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Day: January 22, 2023


3 hit the loop early for 5 miles, 4 at the official time, 4 ruckers, and 2 more for QSource.  I’d say the weather stole the show, but right when we were getting ready to settle in for QSource, in walked Turtleman.

So off we went to talk about the importance of believing in the mission, for everyone involved.  The ability to take the risks necessary for the mission to be successful only comes when we understand, and then believe in the mission.  We talked Unity in Leadership (think Mom & Dad), who is responsible for understanding and believing in the mission (everyone involved), and how candor can get you dismissed from committees.

Glad to be a part of the group.

Yabba Dabba Doo

The Loops

16 PAX decided the Yank was the place to be at 0500 on a Wednesday morning.

Directions sounded difficult, but really, the route was simple, and one that our Belmont runners know well.  Loops in Merewood, Eagle Park, Davis Park and The Point made for a good start to the morning.

Ruckers did their thing too.

Yabba Dabba Doo

Hope is not a plan

It was a great day to have a great day. Many a HIM showed up for a rendezvous with Pamela and she did not disappoint. The new Safety Q Purple Haze and YHC had a nice extended conversation about how we have to face the reality of our situations, prepare and execute. Hope is Not a Plan!

Announcements: 2nd F lunch this Wednesdsay, convergence at Folsom

Prayer Requests: Hunchback’s 11 year old beighbor with cancer, Termite & family, Clavin’s M, Gumby, Wirenut’s family, Radar’s sister, Turtleman, Huck

Boudin has Superhuman Strength

Saturday at the GasHouse was intended to be a ruck/run tour of nearby neighborhoods to market our Saturday workout to the locals. Upon recognizance, I learned 90% of the mailboxes are by the front door. In this day and age of video cameras, ring doorbells, and respect for privacy, Hunchback and I reconsidered the plan. Instead we’ll go with standard signage to hopefully recruit some new FNGs. So, Plan B, let’s go with a lowerbody focused bootcamp. Knowing Boudin and Stroganoff were nursing back injuries, I thought that might be helpful. One man accepted the challenge and one was not quite ready. At 0700 the circle formed with some good old 2nd F chatter. Observing a veteran crew I went right into it without hesitation.

SSH IC x 30, Imperial Walkers IC x 10, Toy Soldier IC x 10, Side to Side Butt Kicks IC x 10, THE patented left over right IC followed by THE patented right over left IC, MNC’s IC x 10. I think I was done after that. The groups split with 7 men following me out of the parking lot to the First Presbyterian Youth Building (aka The PAD).

The Q fairy had been there already to tape signage to the walls and drop coupons. Under the sheltered porch and around the building were 10 stations:

  • Monster Walks – use a band, lateral step 15 right and return 15 left
  • Dead Lifts – straight leg, 15 reps (grab a weight)
  • Goblet Squats x 15
  • Kettlebell Swings x 15
  • Staggered Squat – 8 right, 8 left (grab a weight or ruck sack)
  • Bulgarian Squat R x 15, (grab sandbags, single or multiple dumbbells)
  • Bulgarian Squat L x 15 (grab sandbags, single or multiple dumbbells)
  • Alternating Step Back Lunch – 8 right, 8 left (use weights)
  • Glute Bridges x 15
  • Hamstring Curls – sit on flat bench and use power band

After each exercise, PAX runs to the bottom of the stairs and returns to do a new exercise. Amid criticism and insults, I executed a run-through. Reps are at 15 so a premium could be placed on proper form. As the PAX spread out to get started “BOOM!” Boudin sits on the bench for hamstring curls and snaps the power band on the 2nd rep. I severely underestimated his raw power. His soccer legs are jacked up like the HULK, except their not green. All this rucking and walking, Boudin’s quads are bigger than Saquan Barkley. Despite Boudin F-ing up the stations, an experience Q improvised to announce, “we’ll now have 9 stations – thanks Boudin!”

I had intended for 3 total circuits but had not timed this, so we only completed 2-ish circuits. This kept the PAX together so there was plenty of conversation, accusations, insults and the like. Anytime legs are worked, it expedites the calorie burn. The Monster Walks are a challenge – if you have an individual band, try it at home (maybe not Boudin…he may need a fireman’s hose as a band for his tree trunk legs).

We had about 20 minutes remaining, and I had promised some core work. Sargento was very excited at this news as he had been improvising much of this workout thus far. We relocated to the back parking lot for a 4-corner stack.

  1. 10 Crunches (not LBCs, real big-boy crunches)
  2. 10 Crunches + 20 Flutter Kicks
  3. 10 Crunches + 20 Flutter Kicks + 30 Freddie Mercs
  4. 10 Crunches + 20 Flutters + 30 FM + 40 American Hammer

Now for round deuce – this is like a Big Mac, we’re double stacking. Keep the same 4 exercises and the reps (i.e. Set 1) at each corner, now add:

  1. Circuit 1 + 10 Leg Raises
  2. Circuit 1 + 10 Leg Raises + 20 Heels to Heaven

We ran out of time and headed back to base. If that wet your appetite (or other body part), I’ll work it into my next Q. Someone reminded me we had yet to recite the Pledge, so took care of that. Announcements: Extinction Run 3/4, Convergence at Folsom at 6:30 on 2/4, 2nd F Lunch at Hillbillies. Prayer Requests: Huck, Turtleman, Clavin’s M and I’m forgetting some. Sargento took us out.

Next time you see Boudin check out his massive legs. You won’t be disappointed.

The Flag was passed

Crossroads 1-22-23

I was asking to take the site Q at crossroads And really didn’t have to consider very long this is my favorite workout of the week and I really don’t like to run. I Want to thank Purple Haze for his time served . Great job brother

This morning was as beautiful a day as you can get, light breeze and steady ran for the entire run. Some rucked and some ran, miles were completed.

The worst conditions seem to make the end feel so much better all except my nipples man are they raw….

After the run we moved on to Q Source we’re today we talked about consistency. The men around me this morning are a huge part of the consistency in my life and I am truly thankful.

lunch noon Wednesday at Hillbilly’s.
CSAUP/convergence 2-11-23 at Folsom 0630 start time. All other AO’s closed.
3-4-23 Extinction run at Primal in Belmont 0900

Prayers for all

Untill next time ….



Extinction Run III Preblast 3-4-23 Strong Like AK!

Who:  F3 PAX, Ms & 2.0s

What:  F3 Extinction Run III – You vs. You Running Challenge / Charity Fundraiser

When: 3/4/23 at 0900

Where:  Primal Brewery – 52 Ervin St. Belmont

Why:  All three Fs.  Challenge ourselves.  Cheer for each other.  Raise money for the community.

Charity: $10.00 suggested donation for Strong Like AK (Checkout

Format:  One mile run against the clock; one mile at a time.  Each loop begins and ends at Primal Brewery.  From the 0900 start the first mile must be completed within the 13-minute time limit.  The second mile cannot be started until the horn sounds at the 13-minute mark.  Second mile pace and each mile following will be reduced by 15 seconds.  Mile two must be completed within 12:45 time limit, mile three within 12:30 and so on. Runner must meet the time limit to proceed to the next mile.  How many miles can you run before you run out of time?  Run a 10-minute mile?  You can complete a ½ marathon before pulling into the pits to watch your brothers battle it out mile after mile.  Come challenge yourself to a run, cheer on your brothers and stay for lunch and a drink.

How long can you prevent your Extinction?

Not a runner?  Come out and Ruck or Walk.  Take a few laps and then grab a seat on the patio to cheer on our runners.  Bring some extra cash for a chance to win big in the 50/50 drawing.

On IR?  We have Volunteer positions available!

Primal Brewery will open at 10:00 for beverages and bathrooms.  Kitchen opens at 11:00.

Bring the M, the 2.0s and an FNG too!

Any questions or to volunteer, hit me up!


Group at Members Only

It was supposed to rain and it did. Solid number of HIMs showed in the rain for a ruck or run. Three more joined for Q Source for a discussion on Group.

COT under Chick-fil-A’s drive through awning.

lunch noon Wednesday at Hillbilly’s.
CSAUP/convergence 2-11-23 at Folsom 0630 start time. All other AO’s closed.
3-4-23 Extinction run at Primal in Belmont 0900

Prayer Requests:
Tiger and family
Sprinkler and health of his eyes
Pockets dad and his health.
Roundup and wife with baby on the way
People living and working in the rain

YHC took us out in prayer.

I’m glad I had the Q this morning because I would’ve been in bed otherwise. Thanks for joining me men, your hard thing for the day is over.

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