The weather was cold and dry.  When we got going it became very comfortable.

The trivia idea I must credit to Anchorman.  As the new year has come around and attendance is up there is an opportunity in that.  I thought trivia was a great idea and could be used as a teaching tool for the newer guys and a refresher for the more seasoned vets without being preachy.

Pizzaman led up through a tribute warmup and a moment of silence honoring F3 Cardinal out of Knoxville who recently had a heart attack after his VQ and did not survive.  Prayers are definitely with the family of Cardinal and the entire Knoxville F3 family.   Classy move Pizzaman.

After the split. the guys of Painlab circled to have a nice workout featuring SSH’s O’ plenty.  There was also squats, LBC’s, pull overs, step ups, dips, stretching, merkins, burpees, heels to heaven,  and seal jax.

The F3 questions were:

What is the F3 mission statement?

Name the 5 pillars of F3?

What is EH, what does it mean, and how is it applied?

What is a Sad Clown?

What is the name of the F3 handbook and who wrote it?

What is the purpose of the COT?

What is a shield lock?

In my opinion this morning went very well.  The guys were great as always.

A true honor,