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The Wet Weinke Plan B and the Steamer

As YHC arrived to Madoriyama on the rainy Thursday evening and passed Gold Digger and Pizza Man on their EC run I realized that the rain was not letting up.  This washed away my original weinke plans that included extensive running around in the ample Poston Park parking lots.  Oh well, plan B.

I parked and found Blart, Tyson, Slaw, and Oompa Loompa standing all down on one end of the turd shack and under the awning.  Upon my approach Blart issued a warning about the freshly laid steamer on the other end.  I guess the bathrooms were locked and someone was out of time.  I hope they feel better now.

Soon Gold Digger and Pizza Man joined us under that awning returning from the EC run and the roster was set for this wet edition of Madoriyama.




Oompa Loompa rucked and the rest of us moseyed to the upper shelter by the bike trails.

The Thang

5 Burpees for the train

There were lots of SSH’s, LBC’s, calf raises, lunges, heels to heaven, merkins, durkins, workins, dips, monkey humpers, squats, flutters, a lap around the lower parking lot during a rain break, and even a little yoga.  It was a good workout.  Ab’s and calves should be a little more noticeable than usual tomorrow.



Mosey back.

Big Q fail.  I did the COT under the shelter due to the downpour and left Oompa Loompa out.  You were with us in spirit brother.  Sorry about the slip Oompa. You know we love you bro.

I think I heard Oompa say he rucked 3.5 miles.  Excellent work!

Awesome work, attitudes, company, inspiration, and encouragement by all HIM’s present.  I really mean that and am not just saying it…really.  Outstanding group of guys as always.

Thank you for all you do.  You are the change I would like to see in the world.




Pub Run

9 men showed for the last day of Pubruary to put in some miles.  We ran the route to Snoballs and back.  I like this down and back run, because it gives the pax an option to choose the  distance up to 5 miles.  Good work men!

Announcements: Rooster 3/2, Convergence 3/30 at Folsom 7:00, Mt. Mitchell hike 5/5

Prayer Request


Thanks for the opportunity to lead today!

Sister Act


6  men showed at Mt. Hollywood this morning to put in some work.  This is  my first Q at this AO, so I was excited with this opportunity to bring a workout to these guys.  Being a father to three daughters, definitely brings its challenges.  One of the challenges takes place during this time of the year each year.  That would be cheer and dance competition time.  As a lot of you were out in the rain either posting or participating in the CSAUP 50 Mile Relay Run this past weekend, I was stuck inside an auditorium for two straight days at a dance competition.   Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy watching my daughters on the stage.  But once you factor in the girl drama, parent drama, stress, and the amount of time spent inside, there is only so much you can take.  With that said, I was looking forward to bringing the pain come Monday morning.  So to answer your question Tiger, no dance shoes needed today.


Grass Pickers, Hillbillies

The Thang:

Mosey to the street beside the elementary school.  First excercise called is some Route 66 on the street.  Excercise used is the Imperial Squat Walker.  Start at first telephone pole and do 11 Imperial Squat Walkers.  Then sprint or 3/4 speed 2 telephone poles and Nur back 1.  Then do 10 ISW.  Sprint 2 telephone poles, Nur back 1, 9 ISW.  Sprint 2 telephone poles, Nur back 1, 8 ISW.  Continue this until you finish with 1 ISW.

Next let’s mosey to the driveway area beside the elementary school used for bus drop off.  Exercise called here is some 4 corner escalators.  First corner start with 10 Burpees.  Mosey to second corner for 10 Burpees, 20 Merkins.  Mosey to third corner and do 10 Burpees, 20 Merkins, 30 Mountain Climbers.  Mosey to last corner and do 10 Burpees, 20 Merkins, 30 Mountain Climbers, 40 Sumo Squats.  I was going to run this back down, but had to call an Omaha on that one.  

Fellowship mosey to the covered area and do an exercise called Jacked Up.  Here you do 5 different exercises with no rest in between.  50 SSH, 40 Seal Jacks, 30 Plank Jacks, 20 Crossover Jacks, 10 Smurf Jacks.

Next we got in some ab work at the same area.  Same principle, 5 exercises with no rest in between.  25 LBCs, 25 Flutter Kicks, 25 Dying Cockroaches, 25 American Hammers, 25 Big Boys.

Mosey to the small wall on the same street where we did the Route 66 work earlier.  Called Lindsay’s here with Dips and Merkins.  30 Dips & 10 Merkins. 25 Dips & 15 Merkins. Continue this until you finish with 10 Dips & 30 Merkins.  Mosey towards flag.

Announcements: CSAUP, Rooster, Mt. Mitchell hike on 5/5. Convergence 3/30 at Folsom 7:00am

Prayer request


Honor to lead today men.  Always look forward to new challenges.  Made it a goal to get out and Q at different AOs.  You should too!

Sister Act

There’s a new Chief in town

  1. This morning had to be one of the gloomiest yet most exciting mornings Folsom has witnessed in a good while. As far as gloom, the fog was thick rolling into Folsom and it was a damp 40*. You’ll understand here shortly that there was more “gloom” and a lot of excitement as stated.

YHC has come up with a pretty good weinke for this morning. I borrowed some of a Q that our own Gastone had laid out Downtown a little while back. Word on our Folsom GroupMe chat yesterday was that there would be an FNG. Not to my surprise, he showed. I’ve gotta hand it to Folsom, there’s been some EHing going on lately and a lot of the new guys are sticking around! Ok, so, several PAX roll in at time so we start.



SSH, Low Slow Squats x10 IC



Indian run from start to the far parking lot by the ball fields. Stop at about the half way point of the lot. Partner up for some Dirty 11’s. This is basically individual Dirty 11’s but at the mid way point you’ll perform 5 BooYa merkins with your partner. The other 2 exercises were burpees and Mike Tyson’s. This took a bit longer than planned so once we hit 0610, we lined up to Indian run back to start. While the 6 were being picked up, PAX did some Mary with 10 burpees, 20 LBCs, 20 Flutter Kicks.


announcements- Rooster CSAUP, P200

COT- Allen Tate’s Mom, Rockabillys Mother had surgery today

YHC took us out in Prayer

Its an honor to lead you men. We all are getting stronger everyday. Also, if you didn’t know already, Allen Tate had been labeled Chief RockPusher by Montross a while back. Some approved and actually started referring him as such. He had tried his best to have his F3 name changed, but that wasn’t going to happen. Rules say you can’t name yourself and if you ask for a different one, it’s going to be more harsh than the first. So, anyway, Folsom has an FNG to name this AM. Allen Tate nor his side kick SiteQ Montross were present. That being said after getting to know this FNG, it was determined his name would be Chief. After all, he mentioned that he had a “lot of kids, a tribe of them.” Some say it was spiteful, but I say it was destiny. It seems today that there are some hurt feelings due to said events of the naming, but I’m sure they shall heal over time. There’s was also excitement in the disbelief of what had happened. Anyway, Welcome Chief.

Snake and Mongoose

6 pax showed to partake of a new move promised by YHC making it’s first appearance in The Nation. Snake and Mongoose came from an innovation YHC saw down at The Fort and inspiration from my grandfather’s old tales of growing up at the turn of the last century in India as the son of an English nurse and American Missionary in the time of Victorian England and British dominance of the world. He often described to me “battles” that would draw crowds to bet on a cobra and a mongoose that would square off, the snake striking and jumping at his blood enemy and predator, the mongoose dancing and making himself small until the right moment came to strike and take his prey.

Here’s what we did:


SSH X 1 minute

IW X 1 minute

Merkins X 1 minute

Mountain Climbers X 1 minute

Mosey under the bridge for people’s chair as a train rumbled over us and we did 5 burpees in it’s honor.

Muhammad Alis X 20

Air presses X 20

Inverted Mtn. Climbers X 20

Mosey down to the courts, aka The Death Chamber.

Do the called exercise X times on the end line, move to midcourt and repeat, move to the endline and repeat.

Round 1

Snake and Mongoose X 5

Bear crawl to midcourt

Snake and Mongoose X 5

Bear Crawl to the other endline

Snake and Mongoose X 5

Nur back to the other endline

Round 2

Big boy sit ups with a twist X 10 (5 each side)

Crab walk to the midcourt

Big boys as above X 10

Crab walk to the endline

Big boys as above 10X

Another train, another 5 burpees!

Nur back

Round 3

Jump Squats x 5

Burpee Broad jump to mid court

Jump squats X 5

Burpee Broad jumps to the endline

Jump Squats X 5

Nur back to opposite endline

Mosey all the way to the Gazebo for some fun stuff!

Gazebo: 5 leg lifts from pull up position, 5 snake and mongoose run to the top of the hill and do 5 plank jacks (This is all an expanded triple nickel).

Rinse and repeat X 5

Mosey over to the bridge (The Remagen Bridge, named for the bridge elements of the 1st US Army crossed in March , 1945 to get across the Rhine and effectively end the war in Europe)

We honored those men with a Tesla special, and extended bear Crawl Slalom over the bridge. Since we had a light crew and a long way to go it took about four rounds. YHC did a fifth just to make sure we were across.

SSH X 10 on the other side. Mosey back across the bridge.

Finish up with stretching for @ 3 minutes.

Pledge, COT.


So what is a snake and mongoose? A wide arm merkin with a “jump’ at the end (emblematic of the Snake and his strike) and then a diamond merkin (representing the mongoose and his small target but powerful, quick attack) all in one package. 5 is the optimum number. Especially if they are to be repeated.

Good but small group today. Everybody worked hard. First time I have worked out with Get a Grip. Great to have Spiderman out with his also. Feel free to take snake and mongoose with you to the rest of Gaston F3!

Prayers for all our pax and families and those guys who are on IR or just have not shown up lately. The Fartsack is closed just so you know.






Is anyone going to show?

6:45. The QIC waiting in the truck watching it rain and hoping no one shows. 6:54 one car pulls up, then 2, and next thang ya know, we got a small crowd. I guess I can’t go back home now! With the CSAUP already in action,  I wanted to do some running as well.  With the addition of a FNG I decided to take out the 3 mile warmup. I’m not sure if I gave a great disclaimer on this either.


SSH in cadence


Mosey up to the track. 

Dora. With 4 corners. 10 rounds.

SSH 100 at corner 1 

Squat 200 corner 2 

 LBC 300 corner 3

Overhead clap 400  Corner 4

mosey to the picnic shelter

60 reps of incline merkins, step ups, and dips. Starting with 10 of each then 20 and the last round was 30. Great call by Anchorman!

By this time we noticed the guys out running the CSAUP stopping in. Mosey to the street corner and do a zombie walk back to the start. Pledge  with the runners and named our FNG. Mosey over to the Yank for COT.



Rooster this Saturday 3-2-19 still need a few.


Prayer request

There are many request every day by our PAX,  pray for each other. Stop and talk to a PAX that you haven’t spent time with.  Your prayers work! God is Great!!!

Welcome Jake our newest member named War wagon.

Sammich for breakfast

6 for the Ruck and 6 really cool guys.

The Thang:

we put in packs or weight vest and walked.

We went backwards up Gastone’s Hill.

we had several pain stations.

We did 3 sets of Marching Eall sit’s. Crowd favorite.

The Moleskin:

great coversation  and this  Ruck workout is forming and going to be a good addition to the F3 Pax.


Gastone Out!

A “V” No More

A Monday a couple of weeks ago, YHC was voluntold he would get to the privilege of VQ’ing BullDog today.  Luckily most those same HIMs decided not to fartsack this fine NC morning and came to feel the bite of BullDog.  And would you believe a FNG to boot!



Since we had a FNG (Alan), HIPAA stepped in where the Q failed to give Alan all the required information.



Grass Pickers (IC)

Hillbillies (IC)

Sand Shakers (OYO)


The Bite:

6 Stations

2 Minute AMRAP

Rotate to the next station.


Round 1:

Burpees or Kettlebell Swings


Monkey Humpers


Bottom ½ Curl

Calf Raises


Round 2:

Burpees or Kettlebell Swings


Gorilla Humpers

Pretzel Crunch

Top ½ Curl

OverHead Shoulder Raises


Round 3:

Burpees or Kettlebell Swings

Diamond Merkins

Crab Humpers

Reverse Crunch

Full Curl

Tricep Press



Lots of chatter about the how long two minutes are (that is what she said) and the suck factor.



Mt. Mitchell Outing – May 5th

Convergence @ Folsom – March 30th

Island is Q for SnoBalls on February 27th


Prayer to close it out.


Welcome FNG Honey Do!


TClap to HIPAA for the advice and assistance.


Thanks to  all in the PAX.  On this journey,  I have been the six on the reg.  I am down over 20#, stronger and faster.  I am still the six, but not quite as far back.


Watts-Up powering down…

Wrecking ball of hurt!

The theme for today’s workout was in celebration of my son’s 11th birthday. We started with a quick warmup of side startle hops, merkins, burpees, and lbcs. Took a quick mosey to the park and stopped every light post to complete an exercise (monkey humpers, gorilla humpers, merkins, CDDs, and burpees). Next, we did 11s with flutter kicks and lbcs.
After that, we split into two teams of 6 and did a relay race. The winning team got to choose the exercise and the amount of the losing team. The first race ended in a tie, and being the hard working men we are, it was decided one team would choose the exercise and the other team would choose the amount. After the first race, we did Freddie Mercurys, and after the second relay we did Moroccon nightclubs. We continued our stroll through the park with a quick mosey to the hill where we continued our theme of 11s with exercises at bottom and top of the hill. Once we knocked out the hill work we mosey-ed back to the finish. A great work for all.
Thanks for allowing me to lead.



1 word can sum it all up – EXHAUSTED

At this point in the festival we all just wanna go home and jump in the Fartsack. But we got 1 more show to do.

The Thang:

10 KB Swings  in 1 minute. If you finish your 10 KB swings before 1 minute is up do another exercise (Merkins, LBC’s, Dips, etc.)

We did this for 25 minutes. If you did the math that’s 250 KB Swings with some EC mixed in

We did 10 per minute as the focus was on form. You are also able to grab a heavier weight and get a solid 10 in.

We have plenty of time left so let’s start working on Turkish get-ups.

Because how do you get better at Turkish Get-Ups???

Jocko : Do Turkish Get-Ups!

Side note, if you do KB work the Swing and TGU are the only 2 exercises you need to get a painful workout in.

Rudolph led the PAX in a how-to session. Take off your shoe, balance the shoe on a closed fist, perform a TGU.


Repeat again

Repeat once more

Put your smelly shoe back on and grab a Kettlebell.

Do Turkish Get ups – 5 reps per side


BootCampers were back so lets mingle with them for some MARY





Thank you all for letting me lead you today during PainLab. Always get excited about Saturdays and this AO is why. Great way to push yourself with some added weight.



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