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Day: March 15, 2019

Casual Thursday

It was a very mild morning in which there was finally no rain on a Thursday. YHC pulled into The Pub parking lot to find Stroganoff taking part in a one-man LBC challenge. YHC was talking with a new PAX that had previously done F3 in Greenville when Roscoe and Gastone came running up after some EC.

As I was detailing the route (to Snoballs and back), Roscoe gave the word that is was 0530 and time to go.

The Pledge

We ran out and then ran back.

3/30 Convergence at Folsem (0700), Latini run, and 2nd F that evening
4/12 3rd F
4/13 Community Foundation Run
5/5 Mt Mitchell

Prayer Requests
Just Truett Baby due
Gastone’s dad
P200 runners


Just know that when you run, when you post, when you push the rock that someone may be watching. Just Truett had posted in Greenville so he was familiar with F3. Through Strava, he saw that there were other runners running in the area. There’s nothing like the encouragement from your brothers in the gloom to push you to be your best.

Until next time…

Pre-Blast – SFN – CFN

Pre-Blast for Speed For Need / Community Foundation Run


When: Saturday, April 13th, at 9:00 am

Where: Rotary Pavilion, Downtown Gastonia

What: Speed For Need 5K

Who: You!

Why: Because we are F3 and this is what we do

Sign-Up: Registration Link

Group Info for Registration: Select “Speed For Need – F3 Gastonia

Cost: $20 if you register by Midnight April 1st, $25 after


This year I have the honor and privilege to Q my very 1st Speed For Need event. Ever since I attended my 1st SFN race last year (CFN 2018 to be exact), I was hooked. SFN is such a great organization and it inspires so many. This year we will have 4 Track Commanders, 3 of which are from our new partnership with Camp Sertoma.

Let’s Meet our Track Commanders:

Evan and Colton



Gabby’s Story:

She was born with Spina Bifida-Myelomeningocele( a whole in her back from L5-S5) hydrocephalus, neurogenic bowel and bladder, and syringomyelia ( a large cyst in her spinal cord that causes a loss of sensation in her trunk and legs). She uses a wheelchair as her primary form of mobility, but can walk with bracing and a walker. She also has EOE, an autoimmune response to lots of foods. She cheers, takes piano lessons, loves playing with dolls, and wants to work in the NICU when she grows up. She’s full of spunk and has never met a stranger. Oh, and she LOVES to talk


These kids are awesome and have wonderful stories to share. We will have full Bio’s released for all of the Track Commander soon so you can get to know them.


At this time I am looking for at least 3 more volunteers to be drivers. If you want to team up with a few other PAX and switch out pushing during the race, you are more than welcome to do so. If you have never pushed before you are missing out on the greatest feeling and experience in your life. it WILL change you.

HC Drivers:

  1. Clavin – Gabby
  2. Gastone
  3. Broke
  4. Termite

Driver Information:

Safety Training



Please step up and be the HIM that you are. Sign up today to Run, Walk, Nur, Push/Drive or whatever. Just do it. See me or Pizza Man if you have any questions, concerns or comments.




Swimmer’s Q

18 PAX posted for another Tuesday afternoon boot camp at the ultimate F3 Nation afternoon  AO “Midoriyama”.  For some reason I thought that I was Q this day instead of Thursday.  With that being said, thanks to Swimmer for switching and taking my Thursday.  17:30 is here so let’s begin…disclaimer for FNG “Saban”(he’s a huge UGA fan)….it went like this



Don Q’s

10 Burpees OYO

Let’s mosey to soccer field for Dora 1-2-3…the exercises were:




Let’s mosey to my favorite hill(near the dog park)…we did triple nickle with X and O’s(thanks to GD for this) at the bottom, then American Get-ups at the top…strong work by all!!  That hill is NO joke…lol

Let’s keep it moving…we stopped at a parking lot for Route 66…hmmmm let me think…BURPEES…definitely not a crowd pleaser but the PAX pushed through and got them done

Now back to the flag for 22 for the VETS



P200 – March 22nd and 23rd

Convergence at Folsom – March 30th at 7am

2nd F Event – March 30th at Olde Dallas Brewery (Time to be announced)

3rd F Event – April 12th at 7pm New Covenant Church Gastonia

SpeedForNeed Event – Community Foundation Run April 13th at 9am  SIGN UP—>

Hike at Mt. Mitchell – May 5th (Get with Gastone)


Thanks again to Swimmer for switching Q’s with me…as always it’s a pleasure to get to post with my Midoriyama brothers!!!  Thanks for the opportunity to lead!!

Until next time…..Pizza Man is OOOOOUUUUUUTTTTTTT!!!!

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