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Day: January 8, 2023

Can’t Think of a Title

Quite a large crowd in the gloom of morn on this Friday.  Between New Year’s and the challenge, numbers have been large. Let’s keep it up.

0530 hit, YHC gave a disclaimer, but most were too busy yammering to hear it, so instead of doing warmup, lets mosey.  Just around the the parking lot and up to the playground.

Still lots of conversations going on, but some participated.

Mosey to the church.

Sit on the wall for a bit
15 Donkey Kicks
Sit for a bit
15 Dirty Hookups
Marching and Presses

Partner Up – Dora

100 Merkins
200 Squats
300 Flutters

Back to wall, with intention to repeat, but after the DKs, a truck just sat in the street, apparently watching us.  Upon advice from Nantans present, we vacated and moved to the tennis courts.

Activities here included, running the lines, burpee broad jumps, bear crawls, lunges and something I can’t remember.

Back to the street.  20 Squats at every pole on the way back to the flag.  Errr make that 10 (cuz of time)

Had time once all were back from a couple of burpees to end the round.

Announcements were made.’
Prayers were noted.

Breaker took us out and we squeezed in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Although I hadn’t planned on such a large crowd, It was awesome.  I hope it continues.

It was an honor to lead.



Watts Up Powering Down.

Its been 2 years and 475 post….

January 5th 2021 I threw on some sweatpants and a long sleeve shirt and put on my only pair of shoes (the white new Balance w/grass stains) and drive to Biggerstaff park to meet some guys . I would have never thought it would change me life like it did. Sparky had the Q so we did blocks and I couldnt move my arms, but I came back. That Saturday happened to be the convergence at Folsom and I saw that F3 was a little more then just some guys doing stuff in the parking lots around the gloom of the world!

Fast forward to January 5th 2023, it my turn to give back…so I decided to give ya’ll a beat down!

Warm up: Normal stuff

Thang: Run down to the shelter, grab some bench and do 100 calf races! after about 20 and almost mutney….sike!!! This is dumb! Lets get outta here! (Pappy killed us the previous Saturday with 1000 calf races).

The Real Thang: Starting at the first light and bottom of the parking lot, we are going to do the Sheldon Cooper (10 burpees, 10 Squats, 10 Merkins, 10 Big Boys) Expect we are not going to go down in reps. So now its called the Bill Murry. We stopped at every light pole, and the invisible pole at the triangle, till we got to the Flag at the ag center. *as a kicker for the bat flippers , plank jacks for the 6 at the new light pole before starting work. we all stayed together all the way to the flag! Good Job men! That sucked!


The Second Thang: After a 10 count we moseyed over to the top parking lot for Dirty 11s Mike tysons and iperial walker squats, burpee in the middle. after about half way through we had to omaha back towards the flag. We took SA’s count and finished the 11s on the way down to the flag. We made it back just in time!

* 24 hour run in Dallas 14-15 next weekend. See sign up sheet on slack
* 2nd F Lunch 25th @ Hillbillys

* Wirenuts Family
* My Family (uncle passed)
* Roundup Family/baby
* Huck
* Tuttle Man
* Eachother

I took us out in prayer.

Thank for awesome 2years! I cant wait to see what happens next!

Ball Joint


YHC had the lead at Member’s Only today and we had a very nice turnout! Had 4 runners and 8 ruckers and a walker. I do want ot mention this walking thing. It’s done at Lake Wylie and it really helps with numbers and getting guys out that might not otherwise show. Then they get in the game. We might want to consider that option for some of our guys.


Good Push. Qsource extremely well attended. We are going right back through the book this year. Let us know how it goes at other AOs where you are trying something a little different.


Bulldogs Win, Bulldogs Win

It was not the championship, the football team, or the fanfare that will be on Monday January 9th. This was the Bulldog beat down (and those who attended) for the win. We wrecked some biceps, stretched some quads, chatted mumbled, and packed on some 6’s.

Check this out!

Warm Up:
Imperial walkers
Toy soldiers
High knees
Flutter kicks
American Hammers

Around the world, 10 each way
5 halo each way
Squat curl press 10
Merkins 10
Knee to elbows – slow
K. Swing 15

Take a lap.
5 Burpies
Monkey humpers 10 IC
Zombie walk
Monkey humpers 10 IC
Zombie walk back

American Hammers
Calf Raises
5 Burpies

6 shooters
Dying Cockroaches
Freddy Mercury’s

Cover and Move

We had twelve for the Coconut Horse. The ruckers outnumbered the runners today, but if you count the two laps that Maybelline and Flintstone did it sort of evens out.

It is nice to see bigger crowds continuing and more at Q Source as well. This is how you accelerate. Show up!

Strogi needed to smartsack the 1st F this am so hence the title of the backblast.

great work!


praise for turtleman.

prayers for our families.

Candor in the Rain

16 Pax ran or rucked and most stayed for a Q Source discussion on Candor. We discussed being a man who can give Candor and being a man who can take Candor. The trick is building relationships on trust and love where the give and take is possible. That’s a great resolution to work on.

Announcements: 24 hour Run next Saturday at 5:30 am beginning at Cloninger Park in Dallas, NC raising money for Angel Bows by Raemy and collecting food for Dallas Christian Ministry.

*** Purple Haze announced that Blart is taking the Site Q position at Crossroads so help him out by signing up to Q. ***

Prayer Requests: Slaw’s M, Gumby’s family, Wirenut’s family, Turtleman, Huck, as always remember the guys beside you.

Freight took us out.

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