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Day: January 4, 2023

Ground Assault

11 strong for the debut of the Belmont run/ruck AO.  Here’s what I remember:

The early start gave us a solid window, and we ran the posted route to Loftin Park and back.  Ruckers had a solid and familiar route too.  Had a couple PAX post just after 0500, but they found us and got their miles in too.  We watched out for the Six, and got in some solid miles.

The early start gave us a nice clear weather window, with the rain picking up just after we left.  Hate it for you 0530 suckas.

We batted around some names for the new AO, and Ground Assault was the clear winner.  If it still feels like the winner next week, that’s the name.  Always best to give it a day or two and let the PAX think on it.

Solid start with threat of rain.  Let’s keep pushing the rock.

Yabba Dabba Doo

The Rain Held Off

Rain was all around us but the Lord decided to give is enough of a break from it to get our run in this morning. It was nice to see ol’ Rabbit Ears out there for a Kotter post. Hope to see him again! Other than Ball Joint and Sister Act causing a collision, it was a pretty good day. Be sure to search Dallas Town Talk for “douchebag runners” for more details!

Pray for Wirenut and his family as well as my wife’s family.

A or B

The rain did hold off until the end.

45 minutes of running and exercises consisting of  SSH, Merkins, Squats, Flutter kicks, & Mike Tysons.

We hit Gastone’s Hill and did dora at the school.

Announcements:  New AO on Tuesday and Wednesday

Prayer request: a lot to pray about


I prayed us out

Until next time

EZ out!

Putting the DoD

YHC looked at the weather last night and was considering a planned fartsack, when the memory of telling Nutria YHC would Q TRB in the morn…. DOH!

YHC arrived a few mins early to ensure all the pieces parts were there:

1 Putter
2 Golf Balls
2 Cups
1 Deck of Death.

When 0530 hit 6 had joined YHC, buy the end of warmup it was 8.


Goof Balls 15 IC
Arm Circles Fwd/Bkwd
Side to Side Lunges 10 IC

Mosey along road, in the second entrance, and up to the door/awning.

Although the rules were simple, some seem to have trouble with the concept.

DoD determines the exercise.
25 is the count.
Putt the ball.
Toward the shorter cup ~ 1 yd, add/subtract 5 from the count depending on if you miss or hit the cup.
Toward the longer cup ~ 1.5 yd, add/subtract 10 from the count depending on if you miss or hit the cup.
After every 5, run a lap around the front of the school (later modified to 2 laps under the awning)

While we may have 1 or 2 future putt-putt champions, we definitely have some hackers.

Mixed in were 2 trick shots…

1 putt hit both cups

1 hit the ball while it was bouncing and still hit the far cup.


Announcements were made.

Prayers and Praises mentioned.

Pledge of Allegiance


YHC took us out.


Watts Up Powering Down.

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