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Day: March 25, 2019

A little more Bootcamp this time

It’s been awhile since I’ve used a bit more traditional bootcamp beatdown tactics in my workout weinke.  Locked and loaded Friday afternoon, sleeved in a Whoopee ‘resistant’ liner, it contained several items of which I abhorred.  Why then would I design such the beast?  Who knows, not even I know, but I do know suffering prevailed, mainly just for me but found some others huffing a bit.  We started like this…

Warm Up:

SSH-20 ic

Merkins-10 ic

LBC-10 ic

Modified LBC (flutter and LBC)-10 ic (felt a burn, these suck)

Squats-10 ic


Follow Watt’s Up if you want to be beaten into submission, rest of you Mosey with me.

Up to Grier track:

10 Burpee’s

15 Jump Squats

20 CDD’s

50 Moroccan Night Clubs (100 total)

4 Corners:  Grier Track

Corner 1 – 10 Merkins

Corner 2 – 10 Merkins, 20 Heels to Sky

Corner 3 – 10, 20, 30 LBC’s

Corner 4 – 10-30, 40 Flutters

Rinse and Repeat, NUR while doing so

Triple Nickel –

5 Release Merkins, Mosey to top of hill from Baseball Field, 5 Monkey Humpers


35 Dips / 5 Derkins, 30/10, 25/15, 20/20 – Stopped at 1/2 way point

Grier Awnings:

5 Body Curls / bear crawl 20 feet / 20 squats (5 times)

Time left for 1st round of Dora:  100 Leg lifts (Heels to Sky), Partner 2 mosey down sidewalk and back

Only a few minutes left, back in time for Marco (POLO!!!) to call 10 Burpees, he got the shot fired before the clock chimed, I could only complete 5 before near pukation.



Convergence 3/30 at Folsom – 7:00 am, Epic Painlab will be present, multiple Q’s for your pleasure

Community Foundation Run – 4/13

Belmont Classic 5K – 5/25 (Memorial Day Weekend)

Whetstone:  Blades/Stones – Please see Monk to be a part of this program

Shout outs to Watt’s Up for his Post commitments, great to see Cheesehead back in the gloom

Prayers for the P200 group, all concerns unmentioned

Honored to Lead.





It Takes A Village

YHC knew with GasHouse/PainLab occurring mid-P200 and it being spring break season, the turnout would be light. Linus knocked out the pledge and the warmup before taking his minions off for whatever they do. Four HIMs joined YHC to meander to the corner for PainLab on this Saturday morn.
YHC had made a withdrawal from the HIPPA garage o’ goodies and with the help of Hunkajunk’s kettlebells create a small circuit of fun. While the exact exercise what not specified at each station, suggestions were given… Stations were transitioned after approximately 25 reps of the green band.
Station 1: Weighted Ropes – Both Arms↕, Single Arm↕, Both Arm ↔
Station 2: Kettlebells – Kettlebell Swings, Curls, Shoulder Press
Station 3: Weight on a Rope – Forearm Twists and Steering Wheels
Station 4: Ground/Picnic Table – Dips, and Ab Exercises
Station 5: Green Band – Pulls

YHC did not bring a source of motivational musical accompaniment. Luckily Marco saved us all from this major Q fail and stepped in with some tunes.
With all that set, let’s begin…

Everybody around to all the stations.
Route 66 out with lunges between each stripe and squats at the stripe.
Route 66 in with deep/slow karaoke between each stripe and air presses at the stripe.
Another round o’ stations.
Pick your favorite kettlebell, put it over your head and take it for a walk around the parking lot.
Stations again.
Pick a kettlebell get on your six – Marco lead for chest presses x25 and overhead extensions x25.
R&R Stations
Quick cleanup of the equipment and some mary waiting on Linus, et al to reappear.
Marco was given the final call after GasHouse made their appearance and with seconds left called 10 Burpees!?!?!
Linus reestablished control after the melee and took us out with announcements and COT.

It was great to Cheese Head back at PainLab. Also inspiring to see Hunkajunk, Marco and Sledgeomatic continuing to post…
Thanks for the opportunity to Q.

Watts Up powering down…

Promises to keep and miles to go …

When asked why he climbed the mountain the man simply replied,” Because it was there.”
Ten percent of Americans do NOT write down goals . My m and I started our lives together with a great many and as she is my best friend we tried to complete them and over time to add new ones. But then when our 2.0 came along, life became complicated. Thankfully gas prices were nearing $5 a gallon and we had to move again ( I despise continually moving!) But we found a perfect church home which we lacked back in Lincoln County and made new friends and eventually my finding F3 and reawakening that inner drive that had gone into hibernation mode.
A year before starting F3 I had bunion surgery and after a few weeks recovery found that running had become easier to return to and I reset my goal for my first 5k and did it in honor of my father who had passed a number of months prior. I saw some Midoryama/ F3 shirts and knowing my 2.0 loved Ninja warrior asked finding out there was a local group exercising in the dark …. you know the drill, right?
This was not on my radar , but months later speaking with a neighbor ( TimeFrame ) he told me he had been coming and I should try , only I planned on maybe one or 2 posts a month with my schedule.
The moment I knew I had locked into something new and different was when I posted during November of 2017 ( only weeks in!!) and pax numbers had been so weak and this was only days before Thanksgiving and Sargento asked if anyone had posted more than twice that month. Mine was the only hand out of approximately 14 pax!
Where am I going you ask ? Well, hopefully my discussion here about my goals set from last year coupled with some promises made and kept may help inspire others to set/ reach and continue to grow goals … because if you’re not moving, you might need to check for a pulse!
At the Christmas party last year I promised Dr. Seuss and Virus that I would return someday to the Goat and also promised Breaker Breaker to return to the Storm. Also on my radar was going back to Midoriyama , going to all AOs , a daily double, try and post 7 or more days and even try to post all AOs in one month. Ambitious to say the least since I work most Saturdays and take kids to school 3 mornings if each week along with everything else.
I finished last year out not touching any of these goals other than to post Bulldog and all the others. I was not dejected, s new year dawned.
I began this month securing first one, then 3 Saturdays off…. mostly excited about the final Saturday where I could Attend Folsom at the convergence! By the second week of this month I had completed a daily double and started mapping out how to reach all AOs in a single month realizing that Mt Holly and the Dallas AOs would be more challenging to reach so first, being married I wisely asked permission not only to complete this task but also to receive a reprieve on Sundays ( these had wisely been set apart for ONLY family / detox /God/ unwind / relax time ) . Next I used my days off ( they are in a rotation) I next plotted my month even adding a few more posts at my usual haunts. I completed all these goals including doing 8 posts in a row ( dreadful … cannot imagine Hipaa running the Qfor 7 in a row!)
I learned much in my travels and fully enjoyed seeing new locales/ workout styles even seeing some faces I had only seen a time or two.
Whoopee said it best that each location has its own unique personality. While at The Fighting Yank a couple weeks ago, Orangeman said that their site is much like an asteroid at the outskirts of Gastonia.
Also it was amazing to talk with some I never had only recently met like Gumby who seeks to post an amazing 35 times this month and Broke who plans on posting 210-220 times this year! It was truly inspirational to see others with amazing goals set before them.
Do your goals need to be high? No not really.
I end with this our pastor Dickie Spargo at Bethlehem Church has used a few times this year “If you wait for perfect conditions, you’ll never get anything done.” Ecclesiastes 11:4

Tales of a Gorge Runner

This is the tale of van 2 of F3GashouseUno from the perspective of a gorge runner. What is a gorge runner you ask? Well it’s a PAX that is willing to do about any ridiculous thing that the rest of the group is willing to try. Whether he is suited for it or not. Why am I a gorge runner? Well this is my 6th 200 mile relay in 2 years(3rd in the last 6 months). I’ve been pretty clear about how I feel about running but because my brothers want to do it I don’t want to miss the experience. The experience is what it is all about for me. Living to tell the tale and sharing that with others.

Before we even left Belmont the chatter got good. There was talk of liking sausages that pretty much ran the whole race. I mean who doesn’t like a good sausage! Tooltime was in his normal ranting form so he had to be checked before we got across the river. We had a mix of first timers and experience in our van. Runners and non-runners. Virus did a great job as a driver. Buckeye put a special spot for counting his wrong turns on the van(the whole driver side) and we barely used any of it. That’s a lot of driving and a lot of turns over the course of a few days. Ask any runner and they will tell you the driver is as important as anyone running. Buckeye reminded Virus of this after each leg by positively enforcing that Virus had yet again crushed another leg! Speaking of Buckeye, he killed all of his legs and ended each one looking like a soap opera star. I mean the guy is easy on the eyes(this was discussed by a few haters after the race). That being said if he gets hungry you better feed him fast!

Pizza Man stepped in at the last minute to take of some challenging runs. I mean we all know of his running abilities but to do what he did was special. Not everyone can jump into a 1.88 or 2.5 mile run in a few days. All joking aside he was much appreciated. He smoked the runs he had and even ran through one exchange to companion run with Tooltime in the middle of the night for a total of 12 miles! Anyone who can put up with Tooltime for 9.5 miles has some grit. Tooltime stepped up this race stating from the start “give me the longest legs”. The man ran over 24 miles for the race at a stupid fast pace. I wish I had just half of the drive that man has. The most impressive thing about him on this race was the fact that he didn’t snore. This guy normally runs everyone out of the van but not one peep the entire time! I guess that nose job he had worked!

Hipaa was solid as always. Has anyone else noticed this guys improvement in running? Within the last 9 months the guy has went from barely running to a blistering pace. He’s done a half mary and plowed through this relay! I’ve never seen anyone improve a part of their fitness the way this guy has. Solid work brother! Bedpan did solid work as well. I’ve known this guy for a long time! We’ve done a lot of stuff together that is best left untold so you still have a favorable view of us. That being said never would I have pictured the two of us in this scenario. Bedpan ran out of his comfort zone and never once complained and said anything negative about it(I complain all the time). He just did work. As a matter of fact he was rather enthusiastic. He ran 3 legs all similar in length but farther than he usually runs.

By some miracle we had two teams that stayed within minutes of one another so we got to be at each exchange zone with more Gastonia PAX. Everyone stayed safe and pushed the rock. This thing could not have worked out any better. By the end I said my usual “I’m done with this crap”! But as I have many times on Monday morning I write this thinking about the next race. I said I would drive the BRR but I know I’ll run. Yes Gastone I just said I’ll run. The thing about it guys is you don’t have to be the fastest or fittest runner to complete one of these. It’s a race yes but we aren’t doing it to win. We are doing it for the time spent with each other and I don’t want to miss any of that.

Until next time(because there will be) Gorge Runner OOOOUUUTTTT!!!!!!

Good Morn’n. Let’start the week off right.

YHC arrived at 5:25 to Gastone, Turtleman, Watts Up, Gumby, Island laying in the parking lot stretching, and D-Fib quasi spry and somewhat eagerly awaiting to see what lay in store for them.  It was a beautiful 56 degrees and clear.  Just perfect for the varsity beat down that would soon be upon us.

After some quick hellos and pleasantries 5:30 says the bank clock and so it begins.

Warm up:  Double count x 20 each



Mosey the longer way to the maintenance parking lot for further warm up.

PAX on our 6 for leg raises while each HIM high knees around circle one at a time until complete.

Merkins x 20

Squats x 20

Mosey the long way around to the clubhouse in center of ball fields for the thang.

The Thang:

PAX pair up for partner 1 AMRAP of called exercise while partner 2 moseys a roughly 1/4 mile loop and then switch x 2 each.

Exercise 1- LBC’s

20 merkins oyo

20 squats oyo

Exercise 2- Flutter Kicks

Meander to bleachers for calf work- this was good stuff here.  Mumble chatter at its finest.  These guys are a hoot.

Back to club house for 2 sets of 20 each



Big boy sit ups

Mosey back to start

And time!


Mount Mitchell climb May 5.  See Gastone.

April 13 Community Foundation Run.

Prayer concerns:

Gastone’s Father and Father-in-law.

D-Fibs son


Watts Up continues to be an inspiration.  D-Fib and I chatted about on one of the laps and we decided that if there was a picture of success it would currently be Watts Up.  Reminds my of HIPAA when he first started and we all know how that’s going.  Keep pushing bro.  You are doing outstanding work not only for yourself but the HIMs around you.

For all PAX present today, You guys have helped me more than you will ever know and I cant thank you enough for the inspiration, support, and encouragement.  I’m simply happy to be part of such and outstanding group and feel very blessed.

Thank you all.  God bless you and your families.

The honor is truly mine.



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