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Day: March 30, 2019

P200 is on the horizon

with the P200 coming up I felt like I might need to do a Q with running being the main objective.

warm-up with some stretches then lets mosey.

we ran around the school back to the tennis courts. there was a little mumble chatter about the fact that there was an easier way to get there but oh well.

the thang.

nur to half court then spin around and sprint to the end then walk back to the start.   we did this about 8 times.  then we did some high knees and some karaoke we also did some other things I cant seem to remember. head back to the start, it was at this time broke pointed out that my past 2 Qs had more running in them than mu previous 10 did. roadie is starting to change his workouts

sure ill take the Q

well I put my foot in my mouth and said I would take the Q at my Hollywood. I figured it would help get my lazy butt out of bed.  that it did on a cold Monday morning.

warm up was short and sweet

lets mosey. not what most men were expecting from roadie.

we ran to the library and did some 11s

tiger squats on one side and mike Tyson’s on the other. lets mosey to where the buses are and do a little Dora. getting close to time so let’s head back to the flag for a little mary.


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