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Day: January 21, 2023

22 at The Yank for a 100 Burpees

Yank 1-20-23

Mosey to the gravel parking lot across the track.


Warm up 10 x IC
Don Q
Toy Soldiers
Low Slow Squat
Arm Circles. Forward and Reverse
Ruckers take off, everyone else 10 Burpees

Let’s Mosey.
Mosey toward McDonald’s stopping at the parking lot 2 red lights up and perform 10 Burpees, continue up to the parking lot at the shopping at Aldi’s. Here we perform 11’s across the parking lot.

10 Burpees first

Exercises are,

Merkins and Seal Jacks
WW1 and American Hammers
10 Burpees

Mosey around the building for some wall work. 10 x IC.
Wall sits for 1 min.
Hip Slappers

10 Burpees

Mosey back to the hill in the park.

A word about F3 Cardinal.

He was a pastor. It says this in the article about him.

“That’s soul-filling, God-honoring, kingdom-building work, but it also left him lonely. Many of his friends were also his church members, and he needed relationships with men outside of that realm. He couldn’t always be everyone’s pastor. He needed more peer-to-peer relationships, and that’s what F3 gave him. He found men to do life with, to share life with, to conquer struggles with.”

Remember that someone out there needs you. The man next to you may be there because you are there.

10 Burpees

Triple Nickel,
LBC and Flutters
Squats and Lunges

40 Burpees together to close out for a hundred Burpees total as a group for F3 Cardinal today. 1,008 as a group.







It says that the theme of Fall down. Get back up. Together has never been more real.

All the regions in the world know this about the Burpee; it is representative of life and the F3 credo; men falling down and getting back up, Together!!


Longest 5 Minutes Ever

The temperature dropped overnight, but PainLab heated up right away. After a joint warmup by Short Sale, Boot Camp went their separate ways and PainLab moseyed over to the circle.  Today’s workout consisted of eight songs, each five minutes long, which focused on one muscle group.  One minute interlude breaks were given between songs. Lots of mumblechatter ensued

DJ Push Play’s playlist, muscle group, and exercises:

  • Clocks by Coldplay – Squats: goblet squats, one-handed coupon squats, no coupon squats
  • Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana – Chest: merkins, planks, coupon chest press, Nolan Ryan’s
  • No Diggity by Blackstreet – Back: pullovers, standing row, one handed row
  • Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi – Triceps: dips, tricep extensions, coupon circles
  • California Love by 2Pac – Biceps: coupon curls (2-handed and 1-handed), shoulder toss
  • Susie Q by Creedence Clearwater Revival – Lunges: step ups, walking lunges, coupon lunges
  • My Sharon by The Knack – Shoulders: two handed push up press, one handed push up press, halos
  • Calm Like a Bomb by Rage Against the Machine  (removed for the virgin ears of science fair volunteers waiting nearby)
  • Somebody to Love by Queen – Core: LBCs, crunchy frog, American hammers, big boy sit ups

Moseyed back to the shovel flag for the pledge, announcements, prayer requests, and COT.

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