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The Bottom Line of Leadership is that there is more than one thing to be a great leader

We had four Ruckers plus Scrat (he only went half way so no rep) and then four additional PAX showed for QSource.

For the first time maybe in the history of the Coconut Horse there were no runners, although JJ was spotted running early along Kendrick.


The topic this morning was John Maxwell’s “The 21 Irrefutable Law of Leadership”

We talked a lot about F3Gastonia and the future of our region.  We are in great hands for the future.

2nd F Lunch Wednesday at Simonetti’s in Belmont and the Goonie’s Ruck CSAUP on May 4th.

Prayer requests:



Short Sales Mom

Jackson Carty

Enjoy Master’s Sunday.


Tube shaved his back

This morning at the Coconut Horse, we had 3 runners and 4 ruckers.  The ruckers traded Scrat for a 35 lb kettlebell and carried it back to the starting line.

It was a good morning with fellowship and laughs.

Q Source was still “Freestyle”.  We lost Stagecoach (early church) and gained Whoopee who smartsacked.   YHC chose “delayed gratification” as a topic.  It pertains to leadership, fitness, finance, and if you want to get better at it, make sure you imagine your future self and what that looks like.  You might make better choices today.

2nd F lunch at Simonetti’s in Belmont next Wednesday

April 13 Run for the Money/Speed for Need downtown Gastonia.  Park at the YMCA

The Eclipse if tomorrow

Prayer requests:

Tubes Back

Maybelline’s family

Turtleman and family

Flintstone’s Knee


Always a privilege to lead.


We only earned one point for this? The Mortimer 100


The original Hill Running Bitches Team regrouped with the original six PAX.  The first year was March 2020, the night the country got locked down in what we thought was possibly the last relay race ever to be run before the world collapsed.  Six guys in a van with an unknown virus lurking to take their life, but at least there would be less traffic on the roads due to the Governor’s Order, so there was that.  In year two, Radar subbed for YHC due to injury and got lost.  Then Short Sale came along and after Whoopee and YHC and ShortSale got lost, we called it a day and ate pizza and drank beer without finishing.  Then last year Flintstone tagged along to replace Defib who didn’t have time to train.  Defib came anyway and accompanied YHC on two of my three legs.  (Get your mind out of the gutter)

This year we were all back together again.  We had trouble securing the requisite white Hi-Top 15 passenger Sprinter van and settled for a well equipped Suburban.  The joker at Enterprise tried to give me a Jeep.  Then he tried to give me a Tahoe, but I ordered a Suburban and demanded the pearl white beauty in the lot.  Breaker tagged along to be an extra driver.  When I asked the guy what we needed to add Breaker he said he just needed Breaker’s license.  YHC went out to pack the Suburban and Breaker came out to report that they wouldn’t add him because his license had expired in January.  #hatetoseeit

YHC put in a Little Tree “New Car Smell” that gave Stroganoff a headache so we put it in the Glove box to soften the scent.  It was very strong, but it would come in handy later.

At 1000 hours, we arrived at GSM International HQ and loaded up.  The Suburban wasn’t as spacious as a Sprinter, but all in all it wasn’t too bad because we usually would only have four or five guys in it at a time.  We arrived at the Waffle House in Hickory with plenty of time to spare.  The Waffle House was hopping, as the two teams from F3 Omaha were inside, standing room only.  We waited up the hill near a hotel when we spotted Cousin Eddie, otherwise known by his stage name, Race Director.  We gathered round.  Two teams from F3 Boone, two teams from F3 Omaha, one F3 Foothills team, and one from F3Greenwood, (home of the Iron Pax Challenge), and Team HRB from the Gashouse.  This relay is usually sketchy and this one was no exception.  The forecast was miserable with projected rain for the entire race, but we were fortunate that it hadn’t started yet and we were able to do a Pre-race COT and Name-O-Rama.  Three FNG’s were there, with some poor guy being named  “Gorilla Cookie”.  (Google Sanford and Son and you will see the reference.  How old are we that we knew that reference from 1972!)

The race would begin when the “pre-race” runner would have to eat a Waffle House “smothered and covered” and then run .7 miles to the LP Frans baseball stadium.  Whoopee was our designated runner.  The good news is Cousin Eddie came off the hip for all the required nutrition.  We were a little disappointed that Kodak from F3 Boone didn’t bring his Banjo this year due to anticipated wet weather.  At midnight, the pre-runners began eating their hash browns and the rest of Team HRB hustled to the truck and drove to the EZ, with YHC barely having enough time to whiz and turn on Strava before Whoopee came in hot, no doubt with a little indigestion. It was raining…a theme for the next 10 hours.  (At some point, Eddie Rabbit’s “I Love a Rainy Night” came on and we immediately changed the song.)



YHC took off for leg one…a 7.3 miler around the airport.  The rain was picking up but at least it wasn’t too cold.   I got killed in the parking lot by a 24 year old, possibly Gorilla Cookie.  I never saw him again.  As the miles racked up, I caught up to a runner from Boone and we ran for a while.  He is a school Principal at Harden Park Elementary in Boone.  He warned me that he saw signs that had been paintballed, and not long after saying that a car drove by and within a few feet of us we heard the sound of compressed air.  I think they shot and missed.  The next time we saw headlights we ran behind a church, prepared to take it to the threat.  Luckily we were marked safe the rest of the leg.

I moseyed ahead where I saw Cousin Eddie parked at an interchange.  I waited until I got right in front of his headlights where I stopped running, turned to his truck, and gave the Degeneration X crotch chop to show my appreciation for all his race director efforts.  I came into the EZ and handed off the imaginary wrist bracelet to BB who took off and ran to Tater Hole, the original starting line for Mortimer 2020.  Then Defib, then Stroganoff, then Whoopee.  It was raining throughout but to keep the fun, we had placed over/under bets on A.  How many times Stroganoff would pee (9 was the bet); and B. How many deuces Breaker Breaker would have (see Slaw’s backblast…does a Breaker poop in the woods?)

Whoopee and Defib took the over on Stroganoff at 1 Million dollars and Whoopee also took the over on Breaker Breaker for another million.

The routes were mostly familiar as we moseyed through Sawmills and Hibriten Mountain, making our way to the Eye of Sauren in downtown Lenoir. Then it was time to get super sketchy and mosey through the hollers to Adako.  We made a team decision this year that we wouldn’t be the six and would bend the rules by leaving the EZ’s early so we wouldn’t have to lock the gate at Howard’s Knob.  Plus, having two runners on the course meant more room in the Suburban.

When we got to Hard and Flossie Park in Adako, YHC wasn’t prepared when Breaker came in early and had to leave without any preparation time.  Apparently the guys wandered around the park and found a porta-jon oasis on the backside of the shelter and put it to good use after I left.  Whoopee later called this the Porta Jon from God.

On leg 8, YHC had the IT band go crazy in the first 200 yards only had ten miles to go and was more limping than running.  As the van passed me by I decided to text them to stand by at the entrance to Brown Mountain Beech Road so I could assess whether to continue or not.  As I started mile 3 and turned onto Brown Mountain Beech Road, there was no van waiting for me.  It was pouring rain.  The river was rushing.  It was dark.  I looked back at my wet phone and saw “Message not delivered” so I tried again.  “My IT band on my left knee is jacked up”.  No luck.  HTFU as they say.  Only six and half more miles.  Because daylight savings hadn’t happened yet, the longer I ran the more I could see and the more grateful I was to be alone in this area.  It was beautiful and one of the draws of the race.  By the time a van rolled by and asked me if I was good, I said, “I’m good” and they drove off.  Only five more miles to go.


When I got to the EZ, I was surprised to see Defib there.  I figured he would be balls deep on Yellow Buck Trail, formerly known as leg 8.  He had run with a search and rescue guy from Boone earlier who said trying to cross Wilson Creek would be too dangerous even for the Mortimer, so we skipped that leg and drove to the start of leg 10.  Defib then informed me that he just got my text about having a jacked up leg!  Defib and Stroganoff decided to run leg 10 together.  Running in pairs is underated!

We anticipated having a coffee bar at leg 10 but it wasn’t there so we ate some of Mrs. Breaker’s now famous bacon egg and cheese biscuits and drove up the backside of Grandfather, pitying Stroganoff and Defib on that massive 5-mile hill.  We arrived in Linville and hit the Citgo for some coffee.  Whoopee said he was buying but when he got to the counter, the clerk who looked like she was somewhere between 13 and 30 years old said the coffee was free.  She came out from behind the counter and started to brew two fresh pots!  Winner winner chicken dinner…or was it?  The bathroom door was located immediately to the right beside the coffee bar and Breaker Breaker had gone in the bathroom with bad intentions immediately upon entering the store.  Whoopee and I were standing there, watching the coffee brew when we noticed that the bathroom door had a sign on it that said it didn’t lock, and we thought about pushing it open and turd burgling to embarrass Breaker.  We laughed a lot at the thought, but mere moments later, this would be no laughing matter.  Just as I had coffee cup in hand, eagerly awaiting to pour the first cup, Breaker appeared from the bathroom and the swinging of the door wafted air in what could only be described as toxic, staining my nostrils and flagging the coffee bar and the immediate vicinity.  We stood there in shock, overcome with fumes.  As Breaker quickly made his way to the back of the store to hide, Whoopee looked like he was getting ready to attempt to enter the bathroom.  I looked at him and tried to dissuade him (shieldlock) but not no avail.  Whoopee had a look of determination and opened the door and got about midway in the threshhold but the stench overwhelmed even this experienced physician and he quickly retreated, only to waft another vicious dose of poison air into my already burned nose hairs, launching airborne disease all over my fresh cup and the entire coffee bar once more.  I staggered to the parking lot and returned to the van, dazed.

We loaded back up and drove back to the post office, when JJ said he wanted to go to the store.  We drove back, joking that the only way to go back into the store was to wear the “Little Trees” new car smell air scent on our upper lip like a mustache to mask the stench.

When Defib and Stroganoff returned from crushing leg 10, they wanted to go the store so we returned a third time.  I refilled my coffee cup with hesitation.  I held my breath and took the long way around the store to the coffee pot to minimize whatever residual fog was left in the air.  I exited the store with a fresh flagged cup and exhaled quickly.  Basically drinking that stuff was my own personal Vietnam, a Misogi of sorts.  Whoopee renamed Breaker Breaker and started calling him “Broken Broken”.  I think this bathroom break won Whoopee and Defib 1 million each based on their bet so maybe it was worth it?  Apparently it takes a lot out of a man to give his best shot in a public restroom like that.


At this point, we had heard the song “Heard it in a love song”, and Breaker, JJ and YHC talked about how we all thought it said, “Purdy little love song”.  Whoopee had his turn in the bathroom and returned to the van and said, “I always thought this song was ‘Purdy little love song’”
We got a good laugh and launched him on his way up leg 11.

We launched JJ on the long six miler downhill run to the little country church.  An F3 Pax pulled up behind us and a woman got out of the car and started running leg 12.  The guy said his team had some injuries so he summoned his wife to run the next two legs!!!  She was going to run leg 12 and 13, the famous PILOT RIDGE ROAD!  The inspiration for the Mortimer to begin with.  Apparently she is an ultra runner and when we passed her twice on leg 12 and leg 13, she looked the part.

We launched Breaker on leg 13, JJ returned, we launched Stroganoff on 14, and sent off Defib from Trout Lake on 15.  (As I was recalculating Defib’s mileage and elevation, YHC noticed that the elevation was 3333’.  The same elevation as Kidd Brewer Stadium)  It was at this point a Sprinter van was pulling out of the parking lot and we were all standing around shooting the breeze.  We heard a banging on a window and looked an a PAX from some unknown region, maybe Omaha, had his bare ass against the side window for a well executed Moon.  He was slapping his hands at the same time to draw our attention.  It has been years since we have been properly mooned.  #MeToo

Whoopee left on leg 16 at App Ski Mountain to run to the church in Boone.  It was at this point that Stroganoff had been sitting on 9 urinations and the 10th would mean Whoopee and Defib would win on the over.  Stroganoff tried to discretely make it to the woods, but was captured on a trail cam after relieving himself for the tenth time in a mere 14 ½ hours.  One Million Dollars! (Defib did say the number would be 19)

JJ ran leg 17 on the run across App State’s Campus, and then YHC left early from the baseball field to run the glory leg of Howard’s Knob and eventually touching the rock.  Breaker ran the last thirty yards with me #HIM and I was rewarded with a cold IPA immediately per tradition.  It was awesome.  We took some team photos, did COT, said a prayer, got our picture with Cousin Eddie, and took off for supper at the Ale House. We moseyed back to GSM via the car wash in Boone.

Other than missing two pair of earbuds along the way, there were no casualties.  Whoopee wants to rename our team to “Race Committee is an asshole” but we will see about that.  Most guys have been uncertain about doing this race again, but by Monday, Defib gave me the HC and I think the others are on board.  I think we will be back again next year for Mortimer 6 if there is such a thing.  An off the books race like no other.  My hats off to Team HRB for being willing to train, support, and encourage one another basically year-round since March of 2020.  TEAM HRB4L!



Runner 1   22.5 miles  +2377 elevation

Runner 2  15 miles  +2014 elevation

Runner 3  18.9 +3333 elevation

Runner 4  19.3 miles  +2889

Runner 5  12.1 miles +1429 elevation

Runner 6  18.44 miles +1404 elevation


What do you think you’re a gD General? F3 Defcor D2D

YHC has run the D2D twice before and knows it sells out in an hour or two, so it was time to HC and get that registration.  With no team in mind, I decided to volunteer my shieldlock to run it with me as a four-man team.  Being that the Mortimer is early this year, a good relay three weeks before will help us BTF (Big tough frogman) up to get after it.


Going on one and half hours of broken sleep, YHC arrived at Boudin’s at 0245, ready to take the “elite” race vehicle to the start line in Lexington. SC.  Whoopee had texted me that there were no lights on in Stroganoff’s house but not for long as they got to Boudin’s right on time as well.  We drove down to Lexington with lots of great shieldlock type talk about the Prodigal Son and other lessons to learn along with many jokes per usual.  We arrived at the start line FORTY-FIVE MINUTES early!  GOOD…more time for Stroganoff to pee multiple times.  Boudin got coffee.


It was cold and windy at the starting line, and we lollygagged around waiting for the start of the race.  YHC had the first leg and we were off.  The D2D is a pretty straightforward race.  100k from one dam to another, while running through mainly rural farmland and some sketchy areas, while stopping at small churches along the way for EZ’s and usually barely adequate bathrooms.  This year the race raised over $45000 for the churches and various charities in the region.  It is probably the best relay race around and it well worth the price of admission, especially if you do it with people you have a good time with.  We certainly enjoyed it.

Started off at 0515. Four kills on leg one. Whoopee got a few more on Leg two. Got to see F3 Team F & B from Belmont made up of Tiger, Tesla, Orangeman, Breaker Breaker, a kid, and a couple ladies. Come on guys, you can’t put F3 in your team name if you are rolling with the ladies!  There was some concern about Tesla not having lights, and his bib was upside down, (but not when he looked down at it.)  They lost precious time at the EZ’s trying to sort it all out.  There may have been some candor being thrown around, especially by Tiger or so I have been told.


Stroganoff had peed three times before his first run.


Along the way, we made jokes, laughed a lot, and gave Breaker Breaker lots of grief for drinking sub-par protein drinks.  His weak stuff wasn’t even grass fed!  Breaker is part of Team HRB and is used to this kind of candor.  We discussed which Mortimer legs he wants to run this year and it seemed to me like he wants some more challenging legs this year!


After Stroganoff’s second run, his calves were twitching like a meth head going through WD’s.  We looked down and said, “Good, you will be able to stretch them out on your next seven-mile leg”.

On our last runs, we all kept going strong.  There was some worry that as we were waiting for Whoopee to come to his last EZ, we saw Breaker Breaker on his six catching up.  Tiger mentioned that if Whoopee gets passed by Breaker, he will never live it down!  That didn’t happen as Whoopee handed off to Stroganoff and went off to recover and change clothes.

We headed out to go to the last EZ and drove up on Stroganoff clicking off the miles.  We offered him a can of Jocko GO but he waived us off, looking comfortable and running strong.  When we got to the EZ and were waiting for him, we received a four-letter text message that starts with F.  A picture of Midol was immediately texted back to him so he would have some encouragement.  A conversation occurred regarding how Stroganoff was likely walking and costing us precious minutes instead of running…i.e., running for himself and not the team.  Some talk occurred about how the perfect number for a shieldlock is three and not four, etc.  Stroganoff “Beat the French” and ran into the finish with rather straight knees and cramping toes and Boudin left the EZ to run the Glory Leg and finish at the Dam at Lake Greenwood.

Stroganoff went off to change clothes in the car.  When he emerged from the car his seat cover got stuck in his underwear and was hanging out the back of his shorts like Buford T Justice walking out of the diner with toilet paper stuck to his glasses.  Without hesitation, Whoopee and YHC both said “Nice Ass” in unison.  You had to be there but that was good stuff.

At the finish line, Breaker Breaker came to our car, and we pulled out some fine IPA’s and toasted to another great D2D race.  We watched Boudin come in hot and we celebrated with cold fries, a burger, and a picture at the finish line.  A quick pit stop at the porta jon’s and we were on our way home, arriving safely back to Boudin’s by about 5:15.

Along the way we ran or conversed with guys from F3 Lake Wylie, F3 Shelby, and F3 the Fort.  I encourage you to get a team next year and make it happen.  You can’t beat one day relay races and it makes me want to spearhead another 50-mile F3 Gastonia relay.  Do you hear me Defib?!!!


The mumblechatter and laughs were outstanding and there was no slack given, and none expected.  All of that carries over into life when you are having a tough day, you need someone to tell you to get over yourself.  Check your Ego folks.  Do hard things.  We finished 13th in the Men’s Open category and 60th out of 110 teams.  We didn’t win any pint glasses like 2020 but who cares.



You can’t drink all day if you don’t start early at the PUB

The Pub was open early this morning as there was some EC going on.  “Allegedly” two PAX ran four miles extra, but YHC believes that to purely bravado.

Termite’s truck was there so “allegedly” he was putting in some miles, or he could have been drinking coffee at McDonald’s, only to appear after we were well into COT.  Does he get credit for the workout?  Maybe only his truck.


In any event, Waterboy and I came in hot from a little EC to find 8 other PAX raring to go.  At 0529 instructions were given for two run options.

Option One:  Run to Parkwood Baptist and back for 5 miles OR:

Option Two:  Run Gaston Day School Road to E. Perry to Lee to S. New Hope (but run North), left on Robinwood, left on Hoffman and back to Pub.  YHC didn’t use up to date run mapping software from Silicon Valley.  It ended up being 5.5 miles, but everyone ran fast and returned by 0617 and an abbreviated COT transpired.  Apparently, no one had to leave early as there was some good second F afterwards.  I think JJ and Waterboy. wanted to stand around and let the sweat freeze before running back to their homes.  Do hard things as they say.

It was a great day at the PUB.  It is race season if you weren’t aware.  Points given out today to Breaker Breaker and YHC.  One can only hope Tube and Maybelline posted today as well.

Coconut Zephyr

The wind was blowing in the faces of all who ran/rucked at the Coconut today, no matter which direction we ran.  We ran  5 or we rucked 3.  One did EC.

Stroganoff watched as a HT shopper parked in the pole position outside the store but decided to leave the shopping cart beside the spot.  The people that leave shopping carts out there are scoundrels.  Tube pushed the cart back inside the store, and Stroganoff was furious that he didn’t get to do it.

Never got a name

We had four for five miles of EC.  Stroganoff expressed shock that Maybelline was on time for the EC.

We returned to the Gashouse as the PAX were assembling for the Painlab or Gashouse beatdown and Dolph was there with his 2.0 Dijon.  Great to see the legend himself looking as jacked as ever.

YHC warmed up the group and then we split.  The Bootcampers pledged at the flag and then moseyed up to the business park for some work.  We did some Broga at the bottom of the hill and then hit a jailbreak to the top of the hill.  Let’s just say, Dolph hasn’t lost a step, Wojo is a bolt of lightning, but Dijon looked like Usain Bolt.  #Humbled

We moseyed back during recovery for some partner 100 merkins as fast as possible and then went up again.  We did some bearcrawls and then one minute of tic tac toe.  We used the parking line to imagine a hashtag and jumped in a pattern for one minute.  The coordination required to do this must be too much if you are over 25 I guess.  It was a debacle.

We then moseyed to the back of the library for some Dora.  YHC was getting crushed by the site Q because we were making it up on the fly this morning.  50 burpees, 100 merkins, and 150 squats with one squat jump at the top.
Then lunge walk up the side of the library.  Wojo came back to life on this one.

We then did a relay plank sprint across the traffic island near the book return, followed up by a three minute wall sit that went over real well.

We moseyed to the pharmacy for MARY while PAX ran around the building.  We were going to mosey back to the start but Dolph called Jailbreak at the parking lot and so the PAX returned a couple minutes early.  We held a plank and started COT while we waited for the church bells to ring, signaling the end.

It was a good old school beatdown with good mumblechatter.  In spite of the heckling for not having a weinke, hopefully the delivered beatdown was acceptable for all who chose to come out.

Announcements:  Pushing Rocks starts this Thurday.  The halfpipe is open.

Prayer requests:  WOJO’s dad, Dolph’s relatives and coworkers grandmothers passing.   Turtleman and family.  Huckleberry,  Anchorman

The part about being humbled during a workout is a great lesson.  Some guys are in better shape or better in certain things.  That’s life.   Just don’t quit trying.

Always a pleasure to lead.




  • We had six studs show up to the Coconut Horse. Flintstone and Short Sale went for some extended half marathon training. Winehouse and YHC hit the Coconut traditional route, and Whoopee and Hunchback got pulled along on a Scrat ruck through Heatherloch.
    Maybelline asked for a substitute Q for Q source  as he isn’t feeling well  (get better Maybelline)  so YHC volunteered but couldn’t find the book.  Winehouse was prepared to lead Chapter 7 on duty and did his duty and did an admirable job .

second F lunch on the 17th at Whiskey Mill in Gastonia

prayer for turtleman, hunchbacks dad, and kids going back to school

Duty is what we do everyday. Doing what is right and what we know we need to do. Just do it.


4Q Convergence At the Yank

So we had 4 Q’s for the 4th Quarter convergence at the Yank.  We had five runners  for 5 early miles and one rucker for a solo effort prior to the start.  The best part was Whoopee introducing himself to Cheesesteak and thinking he said “Cheesedick” and then introducing Cheesedick* to Ballsack* (balljoint)

*Don’t let your kids read this…

In any event, everyone who showed up was in good spirits as Sargento led us in a pledge of allegiance and then ordered us to mosey to the Bunker for a warm up.

We did some goofballs and some merkins and some other things before we counted off and got in groups of four for some ring of fire-esque bearcrawl/lungewalk around the circle thing.  It was great.  Lots of mumblechatter.  After Sargento, he handed off to Gavel who ordered us to run to the track behind the old Belmont MS.  YHC had a great conversation with Sargento and Def Leppard about chaffing in the nether regions (8miles requires some astro glide) and dollar store bandaids for nipples.

Gavel had us doing some field work 11’s with some WW2 and Mike Tyson’s.  Slaw was killing it before we ran out of time and handing it to Flintstone.
Flintstone ordered up three wise men options for triple nickle, zombie walk thingy, and some other thingy followed by some Morrocan nightclubs.  Then YHC took over and ordered PAX to partner with someone they didn’t know very well.  We ran back to the bunker and each PAX was to share something that was previously unknown about them to the other PAX.  I partnered with Orangeman and learned quickly he is not gay, or willing to learn, and he has never tried it (TMI), but he is very proud of all three of his daughters for individual reasons.

When we got to the bunker, we kept partners and alternated doing burpee long jumps and lunge walks for a couple rounds in the lot, followed by endless merkins while the other partner took the stairs and a lap and switched up.

The mumblechatter was strong with guys chatting it up and enjoying plenty of second F.  YHC called a jailbreak back to the Yank and called time.  There was a massive Q Fail when we had to “take two” on the video nameorama but you have to own it!

We shared prayer concerns for Jackson Hall, Huckleberry, Jane Fonda, and TURTLEMAN.

Breaker took us out in prayer and a dude with a Trump hat and a Nascar jacket took a group photo and then Stogie skipped breakfast to fellowship and hopefully EH the man to F3.

Many PAX left to eat breakfast at other places like TimeOut and Byrum’s but we had a nice showing at Cherubs where discussed needing to EH a plumber to F3 and a gynecologist whereby Balljoint said, “isn’t that the same thing?”

One thing we learned is when you have four Q’s for an hour time flies.  I could have kept going and even the EC run wasn’t long enough.  You guys are fun to be around and it is always something to look forward to every single day.

F3 is a blessing to me and I am honored to spend time with you and be your Nantan this year.  I hope to see most of you at the Christmas party where we learn who will be the 2024 Nantan and leadership team.  Ballsack said he is performing Vanilla Ice on the karaoke too so there is that.

I will probably write a Christmas party BB but just in case, I want to thank the 2023 SLT.

Flinstone, Balljoint, Stogie, Dr. Seuss, Gavel, Purple Haze, Sarlacc.

I also want give a special shout out to GEARWRENCH who had the hardest job because you joker’s aren’t consistent with getting your backblasts in on time.




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