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Bunnies and Bears

YHC looked at the weather last night expecting to see wet for the gloom from the Isaias, but saw none.  So the original plan was still on.  Here is how it went…

0530 arrives with 8 joining YHC.  A little light from the normal, so I guess Isaias scared some off.  A really brief disclaimer is given before completing The Pledge of Allegiance.

Announcing a Termite-style warm-up, we take off for a mosey.  ~1300 meters later we arrive at Robinwood Crossing Shopping Center.

And what do our wondrous eyes see, you ask?

Someone has vandalized the parking lot, F3 style and left some coupons to boot!

Complete the exercise, mosey to Planet Fitness, perform 1 burpee and then proceed to the next parking spot.

The documented vandalism:
SSH x 30
Merkin x 30
American Hammer x 30
Squat x 30
Curl x 30 (#35 or #20)
Low Plank x 30 (secs)
Crunchy Frog x 30
Calf Raise x 30
Slam Ball x 20 (#10)
CDD x 30

After one round was complete, we took a break to bunny hop, 5 parking spots, with a bear crawl back to start (2x) and a nur to the handicapped parking sign and mosey back (2x).  Oh and it was so much fun, we did them each again once.

Now back to the regular programming for another round.

With a whole 90 seconds to spare after completing round 2, the coupons were gathered and all reassembled where we began.



Annihilation 29-Aug @ GasHouse – Gump Q
Mt. Mitchell Hike – 27-September


Prayer Requests:
Teachers, Doctors, Police, First Responders, Politicians

YHC took us out.


It was good to see everyone pushing out there.  I hope you got your money’s worth since there aren’t any refunds.

Until next time,

Watts Up Powering Down


3 showed for some Rucking with a round of 11s for good measure.

2.6+ miles, squats and calf raises.

Good times, good fellowship…


Watts Up powering down.

Sauna at Painlab

6 Hims showed up for a sauna at Painlab. Tophat, Double stuff, Rudolph, Clavin, Hermie and Tube. The start was normal with your usual workouts, until I worked into my 2nd round of kettle swings. Pulled by back and went to my knees. Rudolph immediately jumped in for Q with my Blessings. I came back in gently and We finished strong. Rudolph will be showing proper technique on kettle swings next Painlab.

Termite’s Storm 16-Jun

Something took place at Stuart Cramer High School…

Coconut Horse – 21-Jun

Take a guess what happened at the running/rucking AO….

Sledge’s PainLab

If you wanna know what happened, ask Sledge or maybe you should have been there…

First Coconut Horse of June 2020

Its a running/rucking AO.  You figure it out.

2 +1

Its the Sammich…


We rucked except for Hushpuppy, he ran off somewhere and was gone when we got back.

24-May Coconut Horse

Its Coconut Horse….  You know what happened.

K.I.S.S @ The Storm

YHC was having trouble for some reason designing a routine for the gloom of this morning.

It wasn’t fancy, it wasn’t pretty, but everyone got there money’s worth…. maybe.

0530 arrives with 9 joining YHC.

No FNGs, so a brief disclaimer, which lead to The Pledge of Allegiance.


10 Merkins OYO

Main Dish:

To start, we did a lap around the edge of the main parking lots.  This lap included moseying, nurring, karaoking, skipping, side steps and 5 burpees for a train, with the destination being the lower parking lot near the stadium.

At the parking lot, partner up for some Dora.

P1 does the exercise, P2 mosey around the loop. Flapjack.

100 HRMs
200 Squats
300 Flutters (Count 1 Right Leg only)
400 Air Presses.

From here a meander turned into a mosey to the school for some 11’s.

Dips at one end, Calf Raises at the other.  The catch being, each direction, a different form of locomotion had to be used. (meander, nur, mosey, bear crawl, skip, karaoke, high knee, toy soldier, etc)

This had to be cut short for time.

Prayer Requests were voiced and Top Hat took us out.

Termite has next week…


Watts Up Powering Down

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