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Day: January 18, 2023

Saltines in the light fixture

Mumblechatter was strong on a muggy, spring-like morning at The Ricky Bobby as a fully caffeinated Tricycle explained to our esteemed Nant’an how a 40-week lead time for HVAC equipment gets cut down to just 4 days.  At 0530 I regrettably had to cut short the conversation about stashing random objects in former Nant’ans’ houses.  Who knew this was a thing?

0530 – After a brief disclaimer, warmed up with 5 burpees, then 10xIC each: SSH, merkins, hillbilly walkers, Nolan Ryans.

The Thang:
Moseyed to the back parking lot (pausing for 5 burpees midway) and partnered up for “Boo-yah 11s:” Partners began with 10 Boo-yah merkins in the middle, carioca-ed in opposite directions for 1 big boy sit-up, returned to middle for 9 Boo-yah merkins, etc.  This went much better than yesterday’s Boo-yah 11s at Bulldog. 

Moseyed back toward the flag (pausing for 5 burpees midway) for “Team Dora.” We had to count off twice to make sure everyone understood “even” and “odd” numbers (I’ll refrain from calling out the PAX whose name rhymes with “Pluckshot”).  While one group ran a lap around the front of the school, the other group did AMRAP:  Bobby Hurleys, dying cockroaches, air presses.  After 5 rounds, we circled up to repeat warmup exercises, then had time for 1 minute of Mary.  To close out, we welcomed Mrs. Breaker Breaker by holding 6 inches.  She was happy to see us!

Announcements:  2nd F lunch next week 1/25 (Wednesday) at Hillbilly’s BBQ; Feb 11th “Winternationals” Convergence at Folsom (you need to hear Roscoe announce it verbally, though).

Prayers:  Slim Shady and his dad; Boudin’s son

As always, privileged to lead this group of HIM’s and getting a positive start to the day,
 – Nutria

All was good until Time Frame showed up

Tube hustled to pick up the shovel flag knocked down by a bone-chilling gusty wind that reminded 6 HIM’s gathered in the gloom that we’re still in January despite the thermometer showing a spring-like 48 degrees.  The winter breeze persisted, but the newly secured shovel flag would stand for the remainder of the workout, and the PAX would soon warm up.

At 0530, after the usual disclaimer, we warmed up with SSH, hillbilly walkers (15xIC), merkins and mountain climbers (10xIC).  Then setting up Pandora’s heavy metal station, we moved on to The Thang.

1. Bench work:  Dips, Bulgarian split squats, Rows (“lawn mowers”), Step-downs. Leg exercises were chosen for their difficulty with balance/stability.   Set of 10 each, OYO. 

2. “Boo-yah 11s:”  Partners lined up with the middle post of the walkway and began with 10 Boo-yah merkins, then bear crawled in opposite directions to the next support post for 1 heels-to-Heaven, returned to middle for 9 Boo-yah merkins, etc.  This looked much better on paper than in practice.  There was a lot of modifying to lunge-walks.  Also,  since even numbers are convenient for partner work, things were going well until Time Frame casually strolled up just after I had finished explaining the routine.  No worries, though – after an appropriate amount of harassment and figuring out a way for a group of 3 to work, we got it done. Since he didn’t technically schedule an appointment between 0540-0550 or other range, I’ll resist the obvious cheap shot at the proverbial cable guy…

3. Back to the bench.  Same exercises, 15 reps.

4. AMRAP relay:  We split into 3 groups of PAX.  Group 1 did kettlebell swings.  Group 2 set up near the end of the walkway and did squat thrusts.  Group 3 started out lunge-walking from one station to the other, but I quickly modified that to rifle-carrying to keep things moving.  We did 2 or 3 rounds.

5. Back to the bench.  Same exercises, 15 reps.

6. It was getting close to time, so we finished up with nearly a full round of Mary that included penguins, American hammers, other good stuff.

Announcements:  2nd F lunch 1/25; 2/11 convergence in Folsom (“Winternationals”)

Prayers: Hunchback’s 11-yr old neighbor; Orangeman’s friend Lana.

Privileged to lead this group of HIM’s,
 – Nutria

1/13/2023 Downtown

14 men on a Friday morning at Downtown!

Warmup: SSH, Hillbillies, Gravel Pickers

The Thang:

With it being Friday the 13th, I wanted to do something around the number 13.  Came across a workout titled “Lucky 13”.  Looked interesting, so basically I kept the name but changed all the exercises to typical SA workout.   Basically 13 exercises, 13 reps each, run end of parking lot and back, for 3 Rounds. Went like this;

Lucky 13

  1.  13 Burpees
  2. 13 Imperial Walker Squats
  3. 13 Big Boys
  4. 13 Mountain Climbers
  5. 13 Star Jacks
  6. 13 Peter Parkers
  7. 13 Mike Tyson’s
  8. 13 Flutter Kicks
  9. 13 Bobby Hurleys
  10. 13 Perfect Form Merkins
  11. 13 Seal Jacks
  12. 13 American Hammer
  13. 13 BDE Burpees(Burpee, to a Jump Lunge each leg, to a squat =1)

Run to end of long parking lot and back. That completes 1 round. Complete a total of 3 Rounds. BDE Burpees are awful.  Give those a shot at your next workout and you’ll hear all kinds of complaints!🐈


Mosey around the block to Main Street at corner of Pita Wheel. I’m known to call a certain Route 66 routine on the Main Street using light poles, but today is a tad different.  We’ll call this one Route 91. Start at first light pole and do 13 Merkins.  Next pole do 12 Merkins. Continue until you finish with 1 Merkin at last pole for a total of 91 reps. Mosey back to flag.






Appreciate the opportunity to lead today.  One of my favorite AOs to lead a workout, nice job men!


Getting Back After It

A few days since the the 24 Hour/50 Mile Challenge aka The Redneck Rooster, I notice many of the guys who put in the most miles were representing and putting in some miles this morning. T-claps to Round Up and Hacksaw as that event continues to grow each year and support local charities. Those guys are HIM for sure!

Oh, we also had an FNG! Welcome Crop Duster! I have actually seen him running down Cloninger Rd before and he was seen running with Ball Join this morning so I suspect he will be just fine.

Announcements: Lunch next Wednesday at Hillbillies, Convergence 2/11 @ 6:30 am @ Folsom. Keep Huck, Pappy, Wichita’s family, Wirenut’s family, and Slaw’s M in your prayers. Montross, Mayor, and Broke all had praise reports. Sparky kindly took us out in prayer.



14 total at Midoriyama on Tuesday. 1 seemed hungover. Maybe too many grapes.

The Warmup:

Sealjacks, low slow squats, merkins. Let’s mosey over to the side parking lot.

The Thang:

On one end of the parking lot start with 12 merkins, run to the far end and do 12 squats. Run back to the other end but stop one parking space line short and do 11 merkins. Now run back to the other end, one space short, and do 11 squats. Continue this until you get to the middle and do one of each. This exercise also worked the mind as everyone had to keep counting to figure out which line they should be on.

Mosey over to the long parking lot to the first light pole on the left side near the corner. Do 10 Freddy Mercury’s(count one side), karaoke across the parking lot to the light pole on the right and do 10 burpees. Keep doing this zig zaging across the parking lot. 4 poles on the left and 3 poles on the right. Once complete we did it going back with 10 lunges on the short side and 10 dying cockroaches(count one side) on the long side.

Mosey back over to the side parking lot for the countdown again. 12 CDD’s and 12 SSH’s. We finished this up and Broke said he wanted to run it back going up from the middle doing Mike Tyson’s and WWI’s. We had a little more time so sounds good to me. We made it to about 8 or 9 before time was called.



I read a word about being warriors. Having Jesus in our lives puts a target on our backs from the devil.

Announcements- 2ndF lunch 25th at Hillbilly’s, Convergence at Folsom 2/11

Prayer Request-Gumby’s family, Super Dave’s mother, Radar’s Sister, Mrs Lawing, Mrs Patterson, Bos

Namerama-yes I broke my own rule. I prayed us out before I did the namerama. I know! I make mistakes too. I’m as surprised as you are.

Come out next time, maybe Blart will Q.

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