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Day: January 2, 2023

Beatdown the Sunrise

Had a good group at Tequila Sunrise.


15 x Toy Soldiers

15 x Hill Billies

15 x Nolan Ryans (each side)

Moseyed to the Tennis Courts for some Killer B’s (Bear Crawl, Burpees, Broad Jumps)

We Bear Crawled across the first tennis court, then did 3 Burpees between the courts and Broad Jumps across the next court. Rinse and repeat Bear Crawls and Broad Jumps

Next Workout:  Triple Nickel with LBCs and Smurf Jacks

Moseyed back to the school for some Dips, Derkins and Step Downs (each side). Sets of 10 – 15 – 20

We had enough time to work in some Route 66, I stole this workout from Sister Act.  where we Bear Crawl to the first line and did 1 Merkin, Bear Crawl to the next line and do 2 Merkins, and so on until we got to 11 Merkins.


Announcements, Pray list, and Pledge of Allegient’s


Wet Goat

It was a rainy morning at The Goat, but still had five dedicated PAX showed up.

Warm Up: Started with a lap around the building and around to the gazebo.

15 x SSHs; 15 x Hillbillies; 5 x Burpees

Workout: Under the Gazebo

Lazy Doras:  100 Merkins; 200 LBC; 300 Squats

While Partner 1 does 10 Merkins, Partner 2 will hold the plank position, and then Partner switch exercises until they reach 100 total merkins.

Next Partner 1 does 20 LBCs, Partner 2 will be on their six and hold their feet 6 inches off the ground, and then Partners switch exercises until they reach 200 total LBCs.

Finally, Partner 1 does 25 Squats, Partner 2 will hold the Al Gore position, and then Partners switch exercises until they reach 300 total Squats.

Mosey to the picnic shelter in the park.

3 Sets of exercises:  Set 1=10 reps;  Set 2=15 reps; Set 3=20 reps

Exercises are Dips, Peter Parkers and Rocky Balboa’s

Moseyed back to the Gazebo for some Captain Thor’s

1:4 ratio of Big Boy Sit-ups and American Hammers

Finished up workout with some Mary.

Announcements, Pray list, and Pledge of Allegient’s12/22




Dabbin’ in 2022

Radar asked me a while back to Q at Tequila Sunrise and I had never Qed there before, so I thought…why not?

All vets, so quick disclaimer.  As per usual, I sprinkled trivia questions throughout the workout.  If the pax get it right – keep moving.  If the pax get it wrong – everyone does 5 burpees.

Short mosey around the track and to a paved area for some Corewood.  All on my count:
-Pretzel crunches
-Crunch frogs (a personal favorite)
-American hammers
-Dying cockroaches

Mosey back to the track for a dab.  We did the following exercises:
-20 merkins
-30 squats
-30 SSHs
-30 LBCs
-30 CDDs
The pax had 60 seconds to finish the exercises.  If they got done early, they could rest until the start of the next minute.  After each set we did a lap around the track.  We did 3 sets.

Mosey back to the paved area for 4 corners.  We would add an exercise at each corner:
-10 WW IIs
-20 werkins
-30 Bobby Hurleys
-40 air presses

We were running short on time, so after the first lap around, we did just 10 of each exercise for the second lap.


Prayer concerns





Record 22 at The Sword this morning! String start on the first Monday in 2023. Some ran, some rucked, and at least one was spotted runking. Afterwards I discussed my word for the year, gratitude. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 says rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. The Hebrew term for gratitude translates “recognizing the good”. By doing that it has an uplifting and multiplying effect in our lives.

Members Only 1/01/23

Ruckers met early, launched at 6:15.  Four rucked, Four ran.  Good way to start the year. Pledge

All joined Q Source, except Quiche.  Q fail that the forms for 8 block were left at home, had to improvise.

Announcements:  Push the rock challenge, 50 mile for Gearwrench, Hacksaw and Round UP mid January.

Prayer requests; Breaker daughter in law on job search, Wirenut and family, Tooth Fairy father and Slime Shady father, Turtleman, Huckleberry, Tiger and family

YHC took us out

Always an honor


TRB 12/28/22

Final RTB of the year was also the final installment of Living Third.  Q came in hot, arriving at 0531.  Pax not standing still though, good job men.  Once Q finally arrived, began with the mission of F3, to plant grow and serve small work out groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.  Welcome to Gumby, Gastonia native who lives in Waynesville now.  Warm up of SSH, imperial walkers, gravel pickers, and some stretches.  Pledge.

Mosey to the track.  Do one lap together.  Weinke calls for a form on 11’s.  Do 10 burpees, run half way around track and do one burpee.  Back to starting point for 9, half way around for 2.  You get the idea.  Full work out was 110 burpees and 10 laps.  Have  a few minutes remaining after completing the laps, so we go halfway around again.  Stop for a word on our motivation.  We all have to have a reason large than self to keep us motivated.  We envisioned our reason being back at the flag and needs us.  Mission was to get to our why as quickly as possible.  Time

YHC spoke for a couple of minutes on Luke 12:48, “…to whom much is given, much is required.”   I found an article that articulates a few pints worth noting from  The articles discusses that the short phrase has four distinct components  -first, is the truth that God gives much. Second, is the idea that no one has the right to live alone for himself. Third, is the emphasis that everything we receive comes with great responsibility. And lastly, that we should use the gifts and talents that are given to us.

That second point in particular, that no one has the right to live alone for himself, speaks very clearly in reenforcing the idea that what we do, we do not do only to benefit self, but also for the benefit of those in our concentrica.

Announcements; Push the rock challenge, Gearwrench, Hackswaw, and Round Up 50 miles mid-January.

Prayer requests – Tooth Fairy dad, Slim Shady dad, Turtleman, Huck, Wirenut and family, Tiger and family, those recovering from winter storms.

YHC took us out

Always and honor


6 exercises

Another outstanding day in Gashouse. We had a great crowd with really good weather. Actually, the mumble chatter started early so I’ll take back the comment about a great crowd…there were a lot of people there but the quality was not so good. Well maybe most of the crowd was good but you know what they say about 1 rotten apple spoiling the whole bunch?

We started with a disclaimer and pledge then got to work with the warmup which was a shortened version of the workout. It would be 6 exercises performed in different locations and at varying amounts of time. There was only 1 problem: I could only remember 5 of the exercises but thankfully Roscoe saved me and remembered #6. The exercises were the following: SSH, Merkins, Big Boys, Burpees, Flutter Kicks, and Squats. We did a few as part of the WU then moseyed to Gastone’s Hill. At the bottom we did the same 6 exercises for 10-30 reps and part way thru an unnamed pax that rhymes with Portsale started getting mouthy. Actually, it started during the warmup but I did my best to ignore him up to that point but every man has a breaking point. We did a few rounds of burpees X 5 as punishment to get him to settle down. I think I saw some remorse in his eyes as he started to cry. Well, at this point Defib had to console him. It’s tough to watch a grown man cry. Defib hugged him during the rest of those exercises. There might have been some “massaging” going on as well but it was dark and not sure I could say for sure. We moseyed up the hill then quietly did some more rounds of those same 6 exercises. “Portsale” was obedient and appreciative to be back in the pack at this point and kept his mouth shut like a good little boy from here on out. We moseyed down, did some more exercises, moseyed back up for some more. At the top, I tried to remember something I read from Strog’s Christmas Eve book but didn’t have the book. Or my phone. Or a good memory. So I winged it and discussed what I could remember about the 4th scroll in this book called The Greatest Salesman in the World. It was about being unique and making your time on this earth count. Don’t waste time and enjoy your life to the fullest-at least that’s what I remembered. See below…..We moseyed back to start for COT with a few merkins at every other light post on the way back. Once we got back, Strog got his books out of his car and I read part of the chapter I THOUGHT I wanted to talk about which was good. Once I got home, I got my book (I meant to bring with me) and below is the actual paragraph I meant to read.

It’s funny how my planning for this Q and my “message” was screwed up because this morning I was moaning in my head about how I didn’t want to post. I didn’t want to go exercise. I really just wanted to lay in bed and fartsack. I was tired. I posted yesterday morning then worked hard yesterday most of the day getting Christmas decorations down. Before getting in bed, I checked my watch and was over 25,000 steps for the day. Just seeing that made me even more tired. In short, the Sandy V was on level 9 in my head when I went to bed and had gotten worse through the night. Getting out there this am with the guys really helped. It’s currently about 8 am and I’m working on my backblast (gotta keep Gearwrench happy) with my dog Seymour sitting next to me and everyone in the house still sleeping except the one child who is already at work. I’ve had a good workout, suffered some mumble chatter, showered, gotten dressed, and about to make some breakfast. I’m trying to take my own advice and at least mentally get better today.

Here is the actual paragraph I meant to read. It’s from the chapter on scroll 5…another Q fail but who’s even reading this anyway???

“This day is all I have and these hours are now my eternity. I greet this sunrise with cries of joy as a prisoner who is reprieved from death. I lift mine arms with thanks for this priceless gift of a new day. So too, I will beat upon my heart with gratitude as I consider all who greeted yesterday’s sunrise who are no longer with the living today. I am indeed a fortunate man and today’s hours are but a bonus, undeserved. Why have I been allowed to live this extra day when others, far better than I, have departed? Is it that they have accomplished their purpose while mine is yet to be achieved? Is this another opportunity for me to become the man I know I can be? Is there a purpose in nature? Is this my day to excel?”

IS THIS MY DAY TO EXCEL??????? How about that? How are you going to EXCEL if you are starting the day off with a freaking FARTSACK?????!!!!! I really needed to tell myself that this am.

If you haven’t Q’d a workout in awhile, sign up. It’s the best way to make sure you shake that sand out of the V and get out here so you can EXCEL!!!!!

see you soon-Whoopee

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