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Day: January 10, 2023

Easy Target

As a leader, you take the blame for anything that goes wrong.  Unless you’re at an F3 workout.  Then you blame Short Sale.

6 of us broke off from the running bootcampers after a riveting warmup by Gashouse’s new Site Q that left us confused and short on time.

We broke out the blocks for a triple nickel on the hill down the nature trail, did squat thrusters, overhead presses, good mornings, rocky balboas, merkins and dirty hookups.

With the kettlebells, we did curls, the bob and weave, pullovers, deadlifts, halos, squats, and more curls.

We also kept coming back to a circuit of toe touches, werkins, superman pull-ups, and flutter kicks.

All in a day’s work at PainLab.

All kidding aside, Short Sale’s creativity has provided some of the most legendary F3 Gastonia beatdowns  I’ll take his best against anybody else’s every day of the week.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.

Yabba Dabba Doo

F3 The Storm – January 10, 2023

We had 20 PAX this morning at the storm.  After a brief disclaimer and seeing no FNG’s we did a mosey to stretch out the legs.

Circle of Pain:
20 minute tabata beatdown (20 exercises, 45 seconds on 15 seconds of rest).

After that Circle of Pain we headed toward the bottom of the parking lot near the athletic fields. There are five light poles that lead to Lakewood Road.

From the first light pole run to the fifth light pole and back, then perform the following 10 merkins, 20 squats, 30 mountain climbers (count one side only), and 40 SSH.   Next from the first light pole run to the fourth light pole and so forth.

In all we got in 50 merkins, 100 squats, 300 mountain climbers, and 200 SSH.

48 hour run January 14-15 in Dallas. See Slack for details and sign up!
Second F lunch at Hillbillies in Lowell on Wednesday, January 25.
On February 11 at Folsom (pushing the rock challenge) with vehicles. See Ball Joint for details.
F3 Rock Hill Rooster VI is Saturday, March 4.

Continue to pray for my sister Mackenzie who is battling cancer.
Pray for Slaw’s wife.
Ball Joint is traveling north today for his Uncle’s funeral.
Feta (Sargento’s 2.0) received good news on his MRI, but needs to be in physical therapy for a few weeks.


Women last longer – edited

I crawl outta bed and see that it’s just above freezing. I ask myself?.. maintain the position spooned to the M’s six or join the other idiots out there in the cold. You guessed it, I did the right thing today.
I roll up to Bulldog and who do I see first? Hunchback! …waitng for the cavalry to show up 🙌 . Then Maybelline and Orangeman. Spiderman must be caught up in his web cause he was MIA.
I did tell Spidy that I would take Q if no one stepped up. We start with some yoga-like warm ups to get things moving. Then I break out my workout flash cards. It was a typical core-n-more style workout that I do at Painlab. 45 seconds of work and 15 seconds to make the transition to the next exercise. You gotta Show to know 👊
We close out with four minutes of Mary. The goal is six minutes, but sometimes ya just gotta get in when you can.

Announcements: 24 Hours & 50 miles this Saturday from 5:30am every hour for 24 hours 😲 wtf is this all about. Who does this!?
Well, the sign up currently includes Ball Joint, Stogie, Broke, Doodles, Big Pappy, and Nothin, and where is Round Up?
This lead to the conversation by Maybelline about Courtney Dauwalter. She did the Moab 240 race in 2 days, 9 hours, 59 minutes ,,,just 10 hours ahead of the second place finisher. Look her up, she’s a juggernaut.
Which lead to the conversation of women lasting longer than men. You gotta Show to know 😁

Prayers to: Maybelline’s Dad, Turtleman, Noisy Cricket, Clavin’s Mom, and Bondo where are you.

Good work men!

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