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Day: March 17, 2019

Sparky Run

3/17/2019 Sparky’s House
Sparky sent out a Slack invitation to everyone to his house for an afternoon run mostly for P200 training so I was asked to do a backblast. The backblast is not so much for skillet credit but to annoy a certain Pax who shall remain nameless but his name rhymes with Mister Jacked. We ran close to 5 miles on a beautiful, warm afternoon with nice scenery and several long, rolling hills. Freight and Sparky ran a little extra as they were going back for the six. Round-up was leading the way. Great to see Allen Tate back out today. He said this was his first run since he was at the hospital a few weeks back with high blood pressure and he was chugging right along.

Crisp Morning in Dallas NC

3/17/2019 Crossroads
15 men. 8 men ran. Round-up ran EC and fast. He said he had some rest from running this week and felt great today. Sister Act and Dr. Seuss ran a fast 5 under 8 minute pace. Broke tried to pull me for 5 miles but I couldn’t catch that guy! I saw Oompa running across the bridge pretty fast. Sparky was delayed at the start as he often is but put in a few miles. Bedpan logged some miles despite hurting a little. 7 men rucked. The ruckers were out in full force this morning with Pizza Man bringing an FNG Dusty Pepper from Stanley now known as F3 Push It. Evidently he also knows Sister Act but maybe he will show again anyway. His F3 name has something to do with some song by some group called Salt and Pepper which was after my time but everyone seemed to agree that it was a good name. A couple of Dukies knowing the FNG is a big Carolina Tarheel fan tried to name him Zion but not on my watch boys!
Word about seeking help if you are down or depressed. Talk to someone, see your doctor. Also a word about being thankful. I have to remind myself to be thankful for America, be thankful for good health and be thankful for my family and so many blessings and thankful for the good friends in F3. Great way to start a Sunday morning!

Convergence at Folsom Saturday, March 30th at 7:00 am.
3rd F Event Friday evening April 12th at 7:00 p.m. at New Covenant Church Gastonia (thanks Hushpuppy) with Tool Time speaking (you gotta love that).
Community Foundation Run Saturday, April 13th with F3 Gastonia pushing the Speed for Need chariots so sign up. Hipaa Q.
Hike at Mount Mitchell on Sunday, May 5th. Gaston Q.

Prayer Requests
Oompa’s mother
Pockets family in the loss of his uncle

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