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Day: January 3, 2023

The HP is Official

It was the worst, best-kept secret (or the best, worst-kept secret) in F3 Gastonia. It’s been used for Blue Ridge Relay and Mortimer training, and on Tuesday mornings, you could typically find an HRB (Hill Runnin’ Britches) or two or more running up and down The Halfpipe. If it ever was a secret, it’s a secret no longer. The Halfpipe is official.

4 Pax ran up and down the Halfpipe till they were done running up and down the Halfpipe.

To make it official, COT including:
1) Announcements
2) Prayer requests
3) Prayer to take up out

There is nothing complicated about this AO. Show up at 0515 every Tuesday at the Kinmere Farms clubhouse (2500 Kinmere Dr). Run up a hill, then down a hill, rinse and repeat. COT at 0600. The only thing better than the hill training is the fellowship. Look forward to seeing you there in the gloom.

Until then…

This New Backblast Rule is Stupid!!

Large crowd on a warm January morning at Folsom ready to put in the work. No FNG, no disclaimer needed time to work!

Warm Up:  SSH, Hillbillies, Gravel Pickers


The Thang:

Mosey to the Folsom Block pile. Here we performed 5 Rounds of exercises.  Went like this;

15 Alpos

15 Thrusters

15 Curls

15 Alternating Block Merkins

15 Wipers (leg lifts back n forth over block)

Rifle carry to street light

5 Blockies

Rifle carry back to start

That completes 1 round and we rinsed and repeated for 5 Rounds. That smoked the shoulders for sure. Leppard would have cried for days!


Still some time left, short mosey to first light pole.  Exercises called here were;

5 Hand Release Burpees

10 Big Boys

15 Mike Tyson’s

We stopped and did this 4 times on the way back to the COT.  Finished out with a quick round of Mary. Time!






Nice work today men.  Appreciate everyone continuing to push hard. Also would like to thank Gearwrench for this ridiculous new rule about getting Backblast in on a timely manner or there will be a penalty!  Dude just started his new role, this is gonna be a long year!



New Year, New You Workout! Mt. Hollywood

13 HIM’s showed up to a New Year New you workout!  Let’s get to it.  Q: CPAP, Freon, Buckshot, Queso, Blueprint, Sargento, Radar, Doodles, Stinky Bird, Red Ribbon, Mainframe, Tricycle, and Camelia all were present.

We warmed up across the street at the elementary school and back to the middle school for the fun planned in the parking lot.  Did a series of 100 exercises but broke it down into 25 bite size pieces for each then ran down to the end of the parking lot for a burpee after each set of 25.  The playlist was on point with some old school Drake and 2 Chains.  25×4 Merkins, 25×4 Squats, 25×4 WW2’s, 25×4 CDD’s, and 25×4 Shoulder taps.  We took a break in the middle of the workout to do a workout to Roxanne by the Police.  Roxanne did not disappoint as usual.  We ended the workout with COT and prayer.  Good work men.

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