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Post Turkey Day 12 miler


As the Q of the November Challenge, you have already had the opportunity to run ten miles, complete a Murph workout, and eat right.  One of the last things you need to do is complete either a 12 mile ruck or a 15 mile run/ruck.  This is the pre-blast for the 12 mile ruck.

Meet at the Warlick YMCA on Robinwood Road at 0400 hours on Friday morning, the day after you have utilized the “free” Thanksgiving cheat meal.  Bring your 30# ruck and your walking shoes.  We will be done before 0730 so you can be home to accomplish great things like putting up your Christmas decorations or eating leftover turkey meat because you are now on THE PATH and don’t eat things like Pumpkin Pie or chocolate chip casserole.  All I ask is that someone brings a shovel flag.

See you then.



Hold the Line at the Horse!

A nice morning for a run but it seemed warmer than the temperature indicated.  Breaker Breaker had committed to me via text that he would be running five miles early and then join the rest of us at the normally scheduled start time.  He can check that November challenge 10 miler off his list.  Defib can do the same as he ran six before the regular run.  Stroganoff appeared just before the start with a ruck so he got some EC as well.  Pockets was there and was ready to run.  Flintstone showed up at 0629 ready to run as well.  It was very foggy so a disclaimer was given before we left the parking lot.

Defib set the pace.  Whoopee was keeping up with him and I was starting to fall back around mile 2.5.    Whoopee started playing music on the Greenway.  The first song was Toto’s “Hold the Line”.  It was a good song to help motivate oneself to keep the pace.  After that song, something else was played but I couldn’t hear it because I was dropping back.  Needing that extra something, I took my shirt off and put it in my pocket.  This was the boost I needed and was soon on Whoopee’s heels as we started the gut check.  However, when I caught him he took his shirt off and then proceeded up past the armory and was breaking away!  When I caught him the next time he was playing beach music as I recall.  Anyway, we all finished up and Whoopee announced a PR at the Horse.  Good work!  Never underestimate the power of running with a faster man, and if you need an extra something, play some music or take your shirt off.  (Someone may want to share this with Runners World Magazine as it is great advice.  You’re welcome)

After the run, Short Sale showed up for Q-Source, Breaker had to leave for church, but Hush Puppy showed up after OYO running so I gave him credit.  Whoopee bought the coffee (I guess if you PR it is like hitting a hole in one…drinks on you?  Thanks Whoopee!)

A solid Q-Source on Team Development.  I am pretty sure that is what this F3 thing is about.  Even though we try to get better individually, we share the trust, equipping, accountability, and Missionality as we lead with virtue among each other.  I learn something every post from the men of F3.  I can remember several years ago thinking there was no way I could run 5 miles.  I came out anyway and have made it part of the routine.  Fortunately this good habit is hard to break.


Gratitude at the Ricky Bobby

Today is Veteran’s Day and one day removed from the 245th birthday of the US Marine Corps.  To honor vets, YHC decided to look for weinke ideas on the interwebs.

Before I get into the workout, I will inform the readers of the happenings before the workout.  There was a pre-run announced the night before.

Sargento said that Quiche’ and Boudin were running from the AO at 0500 so I decided to get in the Extra Credit.  While running past the AO I go by Sargento’s house.  While I passed by I noticed  his car wasn’t in the driveway.  Where would he be driving at such an early hour?  When I arrived at the AO, there was the big cheese’s car parked out front.   Now according to Google Maps,  the AO parking lot is .24 miles as the crow flies from Sargento’s house.  You can make your own judgement.

Not only was Quiche’, Boudin,  and Sargento ready to pre-run, Dirt, Buckeye, and Watts Up also showed up ready to go.  That made seven for a pre-run through the neighborhood of just shy of 3 miles.

On the way back to the AO, it began to rain hard.  Cars were rolling into the parking lot but no one was getting out.  A couple minutes before go time, out comes a bunch of PAX to include an FNG!  The FNG had been EH’d both at Poston during a Midoriyama workout as well as work and at “Bottom’s Up”, the premier second F event in the Gashouse region.  If you have been there, the FNG is the guy with the enormous Mastiff.  (you know, the dog)

A quick history of Veteran’s Day.  Originally called Armistice Day (like a truce) when major hostilities ceased on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month after World War 1.  Other countries may call it Remembrance Day.

It became a holiday in 1938.  Armistice Day was renamed Veteran’s Day in 1954.

A quick warm up consisting of SSH, Merkins, and squats and then an internet-based workout for Veteran’s using the letters in a name and correlating exercises.  We dedicated this to our favorite Marine, Oompa Loompa.  (I did get called out for not calling the cadence with the drill instructor voice like Oompa)

O-30 LBC’s

O-30 LBC’s

M-20 Jump Lunges

P-30 Squats

A-50 SSH

L-30 American Hammers

O-30 LBC’s

O-30 LBC’s

M- 20 Jump Lunges

P- 30 Squats

A- 50 SSH

The PAX enjoyed being outside on their backs in puddles with wet shirts.  The noises made during the LBC’s were especially interesting.

The Disclaimer  and the 5 core principles of F3 were given to our FNG who I think was enjoying the beatdown thus far.

The next workout was for the Marine Corps birthday.  The Marine Corps was founded in November 10th, 1775 so yesterday was the 245th birthday of the United States Marine Corps.  If you didn’t see the Commandant’s message, it will make you want to enlist immediately.  You can watch it here:

Next, we broke into groups of 3 and emphasized teamwork plus individual excellence. The Marine Corps birthday workout was as follows:

245 Merkins

245 Flutters

245 Burpees

Since we had 13, I floated around donating some reps to each group.  The groups worked together to get the reps for each other, and as one group finished, they looked to join other groups to give additional reps until all the work was done.  Excellent to see the PAX work together to accomplish the mission.

Next we took a lap around the school and broke into teams of two.  P1 began lunge walking while P2 ran around the front of the school and then switched.  With a couple minutes to go we circled back up for 8 count bodybuilders until it was time to stop.

Please take time today to think about the service others have given to our country.  Shellshock-thank you for your service!  #armyvet

It is with a humble sense of gratitude that we should live our lives and cherish the freedom that we experience.  You don’t have to wear a uniform to serve your country.

This Saturday at the Gashouse.  The second part of the PT test.

Christmas Party on December 12th.

November challenge:  Keep getting in the miles and eating right!

Prayer requests:  Coworker’s son with cancer, Shellshocks family member with high blood pressure, Flintstone’s sister, other friends with Covid, others unspoken

It was appropriate that it was raining this morning.  Our FNG understands that F3 is outdoors, rain or shine!  During the burpee part of the workout, let’s just say he hit a wall.  He also like Pink Floyd.  Welcome FNG “the Wall”.  (YHC also learned he is a pit boss and smokes meats.  I invited him to the Christmas party)

Always a pleasure to lead.

The Six Foundational Movement Patterns

The Squat, the Hinge, The Lunge, The Push, The Pull, and the Carry.

We ran to the Church and did some abs while keeping the PAX together.

Then we did squats, run uphill, pistol squats, run downhill, and repeat x 5.

Hinge with Straight leg deadlifts

Mosey to Sherwood track for lunges but wait, there is some sidewalk chalk and a hop scotch thing set up with math equations.  Hop Scotch to the jungle gym.

Push ups and pull ups


No carry’s due to Covid so we moseyed to Grier for some football drills.

The Center hikes to the QB while the receivers run deep routes for sprints and the QB throws it as far as possible.  This was a learning opportunity as we learned our ages and lack of preparation in running, AND CATCHING the ball was very difficult.

However, when it was time to play two hand “injury free” touch football the hands got more sure and we enjoyed the remaining time playing a game.

We moseyed back the long way and circled up for our second Pledge with the PainLab PAX.

Prayer requests:  Sparky’s Dad, Hippa’s M’s side of the family, Tube with a job interview Monday, Kevin, Catamount, My Father in Law,

Thanks for Watts Up for the EC invitation.  Two for a four mile EC ruck and three for a Union Road Diner spectacular breakfast.

PT Test next Saturday at the Gashouse, November Challenge ongoing, Christmas Party December 12th.



Rain as a deterrent

The forecast called for rain so we didn’t have a huge crowd at the Horse on Sunday.  However, it only drizzled rain and was comfortable for the entire 5 miles.

Breaker Breaker left early and Stroganoff got some EC.  Sargento came in hot and we lowered our standards and waited for him and left to run at 0631 hours.

The Greenway is plenty dark these days.  Fortunately the creek didn’t rise where we would have to run through  water and all the Flotsam and Jetsam that sometimes clogs the path over the small bridges.

Flintstone showed up for Q-Source.  YCH covered “Opportunity” but was called out because it was supposed to be on “Apprenticeship”.  Q-Fail on my part…

Get ready for the November challenge.  You better harden up  and run, even on the days that call for rain.


New Route at the Pub

YHC didn’t sleep well and was up early.  I used that extra time to plan a new route.  Unfortunately the way I planned it wasn’t as accurate as I expected and we ended up being a quarter mile short (Q-Fail).  To make up for the shorter distance most PAX just ran around the Pub at the end to make it an even 5 miles. #YouversusYou

The route was  Gaston Day School Road inbound, right on New Hope, left on Redbud, down on Linda (shorter route) or down on Pamela (longer route).  With either choice your next left was Audrey Street, left on Armstrong Park Road and back to the Pub.   Broke and I ran together and tried to stay with Sargento who was in the second group alone.  The first pack was running away from us.

Announcements:  Convergence:  Marthas House October 31st

PT Test at the Gashouse round 2:  November 14th

November Challenge starts November 1st.  See preblast…sort of what Freight is doing in October for Give2Give

Prayer Requests:  PRAISE-SA’s daughter is home!  Our country.  Civility, Love



Sharpen Up November Challenge

Most men in life are in the middle of the bell curve  unless we choose to be be better than that.  If you believe you are one of those guys in the middle, then this is especially for you.    I am talking to the guys that post a couple days  a week and call it good.  The guys who are passively involved in one or two F’s.  The one’s who don’t avail themselves to all the items on the F3 Menu.  The ones who won’t do a CSAUP or Q a workout regularly.  The ones who don’t lives their lives intentionally and “oversleep” instead of making a decision to wake up and get after it.  This challenge is to push that bell curve to the right.

I have heard some clamoring among the Gashouse PAX for a challenge along the lines of the 40 day challenge so here it is.

No excuses!

VISION:  In November you are going to challenge yourself to a few required physical tasks as well as maintaining standards to increase your acceleration.

This challenge can be modified based on your fitness level but make sure you make it happen.


1st F Requirements:

100 Miles combined run/ruck miles for the month to include:

-At least one ten-mile run and…

-At least one 12-mile ruck

-Or…one combined run/ruck of 15 miles

One Murph workout

Combined total of at least 25 workouts (30 minutes minimum, CSAUP’s count as 1)

Hydrate and take in protein after each workout.

Dietary Guidelines:

No Soda

No Fast Food

No sweets

No chips

More water

More salads, vegetables, and lean meats

No alcohol* (except at Bottom’s Up, F3 Gastonia’s only standing 2nd F event.  Limit yourself to two drinks (Moderation in all things, including moderation))

Cheat meals must be EARNED!   (with the exception of Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is a cheat day)

Seven workouts in a week earns you a cheat meal.

Going to Q-Source on Sunday morning earns a cheat meal.

If you have never been to a Q-Source session and go to your first one, you get an additional Cheat meal.

Persuasion:  Don’t be weak.  If you aren’t strong, you’re wrong.  That is it.  Make a shared Google Doc with your Shieldlock to track your mileage.  Journal your posts using Notes on your phone or some other method.  Post on Slack to update on your progress #accountability

YHC encourages Site-Q’s to schedule a long run or Ruck or Murph sometime during the month.

If you have questions, feel free to ask.  Otherwise, commit now to the challenge and quit making excuses.  Covid 2020 has been a real challenge  but we can continue to improve.  Prepare for this challenge now so you are ready.    The challenge begins with a ten miler at the Coconut Horse on November 1st, followed by Q-Source.  I am sure my friends in NOGA will make a similar option available.

EXHORTATION:  Quit being soft,




With the passing of Edward Van Halen I knew that some VH would need to be played at the Gashouse. After a brief disclaimer, the opening exercise was SSH for the length of the song “Eruption”. I had that song on 45 ( for you “hate” PAX, a 45 is a small two sided record that contained one song on each side and had to be played on a record player.  The “A” side was the single, and the “B” side was a lesser known track. The B side was running with the devil as I recall). when I was a kid and took it proudly to my next door neighbor Because I was so proud.  He was At least 5 years older and took me to his playroom and pulled out a couple carts of albums and found the original album and all the songs. I realized I had a ways to go to be that cool. #apprenticeship

After the warmup We said the Pledge and then I put the speaker Up and we moseyed to the Library. We encountered a 10-60 suspicious vehicle and checked it out. It had a used car dealer tag and dents all over it but since it posed no threat we moved on by.
We had seven to start. The first exercise I called was the Colonel Trautman. 20 merkins at the bottom of the parking lot then run up the stairs to the library for 19, back down for 18, and so on to 1. At about 12 Stroganoff texted me and asked where we were. I texted back and shortly thereafter he joined in. It is always a good idea to carry your phone during a workout.

Next we moseyed to FPC.  Two PAX would give an exercise and we would do EMOM of those two exercises  every minute on the minute for 3 minutes and then the next two PAX would call an exercise.  We did burpees, LBC’s, squats, flutters, squats, dying cockroaches, v-up toe touches, and calf raises.

Next we moseyed to the playground for more EMOM’s  this time it was 6 pull-ups and 15 squats for 5 minutes, followed by a dead hang competition.  I underestimated how hard it was to keep my feet off the ground.  We need a high school playground.  Anyway, it came down to JJ and Goose and JJ won with probably over a minute dead hang.  Those two guys should live a long time as I hear grip strength is an indicator of life expectancy.

We then moseyed to the library again for ring around the curb.  It is a lateral bear crawl for one rotation, then we went back the other way.  We followed that with a mosey to the nature trail and some dips IC before heading back to close it out with the Pain Lab and Gashouse combined CoT


Announcements:  OCT 31 Convergeance at Martha’s House.  Costumes welcome

prayer requests: Slaw, SA’s daughter, Double-Stuff’s late friends’ family

It was great to see Goose and Woody And Anchorman back in the Gloom. It was also nice for a pretty normal breakfast at the Union Road diner, and even nicer that Boudin picked up the tab!  Until next time, keep pushing the rock!



If you know the way broadly, you will see it in everything.

Whoopee, Stroganoff, Breaker Breaker, and YHC completed the 5 mile/300 merkin challenge that Whoopee led.  At the 2.5 mile mark, we ran into Kotter “Compass” along the darkened Greenway.  While we stopped to do more merkins, Compass moved on and we caught him again at the 3 mile mark for more merkins.

Sargento and Buckeye were running and completed a minimum of 5 miles miles but likely many more.  Flintstone completed the normal 5 miler.

Shortsale showed up for Q-Source on Quadrant Four, Leave Right.  Hopefully all who stated for Q-Source were edified.

YHC failed to do the video nameorama and/or take a photo of Q-Source discussions but will do better next time!




He may never run again…

YHC posted a pre-blast of sorts with the advice to wear a hat.  Five of the seven PAX were wearing hats.  Two of the PAX (YHC included) were wearing rain jackets.  Buckeye had on reflective gear (but his shoes were untied per the usual) and Defib had on his Noxgear vest with the green color that matches my eyes.  It didn’t rain as hard as I would have hoped.  Everyone got wet but it was a more pleasant rain than anything like the tropical storm conditions of past workouts or the famous run which the Q skipped out on but purchased two Starbucks gift cards for the lucky PAX in lieu of completing the run himself.  Alas, YHC wishes his zipper didn’t get stuck on his windbreaker as it would have been more comfortable.  It felt like it was shedding season for wrestling.

In any event, for the sake of safety, the PAX chose the run to the Greenway entrance and back which is all sidewalk and only one street crossing.  There is also part of the “Gut Check” on that route which would count as a small hill in Mortimer terms.  Speaking of the Mortimer, YHC is a HC as team Captain for next years race.  The date for the Mortimer isMarch 19th, 2021.  As YHC told his M last year it is only a one day race.  (It starts at midnight)  I am hoping some other Gashouse PAX will HTFU and get a team ready.   It raises money for charity and is an adventure race.  Rumor has it that there will be 117 miles (up from 106) and 13,500′ elevation gain (up from 12,500′)  That is the same weekend as the P200 but doesn’t necessarily require an overnight stay or a vacation day.

I digress…the Pub was fun.  The pace was quick but not such that we couldn’t talk about life.  We are all better off for starting the day with a stop at the Pub.

Announcements:  You know them.

Prayer Requests:  Family, Clavin, SA’s family


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