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Day: January 11, 2023

The Hills Have Ayes

Week 2 of the official Halfpipe. We ran up and down the hills. Good to see new faces. Come and join us. Run, ruck, walk at your pace.

We paused for a COT. Announcements of which there were none. Prayer request for those traveling.

Prayer to take us out.

Until next week…

Another year older, time to push harder!

11 pax joined me in the gloom.


Warm up:


20 Gravel pickers IC

Moroccan night clubs IC

Mosey to the Blocks

20 curls

20 Thrusters

20 Chest Presses

20 LBC with Block

Run to the light 5 flying squirrels

Rinse and repeat x 5

45 calf raises

Plank for leg extensions back and side for each side.

Mosey back to the Flag

50 American Hammers(Right count only)

50 flutter kicks(Right count only)

50 Big Boys



24 hour run Saturday – Bring cans for Christian Ministries or donate to the Angel Bows by Raemy

1/11 Pushing Cars


Prayer Requests:

Wirenut family



Slaw’s wife for heart issues

My neices.

Flattery for Uncle Ted

If you’ve ever seen Tesla, aka, Uncle Ted, perform side-straddle hops, you can never unsee it. It’s also a great way to warm the body up on frosty mornings.

7 HIMs posted at TRB this morning, and here’s what went down.

Warm-up with SSHs, Uncle Ted SSHs (essentially double time with one leg offset from the other), and some gravel pickers.

Mosey to the side wall for a not well received 11s. This included hip slappers at the top and Mike Tyson’s at the bottom. YHC eased up on the Pax by calling 10 hip slappers first (count one arm only, of course), going down in count. Tube was called on for a 10 count, which was performed in Spanish, with some help.

Mosey to the steps at the back lot where we performed two calf raises each step. At the top, option to bear crawl or lunge walk down the sidewalk. Rinse and repeat with four calf raises each step.

It’s always a good idea to strengthen the back and shoulders, and pull-ups tend to be a weak area, so to the kiddy playground we went. 15 pull-ups followed by 30 squats, followed by another 10 pull-ups.

Mosey to the track to kill the rest of the time with dips and step ups at the bleachers, followed by Bolt 45s at the opposite side. Rinse and repeat 2x, and time for COT, after the pledge.

Announcements: Roundup and Hacksaw 50 in 24 this Saturday, 5am, at Old School; Coffeeteria at Floyd & Blackies (you can usually find a Pax or two there Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday)


Prayer Requests: Turtle Man, Termite and family, praise for Tooth Fairy’s daughter who took her first steps!

YHC took us out. It was an honor to lead! -Orangeman

On the Road Again

14 men joined YHC Tuesday at Midoriyama. Thats 15 total for those of you that struggle with things like math and wear a lite pole is shining.


SSH x 2 ic. Lets mosey. We grabbed some blocks and moved them down the road to the stop sign.

We did this during my last Q but didn’t have time to finish it all so I saved it for another day.

The Thang:

10 block swings, run to the next light pole ON THE ROAD(that means the light pole positioned to shine it’s lite on the road, not just any pole you can see from the road)(for future claritys sake), do 10 V-ups, run back to your block, rifle carry it to the next pole, rinse and repeat to the end of the rode. Good times right hear. We turned around and started working our way back doing the same thing but with 5 thrusters and 5 hand release merkins. Instead of a rifle carry we did farmers carrys. I have to admit I like this style of WOD and believe I will use it often in the future. It works great at midoriyama with the amount of lite poles on the road(if you count them write).


I read a little from Jocko about remaining vigilant



Announcements-24 hour run this Saturday in Dallas

Prayer Request


To be clear I filled this BB with grammatical errors for my friend Mayor. Hes into that sort of stuff.

Prison Break 11-Jan-23

Runners and Ruckers


Announcements:  50 miler this weekend at Old School.  Bring canned goods for DCM and money for angel bows, 2nd F lunch soon at Hillbillys, Folsom closed this weekend and go to Old School.

Prayers/Praise:  Turtleman, Huckleberry, Wirenut, Wichita, Termite, Chubbs, EZ Rider, Purple Haze Neighbor (praise), Work procedure

Name-o-rama and Haze took us out.

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