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Day: January 15, 2023

Run, Crawl, Rack and Stack

Well it’s a cold one out here at Old School this morning and there’s already a crowd. Great to see lots of support for RoundUp and the 24hr. / 50mi. Crew. Quite a few are here just for the run but after a quick 2mi. EC run I quickly saw that a good amount of PAX were here to workout as well.

I don’t see any FNGs so after a quick disclaimer and my standard warmup we are at it. It was a simple but very effective rack and stack style workout with lots of Burpees, Hand Release Mike Tyson’s, Jungle Boi Squats and plenty of Core Werk to go with it. Mix that up with a lot of confusion, lack of communication, Bear Crawling and running between rounds and things quickly got disastrous. Sorry about the not so clear instructions men but after a couple of rounds we were all on track. At 0730 we all got in a lap with the 24hr. Crew and got back to work by this time all were working on unstacking and by the time 0800 rolled around some were working on a second round of racking and stacking and most were finishing their final round of unstacking.



Prayers : Wichita’s family, Ozark’s niece, TurtleMan and family, Huck and his dad, Slaw’s M, My family, All PAX

I’d personally like to thank everyone for all the prayers for my family during the chaos this last month or so. It has meant the world to us.

Announcements : 2F Lunch Wed. at Hillbilly’s BBQ.

CSAUP/Convergence at Folsom 2/11. Bring your Pushing Rocks Team. FYI there’s some heavy work going on at this one. All of y’all soccer armed boys gimme a shout I’ll talk you through it. Just kidding guys but it’s gonna be a Good One Show to Know.

Q Fail/Site Q Fail Announcement : Ball Joint reminds me that I forgot to say the PLEDGE during Name-O-Rama. I quickly said thanks and I’ll get to it next. Well  47 names later I forgot. Huge Q Fail. My apologies men.

Great Job to all showed up and put in that WERK today. Good luck and stay safe to everyone running today. Way to Push That Rock.

Crossroads 15-Jan-23

After finishing up what I could of the 50 miler, I showed up early to see everyone had hit thier goal and rode off.  To my dismay and chagrin, BOS and Maybelline decided to leave to go to the Coconut Horse even though they were a quarter, one-fourth, .25 miles away from Crossroads.  You hate to see it, but it could’ve been who had the Q.

Runners, ruckers alike take off at various times and various speeds for various distances.

We circle backup where YHC had put in some work to make sure we all said the pledge super slow to prank Dr. Seuss and get under his skin.  Bonus is that it got Freight as well.  Good job guys.

Announcements (during this time there was some other conversation and I was too cranky and cold to deal with it):  Convergence 2/11 at Folsom, 2nd F Lunch 1/25 at Hillbilly’s

Prayers: Slaws M, Gumbys mom, Wirenuts family, Huckleberry, Turtleman, Big Pappy, Recovery for 50 miler guys, Freights M

Pallbearer took us out

QSource (Commitment):  Dr. Seuss, Pallbearer, Hunkajunk, Sister Act, Sarlacc, Quiche, Camellia, Gumby, Blart, Wirenut, Freight, Slaw, Mayor

Stowe Point

More running and rucking at Ground Assault.  Runners ran 5 miles by Members only and did a loop at the end of Stowe Point.

The name of the AO was solidified as Ground Assault.

Come check it out.  0500 on Wednesdays.

Yabba Dabba Doo

Maybe 32, but technologically I’m 80. Labyrinth 12/14

JJ and Linus joined me for a mosey with a mixture of workouts in the parking lot at Marthas and in the lower picnic shelter.

We did some variation of the below:




10 Gravel Pickers IC

Right leg up(quad stretch) 

Peter parker  Merkins



Hand release Merkins 


Lunges   (Count right leg)

Hillbillies   (Count right leg)



Oblique crunches  Both sides




Diamond Merkins 


Mike Tyson’s

Imperial walkers  Right leg




Mtn Climbers 

Bobby Hurley’s





Tubes mom-shingles poison ivy

Radars sister

Nutria’s brother in law





Members Only – January 15, 2023

10 HIM came out to Run or Ruck this morning. Some of the Ruckers did a little of both.  It was a bit chilly at 27 and Wattsup kept pointing out that there might have been a light breeze.


  • 2nd F Lunch on Jan. 25th at Hillbillies
  • Feb 11 – mini CSAUP /Convergence at Folsom
  • All other Saturday AO’s should be closed

prayer requests:

  • Roundup and his wife expecting
  • BOS – expecting job offer
  • Slim shady and Gilligan in Guatemala for service trip
  • Orangeman’s family

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