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Day: January 7, 2023

1st Yank of ’23!

So YHC stepped up Friday and took the Q at The Yank. Called in a little EC as well. So when Watts Up and Tesla finished a 3 mile plus ruck in the gloom it was on for a great boot camp as guys emerged from the woodwork. Went like this in the gloom:

Down into the park for a COP:

SSH X 20

IWs X 20

Gravel pickers X  20

Tesla Stretches

Mtn. Climbers X 20

Up Heartbreak Hill for 2X Half pipes featuring 5 plank jacks, 2 burpees at the bottom and 5 ass to the road monkey humpers on Central Ave.

Over to the field of dreams for BLIMPS – partner up!

Burpees – P1 runs half way, drops and does 2. Runs to the end, drops and does 3.

Lunges – P1 1/2 – 5, 100% – 10

IWs – See above

Merkins (HR) – see above

Plank jacks – see above

Squats – see above.

Good work guys, off to the Corner of Knowledge

10 dips

10 step ups

10 dirkins

Over to the “line”, burpee broad jump to midway to the walkway. Mosey back to the COK.

4th quarter! You know that that means boys!

Since we had 17, we counted off and divided the force. Orangeman took 2s, Tesla 1s. And off we went on Bear Crawl Slaloms!

Took about 4 times through, maybe 5 to get to the end.

5 minutes left. Mosey to the yank and throw in some Mary along the way. End with 5 burpees.


Quality group here today! Welcome Goose from Houston on a down range. Looks like we’ll be seeing more of him! Please make him feel welcome guys- high quality guy.

Sunrise today was epic. I think that’s the big thing we get to see this time of year.

Can’t say how much I appreciate the whole of F3 Nation this whole year. Been to hell and back. Not fun. But it’s not supposed to be. On a roll now!

Tesla enjoys leading these guys. Special group.



Back To School

Long story short, we did some work on our way to the college. After reaching the target we utilized the entrance going into the college for some hill work. After it was all said and done we got plenty of manual work in and and 3 miles of lung expansion work in. Not a bad start for a Saturday.



Announcements: The Roundup 50 miler next Saturday starting at 5:30am until 5:30am Sunday. Pax lunch sometime in the near future.

Prayers: The Dill family, Huckleberry and family, Turtleman and family, Wirenut’s family and some I can’t remember.

Thanks for letting me lead another one!

Wichita out and on to the next one!

There’s a New Sheriff in Town

With little fanfare, today marked a new beginning for the GasHouse. In addition to being the OG, since our region began in 2015, there have only been three Site Q’s over that span, making GasHouse the Pittsburgh Steelers of our region. Like the book of Genesis, Stroganoff begat Linus, who begat Whoopee, who begat Short Sale and there you have the current genealogy. As the circle formed, TimeFrame claimed Jimmy Phillips was related by marriage, but it sounded a bit sketchy. Something about marrying his sister’s sister or own sister. It quickly became confusing, and the more TimeFrame explained, the deeper into a West Virginia cave we traveled. For the first Saturday Q of 2023 it was an opportune time to go over the 5 core principles of F3 for our Friendly New Guy. Yes Flintstone – you’re allowed to modify as needed. So, with a disclaimer, principles, and mission stated, sort of, we moved to the fitness portion of the workout.


All in cadence and should have been x 10 reps except when the PAX stopped counting or became confused. Seal Jacks, Toy Soldier, Side to Side Lunge, Imperial Walker, Arrows, Mtn Climbers, Plank Jacks, Seated Knee Tuck Drags (WTH? check out AthleanX for a demo – or try the AB program), and lastly Pike Up Toe Tap.


9 Bootcampers followed me out of the lot and up the hill to Grier MS track. The Army Reserves were gathering in the parking lot ready for their PT. They had stuff scattered on the field which some PAX thought I had set up. True, we were about to do a PT test, but sans equipment. A few years ago, Broke developed a PT test and we do it every so often under timed conditions. Few participants focus on form and worry more about lowering a time in competition with the group. As the new Site Q, I plan to do this every 6-8 weeks when I Q. I am keeping individual note cards for each participant, and they will not be shared publicly. The reps are reasonable, so the focus is on form. True, I am keeping a running clock, but that is for the individual to measure against themselves. We used the concrete pad outside the track and above Steven Long Field. Here’s the deal:

  • Shoulder Tap Merkins – 25 reps or to failure, whichever comes first; run to the bottom of the hill, touch fence, return
  • Big Boy Sit Ups – 25 reps or failure; hill sprint
  • SSH – 25 sgl ct reps or failure; hill sprint
  • Squat – form counts – not bendees or humpees or bouncees – real squats like Slaw performs; 25 reps or failure; hill sprint
  • Burpees – 10 total – why only 10? because most everyone’s form breaks after 10. Hill sprints

Reps and times were recorded. The next time, a new element will be added – stay tuned. This only takes about 5-8 minutes to perform, so it will be at the beginning of a workout. I’ll announce ahead of the next occasion I plan this.

Mosey to First Presbyterian Church at the rear parking lot near the playground and hill. We had a half hour of time and I knew the full Weinke couldn’t be used – what does the Q do? Modify as needed the First FQ advised. “PAX – option A is individual work and option B is partner work – what do you declare?” I correctly predicted Option B and that required half the PAX to run around the Boy Scout Hut for heavy stones. I gave the former Site Q the heaviest stone. As we reconvened with the others, another PAX recognized Whoopee for having the largest tool. Whoopee’s smile bulged across his face. If his M could only be so fortunate to know her man’s rock was really that big. His partner was Stroganoff who bemoaned having to support Whoopees large tool because while one PAX lifted the rock, the other PAX ran to the top of the hill. I think Whoopee ran intentionally slower so Stroganoff could hold his rock that much longer.

  • Set 1: curls
  • Set 2: overhead press
  • Set 3: tricep extensions
  • Set 4: bench press

We returned the stones and with only 10 minutes left, a time filler was necessary.

  • 10 Hand-release merkins – run 50 yards and return
  • 20 eccentric tricep dips using the fence – the PAX hated these – I’ll use them again; run
  • 30 squats; run
  • I called 40 burpees or until I said “time” knowing we only had a minute. Most of the PAX went slow to run out the clock.

Moseyed back to the AO for a few minutes of Mary and called it a day.

Annoucements – Push the Rock Challenge has gone well for the first week, keep it up. Sargento is looking for a Ville2Ville runner, Q-Source at Coconut Horse is covering Extreme Ownership – pick up a point by attending that or another Q-Source. Prayers: Flintstone’s mom’s improving, Clavin’s plantar fasciitis and M’s diagnosis, Maybeline’s father, EZ Rider’s family. And Praise for the news that Turtleman received he is CANCER FREE this week. The dude has been battling and overcoming obstacles. Keep him in your prayers as he seeks to gain weight and strength for his body to hold off the attack. COT: Jimmy Phillips from Belmont, Red Raider for life was our FNG. He is a fit 57 year old guy and had no problem with this workout. His early days of working in a mill earned his F3 name “Millbilly.” Welcome him.

In all my years of F3, I’ve done a number of jobs but never been a Site Leader. The requirements are not demanding but the burnout rate can be high. I’m excited about this opportunity. Thanks to the aforementioned guys already on the plaque for their leadership as I hope to follow in their footsteps and make GasHouse the OG AO that it is. If you’ve never Q’ed a workout here, your opportunity is on the horizon, find me before I find you.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.

Short Sale

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