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Day: March 22, 2019

Folsom Favorite…..Downtown

YHC has been recovering from yet another leg injury. This time being the ankle, but same dang leg. Anyway, I had signed up to Q and was going to make it happen someway, somehow. A thought came to me about a Q that has been used quite a few times at Folsom and at the same time a Q that was low impact. I didn’t want to Q it if I couldn’t do it. So, for the Folsom guys, you’ll know what this Q consists of.


Don Qs, Toy Soldiers, Merkins, Moroccan night Clubs all x10 IC


short slow mosey to pick up Big Pappy who came in hot a minute late.


grab a coupon from the truck. Circle up for 20-1. Yes, Sparkys infamous block workout. So, we have 4 exercises; Overhead press, Curl, Tricep extensions, Squats. YHC started at 20 each exercise for round 1 on my call then allowed the rest of the PAX to participate all the way down to 1 rep per exercise. After each set of 5 rounds we took a short recovery mosey around the parking lot. After we hit 1, we load up the blocks and take a bit longer mosey up Main Street. We stop briefly at a ref light where Slaw tried to hijack the Q and hit our six for some flutters and LBCs until Gastone has picked up the six. Mosey to start for 4 minutes of Mary. Random PAX chose different exercises. Time.

Announcements; Gastone’s Hike May 5, Community Run

Prayer requests; Gastone’s Family, My nephew, other spoken requests

YHC took us out in prayer

March Madness

Cool Spring morning at The Goat.  Quiet PAX until we hit the Dirt…..see the namorama.

Bolt 45
Moroccan Nightclub
To the bridge – walking lunge/high knee/butt kick/toy soldier

Bear crawl bridge
Karaoke to next bridge
Crab walk bridge


March Madness Brackets
Each corner represents a regional division of 16 teams
Between corner – nur, sidestep, run, sidestep

Done in each region:

Round 1
x Bobby Hurley

Round 2
8 x CDD

Round 3
x 4x4s 

Round 4
2 x ABC’s (leg lift draw)

Round 5
1 x
Suicide (¼,½,¾,full)

Bobby Hurleys for 6

Time for another round

16 Squats
8 Big boys
4 Burpees
2 Calf raises
1 Fellowship mosey across the bridge to celebrate victory

Nice work men, enjoy the tournament.

Prayers for Breaker Breaker’s Mom (finger surgery), P200 teams, Gastone’s Father’s liver biopsy and father-in-law with pneumonia.

YHC Q’ing again at The Yank Saturday for all those not running or driving in the P200.

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