sure, some times are more frequent than others, but we’ve always got each others’ support, and a strong foundation built by years of trust that we can always lean on.

By joining F3 and being a part of the PAX, we inherit a family that will know us and support us to the extent that we allow ourselves to be known and supported.  The fundamental principles of inclusion (for all men) and the COT make this possible.  As we go hard and bump fists in The Gloom, we forge the same kind of foundation with our F3 brothers as we do our friends and family.  We lock shields with those most like us, and celebrate and mourn with each other as life happens.  The national reach of F3 means that no matter where we go, we have brothers in the area who have likewise done more Merkins and Burpees than they can count.

It’s why reaching out and bringing back Kotters is just so important.  Each day that goes by makes it harder for them to come back.  Injuries, life, or just chronic fartsacking have a way of derailing things and making a SadClown of anyone.  We can’t make decisions for anyone else, but a strong EH game and constant support can go a long way.  There’s too much good in F3 for men who have been a part of it and needed it to feel like they can’t be a part anymore.

At the end of the day, family is all we got.  I’m thankful for mine.  I’m thankful for Latte and Woody.  And I’m thankful for the men of F3 Gastonia.  Grateful, as always, for the opportunity to lead.

Yabba Dabba Doo

Gashouse Canoeing

Rainy and cold!!

Stroganoff headed to the track for some laps

Warm up: 10 SSH in cadence and 10 low slow squats in cadence

Enough with that – 2 bootcamp, 6 pain lab, and 1 walker

Myself and Watts up got in our canoe and headed for the the Presbyterian Church for some shelter and ab work

50 LBC, 30 Flutters, 20 Michael Phelps, and 10 flutters with arms extended up.

Rinse and repeat  dropping each by 5 – drop each exercise at 5 and complete once the last listed exercise was down to 5

Mosey(the long way) to the building on the back of the property at the basket ball court and complete the following

50 lbc, 40 flutter kicks and 30 Michael Phelps  – repeat 3 times dropping count by 10 each set

11’s – calf raises on both sides of the covered area

Mosey over to  Grier School for some more 11’s – covered area on right side of building

Round 1 – squats  at upper and lower end of the covered area

Round 2 – CCD at upper and lower end of the covered area

Mosey to the front of the school for some more shelter work

11’s – we did something at both ends of the walk way

6’s -Merkins at both ends of the walk way

Time for a quick lab around the track before heading back to the start.

SSH  for the last min with the pain lab Pax – they were pretty dry just saying.

Announcements: Extinction run, Strides of March, P200

Many prayer request

Prayed up out

Until next time

EZ out!!


Good Lookin’ Man

F3 is open to all men. Men of different backgrounds, different interests, and different beliefs. You are free to share those beliefs, and if someone disagrees, a good, healthy debate can be had. We also have stories based on how the events in our lives have played out. However as we learned again on this cold, Saturday morning, you have to be careful how you share those beliefs or tell those stories because your words can be twisted and used against you in a bad way.

SSH x 15
Merkins x 15
LBCs x 15
Imperial Walkers x 15

The Pledge

Time to split, Pain Lab with Rudolph. Boot Camp went on a mosey.

Stop at the parking lot at Grier. There were 3 orange cones that were set up that served as a perfect starting point for the next exercise. A simple Lunge, Lunge, Burpee would have required too many Burpees for YHC across the length of the parking log. So we went with:

Lunge, Lunge, Lunge, Lunge, Lunge, Lunge, Lunge, Lunge, Lunge, Lunge, Burpee (simple right). 5 Lunges with each leg, then a Burpee.

Once we reached the other end of the parking lot, let’s mosey with a left onto Burtonwood Dr. Stop at the first street for 10 Monkey Humpers. YHC was asked if the PAX could do 11 MH. I said that was acceptable. You vs You.

Mosey to the office building down the street. Partner Up for a round of FAT. I have to have acronyms to remember the exercises that I have planned.

Partner 1 runs around the building to the other side of the parking lot and does one burpee, then runs back. Partner 2 does AMRAP of the exercise. Then switch.

Round 1 – Flutter Kicks
Round 2 – American Hammers
Round 3 – Taps of the Shoulder (Shoulder Taps)

Mosey to Ollie’s parking lot for the main event.

As a group, complete 4 exercises then mosey to the other end of the parking aisle with a Burpee half way down the aisle.

Merkins x 10
Squats x 20
LBCs x 30
SSH x 40

At the other end of the aisle, 4 exercises then mosey back down with 2 Burpees half way down the aisle. There was chatter about the increasing Burpees, but YHC assured the PAX that it would help us keep count of the number of rows.

Diamond Merkins x 10
Jump Squats x 20
Crunchy Frogs x 30
Seal Jacks x 40

Rise and repeat the 4 exercises on the end of the aisles with Burpees increasing by 1 each trip. According to my Strava map, we got in 3 full rotations down and back.

Mosey back with a stop at the street again for 10 (or 11) more Monkey Humpers. Stop at the bus drop off at Grier for a round of the exercises again. There was confusion about the command to stop, but we got that worked out.

Merkins x 10
Squats x 20
LBCs x 30
SSH x 40
Seal Jacks x 40
Crunchy Frogs x 30 (Omaha’d to 10)
Jump Squats x 20 (Omaha’d to 10)
Diamond Merkins x 10 (Omaha’d to 10)

It was at this point that the chatter took an interesting turn. To be honest, YHC was distracted at this point. First of all, YHC was just trying to keep track of the count of his own exercises at this point in the workout. Second, YHC was also watching the clock to make sure that the PAX returned on time. Apparently, Linus was telling a story about a gentleman that had served in the military. Here are the details that I caught from the story:

  • It may have involved an F3 PAX
  • There was some sort of church service
  • Dress uniform
  • And good lookin’ man

Past that, it would just be conjecture so I’ll leave it there. I believe Short Sale was able to get more of the story so I’ll leave it up to him and Linus to correct any misinterpretations or add any important details. However, I’m comfortable leaving the story like this and allowing you to fill in the details like an old Mad Libs.

This is also the point where Watts Up uttered the words, “Do you want me to write the backblast for you?” This could have been a shot at the fact that it takes YHC a week to write a back black for The Pub which includes little more than the direction we ran and the PAX present. However, YHC took this as an invitation to write this backblast so I humbly accepted his offer. I have not checked to see if he did write it, but YHC figured I could at least tell my version of the events.

Time’s getting short so mosey back to the Schiele. Quick round of flutters until we hit 60 minutes.

Extinction Run – Feb 13 – Sign up through the Pre-Blast

Prayer Requests
Sledge – Sister in law
Blart’s M

Prayer to take us out.

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