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  • When: 03/28/2019
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Arrived at Diablo ready to serve ….single serve?
Alrighty then.
Warmarama : One SSH, MNC, Don Q, overhead claps all ‘cadence’ counts if 10, then 10 squat jumps OYO
Ruck on to Gastone’s Hill
Set playlist for One by Three dog Night , o Solo Mio ( scrap that …. change station) and All By Myself …. now let’s speed it up with One from Metallica!
Too much time on my hands so new playlist included SheBop by Cyndi Lauper, Vaseline by STP, Longview by Green Day, Darling Nikki from Prince and Billy Idols Dancing With Myself …. after this things got sticky……
Let’s go shake stuff loose on the climb up doing 10 squats per mailbox and 10 heels on way down.
Much complaining from assembled pax ,,,, feeling sore from added weight in sack , wanting to remove or throw down and never return, but suddenly riding like s Phoenix I receive inspirational words from an unnamed pax to persevere ( as that is my word for the year) and i mydclf through.
Grab two small bricks with 3 sets of following:
Raise arms at sides x10
Clap arms in front x10
Piston overhead x10 per side
Complete exercise by planking at curb lift one brick at a time up to curb and back down for a total of 10 ( entire routine was single count)
Recording failure during namearama
Announcements …. usual
Prayers for Boudin surgery April 26
Youth pastor Stuart Payne fromBethlehem Church …. new setbacks and difficult decisions for their family