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Day: March 23, 2019


Wamarama: SSH, Don Q, Gravel Pickers

Thang: Mosey towards  the flag at the entrance with a stop at every light pole for 20 Mountain Climbers and 20 Flutter kicks all IC. Pledge at the flag.

Tater Hole takes over with SSH X something IC. Sorry can’t remember the number. From there we mosey to the split in the road for 30 squats and 15 merkins OYO at each corner of the triangle.

Pearl Jam takes over and we mosey to the lower lot for partner work. P1 does 100 SSH while P2 runs to the top of the lot and back squats and merkins were next but nearing his time allotted we Omaha for 2 minutes of dips.

Big Pappy takes over for the return to start. Lunge walk from the lower shelter with several stops along the way for merkins and big boys.

Finally with just a couple of minutes left Pockets calls Overhead Claps to finish. Sorry for not giving you longer Pockets that was a failure on my part.

Announcements: Convergence March 30 @07:00. Mt. Mitchell hike May 5

Prayer Request: Big Pappy’s family, Pockets family, Tater Tots friend, unspoken, our injured pax

Was a small crowd today  but a big effort from the PAX and it gave us all a chance to get to know each other better.  Good work men!


Slow Post

Friday morning, ready to post. Let’s get it on!

Warm Up

Goofballs, Don Quixote’s and Gorilla Humpers all IC.

Gather in the middle of the Rotary Pavilion for a little Bring Sally Up. Technology fail and this time YHC isn’t going a acapella. Mosey to the end of the parking lot. Bear crawl the bridge over the railroad tracks. Keep moseying to the parking lot behind the courthouse.

The Thang:

Lindsay’s- like elevens but higher reps going from 30 to 5 reps. On one end do 30 Monkey humpers , run up the steps, across, then down to the bottom and do 5 Flutter Kicks. Go back the way you came. Flip each time by 5 until it’s reversed.

We had time remaining so we did actual Elevens, this time doing Dips and DDCs.

Mosey toward start but this time we headed down the road to the new “educational” garden that will block the new waste water treatment plant.

Back at the start we did some Mary and wrapped up with COT.

Moleskin: I procrastinate writing backblasts, that’s no surprise to anyone. I’ll do better men! It’s been a while since I posted regularly due to studies and race training so I’m happy to get back to being with you guys. I love you man!

Spring has arrived but where is the PAX?

Understanding many were preparing for the P90x event this weekend,  YHC was expecting a smaller crowd.  Island and I arrived about 5:20 am and no one was in sight.  A bit odd, though a number are known to come streaking in at the last minute.    After a few minutes, it looked like it may be just be the two of us.   Perhaps it was the weather (freezing on the 1st day of Spring) or maybe that the Martha’s House crew knew that Gastone’s hill was going to be the star attraction.   Or maybe a statement against YHC’s Q abilities.  Being very insecure, YHC started to cry.  But suddenly out of darkness, there were lights.   And then more lights.   Looks like we’ll have a party after all.     6 PAX strong, lets get to work.


Disclosure : Be careful as we run down Riverwood, vehicles are going faster and faster.  Beware and be safe.

Warm up:

SSH x 30 IC

MNC’s x 30 IC

LBC’s x 20 IC

Lets Mosey

The Thang

Mosey down Riverwood Parkway, stopping at every light or so for 20 squats OYO (total of 100)

After 5 sets of squats, switched over to 10 burpees per light (total of 20)

At Gastone’s hill, Bernie Sander’s to the top circle

Plank it up

Flutter Kicks x50 OYO

Mosey down the hill

Next round up Gastone’s hill, sprint to each light, complete 10 merkins, rinse and repeat until the top circle

Plank it up

Reverse Crunches x 40 OYO

Mosey down the hill

Next round up the hill, bear crawl to each mail box, pause for a 10 count, rinse and repeat.  Complete to the 5th mail box

Meander to the side parking lot

On the decline (Hill), perform 30 big boy sit ups (feet up on the high side).  This was  crowd pleaser for sure.   Some had good form, others modified and had some strange body gyrations.

Let’s mosey, back down the hill and head towards the start.   YHC hears some mumble chatter about being happy not to be going back up Gastonia’s hill.   YHC will give your money’s worth so mid stride omaha’d and circled back to Gastone’s hill.   Normal mosey up to the top circle and mosey back down.

After the false start, now heading back to the start.  We stopped at a few lights to lunge walk to the next light.  Time was getting very short.  Jail break to the finish.  Time…..

Way to push it men.  I appreciate the opportunity to Q.  This group today put in the work.  Watt’s Up has turned into some Marvel super hero, Timeframe has lifted his game and is steps ahead of where he was, Spiderman is back to top form, Dirt is just solid and a machine.   Island is just continues to be the shut down corner.   You guys are inspiring me to lift my game.   Thanks for the push.


Convergence at Folsom March 30th

Community Run April 13th

Mt Mitchell Hike First Sunday in May


Gastone’s father in law

Unspoken prayers

Till next time.  Go Tar Heels!


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