• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 01/14/2023
  • AO: The Fighting Yank
  • QIC: Tooth Fairy
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Tesla (r),Boss(r), Fannie Mae, Anchorman(r), Maybelline, Tiger, Pockets, Gator, J2C, Watts Up (r), Sprinkler (r), Mainframe(r),Jane Fonda, Gavel, Sausage, Bubba Sparxx, Breaker Breaker(r).


We started at the flag and moseyed to the bunker for warmups. After warmups, some HIM’s broke off to ruck and 12 chose to accept the challenge.

Mosey from the bunker, around downtown to the school (1 mile) then break off into two teams each of 6 for kickball.


Foul: your team does 5 burpees

Out: fielding team chooses the exercise for the kicking team

Run: kicking team chooses exercise for fielding team x2 is 2 runs are scored x3 etc.

after each team switches, everyone does 10 merkins

Home run: kicking team chooses exercise for fielding team to do.

Final score: 2-1