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Day: January 17, 2023

where’s JJ

We ran hills…..because hills pay the bills. Then we had COT. Then we ran some more. Why??? Because that is what hill running bitches do. We. Run. Hills.




PS-for the record, JJ was there and it was his birthday.

Cruising down the D-Bag Hwy

GearWrench, still on IR from the 50miler, sent out a text for someone to grab the shovel flag for Today, and he needed a Q too. So I figured I’d just handle both. I had mentioned to SA that we could Co Q it, and he quickly found himself a headache and said he probably wouldn’t be there, and I would have to do it myself. Ok Dbag whatever. So sitting on my porcelain throne this Mourning trying to figure out what we are going to do…I thought what would SA do??? Mike Tysons, Imperial walker squats, some burpees…I’m sure yall have seen the lackluster display of new thoughts in his brain. So, In honor of The Canoe I interduce to you the Douchebag Hwy!

Warmup: SSH, GravelPickers, Rightoverleft streachy things, Toysoldiers.

Thang: The Douchebag HWY: Basically just 4 different route 66s with different modes of transportation. Up First Burpees and Broad Jumps, when everyone was done picking up the 6 we fellowship moseyed back to the start. Next Mike Tysons and Bear Crawls. Next Imperial Walker Squats and Lunge walk. Lastly Crunchy Frogs(4 count) and Crab walks.

Thang 2: We finished up with some Dora w/blocks. 150 curls, 250 chest press, 300lbc. Most everyone got through the chest press and it was time.

2nd F lunch next Wednesday 25TH Hillbillys in Lowell

Ozark neice
Montross Friends Mom
F3 Cardinal/family
Dale Mortons family

Awesome crowd today at Folsom! Everyone pushed hard, and mumblechatter was excelent
and we all got a little better! AYE!!

Ball Joint

The Storm 1/17/23

0530, let’s get to work.  Begin with mission of F3 – To plant grow and serve small workout groups for men, for the invigoration of male community leadership.  No FNGs, quick disclaimer.  Warmup of SSH, IW, 5 burpees, gravel pickers, arm circles, some stretching.

Run to the parking lot in front of football field.  Count off and partner up.  Gather in middle of parking lot with islands about 25 yards in each direction.  Five boo-yah merkins and bear crawl opposite directions to the curb at the island, bear crawl back to middle.  Count down merkins five to one doing the bear crawl after each set.  Lots of modifying on the bear crawls.  Push through the hard things men, everyone can do it.

Run to side of school.   Four corners accelerator.  10 hip slappers each side the school. Run to corner of parking lot for 20 big boys, run to next corner for 30 flying squirrels.    Go to next corner for 40 merkins.  Come back down, start with 40 merkins and repeat each exercise at respective corners.

Back at start, 10 steps each leg, 10 dips, 10 derkins.  Rinse repeat 15 reps each and then again 10 reps each.

Sprint back to the flag.  Enough time for a couple rounds of Mary.


Quick work about starting the day with a success.  When you post, give it all you have. Work hard.  Make it your first success of the day, then build on it.  Any task the seems overwhelming can often be completed by breaking it into pieces that can be accomplished.  Approach your days the same way.

Announcements: 2nd F lunch the 25th, convergence 2/11 at Folsom

Prayer requests:  Radar sister, Stinky Bird and family, Slim Shady on mission trip, Turtleman, Huck, Breaker Breaker and Pallbearer with gout.

YHC took us out


Always an honor



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