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Day: January 12, 2023

Mt Hollywood, Jan 9



100- Merkin Roll-into Big Boy (The Enchilada?)

200 – SSH

300 Squat Thrusters


Partner Exercises:  Simon Says

(PAX1 does one rep, then PAX2 does one rep.  alternating, until each PAX does 10 reps each)

10 Burpees each


10 Tuck Jumps each


10  Ski-Abs each


10 Burpees


10  Ski-Abs each


SSH to close it out





Jan 14. 24hr – Old School 5:30
Throw activity ideas to Roscoe
2ndF lunches are 3rd Thursday of month


TAPs ————

Stinky Bird’s family
School starting – teachers, parents, students
Doodle’s dad – recovered well from heart stroke
Tooth fairy – daughter, dad, flu
Turtleman’s chemo
Bubba Sparxxx Dad – cancer test


Glad to lead.

-Bubba Sparxxx





1966 or Not

You forget how important it is to be a part of the PAX and YHC is grateful to be back at it with this group of HIMs.  No better time to jump back into Q’ing as well than on my birthday and to include a trivia game “1966 or Not” for the year I was born.   The Q presents an event that happened in the mid-60s and the PAX must decide if it happen in “66 or Not”.  Incorrect answers result in 5 burpees.  The PAX did well and  were happy to have Double Respect Tesla on their side.

Disclaimer, pledge, and a reminder to honor F3 Cardinal today and pray for his family.  Warm-up, some Route 66s…….well, obviously………some work circled up, and finished with some bear crawl Dora.

Great work by all and well done Orangeman getting your full money’s worth with 5 burpees in the COT.  Prayers for Cardinal’s family and his PAX in Knoxville.  Finally, a reminder that God puts opportunities in front of us to be kind to someone else.  I pray that each of us seeks out that opportunity and acts upon it today, no matter how big or small.  Thanks for the honor of leading today, men!

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